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Green for Life
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Green for Life

3.99  ·  Rating Details  ·  1,823 Ratings  ·  216 Reviews
In search of the perfect human diet, Victoria Boutenko compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees. Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of genes with humans, but their diet is dramatically different from ours. The most glaring difference is that chimpanzees consume significantly more green leaves than humans. Victoria developed a series of greens ...more
Paperback, 186 pages
Published October 20th 2005 by Raw Family Publishing (first published 2005)
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Aug 31, 2007 allison rated it liked it
Shelves: foods
I'm turning into such a weirdo raw food geek.
Feb 23, 2009 Sarah rated it liked it
I like green smoothies. They are indeed tasty as this book states and definitely a health benefit. I did learn quite a bit about just how beneficial they are from this book, which I was glad to know.

But...Victoria Boutenko is kind of a weirdo. After three months of drinking green smoothies, she claims to salivate over green weeds she sees outside while taking walks with her husband and she mimicks chimpanzees she watches at the zoo by pulling the leaves off of nearly plants to eat them.

She ten
Dec 26, 2007 Geoff rated it liked it
Recommends it for: Optimal Heath Curious
Drink Green Smoothies. No really. Change your life and make it happen. You'll be so happy you did. That's the message Victoria Boutenko repeats in her book Green For Life. It's a good message but the book doesn't have much more than that. This is the kind of book you pick up from the Library as you can read it quickly and get everything you need from it in one sitting.

Having said all that it's an important message Victoria Boutenko has and it's a book worth seeking out.
Mar 10, 2012 Deb rated it it was amazing
*Go green and go, go, go!*

Whether you're new (or, uh, should I say green?) to the green smoothie bandwagon or have been riding the revolution for some time, Victoria's updated classic is well worth the read. We've all heard the repeated urgings to "eat your greens" which makes sense in nutritional theory, but may not always be so practical in lifestyle reality. Luckily, as Victoria's book hammers home, drinking your greens can not only be an easier way to get them in your diet, but pulverizing t
Jul 21, 2012 Kara rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Not too happy with this book. Green smoothies are good, and they are a great & simple way to add more vegetables and fruit to your diet - I highly recommend them. But this book is not good. Full of pseudo-science nonsense. If you are going to try green smoothies then for equipment all you need is a regular blender - not the very expensive version the author tries to sell you by directing you to her website. Also, if you drink green smoothies hopefully it will improve your nutrition - not mak ...more
Nov 15, 2013 WWG rated it really liked it
This is a book you can read in a couple of hours. Its author, Victoria Boutenko, is extremely enthusiastic about greens and has done her homework. Take some of her claims with a grain of salt. She is a raw foodist and a bit eccentric (ie. she thinks her Russian mother who swam in the river by Chernobyl and died of cancer could have been cured by green smoothies). I decided that she crossed those boundaries because of her enthusiasm for her subject matter.
I encourage everyone to give the green s
Dec 14, 2008 jack rated it it was amazing
i recommend this book to everyone. it is fucking awesome, packed full of info on plants (did you know that broccoli is actually a flower? and that parsley is the green top of parsnips? i did not!), nutrition and raw foods.

if you have any health problems at all and believe that what you are or are not eating may have something to do with it, read this book. it has affected me in such a positive way already. seriously, i've been drinking those green smoothies everyday and i can really feel a diff
Jun 14, 2014 Jodi rated it liked it
Shelves: health-books
What I liked about this book was the concept of making green drinks - giving you a choice in-between just eating greens as they are and juicing them.

I found this idea useful and have adapted some of the recipes in the book for use in my daily diet, as although I'm a big fan of green juices, you do need some fibre each day as well and just chewing mountains of spinach gets a bit much after a while.

Juicing vegetables is best as it means you absorb far more nutrients from them than when you're just
Diane Kistner
I once got pleasantly, energetically "high" drinking about a quarter of a cup of some beautiful emerald-colored parsley juice, so I am definitely open to Boutenko's claims that green smoothies can help us feel much better. But the author's recommendation to buy a Vitamix, and her comment that she'd burned up several blenders making green smoothies, was a turn-off for me. I'd love to get in the habit of drinking green smoothies, but I cannot afford to buy a Vitamix.

For those who have or can procu
Jun 10, 2014 Tasha rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: non-fic, foodie-books
I'm giving this one a 5 just because I think it's a book everyone should read for better health. I have been drinking smoothies for a while now but this book has motivated me to up my intake. It has great info on why you should be drinking your greens and it also has a nice selection of smoothies to get you on your way to glowing health!
Jeanette  "Astute Crabbist"

Not especially well-written, but easy for anyone to understand. Her enthusiasm shines through, which is nice. There's some useful info here, especially if you're having a health crisis and want an option other than pathological medicine.

I strongly recommend reading some of the books in her bibliography, which she explains is where she got her knowledge. It's important to have a broader nutritional picture than is given in this book, so you can avoid possible nutritional deficiencies and underst
Feb 26, 2010 Carrie rated it really liked it
Shelves: nutrition
I wanted to read The Green Smoothie Revolution, because that's what I think it will be, but there were no copies available through my library. Fortunately, I have a feeling that this earlier documentation of Victoria's enthusiasm for the green smoothie lifestyle is just as inspiring a read.

Green for Life is not a scientific book on nutrition, nor is it particularly well written, but it makes some sound scientific points, and it does so enthusiastically. The book's main idea is that humans evolv
Oct 05, 2011 Todd rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Good recipes, horrible writing.

I'm sold on the idea of green smoothies but unfortunately Mrs. Boutenko's writing and research completely ruined this for me. This book is full of poor writing coupled with wild assertions and hackneyed personal "research". Apparently in Mrs. Boutenko's eyes the only qualifications needed to make nutritional and dietary claims are to have at one time been grossly overweight and to have then lost that weight through a certain dietary program. Her opening diatribe ag
Farnoosh Brock
Apr 21, 2013 Farnoosh Brock rated it liked it
Shelves: healthy-body
I really enjoyed this quick read, especially with my recent health kick. It was a very good story about Victoria and her family, and the journey to health which arrives her at Green Smoothies, and I am most definitely going to try the Green Smoothies. What she has done here in terms of her Rosebug study is commendable, and the information about why you should incorporate green smoothies in your diet is tremendous.

What I was hoping to get was a more complete or comprehensive picture - she gives
Chenoa Siegenthaler
Oct 24, 2010 Chenoa Siegenthaler rated it really liked it
Victoria Boutenko exhaustively researched scientific studies regarding the healthiest diet for humans, as well as the diet of our closest relatives, chimpanzees, to discover the healthiest diet for us. I was intrigued to learn that the diet of chimpanzees consists of 45% greens, 50% fruits, and the other 5% is bugs, nuts and maybe some small animals. The book includes charts of the nutritional content of greens, which shows very high amounts of things such as amino acids - the building blocks of ...more
Apr 28, 2015 Almeta rated it really liked it
Shelves: shortcut
Victoria Boutenko; Igor Boutenko; Sergei Boutenko; Valya Boutenko make a good case for not just "going green", but for green smoothies.

I found the making of these smoothies labor intensive. But that is probably because I don’t have the appropriate equipment and a miniscule kitchen. Chopping and grinding greens and fruits to a pulp, in mass quantities, really requires a powerful processor and a large capacity blending bowl and lots of elbow room.

Never-the-less, the taste is actually pleasant. I
Jim Simpson
Despite the pseudo-science, there are some good suggestions in here about getting more greens into your diet. I wouldn't try curing cancer with green smoothies, but maybe in conjunction with eating more healthily and exercising, you'll be less likely to get ill.
Jul 05, 2011 Pam rated it really liked it
I'm a newcomer to green smoothies and this is one of the books that helped me get started.

As others have noted, Boutenko's initial look are chimpanzees to see what she could learn from the dietary habits of our closest species is interesting, even though she is not a true scientist. I enjoyed the comments from others who tried a month or more of daily green smoothies and the book will stay in my reference library for the recipes. All in all, Green for Life is useful reading for someone who is c
Green smoothies?!
Take your basic delicious smoothie and add some greens. Voila! Green smoothie!

Still tastes great (if you take it easy) and it packs a whole lotta nutritional goodness.

This shows up on my creativity shelf because of the description of how Victoria Boutenko brought about this book and this health practice. Whether she was the first person to come up with this idea or not, she did go through an interesting creative process. It rings of other innovators I have read about.

By the w
Ian Tierney
Aug 04, 2014 Ian Tierney rated it really liked it
Helpful, educational, inspiring. This book definitley helped me understand the underrated value of adding greens to my diet. Being a 20 something male, I tend to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. However after reading this short book it made me consider adding a green smoothie to my diet every day, just to see how I feel. After 2 weeks, I feel great. The energy I get from the smoothie is worth it alone, but now I am starting to see the "green glow", my nails are growing faster, hair is darke ...more
Feb 21, 2014 Stacyj rated it really liked it
On my journey to health and wellness, I have, so far, found the info in this book the most thought provoking and the easiest to incorporate into my diet. Boutenko lays out the facts and gives an easy way for the reader to join in by incorporating a daily green smoothie or two into your diet. Of course, her research has lead her to claim a fully raw foods lifestyle is the absolute best way, but her main focus in this book is to push greens. If you have ever started your day with one of these smoo ...more
Apr 11, 2015 Melanie rated it it was amazing
Shelves: green
There are a ton of "go green!" books out there and I've read a few of them. This one leans toward the health benefit angle of eating a green diet. More than just saying eat well, its good for you, everybody knows this, duh.... The book explains why and in great detail about how the "green" is connected with health. It talks about how eating food that's alive in combination with containing chlorophyll may be beneficial for those feeling not so well. Eating this way(and switching it up a bit so yo ...more
Connie (Ava Catherine)
Reading this book, I began thinking about ways to make my diet healthier. I am interested in the recipes for smoothies and intend to try several. I want to start drinking smoothies everyday to make my diet healthier. This book is an excellent source of information on healthy smoothies.
May 17, 2010 Amy rated it really liked it
I found the author to be a bit eccentric with her raw foods diet beliefs. However, the book was informative and further supported my beliefs in incorporating more greens into the American diet. It was a quick read and well worth reading. The recipes are great too.
Aug 01, 2012 Debra rated it really liked it
Shelves: non-fiction
Definitely inspired me to try out green smoothies. My sister and I are working out a plan to try a quart every day for 2 weeks to see how we feel. Looking forward to getting more fiber in my diet and to get the benefits of going green!
Sandra Kinzer
Mar 19, 2014 Sandra Kinzer rated it it was ok
Gleaned some fun nutrition-related facts, but unprofessional writing style and contradictory ideas made me skeptical of her philosophy. "I believe" used a lot, not very scientific, perhaps mistaking correlation for causation.
Feb 21, 2014 Jasmine rated it it was ok
Eat like a Chimpanzee..Main message..Gulp your greens/ don't forget your fiber/ eating good and having problem the take hydrochloric acid (Hcl) to digest...I ALMOST READ IT FOR YOU
This book does contain some interesting points. Can be a fast motivating read
What I was startled about this book at one place the author feels that since we are consuming so much liquid that one needs a jaw exercise to munch..I fell there is a easier way , take some solids and masticate at leisure.
But jokes apart can b
Mar 12, 2012 Chandra rated it really liked it
Best takeaways were: getting a wide variety of greens, balancing omega 3's w/ 6's & alkaline balance in stomach acid. Good book
Jan 04, 2011 Lisa rated it it was ok
Shelves: nonfiction, food
I've been drinking various types of green smoothies for a few years, so I expected to find more recipe ideas and suggestions for different types of greens. She does provide some recipes and also a little information about less-common types of greens, but not as much as I had hoped. One of the strangest things is that although she includes a few recipes, she doesn't include a basic green smoothie formula so readers can play with other ingredients.

The book is also a bit disorganized and scattered
Jimmy Autrey
Jul 04, 2011 Jimmy Autrey rated it liked it
First off, everyone considering reading this book should know that Mrs. Boutenko is not a scientist. She makes several technical errors in this book like saying that her Vita-Mix blender's motor runs at speeds up to 240 mph. Well, motors aren't classified in mph, but rather in horsepower, and rpm's. She talks about stomach acid and speaks in terms of high pH acids. Acids are not high pH, but low pH.

She makes statements, as another reviewer noted, like her mother that had cancer in which she att
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Victoria Boutenko is an author, teacher, inventor, researcher, artist and mother of three. She teaches classes on healthy living and raw food all over the world. As a result of her research and teachings, thousands of people are drinking and sharing green smoothies.

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