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The Bride's Baby
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The Bride's Baby

3.18 of 5 stars 3.18  ·  rating details  ·  3,015 ratings  ·  256 reviews
The wedding of the season

Events manager Sylvie Smith is organizing a glittering fund-raising event: a wedding show in a stately home. She has even been roped into pretending to be a bride...a bride who's five months pregnant

The bride everyone is talking about

It should be every girl's dream to design a wedding with no expense spared, but it's not Sylvie's. Longbourne Court
ebook, 192 pages
Published January 1st 2008 by Harlequin Presents
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The book blurb made me think this was a Secret Baby story... Well, it was but, at the same time, it really wasn't considering the fact that the baby wasn't a secret. Confusing? Yes, that's the feeling I had throughout most of the book.

Tom and Sylvie had a brief meeting when she was introduced as the wedding planner for his upcoming nuptials to her friend Candy. An unexpected attraction sparked on both sides, but considering that he was about to get married, Tom and Sylvie shoved that feeling asi
I almost gave this 2 stars, because OH MY GOD is it brain candy, but you know what? I'm taking a stand! It was complete and utter ridiculous fluff, and I read it in approximately twenty minutes, but those were an *entertaining* twenty minutes, so three stars it is!

Mostly it gets three stars for taking one of my most hated plot devices - "if we just sat down and had a half-hour's worth of honest conversation, the entire plot of misunderstandings would crumble like the sugar-spun castle that this
The only reason why I finished this book is because I very seldomly set aside a book and call it a lost cause. This was definitely a lost cause in my opinion. I can't even call it a romance...more like frustratingly painful to read. I had hopes for it as it was set in London and I adore all things British, but this was just...not good. For about a good 30 pages I was pretty confused as I had no idea what in the world was going on. Both protagonists were annoying beyond belief. I enjoy a good mix ...more
Either I've softened up, or this book was better written than most of the Harlequins I've read before, because as you can tell from the title, it's about a Secret Baby (a romance device I generally loathe), and I didn't hate it and it didn't suck. In fact, I'll go so far as to say I thought it was really well written. I'll go even further and venture that I might even re-read it one day!

There are formulaic elements to the story - Immediate, Unwelcome, Impossible But Undeniable Mutual Attraction,
Wicked Incognito Now
This is one of the stupidest romance novels I've ever read!!! Yet, it was written pretty well, which is why I finished the thing. Unfortunately, the entire plot is built upon one of the most tired story devices of all time--the big misunderstanding.

UGH. So groan-worthy and anti-climatic when the stupid-as-all-hell misunderstanding was worked out.

Margaret Fisk
Not everyone enjoys romances where the main issue is a lack of communication, but when done well, this is the best kind of contemporary romance in my opinion. So often assumption and miscommunication causes conflict in real life, and the point of contemporary romance, at least to my mind, is to show people meeting real challenges and overcoming them in the name of love.

The Bride’s Baby takes a man who does not believe in love to the point of marrying for convenience and pairs him with a gold dig
Tom McFarlane is meeting with the wedding planner, whose staff member ran off with his bride, to pay for the cancellation fees of his wedding that didn't happen. Although Sylvie Smith had been planning the wedding for 6 months, this is only the second time he has meet with her due to the instant passion connection he felt for her when they meet the first time.

Only this time he doesn't have a fiancee to keep his emotions in check and they soon find themselves together for a night of passion. Whe
3.5 stars...
***********SPOILER ALERT***********

"Then, catching a flicker of light, the twitch of a curtain from the Kennedy's cottage, she said, ‘They knew, didn’t they? They knew you were coming back.’
‘If you’d turned on your cellphone any time in the last two hours, so would you.’
‘My battery is flat. What did you say?’
‘“There will be no wedding…”’
‘Not tomorrow,’he said, reaching out and touching her cheek. ‘But soon, I hope. Very soon. Because if you think you can have my baby with
This was one of sixteen Harlequin freebies I downloaded earlier this year.

I'm not the audience for this book. I made it partway through the first chapter, was happy to see that the heroine wasn't going to sit and wait further on someone who's wasting her time...and then the "hero" comes out behaving like an unprofessional asswipe, saying that if she leaves before he's ready to talk to her, he's not going to pay her bill.

At that point I deleted the ebook from my PDA.

Maybe the guy gets his comeupp
It was bad enough to have his bride run off with a staff member of the wedding coordinator, but to receive an astronomical bill on top of it has billionaire Tom McFarlane out for blood. He cant deny his attraction to event coordinator Sylvie Smith and after a heated passionate exchange he believes she doesn't want to see him again.

He couldn't be farther from the truth, especially now that Sylvie is pregnant. What started as a misunderstanding has her running in circles as Tom reenters her life a
Wendy,  Lady Evelyn Quince
This was a free book and I still want my money back. The first chapter was nothing but the hero checking off items from a wedding list. And that was the highlight of the book!

This was just boring wedding porn.The characters were so DULL. If they had just a fifteen minute conversation, all misunderstandings would have been clarified. These characters are children in adults bodies, really.

This was such a painful experience, if I can prevent just one person from having to go through it, I know I've
This was one of sixteen Harlequin freebies. The Harlequin romances have a recurring them misunderstanding or mistaken identity, good looks, tons of money.
This book is a "misunderstanding". Main character has a one night stand with a jerk and ends up pregnant. Trys to tell him about the baby by phone. After not being able to reach him via phone at his office, she decides instead of calling him on his cell,or sending an e-mail, she sends a letter through the post, and you can guess what happens.
Susan (susayq ~)
This was an easy little read. I wish the characters would have been honest with each other from the beginning. There was lots of miscommunication between them as well as reading things into the silences. All in all, though, it was a nice little romance :)
Very close to the worst that can be expected from a Harlequin, even a freebie.
A self-made millionaire who did anything but work in the 7 months or so over which the story stretched. A complete lack of communication between the two leads and even those surrounding them, contributing thus to over-inflate any misinterpretation to give those molehills the proportion of himalayan summits. A plot that seemed of at first but soon turned completely irresistible.
There were a few things that bad at the e
Rubi Jayne
This was one of the Harlequin's free downloads that I picked up a year or two ago but have delayed reading. I was really hoping this story would be better than it turned out to be and decided somewhere around the middle that I was glad I hadn't paid for it.

Better than most "baby" romances in concept, I liked the idea behind this story (which is why I read it). The execution of the story, however, left me frustrated and by the end, I was more happy that it was over than for the couple's happy en
Hace cerca de un año que leí esta novela y desde entonces, leyendo la reseña que le escribí, no he podido verme reflejada en ella. Así que, adiós reseña.

No tengo un grato recuerdo de esta novela. Me aburrió más de lo que podría haber imaginado. Sus letras fueron densas, y parecía que el libro nunca iba a acabar y eso que no tiene más de cien páginas. Fue una total decepción. Yo no busco libros para pasar el rato, busco libros que me enamoren. Y esta novela estuvo muy, muy lejos de gustarme. Fue
It's been a long while since I've read a Harlequin Romance, and I've got to be truthful and say that I enjoyed this book. It reminded me of why I used to devour these books as a teen. The writing is sappy and the HEA is guranteed, duh, but it was still a quick read. The main characters have evolved from what I remember. The hero, Tom, is still dark and brooding, a little bit of jerk with poor communication skills but he's not as bad as the HR heroes I remember. I think I liked the heroine, Sylvi ...more
I loved the strong characters in this story. Sylvie Smith is an events planner and one of her school friends uses her for her upcoming wedding to self-made billionaire Tom McFarlane. A cliché and wedding planner’s worst nightmare occurs when the bride-to-be runs off with Sylvie’s assistant. This leaves Sylvie to explain, and recoup the cancellation costs, from the groom-to-be who has a huge chip on his shoulder. Unfortunately for Sylvie, she had an instant attraction to Tom McFarlane. When she i ...more
I loved this book so much that I had to do another post today, right away before it faded in my memory.
My memory seriously sucks lol So, here goes.

The story begins with a Wedding planner who is organizing a Wedding that's worth thousands of dollars. The Hero of the story is the Groom who she is organizing the wedding for. Instant attraction!
With many things getting mixed up and things not going quite as planned you would think this book would come to a different end. I have to call this book a p
The Bride’s Baby is the first in a new Harlequin Mills & Boon Romance miniseries, and Liz Fielding's 50th title with Harlequin Mills & Boon.

Sylvie Smith attempts to negotiate payment with a jilted groom – billionaire Tom MacFarlane and finds herself with more than she bargained for!

This is another dazzling story from the pen of Liz Fielding. Sylvie is a tough, no-nonsense heroine, and Tom is a gorgeous hero to fall in love with – and fall I did!

As well as enjoying the heartfelt emotion,
Fiona Marsden
I don't usually like books where the conflict is almost entirely based on lack of communication. But this worked quite well with missed letters, Celebrity headlines and just plain cussedness preventing the clarification of whose baby and what wedding.

The hero and heroine are both likeable and realistic people with flaws and failings and past histories that make much of what goes on believable.

It is a light weight book even if it does touch on a couple of deeper issues and just right for a mindle
2.5-3 stars
I have no idea why I own this. Was it a Kindle freebie or something?
This is not at all my kind of story. Billionaires are just ridiculous as romantic heroes, IMHO of course. However, the writing, while full of gaffes, had a little something special that makes me think that the author might someday write something that I'd really like--as long as she moves away from billionaires.
I had a problem with this book. The main characters are a billionaire and a wedding planner. The billionaire's fiance walks out shortly before the wedding and the wedding planner has gone to collect the bill. Before it's all over they end up in bed and the storyline continues from there. It really bothered me that only the second time they had met one another they ended up in bed together.
I really loved this book. I was sorry when it was done. I wish there had been more character building though. I wasn't sure if the hero was alpha or alphahole. I didn't get a clear sense of him until the end once he was already redeemed. The story was well told and the characters were believable. I may have to look for more from Ms. Fielding.
* 2 1/2 stars

One of those free romance novels that I downloaded during a period of my life where all things that were free were worth getting.

This wasn't that bad. or that smutty.. now that I think about it.
And the plot though unoriginal had some plot twists and elements that made the book different and stand out in the large realm of the wedding planner archetype.

Some moments bugged me. Those being were Tom was condescending and patronizing. You are not the boss. Back the f* off, you creep.
A lovely, lovely story with a nice hero and heroine. Love at first sight stories with a pregnancy thrown in are extremely difficult to write well and this was beautifully done. A great, well written escapist story.
My mid-reading update was that this was one of the silliest romance novels I've ever read.

I revise that assessment. This story has got to be the silliest one I have ever read. I somehow ploughed through it till around page 50, after which I was forced to skim and skip because it was just too tedious to get through. Having skipped to the end I found that the conclusion was just as bad as the previous 80% of the story.

This is one of the free Harlequin books and is a real disappointment as all the
I despise secret baby plots. Luckily this was a freebie so I'm not out anything by not reading this.
I'm always down for some free reading; I tend to spend my money on makeup and buffalo wings, so anything that expands my library without contracting my wallet is a good thing.

Well, except this. Wow. This was bad. I'm the queen of the plausibility snobs; a story must be plausible within its own context (and, preferrably, within my own) to be good. Quick tangent to explain: Harry Potter is not plausible. Wizards are probably not out there with moving pictures, magic wands, and teleporting footwea
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Best-selling author, Liz Fielding, has more than 15 million books in print. Nominated seven times for RWA's prestigious RITA award, she won with The Best Man & The Bridesmaid in 2001 and The Marriage Miracle in 2006. A Family of His Own won the RNA's Romance Prize, and was named Reviewers' Choice Best Harlequin Romance by Romantic Times BOOKreviews in 2005. She has also been given a Lifetime A ...more
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