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Os Cinco na Ilha do Tesouro (Os Cinco, #1)
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Os Cinco na Ilha do Tesouro (Famous Five #1)

4.01 of 5 stars 4.01  ·  rating details  ·  12,386 ratings  ·  446 reviews
Os Cinco descobrem a bordo de um velho veleiro naufragado ao largo da Ilha Kirrin, um cofre misterioso.
Mas não são os únicos interessados, há mais alguém em busca do tesouro.
Nesta primeira aventura, são apresentados os 5 personagens principais desta série, destaque para o quinto elemento, o cão Tim que vai ser em muitas aventuras o nosso herói.
Paperback, 191 pages
Published 1977 by Editorial Noticias (first published 1942)
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Grace Tjan
Jess, my 7-year old girl, gives it 5 stars.

Comments while reading:

"Georgina is a girl but she wants to be called 'George'. Is she a tomboy?"

"Who says that boys never cry? The boys in my class cry. A lot!"

"Uncle Quentin is scary!"

"George is like a volcano --- she's always angry or is about to get angry."

"How can a kid own an island?"

"Awww, Tim is so cute!"

"Why can't Anne keep a secret? She's such a baby!"

"I like it when George took an axe and wrecked the bad guys' motorboat. She's so fierce!"

"I w
Não me lembro de ser nada de especial, mas foi com este livro que a minha aventura literária começou. Os cinco foram os primeiros que me deixaram entrar num mundo distante. Não eram aquelas histórias de princesas que me faziam ver. Não eram já as infantilidades de livros para crianças. Tinha oito anos, quando adoeci e a minha mãe começou a ler-me esta aventura, em voz alta. A minha curiosidade era cada vez maior, a minha mãe tinha cada vez menos tempo. Por fim, não resisti e peguei
I read the whole series (all 21 books) when I was about 13; those were the first books I read in English. I loved them, both the stories, the mystery and the writing. I liked the relationships (that was the time when I dearly wished I had siblings), the companionship and the good old picnicks in the woods/fields :)
Looking back, I don't quite agree with the view of girls/women presented. Still, at that time, while feeling most kinship with Anne and being drawn to Georgina, it didn't matter to me.
Jennifer Simmonds
Sadly I gave all my Famous Five books away during my teenage years. However the other day I realised I missed Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy so wanted a catch up. The only edition I could get on Kindle was this one - and it was a slight disappointment. There are no 'lashings' of anything, no 'mummy and daddy', no 'golly's. It has been rewritten to suit a modern children's audience, and I must say I deeply disagree with this choice. When I was an eight year old and reading these books for t ...more
This is one that lured me into the reading world. I still remember it like yesterday; it was during my 4th grade summer vacations. I was down with high fever and was crying for days for missing out on my yearly trip.So to pacify my tantrums , i was gifted this book. Ah! the mysterious world of Julian, Anne, Dick and my favorite George made me forget my pain and i ended up reading the whole series volume in that summer. Thanks Enid! for bringing me to a world of limitless imagination.
Back when I was a kid, Enid Blyton was MY author. Reading her books - and I read dozens of them - taught me, not to read, but to actually ENJOY reading. I remember feeling how it was a magical experience and twenty years later I still feel that when sitting down with a book today.

I've been wanting to catch up with Blyton as an adult, to see how her work stands up, and I finally got my chance with this handsome hardback. I remember that the Famous Five and the Secret Seven weren't my favourite of
The Five books are always my favorites. They were some of my first novels I enjoyed reading. Got them all completed in no time long long time ago. Got every piece of the whole series as my precious collection, yet unfortunately I lost them in a way or so. They ain't cheap to get for sure, if you wish to collect them again in recent days. So, I guess I really should give up that idea. I am trying to make my consolation through ebook. Not getting the same joy from reading a real book, but hey... i ...more
Colleen Stone
I dont know how to apply a star rating to a series of books that encouraged a generation of readers to read ALL the books in a series and then branch out into increasingly complex Series and stand alone books. My reading career began with the Noddy series. Scratch almost any author writing in English, and Enid Blyton (and very probably The Famous Five will be there). On that alone it earns a five.

But read the stories and you find template based plots, stereotypical characters, racism, sexism and
Terri Lynn
This book about 4 children and a dog (the Famous Five) is just so charming! It has a 1940's British vibe to it which is probably because this was first published in 1942 and is set in England.

Julian, age 12, his brother Dick, age 11, and their sister Anne, age 10 attend boarding school and you would think their parents would want to spend some time with them while they are on their holiday but their mother lets them know that Daddy just wants to take her to Scotland and be alone with her (like h
Carol Thompson
Enid blyton is a classic author that should be an essential name on everyone's childhood bookshelves! The quintessential British stories syrike a truly magical chord with the reader as they are guided through gripping adventures by brilliantly vivid descriptions that almost make you feel like you might be in the story yourself!
'five on a treasure island' is the first in the 'famous five' series and tells the tale of the first time that George, Julian, Anne, Dick and timmy the dog meet for their
Barry Mchugh
“Five on a Treasure Island” by Enid Blyton
This is the first book of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series. Siblings “Dick” “Julian” and “Anne” discover that they have been invited to their cousin Georgina’s house instead of their usual summer holiday. Georgina (George) is a very bossy and difficult to get along with child. This causes some interesting altercations between herself and Julian who is a very strong character. George tells her cousins that the island off the beach belongs to her and when
Enid Blyton’s fiction remains extraordinarily popular. Despite the disdain of literary critics much of her vast output remains in print because, as publishers know, her work sells. I was brought up on the Noddy books, migrated to the Famous Five and then on to the Secret Seven. I never got onto Malory Towers or St Clare’s (girl’s stuff, of course) or anything else that wasn’t part of a series. Re-reading Five on a Treasure Island as an adult it’s clear why Blyton is criticised, made fun of and p ...more
This review will have to do for all the Famous Five books, because, well really, it's just the same story over and over again.
But that 'sameness' is the very reason I come back to the Famous Five even now. There's something very satisfying about knowing that the Five will triumph, despite all the set-backs, baddies and dire (unlikely) occurences. Enid Blyton was the queen of the 'safe' book - predictable in a very British sort of way, but with four capable, clever and courageous protagonists, wh
Ah, the Famous Five. I've been meaning to reread these for nostalgia's sake -- or at least a couple of them. I used to practically inhale them when I was eight or nine years old or so. I was a little apprehensive about a reread now -- especially because of all the talk about how inappropriate Enid Blyton's writing is now, in terms of feminism and racism... I thought I wouldn't be able to read it.

Fortunately, at least with the rose-coloured glasses of nostalgia, this book remained fun to read. It
It is the first book in the Famous five series. It's really very exciting and adventurous. Julian, Dick, Anne and George not forgetting Timmy are really very brave and clever. I like Julian the most as he is a sharp thinker as well as herioc. Well, in this part Dick played a heroic role but still Julian was the one who made the plan. George (real name Georgina) thinks that she is a boy and she really deserves to be as she is not afraid of anything. Anne, being the youngest, is a little coward bu ...more
A Delightful read ..a light one...amazing language of Enid Blyton..truly a kid's story but a person like me can also read it..A nice ending which is always expected from Enid..Great!
Loved this series as a child and devoured several books in a row each holiday. I couldn't wait to go to the library and exchange one stack of books for another. :D
This series is an oldie but a goodie. Some elements of the story may be a bit dated now, especially technology, but the adventures more than make up for it. You can't resist the boyish charm of George/Georgina, her stubborness and courage. Not that other children aren't competent or ingenious, but she's my favourite.
Apesar de não ser a primeira vez que li este livro, ainda assim me conseguiu surpreender. As personagens estão bem construídas e tem uma profundidade interessante, mesmo tendo em conta que as miúdas tem traços muito bem vincados. A história desenvolve-se a um bom ritmo e apesar de o final ser um pouco previsível, não creio que isso afecte a história. Gosto particularmente das ilustrações interiores. Mesmo tendo em conta todas as críticas que foram feitas à autora, temos de admitir que os cinco s ...more
Been a heck of a long time since I read these, but I always wanted to be a part of the Famous Five gang and go away and have adventures.

Sadly I don't really remember the stories just vague plots from different books. Always my summer holiday read.
Sep 07, 2014 Joy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Joy by: My father

This book is very special to me. It was The Book That Got Me Started On Reading, back when I was a seven-year-old kid. I mean, yeah I'd read other things before, like simple children's readers and picture books, but this was the first real book I'd ever read. It took me a whole two weeks to finish, and I loved it.

Recently I've been kinda free, so I picked it up again. After what seemed like thirty minutes I was done reading, and I still love it.

Admittedly (far-fetched subject matter a
The wonderful first book in the Famous Five collection, and what a story! Somehow, none of the others, however much I liked them, are exactly like this book. This is the book where George discovers friendship, and that spending time with her cousins results in mysteries, but even better than that, in good times. Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy (who is at this moment a secret from George's parents) All head off to spend a few days on the delightful Kirrin Island, intent on searching for gold ...more
Author: Enid Blyton
Illustrator: Eileen Soper)
Originally Published: 1942
Length: 192 pages

Borrowed on her own initiative from a (slightly) older cousin, "Five on a Treasure Island" has been thoroughly enjoyed by the 7yo. Exciting, engrossing, interesting. A flowing language that is pleasant to read aloud - we were both eager to read just one more chapter. From the reader's pov the chapters are slightly lengthy; that extra chapter means another 15 minutes of reading when you should already be asle
First in the Famous Five Series, this book introduces Julian, Dick, Ann, Cousin George (she's a girl) and Tim (the dog). Whilst on holiday on Kirrin Island the 5 come upon a shipwreck and learn about the legend of 'the gold ingots'. With others also after the treasure, it becomes a case of who will get to it first.

Although there has been a bit of controversy surrounding Blyton's writing of late, I chose to review this book as I have fond memories of the famous five when I was growing up. Enid Bl

Book one: Five on a Treasure Island

The Famous Five. Indeed, five of the most famous adventurers in young literature, and without a doubt five of the most important figures in my childhood.

I was introduced to the Famous Five as a young creature, at a time when the Famous Five weren't really 'Famous' anymore; despite their timeless appeal, they were a read more of my parents' generation than my own. Still, it only took me one book to become envolved in the
Joe Steward
Five on a Treasure Island is the first of a classic collection/ series of children’s stories (The Famous Five) and this very first Famous Five adventure follows the story of our young central characters Julian, Dick, Anne, and there seemingly strange cousin George, as well as her loveable dog Timmy. The story follows our characters adventure to Kirrin Island, where the wreck of a ship lay, and where there is a shipwreck, there must be treasure right? However, with others also on the trail for th ...more
Two things. First: can I give two separate ratings? And second: while I am officially reviewing 'Five on a Treasure Island' this is a review of this series as a whole.

Okay, now that that's out of the way I have to say that these were the books that got me hooked on reading when I was something like nine years old, and seeing how dyslexia made reading a challenge that is saying something. Without a doubt nine-year old me would have given these books a five star rating. Adult me, on the other hand
Reuben Jackson
five on treasure island by enid blyton
this book is set in the uk during a time when kids didnt spend all day on facebook. when julian, dick and anne (three siblings) are informed they are going to be spending their holidays at their aunt fanny's house near sea they are excited, but when they arrive they meet their cousin Fanny's daughter Georgina they are shocked because she is not like any girl they've met before. georgina who insists on being called george is a tomboy who wears boys clothes an
Aaah the children's classic. Famous Five. This is the first of their adventures and the first novel by Enid Blyton that I picked up myself.

Having these books read to my class by my primary school teacher as a child, I was sure picking the book up at 19 would flood me with nostalgia and innocent joy.

Instead, I dropped the book at 46%.

Yes. I DNF-ed it. And like I said previously, it had nothing to do with the book itself. I think children would love to lose themselves in the adventures of Julia
Oh, famous five! When I was little I read pretty much anything I could get my hands on. At some point I was given a stack of books that had belonged to my parents when they were young, and this became my introduction to Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Tim. I loved every minute spent with these kids. I often feel disillusioned when I revisit my childhood, and yeah, sure Enid Blyton is old-fashioned and downright sexist when she claims boys don't cry and "good boy!" is the highest level of praise i ...more
My childhood would have lacked a lot of mystery and joy if I hadn't read all of Enid Blython's books available in Hebrew. I am not sure which is Famous five and which is Five Detctives and a Dog-I first read one series, and then I felt it was too childish so I moved on to the books with the dog.
I remember only a little: how the fat boy used to put on costumes and at least once filled his mouth with cotton (Did Brando imitate him in the Godfather, or was it a mere coincidence?), the long tunnels
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Born in 1897 in South London, Enid Mary Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had tw ...more
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