Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner, #2)
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Stalking Darkness (Nightrunner #2)

4.22 of 5 stars 4.22  ·  rating details  ·  6,583 ratings  ·  223 reviews
With the Leran threat laid to rest, Alec and Seregil are now able to turn their attention to the ancient evil which threatens their land. The Plenimarans, at war with Skalans, have decided to defeat their ancient enemy by raising up the Dead God, Seriamaius. The early attempts at this reincarnation--masterminded by the sinister Duke Mardus and his sorcerous minion Vargul A...more
Paperback, 501 pages
Published November 17th 2010 by Bantam Spectra (first published February 3rd 1997)
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This is definitely the most underrated series I've come across so far. The first book is great. This one? I can't even begin explaining why I loved it so much. I spent the last sixty or so pages (maybe more) crying. From the start till the very end of this book I've gone through so many feelings: from annoyance through astonishment and speechlessness, deep hatred, despair and gloating to bitter-sweet happiness. Add any other you can think of in between and you can find it in this story.

What sta...more
Troy G
I'm of two minds about this book.

It is good fantasy adventure. There is a good pace to the adventure, and while some of the world may have been a bit foggier than other books in this genre, I did enjoy the quests, magic, and intrigue.

HOWEVER, I was really, really bothered by the romantic relationship between the two main characters. It isn't about the homosexual part of it (though that did suprise me when I was 16). The problem I had with this was the age and social maturity difference between...more
I like the characters, I do. They change and develope. I also like how Flewelling will revisit things, too, like the death of Alec's father. Things aren't just swept under the rug and I appreciate that.

I also appreciate how Seregil and Alec's relationship isn't the focus of the story that unfortunately happens too much in romance, especially homoerotica. The book is more dedicated to the story and in doing so, makes their relationship realistic and believable.

The biggest complaint I have is maki...more
I can sum this up in essentially the same way I did with Luck: They have lots of adventures and kick lots of butt. And they also fall in love with each other, but Seregil has a crisis of conscience because Alec is still pretty young, and Alec is just plain confused by what he feels for Seregil, so neither of them say anything.

Saying anymore than that would spoil it if you haven't read it, really.

There's no real social commentary going on with the two main characters falling for each other, unl...more
I'm guilty of breaking off in the middle of reading and coming back to this one a lot later.

It made reading awkward. I was no longer into the whole intrigue thing and just waiting for Alec and Seregil to become lovers.

Still, I kind of got back into the whole web of intrigue that was happening. It's exceedingly well-crafted. I like that it's not so explicit I can't walk around with this and not be afraid some kid might accidentally read over my shoulder or pick this up.

Welp. Onto bk 3...
Deserves lots of GIFS!

Better than the first, in my opinion. Maybe it's just because the story is more engaging for me this time round
...and I've grown more attached to the characters, which, I know, is
Though the writing isn't necessarily what I would usually read (I find it kind of heavy sometimes), it's well suited for this type of book. It's just colossal amounts of fun. The world Flewelling has spun is wondrous and enchanting; a pleasure to dive into. This series is seriously underrated....more
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I enjoyed this second part, much better than the first book in the nightrunner series.
I believe I was let down by the first book because I wasn't at all drawn in by Seregil's character, he appeared too perfect to me; he had fame, money, knowledge, skills, charisma, good looks, loyal friends etc. It seemed nothing could go wrong for this character, he was too well set up. And poor Alec was continually left behind by Seregil, I always feel resentful when a main character in a book is blinded to th...more
This book continues with all the best parts of Luck in the Shadows. Alec, Seregil, Micum, Nysander and everyone continue to be amazing, for the most part.

Most of the plot that was built up in the first book but not finished there is resolved in this one. As it's all starting to come together, the writing does a fantastic job of building the tension and giving feelings of impending doom without the excessive obviousness or clumsyness of some stories/movies. Then about two thirds in it takes a sha...more
I thought that the story of Alec and Seregil couldn't possibly get any better than in the first installment (Luck in the Shadows) but man...Stalking Darkness was all that, and ten times stronger.

I read the last two hundred pages all at once, unable to put it down, not wanting to do anything else until I finished the book, and at the same time never wanting it to end. I already have the third book right here next to me, and I'll waste no time in diving into it.

(view spoiler)...more
This review is for the first three volumes of the Nightrunner Series, it does however exclude the following volumes, which in my opinion differ strongly from the first 3.

I realise I find it hard to start writing a review for these books. The first three volumes of the Nightrunner Series are definately part of my favorite books ever. Within the genre of fantasy, they set such high standarts that many other books appear shallow beside them. The books are full of great and often innovative plot ide...more
I LOVED THIS BOOK! I devoured this book! This is what storytelling is!

It's been a while since I had to stay up all night to read a book, sure I might stay up late with some books, but this one I had to stay up until I was finished with this book.

What an absolutely wonderful balance between world building, character development and plot. It had politics, legends, betrayals, friendship, and grief. The tale was riveting, dynamic, and came together seamlessly.

Absolutely recommend and can't wait to...more
Stuff I Read - Stalking Darkness by Lynn Flewelling Review

I was quite excited to read this book, having liked the first of the series, and the story did not let me down. Continuing rather directly on the heels of the first Nightrunner book, this one found Alec and Seregil recovering and continuing on Alec's training. It's a bit of a slow build in the beginning, with much of the first two thirds of the book dominated with more covert missions, more skullduggery that was present in the first. It w...more
I’m wavering a little on how to rate this one. I enjoyed this book very much and rated against itself I’d give it 5 stars. But place it up against my favorite fantasy series’ (Valdemar/Pern/Shanara/Black Jewels etc.) and it falls a little short. I don’t even know why it doesn’t hook me as deeply. I enjoyed the story immensely as I was reading it. Somehow though I just know it’s not one of those that I’ll remember every little detail of the way I do my all time favorites.

Alec and Seregil are rec...more
I love things that surprise me. I've been around the block a time or
two and have a perception of people and things honed from years of
studying trends, people, and why things are the way they are. Most of
the movies that I watch are usually because they surprise me in some
fashion, whether it be new and innovative ideas, a different approach
to a usual topic, or what have you. I'm rather limited when it comes to books because I spent so many years simply not reading. Still, over time I've come to ha...more
Such a gripping story. I am an avid fan of sword play, magic and perilous adventures. And this book delivers them all.

I had started "Luck in the Shadows" only assuming it was a one volume story, containing a light plot to encompass the romantic entanglement between Seregil and Alec. I was proven wrong on both accounts. The book turned out to be the first of 5 (as of yet) published volume) with only a slight derail in acknowledging the romantic development between the two men.

[spoiler ahead]While...more
Aug 30, 2009 Rhianon rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of high fantasy
Every bit as good as the first volume, Flewelling doesn't disappoint. Less incidence of info-dumping -- it's readily apparent that her writing style is improving, without sacrificing the voice and authenticity of her characters.

One of the most poignant scenes for me in this book was the death of one of two twin brothers. Gut injury in a battle leaves him dying slowly in his brother's arms in the medical tent, surrounded by members of his platoon. He was far from a prominent character in the tale...more
This is just as addictive a read as Luck in the Shadows, with plenty of action and adventure, this time concentrating way more on the necromancer plot that was the first half of Luck (but later was taken over by the Leran plot). The creepiness aspect was excellent, and this is a much darker-feeling book than Luck was.

At the same time, the character development is so excellent. I loved the slow growth of the romance, which was sweet and touching compared to so many romantic subplots. I don't ofte...more
Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru

In this mesmerizing follow-up to "Luck in the Shadows", Seregil and his companion, Alec, attempt to erase an ancient evil from their land. The danger unfolds as a raging battle results in the reincarnation of an old god bent on destruction. Now, an age-old prophecy points to Seregil's continued role in stopping this threat, even as it leads him on a deadly journey of terror and intrigue.

My Thoughts:

Awesome sequel. The world has been well established and it turns out that picking up that...more
This book was often very frustrating for me. As I mentioned in my review for the first volume of the series, I'm seriously underwhelmed by Llewelling's writing ability. Her prose seems very.....elementary? basic? blunt? me. There's no special talent at description or emotion or any real grace at all.

So why is that especially frustrating here? Well, unlike the first volume (Luck in the Shadows), there were many moments in this book that I thought **could** have been very dramatic and movin...more
Still one of my favorites in the series and in fantasy in general. I just find this book really comforting. It takes on the evil-magic plot left hanging at the end of the last book, all the way through an epic (and angst-filled) resolution. I really like how, even though this falls neatly into the everyone-is-bi (or at least okay with the possibility) fantasy trope, it's not just about being queer, but nonetheless you really want Seregil and Alec to end up happy together.

Sure, it's still not the...more
I read this book in two days straight. I think I may have snarled at my boyfriend at one point when he tried to pat my knee. I can't really comment on this books quality because I was too immersed in the story to analyse the writing.
A satisfying conclusion to the major story arc started in book #1. There are sections where the writing gets a bit weaker, it doesn't hold the same kind of mystical storytelling power than say The Book of Lost Things and can be awkward in parts (with too rapid mood changes between some scenes for instance), but I think overall this contributes to the charm of the series, it is not pretentious, even when the stakes get really high. Once more I found it really hard to put the book down.

Much intrig...more
I thought I would warm up to the two main characters, Seregil and Alec, in this second book in the series. Unfortunately, I enjoyed Stalking Darkness less than Luck in the Shadows. In Luck in the Shadows, the main challenge for our heroes was a political threat. In Stalking Darkness, the adversary is from another country, yes, but is pure Ee-vil. These evil folks have no motivation other than the promise of total world domination, but they are not very strategic about it. We spend quite a bit of...more
Christykay Kasper
I loved this Book. It was very difficult to get through. One of the main character is tormented in terrible ways for a long portion. I loved the added point of view of Beka in the second book and hope to see more of her in the rest. I loved adventures in this book and of course the developing relationship of the two main characters.
I rather enjoy the world Lynn Flewelling has created. Looking forward to the third book in the series.
The suspense nearly killed me. This is becoming a frequent habit in Flynn Flewelling’s books and I find myself holding my breath more often than not. The suspense and horror make it so exhilarating that you forget you’re reading a book and you’re actually there waiting and holding a sword in the darkness of the shadows. I mean I even got the chills in some parts for Christ’s sake. Once again, Flewelling painted beautiful and complex imagery with words, laying out a path for an incredible journey...more
Well that was fun. And romantic. And terrifying.
Sep 01, 2014 Tsunami marked it as on-hold-or-taking-my-sweet-time
Recommended to Tsunami by: Michael Fierce

Michael said so.
Jody Nightbow
Aug 14, 2014 Jody Nightbow rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Jody by: Anita and Holly
Shelves: favorites
This series is so vexing. I like the world and the premise, and the way it's both innovative and sort of traditional alterna-medieval fantasy is all well and good. But it's uneven, and the plot lurches from delightful to hackneyed, and glosses too many key scenes that a better writer would turn into jewels. She squanders the emotional scenes too often on weak dialogue. What else? Well, the characters are endearing. They're also pretty weakly drawn...but I loooove them, you know? It's a comic boo...more
Judy Goodwin
The first book of the series was pretty good--I liked the two main characters and there was good action and intrigue. This book by far surpasses the first book, both in the depth of the plot and in development of the characters. The reader gets to experience the transition in Alec from a boy to a young man who by the end loses all innocence (both in good ways and bad). Seregil goes from a simple happy-go-lucky rogue to someone with a great deal more depth. I also enjoyed the introduction of Kari...more
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“So I might have to marry Alec when I'm grown," Illia was prattling across to Seregil. "I hope that won't hurt your feelings too much."

Seregil slapped a hand over his heart like a troubadour in a mural. "Ah, fair maiden, I shall slay a thousand evil dragons for you, and lay their steaming black livers at your dainty feet, if only you will restore me to your favor."

"Livers!" Illia buried her face against Alec's shoulder with an outraged giggle.
"You wouldn't bring me livers, would you, Alec?"

"Of course not," Alec scoffed. "What a disgusting present. I'd bring you the eyeballs for a necklace, and all their scaly pointed tongues to tie your braids with.”
“It was Alec who brought their lips together.

Seregil's first reaction was disbelief. But Alec was insistent, clumsy but determined. It lasted an instant, an eternity, that one awkward kiss, and it spoke silent volumes of bewildered honesty.

The moment that followed was too fragile for words.”
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