Bad to the Bone (Bad To The Bone, #1)
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Bad to the Bone (Blackthorn Wolves #1)

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  978 ratings  ·  96 reviews
Standalone prequel to Hungry like the Wolf

After a terrible accident in the ambulance, EMT Olivia Jordan didn’t expect to wake up chained to a bed. The tall dark sexy man holding her prisoner is not what she expected either. But Garrick Blackthorn’s not your every day kidnapper, no, there’s something extraordinary about him. Something that attracts Olivia. Something dark an...more
ebook, 52 pages
Published March 2007 by Loose Id (first published August 2005)
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Good free read, I will be trying out the next one.
This book had all my favorite components until about half way through:
1. Crime/mystery. There was a mystery component and it had all the markers of being great until it fell apart.
2. Paranormal. I loved how real the EMT scenes were at the beginning and how the look at the werewolves had a new essence but again even the paranormal part fell apart.
3. Romance. The romance could have been good but at the midway point it fell for all the contrite romantic things that happen in every other romance boo...more
Jessie Morgan
If the author could have given her characters reasonable reactions, I would have reviewed this better. The writing felt rushed, the sex very flat and mechanical, there is no emotional involvement between the reader and the characters. At all. Period.

Olivia is an EMT who, on the way to the hospital with a badly injured woman, winds up hitting something in the ambulance she's riding in. The ambulance crashes through a guard rail, goes over the embankment, terrible accident ensues, and when she wak...more
This book had a lot of potential. I liked how the werewolves were portrayed and the world building seemed interesting enough. The reason it only got three stars was because the story was so rushed. Olivia went from a captive in his basement to lover in three seconds flat. I also absolutely hated how it ended. Thanks, the sex was great but you need to take the truck and get out of here because it isn't going to work between us. Seriously? Thats the end? This was a total WTF moment. I'm so glad I...more
“Bad to the Bone” by Vivi Anna is the first story I read from her. And I have to admit that this novella was very good! Fast-paced but very well-written, the story is hot and steamy with fitting characters.

This novella is about Olivia and Garrick. Olivia, after an accident, awakes in an unfamiliar place, hostage to Garrick, a very attractive and sensual werewolf. But from the beginning they both knew that the attraction between them is inevitable. Olivia is a brave woman who is not afraid to do...more
An exciting, steamy, paranormal novella.

Olivia: EMT who responds to a call; when she arrives, a woman is on the ground with 3 bullet holes in her chest. She is bleeding out, but it is a silvery substance. The woman keeps trying to get away. The ambulance is then in a bad accident which causes it to flip and go over an embankment. The woman tells her he is coming. Olivia sees a massive shadow appear and then everything goes black.

Garrick: Has Olivia chained downstairs in a cement room in his base...more
A.R. Von
Garrett and Olivia have a chemistry that does not relent no matter what! You would think being chained up or beaten by a woman would lessen ones libido. That's not the case with these two. But when Garrett makes a decision that does not include Olivia's involvement what-so-ever. He feels it almost as much as she does.

I enjoyed this short read. It left me wanting for much more and luckily I have the next book waiting for me on my ereader.
Bethany Diavoli at Lookin' for a Bookin'
Oliva, a spunky and petite EMT responds to what she thinks is a routine shooting but is suddenly caught up in something much bigger. After picking up a patient, who should be dead after three shots to the chest, the ambulance is in an accident on the way back to the hospital. When Oliva wakes up she is chained to a bed and has no clue why or how she got there.
Enter Garrick, dark hair and stunning blue eyes, this adonis is more than what he seems. Known as the Keeper of Secrets, Garrick is respon...more
Amanda P
Id give it a 3.5 it was good for free. Its a quick easy read but its.doubtful ill read Hungry Like a Wolf. It didn't much and the writting had some issues especially the switching of POVs. It could be jilting at times. Grab it while its free. :)

If I had to choose one word to describe this book it would be that, YUMMY! and yes, in all caps.

Olivia is an EPT, protecting the world in her own way. Until she shows up for a gun shot victim, who is bleeding very oddly. On the way back to the hospital, something slams into them and throws her for a loop. When she comes to, she is chained against the wall by a very tall, menacing, YUMMY man Garrick. He is so very big and intimidating, but Olivia cannot help but want him, with every fiber...more
Dawn (Kat N Hat)
This short story was just ok. Normal wolf meets girl and undeniable lust plot but a lot of the minor issues bothered me.

There is no time set for the book, but with the technology mentioned the publication date of 2005 sounds right. That would make the heroine 40 years old. No offense to the over 40 crowd but the voice of the heroine did not convey that of a 40 year old, more like a 20 something. There was also she went from thinking I hate you & your psycho to hey i can't leave until we hav...more
Ana♥ BBR
Olivia Jordan was working the night of the accident when she finds out that there are other beings besides humans out there... and who might those other beings be? Werewolves... Garrick Blackthorn is a keeper of secrets. In charge of dealing with the fallout between two werewolf clans, Garrick takes Olivia captive to see if she's seen anything or knows anything about his world. Entranced with each other, Olivia can't help but be attracted to his big, brooding, sexy man and Garrick can't stay aw...more
Renee Rearden
Novellas are tricky in that the author has a limited amount of pages to create a connection between characters and readers. With more pages and a little extra plot, this book would have been very good.

First, let me say I enjoyed Ms Anna's writing style. Voice is important, and that kept me reading. Unfortunately, the characters hit the page and there wasn't enough development for me to really connect to them.

Olivia is an EMT. Cool. A caring, nurturing, possibly hero-type personality. When push c...more
Bookie | The BookChick
This was a "D" story at best and I am probably being too generous.

First of all, I will say that I absolutely hate when authors leave cliffhangers to their stories. This was a novella so I should have guessed that it was a prelude for a full-length novel, Hungry Like the Wolf. So we are left to wonder what becomes of Olivia and Garrick. The problem for me when authors do the novella way in advance of the novel is that I forget about or lose interest in wanting to read the novel by the time it com...more
Bis kurz vor dem Ende hat mir diese kostenlose Kurzgeschichte richtig gut gefallen. Das bisher beste KurzEbook was ich in letzter Zeit gelesen habe. Die Hauptprotagonisten arbeitet in einem Rettungswagen und wird zu einer Verletzten gerufen, die mehrere Schusswunden in der Brust hat. Die Frau hat überraschend gute Vitalwerte obwohl sie eigentlich schon fast tot sein müsste. Außerdem läuft eine silberne, klebrige Masse aus ihren Wunden. Auf dem Weg zum Krankenhaus verunglückt der Kra...more
I read this as a free read from Amazon & I liked the set up. The character introduction is awesome. I'm an avid reader of the paranormal fiction genre & one of the things I find that keep a lot of stories from being great is the fact that there is such an emotional connection between two people who really know nothing about each other. This story suffers a bit from that...I get animal attraction & lust, totally down for it in fact...but Olivia's response in the end to the situation i...more
Okay so this book was okay, its about a woman named Olivia who's an EMT she gets captured one night after they pick up this weird lday. Turns out the lady is a werewolf and the man who captured her is one too. As he reveals the secret to her, they become more and more attracted to eachother.

The writing was good, the book was short just over a hundred pages. The characters were both solid characters and you get a good feeling of both their personalities in a short time.

There is one sex scene, a...more
Adriana Bookologist
Bad to the Bone by Vivi Anna

I went back and forth on this story. Was it okay or good…I think somewhere in between is what I feel fits. This story is a short one and a prequel to Hungry like the Wolf but I didn’t know that when I started reading it. It was a free read and an author I had not read before. Since I’m always on the lookout for new authors it was worth it. I liked the overall writing style which is what made me give it 3 Stars but the story was a bit rushed in the closing which now ma...more
Heather Wiese
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Prequel to Hungry like a wolf!

This was my first interlude to the world of Ms Anna... and boy was I surprised.

Loved the story and painted world! The writing was beautifully done and I could feel the emotions emanating from the pages.

Will be looking into the rest of the series for sure!!
Prequel to Hungry Like the Wolf

Very short and very steamy read. Though extremely satisfying, I found it too sort, and the h/h moved a little too fast. Just as it was getting interesting we're left with a cliffhanger. After reading some reviews for the sequel and finding out where Olivia's character is headed after being summarily dismissed by Garrick, I've lot interest in reading on to find out what happens to them. I'd still read something else of hers, but I'll try a full length novel next tim...more

This Prequel for Hungry Like the Wolf was pretty amazing.
The character and the plot were laid out just fine.
Descriptions are good and of course the hot steamy scenes were oozing with passion and hotness.

I just didn't quite get why everything happened so fast.

also there are really some glitches about this one that I didn't quite get.

Olivia, being capture by Garrick (which by the way a hot name) as prisoner bec she saw things that will set off the balance for the world of werewolves.
But Ga...more
Pat (
Emergency Tech Olivia Jordan and her partner respond to one of their routine calls and finds its anything but as her patient doesn’t seem entirely human. In practically a blink of an eye she finds that she is now the patient … or a prisoner. Predictably but also unrealistically within 2paragraphs Olivia finds herself falling for her caregiver/caretaker. It serves fairly well as an intro to Blackthorn Wolves.

The mechanics of the story themselves were all present and fine except pacing. I can’t sa...more
Once again, a PNR that I completely enjoy, after saying "i'm just not into PNR that much".

The book description covers it pretty well. Ambulance medic Olivia falls into an unbelievable situation, the chemistry between her and Garrick, the romantic interest (and werewolf) is combustible. I will be reading the actual novel, and look forward to it!

A freebie from Kindle, this is a prequel to another book. I wish that when they do freebies like this, they would just say that outright. I don't mind a...more
Carolyn F.
Olivia is an EMT called out for a gunshot victim. As they're taking her to the hospital, the woman starts to fight the restraints. The ambulance crashes, the woman screams the Keeper will get them and Olivia awakens chained in a basement. Garrick wants to know if she saw anything because he keeps the secrets. Then he goes and tells her he's a werewolf. This I didn't understand. He's attracted to her yes, but he's a "secret keeper", doesn't that mean anything anymore!

This is the introduction to "...more
Vivi Anna has managed to create a dark, brutal world with this short story. Olivia is a strong, confident woman who has found herself in the middle of a bad situation. Garrick is strong, vicious when he needs to be and yet he somehow still comes across as a gentle guy who won't hurt her unless he's forced to.

The sex is hot and the mythology makes sense - both of those things are pluses in my book. I will definitely make time for the sequel to see how things turn out.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranorm...more
This is a really great novella and prequel to a new series, While at work as an EMT Olivia is taken and imprisoned by Garrick. Garrick keeps the peace between rival packs and had to take Olivia when he was getting rid of a problematic werewolf. But while Olivia is prisoner she finds that not all is what it seems and Garrick is growing to mean more to her. Garrick has a dangerous life and knows he has to keep Olivia safe any way possible. This was a really good novella that ends right when you wa...more
I very much liked the writing style and the story definitely caught my attention fast but it was too short with an unsatisfying ending. It is obviously only part of their story. I wasn't impressed with how quickly the story moved from her being convinced that the man holding her prisoner is a psycho-killer, to her accepting that the wolf that is attacking her is a werewolf and that she was not only excited by him but also interested in a sexual encounter with the him. I think this scene could ha...more
Robin B78's ok but doesn't really draw me to want to buy the next book. Olivia bugs me too much to care to continue. She's inconsistent but it seems like it's the writing- not a purposeful thing. In one breath she's thinking of how she's going out fighting Garrick- and the next she's ready to jump his bones. All on one page. And then- towards the end- the blood was getting to her? Really? Isn't she supposed to be an experienced EMT? Blood and guts should not bother her. Just saying... I won't be c...more
Short and steamy prequel to Hungry Like the Wolf. I'll admit I was a bit frustrated that I didn't get to read the story from beginning to end and was left with a cliffhanger. I didn't realize it was going to be two parts and I have a tendancy to read so many books by the time I get to the next one I lose interest (personality defect of mine).
With that said I did enjoy the story and would definitely read more from this author, provided I know ahead of time if it's a prequel to further storyline.
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USA TODAY bestselling author, Vivi Anna likes to burn up the pages with her original unique brand of fantasy fiction. Whether it's in ancient Egypt, or in an apocalyptic future, Vivi always writes fast paced action-adventure with strong independent women that can kick some butt, and dark delicious heroes to kill for.

When Vivi isn't writing, you can find her causing a ruckus at downtown bistros, fl...more
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