The Home and the World: Ghare Bhaire
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The Home and the World: Ghare Bhaire

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A new translation with a critical introduction and glossary.

One of Rabindranath Tagore's most controversial novels, Ghare Bhaire (The Home and the World) (1916) continues to be read, taught, and discussed with passion because the issues it unravels are pertinent to the literary and social concerns of our times.

The tale revolves around Nikhilesh, a benevolent zamindar, Bima...more
Paperback, 320 pages
Published February 2004 by Srishti (first published 1916)
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K.D. Absolutely
Jul 20, 2011 K.D. Absolutely rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to K.D. by: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (2010)
Sir Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. He was the first non-European and so far, the only Indian to be awarded this most prestigious award any literary artist can dream of.

Bimala (means without mal or blemish in Hindu) is married to Nikhil or Nikhilesh (Lord of the Universe). Theirs is an arranged marriage that was planned even when Bimala was still a little girl. Bimala is neither good-looking, i.e., she comes from lower status and darker complexion, nor rich. Nikh...more
In 1913, Tagore became the first non-Western writer--and to date the only Indian or Bengali--to with the Nobel Prize for Literature. Reading his work, it isn't very difficult to imagine why, since they possess a Chekhovian focus on the lives, thoughts, and struggles of small people in a large world, all laid against the changing politics of the time.

Yet the structure left something to be desired: Tagore writes in the first person, but switches characters every few chapters. this could have been...more
Mohit  Parikh
The Home and the World is a literary masterpiece by Rabindranath Tagore. Set as a love triangle in the backdrop of Swadesi movement in the then Bengal, it is essentially an exploration of the noosphere surrounding the revolution, encapsulating Tagore's personal critique on the movement's ideology.

All the three central characters of the novel are distressed, while treading their paths for greatness. Bimala is a young wife who seeks greatness (which every "woman is entitled to") through utmost dev...more
Jun 25, 2013 Tyler rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Every Serious Fan of Literature
Recommended to Tyler by: Author's Reputation
My best exposure to non-Western literature comes courtesy of Egypt's authors. In comparison to them I was rather disappointed by Midnight's Children, about India. But when I read this short novel by Tagore I encountered a Bengali author capable of matching Naguib Mahfouz, although writing about completely different subjects.

If this sounds too esoteric to readers in search of good writing who haven't yet ventured into non-Western literature, it's my way of saying simply to read this book. You'll...more
Aug 22, 2008 Elizabeth rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Elizabeth by: Marilyn Felling
an amazing view of swadeshi in the early 1900´s India. The three sotries being told seem to reflect the higher consciousness (Nikihl), the concious (Bimala) and the lower conciousness (Sandip). True Bimala loses her way to sensationalism, terror and nationalism but at some point you must pay the piper to your higher self and reflect at some point, Bimala of course does. I loved that Tagore tells the story from three points of view and is able to captuer the voice of Bimala so clearly. This shoul...more
Hend Aboul Gada
رواية معقدة شوية بس فيها فكرة فلسفية جميلة
مليانة باشارات فلسفية ورمزية صعب تتفهم كلها او من اول مرة
بس اكيد دى مش مشكلة الرواية :D
اتعاطفت مع بيمالا شوية على الرغم من افعالها
لانى حسيت انه كان غصب عنها واحدة شايفة نفسها عادية بل اقل
فجأة تلاقى حد رافعها لمصاف الالهة كان لازم دة يزلزل حياتها كلها

نيكهيليش بقى تركيبة غريبة وصعب فهمه احيانا تحس فى افعاله ضعف بشع
وفى اللحظة دى تتعاطف مع بيمالا فى رأيها وتعذرها لكن لما تيجى تفكر بموضوعية
تحس اد ايه الراجل يبعث على الاحترام وانه شايف انه حتى لو مارس حقه فى...more
أحمد نفادي
حسنا انها أول رواية لي مع طاغور
رواية غنية جداااا بالمعاني علي الرغم من بساطتها
تستطيع تناولها من جوانب عدة وكل جانب يسلمك للاخر
فتستطيع من خلالها معرفة الحياة الاجتماعية الهندية وتقديس الزوجة لزوجها و صراعهم مع الاحتلال
وتستطيع فيها أن تجد مقولات وأفكار تغنيك عن الكثير
لكن أكثر ما هو مميز فيها هو صراعها الانساني
الشخصيات الثلاث شخصية واحدة
كنا قد درسنا ف الثانوية العام نظرية فرويد والأنا والهو والأنا الأعلي ولكننا لم نكن مستوعبين أو بمعني آخر كلام نظري نعرفه للامتحان
لكن ها هنا وجدته ماثلا بكل حذافي...more
Gaurav Moghe
Well, this is the first time ever I'm rating a book before completing it.

The reasons for my uncharacteristic actions are clear: this book is so so rich in its contents that at the end of every paragraph you simply get exhausted and literally put aside it for few minutes to grasp all that has been said, but for the very same reason you want to reach out for it as soon as possible. It delves into lives of three characters who's lives are connected by Swadeshi movement of india of 1920s. Primarily...more
Tagore is markedly different from most contemporary Indian authors. While they offer a window for the Western world to observe the changing nature of a modernizing India, Tagore forces the reader to sit through a detailed lesson of the philosophical, and sociological life of an average Indian.

Part of that is, naturally, the context in which he was writing. He is not part of modernizing India, but the nobel laureate who was Indian before the country was independent. He agitated against the coloni...more
Radnja romana je smještena na početak dvadesetog stoljeća gdje se u Indiji javlja Svadeši nacionalni pokret za osamostaljenje. Prate se tri lika koja, svaki na svoj način, sudjeluju u pokretu. Nikhil je rađa (maharađa) koji se želi priključiti pokretu, ali na miran način tako da izvuče maksimalnu korist za narod. Svojoj ženi Bimali (rani, maharani), koja je drugi lik čija razmišljanja priča prati, želi slobodu od tradicionalnih "okova" te kroz nju možemo pratiti prijelaz iz žene koja se drži ind...more
عجبتني ، ولو أن الترجمة كانت محتاجة مراجعة
تأملات الأبطال كانت ممتعة لحد كبير
“Providence leaves our life moulded in the rough, – its object being that we ourselves should put the finishing touches, shaping it into its final form to our taste.” The Home and the World by Rabindranath Tagore is, I think, a classic. It is concerned with three little people, so small compared to the Indian indepedence movement whose current is swiftly carrying them into a new world. For each of the three main characters, Tagore goes to the heart and then some. Sandip is a professional revolut...more
The home and the world by Rabindranath Tagore,sobriquet Gurudev,is a controversial and melodramatic novel which portraits the feelings of myriad populace during the cult of swadeshi movement. The book portraits five main characters namely Nikhil(Maharaja),Bimala(Chota rani),Bara Rani(widow) Sandip(leader of Swadeshi movement) and Amulya(follower of Sandip).Nikhil is a queer,prudent man who does not fetters her consort,Bimala, to worship him which other milieu man coerced their woman to do at tha...more
Nivedita Bansal
As soon as I finished reading, I wanted to read it all over again. I usually highlight text which I think is worth reading again and here I ended up highlighting almost everything. There’s so much in this read which you would like to think over that a single read will just not suffice.

The story is set against the backdrop of Swadeshi movement in Bengal, a social movement started as a protest against the partition of Bengal during early 1900s, which involved boycotting British goods and promotin...more
Abhijit Srivastava
Love, influence, power, emancipation.
This is the tale of three lives, each burdened by its own predicament; each struggling for its own destruction, for that will be their rebirth. This is the story of Bimala, Nikhil, and Sandip, against the backdrop of the Swadeshi Movement of the Indian Freedom Struggle in the first decade of the 20th century.

The ultimate aim is the freedom of the motherland, but that is easily said than done. In between comes the friction between these characters. They all h...more
Obeida Takriti
كتاب روعة..
كنت متكاسلاً أن أقرأ لطاغور بس عكتر ما الناس شجعتني طلعت بوجي هالرواية..

الرواية عمل إبداعي يجمع معان كثيرة..
من علم النفس والاجتماع إلى السياسة..
من الثورة الداخلية للثورة الخارجية..
من مشاكل الوطنية ومقارنتها بالإنسانية..
البحث عن الحقيقة والعمل لها كمثل..
أو العمل للباطل كواقع واعتباره حقاً..
البنغال وتقاليدها ومرورها بمرحلة التحرر العنيف من السلطة الخارجية..
الفرق بين المتعلمين وغيرهم وكيف يستبد المتعلمون الآخرين..

القصة تحكي عن ثلاث شخصيات رئيسية..
وشخصيتين ثانويتين..
هو عبارة عن يوميات الث...more
The three main characters seem a bit two-dimensional at times - mouthpieces for articulating the competing points of view around the nascent Indian independence movement of the early 20th century, particularly the Swadeshi movement - but for all that are frequently moving and engaging, if at times in a slightly soap opera way - or, one might say, somewhat comparable to Bertolt Brecht's monologic speechifying!

Despite Tagore's Nobel prize and prolific output of stories, songs and poems, his legacy...more
Sakshi Sharma
A masterpiece by the late Tagore. Never have I read a book whose sentences can convey such genuine emotions and be quoted for eternity. I found myself absorbing the conflicting viewpoints of Nikhil versus Sandip and finding many present day similarities in the current political scenario of India's elections, where Modi and his agenda may be represented by Sandip's ideology and Nikhil is every secular man who upholds the textbook truth and nothing but. This is evident in the way that Nikhil state...more
Rakanjana Sen
The creation should be considered, separating it from the creator, as the creator is whimsical, his likes and pleasures take prominence without permission. Saying thus, whether The Home and the World is signature Tagore, I know not, but it is picturesque and blatantly truthful regarding woman’s cruel passion, and man’s submissive compassion. The "fini" was like the gong of a bell, loud, sudden and resolving, followed by the penetrating silence of the universe.
Ahmed Yousri ataweyya
قرأت هذه الرواية فى طبعة قديمة من روايات الهلال تعود الى السبعينيات
ترجمة د شكرى عياد جاءت خلقا جديدا و ليست مجرد نقل للالفاظ

لو كان على المرء ان يملأ الفجوة بين الليل و النهار قليلا قليلا ..لاحتاج الى عمر الأبد...و لكن الشمس تشرق فيتبدد الظلام و تكفى لحظة للتغلب على امتداد غير محدود -تاجور
هى رواية عن التعصب للوطن حين يقابل الحب العاقل للوطن ..من ينتصر فى النهاية
هي من الروايات التي قرأتها ولمست فيها شيئاً جميلاً ولكنه ليس بذلك الوضوح. ذلك المثالي المؤمن بروح الإنسان بلمسة غاندية رومانسية، ونظيره الأناني المؤمن بالنفعية بلمسة تكاد تكون شيطانية، وتلك التي تمزقت بينهما.

تجربة أولى لطاغور بالمجمل لا بأس بها "نجمتان ونصف"، قد أقرأ له شيئاً آخر في يوم من الأيام "قد"...0
I loved this book because it absolutely 100% catapulted me into a world which I knew very little about, and made me desperate to know more. The area is on the brink of a revolution, but the story revolves around a strained domestic situation, with women who never go out into the outside world. I thought the contrast of the two major topics made the book really interesting. I also loved the characters. I could fully sympathise with Bimala, and her husband, and yet at the same time wished that the...more
While full of interesting philosophical ideas and potentially interesting charechters, the book is so dry as to be unreadale at points. Please note that I had to read this for school and take what you may from that fact.
The female narrator is a likable Plain Jane, whose beauty lies within. I loved a few spectacular lines.

"I have seen in Bimala's nature the cruelty which is the inherent force of existence, the cruelty which with its unrelenting might keeps the world beautiful."

"This moment of our history seemed to have dropped into our hand like a jewel from the crown of some drunken god."

On the other hand, all talk no action. If the lay reader has a stronger background in Indian politics and stubborn religiou...more
Derek Davis
In Tagore's 1919 novel, three characters – a maharajah, his wife and a pro-native-culture Indian revolutionary - alternate first-person accounts of their interweaving relationship. Bimala, the wife, slowly moves from blind love for her husband to ensnarement by Sandip, the egomaniacal, charismatic, ruthless revolutionary. Nikhil, the husband, is the moral force who opposes the soulless revolution which he fears will do more harm than help to the native land.

Nikhil is a good man, Sandip a nasty s...more
Ash Chakraborty
Jun 17, 2011 Ash Chakraborty rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Ash by: social drama, indian swadesi movement, tagore
From my blog, :

An epic Bengali drama painted by the Nobel laureate - Rabindranath Tagore and translated later by Surendranath Tagore (uncertain of the relationship), with elaborate characters laid out against the backdrop of a British-occupied Bengal of the early 1900s. The primary characters range from an idealistic and intelligent Landlord with a superior grasp of the concept of fairness whilst unable to implement that in social life, the typical naive, family-polit...more
Lisa P
This is a hard book to review. It wasn't even easy to assign a star value to it. I am a huge, huge fan of Tagore ji's poetry, that cannot be denied. Even in his English translations he writes with such clarity of purpose and paints such sparkling and heartbreaking images with his prose. I picked up The Home and the World for a couple of reasons - one, I needed to read more about the India Independence movement, and two, my aforementioned delight in all things Tagore.

What I got was a difficult,...more
Nishant Sharma
This novel is unlike any i have ever read.
the narrative is in the form of monologues of the three main characters namely, Nikhil ,Bimala(his wife) and Sandip(his friend).
Having read British and American novels, i was excited about reading this Indian novel. I wasnt expecting too much and knew not much about Rabindranath Tagore Either. I was simply curious.
Since this is in my college course i got the Worldview Edition (See my profile pic). This edition contains some knowledgeable essays which...more
Karima Ebada
اقتباسات من رواية البيت والعالم ل .. طاغور
ترجمة دكتور شكرى محمد عياد .. أستاذ الأدب العربى بجامعة القاهرة
عن روايات دار الهلال

ان الرجل النهم الذى يحب سمكته المطبوخة لايتأذى من تقطيعها حسب حاجته ، ولكن الرجل الذى يحب السمكة يريد ان يستمتع بها فى الماء ، واذا استحال عليه ذلك فانه ينتظر على الشط ، واذا عاد الى بيته دون أن يقع نظره عليها فانه يتغذى بمعرفة ان السمكة بخير . الكسب الكامل هو أفضل شئ . ولكن اذا استحال ذلك فان أفضل شئ بعده هو الخسارة الكاملة .
كأنما حبه لى يفيض فوق حدودى بفيض سخائه وعطائ...more
Sanabel Atya

لقد ربط طاغور البيت بالعالم بالبيئة المحيطة ربطاً جميلاً،،فكرة لم أجدها قبلاً..
إن العالم لمُكون من تلك البيوت مجتمعة.. أيُوجد عالم بغير هذه البيوت؟! أيُمكن للبيوت أن تعيش مستقلة عن العالم؟ طبعاً لا :)

في البدايات تُفكر المرأة بعواطفها قبل عقلها.. إلا ما ندر! مممم أحياناً تكون هذه الصفة جيدة.. وليس دائماً.

"إن في صيدلية الطبيعة مسكنات كثيرة تقدمها خفية حين تُقطع الروابط الحية على غير انتظار،فلا يدري أحد بالجراحة حتى يصحو المرء أخيراً ليعلم بما أحدث من شق كبير. فبينما كان المشرط يعمل جاهداً في أمسّ
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Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913 "because of his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse, by which, with consummate skill, he has made his poetic thought, expressed in his own English words, a part of the literature of the West."

Tagore modernised Bengali art by spurning rigid classical forms and resisting linguistic strictures. His novels, stories, songs, dance-dramas, and ess...more
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