A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness
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A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness (Dave Pelzer #3)

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A Man Named Dave is the conclusion to a trio of autobiographical books by Dave Pelzer, who to millions of readers of A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy has become an inspirational figure. A Child Called "It" is the gripping and harrowing account of Pelzer's abuse at the hands of his mother, beginning when he was four years old and continuing until teachers

Paperback, 243 pages
Published September 1st 2000 by Plume (first published 1999)
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By far the weakest book in this trilogy---finished it because it was a library book and I had come this far already, but it was truly a bloated, over-written, melodramatic finish to a series that portrayed a compelling story, clumsily told. A lot of the conversations he relates seem overly scripted to me, and the melodrama lessens the impact of Pelzer's otherwise compelling tale. A more literary hand could have made this book much better. I respect Pelzer as a person for making something out of...more
Saber Jan
من أكثر الكتب التي أثرت في وهي الجزء الثالث لحياة المؤلف دايف بيلزر يتحدث عن فترة نضوجه وما بعد المعاناة التي عاشها مع أمه
الحقيقة الكتاب أعتبره من أروع ما قرأت
الجزء الأول
طفل اسمه نكرة
الجزء الثاني
الولد التائه
الجزء الثالث والاخير
حكاية رجل اسمه دايف

لمن يريد النسخة الالكترونية على هذا الرابط
اكتسحت الرواية الأمريكية الحديثة اهتمامات القراء في العالم نظرا لتميزها بعدم تقيدها بالقالب اللغوي في بنائها السردي بقدر ما تهتم بصدق المشاعر التي يراد ايصالها وقد مثلث رواية "طعام صلاة حب " ورواية "حكاية رجل اسمه دايف" افضل مثال على ذلك اد ترجمت الروايات لمعظم لغات العالم .

سنتطرق اليوم الى رواية "حكاية رجل اسمه دايف" اين يمثل هذا العمل الادبي تجربة حياتية رائعة يستطيع القارئ من خلالها فهم التقنيات المجدية للتخلص من المتاعب النفسية والتحرر من الماضي . دايف الفتى الصغير الذي يتعرض بصفة يومية الى...more
This was a good examination of Pelzer's transition into adulthood, as he tried to lay to rest the demons of his exceedingly abusive past and build a greater sense of his own self worth. It seems he may finally have achieved that, but it's hard to imagine that this man is not still plagued at times by haunting memories of torturous treatment. Although it is clear from his books that both his parents were alcoholics, and that his mother may have in turn been abused somewhat by her mother, it's sti...more
Aug 06, 2011 Elaine added it
*spoilers ahead*

I read My Story (comprising of this book, The Lost Boy and The Child Called "It"). Basically an autobiography that covers his life up to this moment. David was abused from the age of 4 to 12 by his mother. This took place within closed doors but it was possible to deduce this from just looking at his appearance. No one did anything concrete to intervene. Any halfhearted attempts were blocked by his mother. Several times, he came close to losing his life or suffering permanent dam...more
This book was very tedious to wade through, and as Pelzer developed his series, and became more confident in his writing, he became more wordy and as such this book was far and away the worst of a poor series. I think it's a little rich of him to claim the book is about forgiveness: he clearly hasn't forgiven his mother at all for the abuse she handed out when he was a child, nor has he forgiven the foster care system that didn't give him the attention he needed.

Yes, there's one thing to be said...more
Erica Simon
"A man named Dave" was a fantastic story that talked about survival, forgiveness, love, confusion, and pain. As a younger child Dave was abused by his alcoholic mother, who in Dave's words gave him strength to never quit. He escaped his brutal life at twelve years old, and enrolled into foster. There he met a few friends where he finally felt like he fit in. At twenty years old he enlisted in the United States Air force, and applied to become a firefighter in honor of his sick father. After a fe...more
Trevor Schmoldt
The book I read about was a boy who had been in an abusive home. Dave was an “it” as his mother would call him, but had to respond to every request in a very little time period or he had to pay the price. Dave’s mother would beat him with objects, feed him ammonia, make him sleep in the garage with no blankets, she was just horrible. She paid no attention to him, but all the attention to her other children. She didn't even count him as hers.

The main characters would be Dave and his mother, alon...more
I knew what to expect when I first picked up this book and begun reading it. Not to say that it is a terrible predictable book, it's actually quite the opposite. I remember awhile back I read Dave Pelzer's other books of him as child going through extreme levels of child abuse from his psychotic mother. I was sucked into all those books he wrote. They had so much life in them, that it felt like you were in the shoes of Dave Pelzer as a child. "A man Named Dave" had a different feel and tone the...more
Desiree Zempel
I read the book “A Man Named Dave” by David Pelzer. David was remembering the last day when his mother abused him. His mother hit him in the throat with a broom, and pushed him down the steps. This took place in the first book “A Child called IT” David is now a grown man who is out of foster care, and wants to join the Air Force in Florida. David has flashbacks of the foster home. When Dave was working all the time, this caused him to give up a good education. Dave went to boot camp to get train...more
Brit McCarthy
This is possibly one of the most unnecessary books I have ever read. The 1 star review is partly my fault, because I was 95% sure I wouldn't like this book based on the previous two books of the trilogy. That doesn't mean, though, that it's my fault the book is bad.

Because it is. It's poorly written, wanders through Dave's life as an adult, sees him make some stupid decisions and then yay, tie it all up with a bow, here's a happy ending (this guy's life is not over but the book is).

I can see the...more
May 01, 2008 Elizabeth rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone, those who have read a child called it or the lost boy
Shelves: my-books-read
This book was wonderful! It touches on so many topics. I don't even think you need to read the first two books, to enjoy this one. However, if you read the first two you will just see how much David has been through. This was a fantastic read. I was a bit hesitant to read these three books, but they taught me a lot and reassured me that forgiveness is possible and the importance of life.
Vivi Vigil
The book I read is called A Man Named Dave. It is a non-fiction book. It is written by Dave Pelzer himself, and that is his third book. It is “A story of Triumph and Forgiveness”, it talks about child abuse and how Dave survived it and how he went on about his life when he became a man.
Dave had an abusive mother as a child and was able to escape her around the age of 12. He was put in foster care and later placed with a family who cared for him. Dave lost connection with his family for some tim...more
I really do love all three of these books, but there WERE some things that started to bother me by the end of this one. It's hard to put my finger on them all. To name a few, though, Pelzer gets pretty repetitive at times and doesn't seem to realize it (he'll put an anecdote in parentheses like this and then do it again with the same anecdote later, like we forgot the first time...when actually, I think he did). He also focuses so much on the negative and then suddenly time speeds up and everyth...more
This book is incredibly sad. I have wanted to read his first two, A Child Called "It" and The Lost Boy, for a long time but just never got around to it. Then I picked up A Man Named Dave at a used book sale. I think there is enough in it to get a good idea of what he went through as a child and it breaks one's heart. It just shows how abuse spreads abuse. I can relate a bit because I went through a lot of anger when I was a young mother and I'm not proud of the mothering I did during this time....more
I had previously read A Child Called "It" and was appalled by the abuse that one small child can survive. I realize that it was a long time ago, law-wise, but how can a family get away with so much? And reading his brother Richard's book just made me angrier! A Man Named "It" was an awesome follow up to his first book. I know there's a middle book too but have yet to read/find it in my stacks. You often wonder after reading such a disturbing true story what happens to the remaining people. And t...more
* This review is for all three parts of Dave Pelzer's story

A horrible translation! I needed to get that out of my system first. There is so much bad language in my Finnish translation that it's almost difficult to concentrate on the actual story. The grammar geek in me would love to hit this book with the Red Pen of Dissapproval.

The story in itself is obviously horrible. I'm so happy that times are changing and it's more and more easy for children to get the help they need. I was a bit dissappoi...more
i read this book as recommended by a fellow member " A MAN NAMED DAVE my namesake... but that is were the similarity ends quote.....

as i child i was horribly ed abused by my mother.. well not trying to be insensitive or numb... but sociologically speaking take an individual experience for instance

ONE-WORLD VISON A CHARITY to help those in need in Africa .. " a girl walks four miles Evey day to get water filtered through a dirty cloth at best,, each day a norther is used by here parents to work...more
This book is the third sequel written by Dave Pelzer.It is about how Dave, the main character, and how he overcame obstacles life has put in his way. It shows how Dave became a man named Dave instead of a child called it. The book started by recapping Dave's memories as a child. The book focused on his life as an adult. This book taught me that people learn from their mistakes and no matter how hard life may be, there is always a bright side to everything.
ثلاثية دايف بيلزر عن حياته من الطفولة حتى الرشد ....
أكثر جزء أحببته هو ذا ....
أحببت فيه اصراره ....و دماثته ....و شفافيته ....و صفائه....و عدم استسلامه لكونه غريبا ....

في هذه الثلاثية شاهدت المجتمع الامريكي عن قرب اكثر ....
و لشد ما رثيت لحاله .... و سعدت و شعرت بالفخر لكوني مسلمة ...

أن يكون للعائلة هذا المفهوم الذي نعيشه ....و يفتقده غيرنا ....
بشريعة سمحة عدلة أرست ثوابت هذا البنيان ....من رب لطيف كبير ....لهو نعمة عظيمة ....

و خلال السطور و من بين الكلمات ....لا زال يتأكد لي ....
أن النجاح...more
Christina Gibson
A man named dave is an inspiring book. In the book there is a boy name david, but his family referrs him to "it". As he grows older, from being tortured and constantly beaten he tries to find whats right for him when he escapes from the house he lived at all his life. From bouncing around from foster home to foster home, he starts to better himself as a person and tries to escape the traumatizing life he once had.
I rated this book 5 stars because it was a really intreiging book. I would recommen...more
After reading Pelzer's first two books I felt I had to read this one but I really didn't enjoy it all that much. Dave makes some cringe worthy mistakes in judgment but in the end is happy I guess-the writing is still really bad though.

I saw him speak back in 2001 and it was a strange experience. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that he seems a little off socially and kind of angry-how could you go through what he went through and not be a little off, I guess it's amazing that he's not more tha...more
Sophie Muller
I'm so glad I read the last installment as many of the things I couldn't understand (and thus were making sad) got explained or at least shown in a light that brings closure. One of these things was the Mother's hatred toward David. We never really understand where such an awful feeling stemmed from, but we are shown the process by which it might have come about when David is himself faced with it.

"Suddenly the light dawned on me: it was the chain, the chain linking me to my mother – a person w...more
Brooklyn Hermes
Dave Pelzer's purpose in writing A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgiveness was to give a view of his life and how he had to overcome hardship and struggle to become the person he was meant to be. His problems had strengthened him in the long run and brought him to be the person that he is today. There were times when he didn't think he would ever make it and just wanted to die, but he pulled through and was strong through it all.
The theme is moving on and overcoming his past. Dave Pe...more
A Man Named Dave by Dave Pelzer was a great book. The book is about Dave Pelzer’s later years including his divorce, his son, and his second wife. This is a true story about an adult who as a kid was severely beaten on a daily basis. This is the third book in his trilogy explaining his life. Dave Pelzer lived a crappy childhood this book is about him living his adulthood to the fullest. This novel tells about his son and how he wants things to change. The book was also about him finally forgivin...more
The third book in his series,A Man Named Dave: A Story of Triumph and Forgivenesswas about Pelzer's experiences as an adult and how he forgave his father. As I reading the book, I most wept on when Dave, outburst of what really he is doing to bimself rather than to anyone to Marsha. He thinks that what ever happened to him in the past is because he deserves it, rather than run away, he did not have the gut to defend himself.

It was all begins throughout the journey he's been through searching fo...more
This book was very interesting to the effects of Dave Pelzer's life from a child in his first book "A Child Called "IT" until his adulthood in "A Man Named Dave". Dave dealt with many issues, one being trust. Dave's life story was inspirational, learning that against all odds, Dave became a important member in sociaty but also someone who many people look up to.
سوسن الجبري
لما قريت له طفل اسمه نكره تأثرت وتعاطفت وتألمت .. وبعدها الجزء الثاني الولد التائه بعد نفس الشي .. بس لما قريت الجزء الثالث احس فعلا زودها .. يعني والله درينا بمعاناتك بس خلاص انت حصلت على دعم ومساعدة و فصلوك عن امك وعشت مراهتقك بعيد عنها وكبرت .. خلاص انسى ! بتظل تتكلم عن نفس الموضوع ! .. انجذي حسيت بالملل بصراحة ..
Sheryl Roberts
This book is a wonderful end to the trilogy. It is the final part of a heartrending tale of an abused child,now grown into an adult and determined not only to stop the circle of abuse but to make the world a better place. The author has survived horrendous abuse but develops into a caring loving adult. The writing is very real and he portrays himself - both strengths and weaknesses - which all go to making the book so true to life and very readable. His spirit is so incredible. He even comes to...more
I am grateful to people like Dave who put their stories out there and volunteer their time with the youth who are forced to through this. Dave's story is one of pure hope, and a great read for adult survivors of ANY kind of abuse.
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An author best known for his 1995 memoir of childhood abuse, A Child Called It.

At the age of 12, Dave was removed from an abusive home and placed in a series of foster homes. In 1979, he joined the Air Force and later became an author of memoirs and self-improvement books.

More about Dave Pelzer...
A Child Called "It" The Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family My Story The Privilege of Youth: A Teenager's Story Help Yourself

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