Blood And Gold (The Vampire Chronicles, #8)
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Blood And Gold (The Vampire Chronicles #8)

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Anne Rice writes grand romances in the traditional sense of the word, the Victor Hugo sense: novels with larger-than-life characters whose epic experiences sweep through all the great themes and emotions of life, death, love, passion, and loss, while also providing plenty of action.

Blood and Gold continues Rice's Vampire Chronicles by taking up

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Published October 16th 2001 by Random House Audio (first published January 1st 2001)
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The first Anne Rice book I read was The Mummy or Ramses the Damned. I was in the 8th grade. I loved it, and tried to read Interview with the Vampire but never finished it.
Almost five years later, I was in Sestriere, Italy, a small mountain town outside of Torino, near the French and Swiss borders. I was there for almost a week, and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my entire life. I could spend hundreds of words describing it all, but I'm getting off track. It was the e...more
If you have read any of the Vampire Chronicles then you will largely know what to expect from this addition to the series. A Blood Drinker tells the story of their long life, including all the mortals they have loved, Blood Drinker’s they’ve encountered and vibrant cities they’ve travelled to.

In this instance the reader is introduced to Thorne, a Viking vampire who has been reawakened by the knowledge that his Maker, Maharet (of Queen of the Damned), still exists. He’s been buried in snow for m...more
I love a story - a good story. I read to escape, yes but even then, even when I pick up a book with the intention of running away – I end up, well thinking about the book. I read to study, relate to or learn from characters, story lines plots, drama. I don’t read to just read, make my chalk mark and on to the next book.
I enjoy books that I can savor – take my time over, and I truly love sharing the reading experience – so when someone mentions a book they love, I’m apt to pick it up.
And so I d...more
The primary question with this book, the sixth in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, is, why would we, the readers, want to read a book from the point of view of the self christened Marius de Romanus, the Roman vampire with a tendency towards pederasty and pompous pronouncements?

This question becomes even more pressing as the book goes on and Marius proves himself entirely arrogant and obnoxious, applying a form of moral blindness that makes his own actions acceptable while everyone else's deserve...more
Orphic {Ally}
Shall I say Marius de Romanus is my new favorite vampire, in all of his oozing sensuality? Why, yes.
Reading this book made me excited to reread The Vampire Chronicles. I have to admit, I actually found myself falling in love with Marius, or at least developing a crush on him, towards the end of the book. Oh, how I would gladly pin a poster of this Ancient Roman Blood Drinker to my wall if ever they made one of him.
Besides, Anne Rice's perpetual glorifying sensuality found so prominently in almo...more
Titus Hjelm
Not the worst (see 'Memnoch' for that) but certainly the most boring of all the Chronicles so far. I pretty much gave up on the series after 'Queen', but since I bought the whole lot, I'm wading through it still. However, it took me this long to realise that the problem with Rice's writing is that there is no beginning, middle and end. Funnily enough, real life biographies have more sense of a dramatic arch than this book, for example. The 'exotic' settings have become old hat pretty much since...more
This is truly Marius's opus as we follow him through the ages, loving and leaving one famous and infamous person after another. Can a vampire really love another more than himself? This question is never really answered here.Marius is smitten by Pandora, Botticelli, and dozens of others and has to leave them all behind, in one way or another.
He slogs through the Black Death with out a mark( he's a vamp after all he's already dead right?) Even a plague of that magnitude won't slow our beauteous b...more
Fangs for the Fantasy
Thorne, his long sleep interrupted by the waking and rampaging of the Vampire Queen Akasha, is now driven to find the one who made him, the one he saw in his visions – Maharet, one of the two oldest vampires in the world

He emerges from his icy tomb to seek his own kind – and finds Marius, the Roman, Child of the Millennium, Former Keeper of Those Who Must be Kept. And avid biogorapher – who recounts his history to the Norse vampire

Thorne emerges from his centuries of sleep, trying to find answer...more
Carrie Slager
If not for Pandora, Blood and Gold would be my favourite novel by Anne Rice. The story of Marius, a logical Roman man, kidnapped and turned into a vampire against his will. But what stands out for me is the amazing amount of detail Anne Rice puts into her historical fiction. The splendor of ancient Rome, the horror of the Black Death, the energy and creativity surrounding the Italian Renaissance…all of the settings come alive and you feel like you’re really there along with Marius.

Marius himself...more
A melancholy walk through ancient history in the company of Marius, the two thousand year old vampire known and loved by both Lestat and Armand.

The history again is the main draw for me in this instalment (and what I felt was largely missing from Merrick), as we get to see the rise and fall of great civilizations as well as their cultures and art through the eyes of the more intellectual and learned of Rice's vampires.

There were moments when I felt like we were revisiting old themes a little too...more
I'm quite surprised at how mixed the reviews are here as I thought this was yet another winner from Anne Rice!

Blood and Gold follows the history of Marius and his long and troubled existence as he travels and strives to keep his secret of 'Those Who Must be Kept' and forges relationships to keep him sane and to stave off his loneliness; from the peculiar bond with Mael and Avicus to the love and devotion of Amadeo and Bianca. For someone so strong Marius does a lot of running to save his secret...more
I'm kind of glad I waited more than a year to read this book after having read the first eight, plus the Mayfair Witches book all pretty much right in a row. I think I would have found the parts where Marius is retelling things that Lestat told is in The Vampire Lestat and that Armand told us in The Vampire Armand rather boring and repetitive. As it was, it was a nice reminder of things I'd forgotten, and I was able to jump right back in without re-reading, which would have been quite the undert...more
I've read all the books beginning from the Vampire Lestat which is my favorite of the lot so far. But anyway, having read them, I kind of knew what to expect from this one but seriously, I think it's getting worse..
The ending felt like, "oh yeah I forgot, I got to connect the story back to the present so lemme stretch the story a bit here, add a confounding element there and... voila! That's it. Thanks for taking time to read!" I mean come on... this was Marius... Marius. One of the more impecca...more
Max Ostrovsky
Another book-end story by Rice and no surprises. I'm determined to finish the series, but it is getting tedious. While this book seemed to have an easier prose than most of the Chronicle books (Body Thief aside), the lack of plot or tension or drama or really anything going on kept this book from a higher rating.
That said, and despite all that said, it was a page turner. Rice's prose in this volume is engaging and forward driven. While not much is actually going on, I was interested in what not...more
Now, however, I am quite honest really quite for years a loyal fan of Anne Rice and her vampire chronicles, so slowly I would like to spend on her new books no more money. They are not simply worth it any more. High song of the book was very disappointing. If one knows only the vampire chronicles as well as me, it is not to be kept in this book often so quite simply with her witch things the overview. There so many ne names and characters.

To the history can be only said: Boringly and a vampire’s...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
My first step into the Vampire Chronicles...
Blood and Gold also happens to be my favorite--pregnant with history, rich storytelling, and lovable murderers this book puts Anne Rice's other vampire books to shame.
P.S.- It is kind of smutty, if you aren't into that kind of thing, then I would shy away from pre-epiphany Anne Rice.
P.P.S.- I read this book in high school, so take this review with a grain of sea salt.
Chelsea chan
This book is the most enriching when it comes to being lost in the vampire chronicles world. It is great for anyone that hasn't read the whole series because it explains everything about the supernatural world according to Anne Rice, unlike the previous books before this. it was a bit boring in some parts, but in all it was worth it and i enjoyed this book.
Ian Herold
Apr 02, 2008 Ian Herold rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who likes vampires or Anne Rices writing
This was my favorite book. As I can relate so much to Marius. It fallows the tail of Marius the Vampire. As he deals with problems and meets many interesting people through out the story like Lestat. Overall a very interesting book when it was finished i wanted to keep reading.
Patrick Atchison
The only book that I have ever been able to read cover to cover multiple times!
Of the books so far in the Vampire Chronicles this has been the dullest. I never would have imagined such a powerful and old vampire would live such a mundane existence. Excluding the part where he describes surviving the attack by the satanist this books reads like an autobiography of an everyday artist. He possesses skill in painting, sees the beauty in most everything, and fails to maintain happy relationships with those he cares for. That is essentially the book in a nutshell. For me this wa...more
Monica Miller
Anne Rice is one of my favourite writers, and having read seven books from The Vampire Chronicles, I was pretty excited about Marius, because I've been expecting it for a while, and I'm surprised she kept the story for so long.
It was a little too long, actually, and it was weird how Marius alternated between being alone and loving someone more than he ever loved someone. He was selfish most of the time, and very possessive, but I loved how he felt about Pandora, and it felt off that he "loved"...more
I picked this book up last week on a whim and started reading. I had not read much by Anne Rice in a long time because I had not found a book that I could get into for a long time either. I started this book a week ago this evening and could not really put it down. I was amazed at Rice's descriptions of not only the characters, but the scenery and the time periods. I felt as though I was there at certain points as I was reading. The book, at least in part sucked me into itself. Marius and his lo...more
For avid readers of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, the character of Marius, the ancient Roman, is one of the most fascinating and colorful--and one of the least well known. We first meet Marius in "The Vampire Lestat", when he answers Lestat's call and explains the story of the vampiric origins to Lestat and shows him Akasha and Enkil, the ancient Egyptian parents of all of the vampires. He also appears briefly in "Queen of the Damned", which tells the story of the vampires' origins. But until...more
The cover of this book really caught my attention since it pictures a slightly gay looking angel wrapped in a ribbon. Blood and Gold is the first of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles I have read and it’s not a let down. The style of the writing is romantic and detailed, or as my English teacher described it “curly q baroque” type writing. I’ll admit it’s not a short read at all and I took my time pondering the texture and words of the book. Marius the main character is complex and struggles with th...more
£7 on Kindle - The first Anne Rice story I have read, this is an excellent book. Unlike some of the other reviewers I found the early part of the tale; which dealt with the fully formed characters of the millennium vampires moving through my Ancient World; much more interesting than the second half. That's probably good for me because I'm sure their stories are told elsewhere. I'll have to remember how powerful Marius is though I think. It doesn't take long until everyone he meets seems to worsh...more
As usual, Anne Rice manages to spin a spellbinding tale about the Vampire Marius, one of the oldest and wisest blood drinkers of the modern world. However, most of the book is an abbreviation of key stories already told of in delicious detail in her book "The Vampire Lestat". It left me a little disappointed, although her great talent as a writer kept me from putting it down until I was finished with it.
The most interesting parts of the book are the stories of Eudoxia, Avicus and Mael, as well a...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Marius de Romanus is definitely one of the best characters of the Vampire Chronicles and, along with Louis, is my favorite. With that said, I was anxious to read this book, which details the life of this Child of the Millenia. However, the trip that I had anticipated was not what I got in the end.

Contradictions between this book and The Vampire Armand are some of the things that annoy me the most, especially since both stories are deeply intertwined. Bianca as a character has no appeal to me, T...more
Delicious Strawberry
I was glad to pick up the tale of Marius. After reading about him in The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned, along with Pandora, I was thrilled to read the back of this book with the synopsis. Of course, I had to buy it right away. I took it home and read it with eagerness. Ms. Rice's work is solid here and the story is very good, but while many parts are interesting to read, nearly half of it was repetition, and I wished that the Twins had been featured in this book more, especially Mekare....more
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Anne Rice (born Howard Allen Frances O'Brien) is a best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical, erotica, and later religious themed books. Best known for The Vampire Chronicles, her prevailing thematical focus is on love, death, immortality, existentialism, and the human condition. She was married to poet Stan Rice for 41 years until his death in 2002. Her books have sold near...more
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