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The Promise of Jenny Jones
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The Promise of Jenny Jones

4.13 of 5 stars 4.13  ·  rating details  ·  1,116 ratings  ·  104 reviews
A desperate mother takes Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing squad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughter safely to California. Though she and the six-year-old Graciela get off to a rocky start, Jenny will do everything in her power to keep her promise, even with the child's cousins in hot pursuit. Then she is mysteriously drawn to the handsome cowboy Ty S ...more
Paperback, 384 pages
Published April 1st 1997 by Grand Central Publishing
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I'm not a big fan of historical westerns, but this book might turn me into one. Yup, it was that good!

As the story opens, Jenny Jones is in jail, accused of killing a man. It was self defense, but no one believed a Mexican soldier, no matter how drunk he was, would try to force himself on a woman like her, rough and used to taking all kinds of unsavory jobs to earn a living. As Jenny is contemplating her impending death, Marguarita Barrancas, a wealthy Mexican woman who's clearly dying from cons
5 fricking fantastic stars.

I loved Jenny. This is the second book I have read by this author and her leading ladies sure are that ... "leading". No shrinking violets here. Jenny Jones is honest, independent, hardworking, stubborn.

A desperate mother takes Jenny Jones' place in front of a firing squad in exchange for Jenny's promise to see her daughter safely to California. Though she and the six-year-old Graciela get off to a rocky start, Jenny will do everything in her power to keep her promi
Christina ~ Brunette Reader

5 Unreserved, Heartfelt, Shiny Stars
"After you give a promise, see, the person you gave it to is out of the deal. It's just you and the promise." - Jenny Jones

Inside a fetid prison on the rugged and dry land along the Mexican border, a young woman, who has nothing left to lose but a frayed dictionary in her pocket, is spending the last hours of her life waiting to be executed. Her name is Jenny Jones and her unflinching honesty is what will have her face the firing squad come dawn. She coul
Lisa Kay
I’m partial to western romances, and this is one the way they should be written. Jenny is a tall, rawboned, mule-driving - and skinning - redhead who smokes cigars, drinks hard liquor and uses cuss words as part of her daily vernacular. Her word is her bond, the only thing she has left in a 'kangaroo' court, in a dank jail cell, or anywhere else in a cold, cruel world where she has survived alone since she was nine. It is appropriate, at this juncture, to tell you she carries - not a Bible - but ...more
♡Karlyn P♡
Loved it! A great, fun and at times emotional historical about a down-and-out woman who gets a second chance at life – and finds a perfect love that surprisingly does bring some tears at the end. Saved from the firing squad in Mexico, Jenny switched places with a dying woman in exchange to bring the woman’s 6-year old daughter to the father (Robert) in California. The daughter is an heiress, and according to many greedy relatives she would be better off dead so they could inherit the family fort ...more
Wow! There are no words that haven’t been said before, and I’m sure much more eloquently, that describe the wonderful Jenny Jones and the value she puts behind her promise. Honesty is the core of her fiber and she refuses to tell a lie. She believes that telling a lie would be killing the only thing that’s good in her. She believes her worth is in her word. “If I don’t have my word, I might as well be dead. I’d rather die with honor than live without the only thing that makes me feel like I can ...more
Bark's Book Nonsense
Don't think you'd like a heroine who smokes cigars, cusses like there's no tomorrow, and can whip the hero's butt in a fight? Then you probably haven't read this book yet! Breaking all kinds of stereotypes the author creates an untraditional heroine you can't help but admire, laugh with and cry for.

Jenny Jones, accused of killing a man in self defense, is awaiting death by a firing squad when she is approached by a rich dying woman who offers to take her place. Naturally, there is a catch. Jenny
I have finally found an author to keep me busy in between Ellen O'Connell and Lorraine Heath's new releases - yes, I loooove them historical western romances. Maggie Osborne seems to write them for my heart. The Promise of Jenny Jones has an extraordinary pace, a couple of wonderful characters, a very original premise and a feel-good after-glow. Wonderful read, I cannot hardly wait to start another of her novels.
The Promise of Jenny Jones is the first book I've read by Maggie Osborne - and it's a winner!! Not usually a great fan of westerns, this one roped me in (tee hee) and I fell head over heels for the heroine, Jenny Jones, the little girl in the story, Graciela, and the cowboy hero, Ty. This is an unlikely trio - all at odds with each other at different times. It's often humorous hearing the altercations between Jenny and Graciela and Jenny and Ty. With so many problems and obstacles, I wasn't sure ...more
4.5 delighted stars. So unique! I love kids in the plot, but some readers don't, so be warned: the little señorita plays a major role throughout the book. I'm not sure if this was a love story between Jenny and Ty, or between Jenny and the six-year-old child she promised to see safely home, Graciela. But either way, it's a winner on both counts! I laughed out loud repeatedly, and felt warmed by the bond that developed between Graciela and Jenny, and even Ty. The romance between Ty and Jenny was ...more
May 28, 2015 Pattrycia rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Pattrycia by: Jill
I was in the mood for something angsty & emotional, so I decided to pick this up. This story is about Jenny Jones, a strong & tough woman who thinks she had nothing to offer the world except for her words. She placed such a high value of her words & she would never break a promise. As a child, she was unloved and thrown out of her house at the age of 9. She had to do hard works like skinning a mule for example in order to survive in the big bad cruel world.

Jenny was sentenced to dea
Katrina Passick Lumsden
Jul 09, 2012 Katrina Passick Lumsden rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Romance fans, history buffs, action-adventure fans, fans of strong female leads
Four stars? Me, giving a romance book four stars? I know!

I've read a lot of books in my time, and I can honestly say that Maggie Osborne has one of the greatest gifts for pacing I've ever seen. Things progress exactly as they should, and the sexual tension between the love interests is dragged out just long enough for one to feel the slight tinge of frustration before being granted satisfaction. Usually in romance fiction you get one of two things; the couple fall into bed far too early and end
Miranda Davis
Apr 29, 2013 Miranda Davis rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone who loves vivid characters and great romance
Recommended to Miranda by: Jill
Okay, right up front I'm going to admit I will not be able to convey my utter, absolute delight with this wonderful book. Ms. Osborne grabbed me by the throat and yanked me into this story from the opening scenes.

There is only one thing tragically wrong with this book: it’s not an ebook readily available for anyone who loves extraordinary, intelligent storytelling and lively, unique and achingly funny characters. This is just flat-out magnificent. MAGNIFICENT. I nabbed a OOP paperback on amazon
Jess the Romanceaholic
I'm such a sucker for stories (especially historicals) about tomboy females who finally get a chance at love.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't like children in romance. They're either vomit-inducingly cute and perfect, or way too mature for their ages. That said, I adored Graciela. She was spoiled, annoying, smart-mouthed and manipulative. In other words, she was six lol It was nice seeing her mature throughout the story, and I loved her interactions with Jenny (especially since Jenny hated ch
Western Romance Adventure!

Love, love, love, love, love this book! Fast paced with bullets flying everywhere, and in the midst of all that action, ROMANCE with a capital R. I don't think there was a single time throughout this novel where I wasn't either laughing, sighing, gasping, crying or shouting "YES." This book packs a happy emotional wallop.

Plus, we have an adorable kidlet! ...Trying to figure out how many exclamation points I can use without yelling at you. I'm actually quite soft spoken


I bought an used copy of this book from a bookstore in Texas a couple of weeks ago and I received it this morning.

There's a dedication behind the cover, from a mother to her daughters or one of her daughter's family.
Let me just tell you this, and it comes from a young woman whose mother actually made fun of her love for reading when she was younger, a mother who couldn't care less about gifting her with something so precious as a book she had loved in the past: it makes me sad that a d
Duchess Nicole
4.5 stars

This is an unexpected gem of a book! I knew from the blurb that it would be emotional. And it was! I was tearing up on page fifteen. What I didn't expect was how funny Jenny - the awkward, manly cowboy of a heroine - would be, or how endearingly precocious Graciela would become.

Jenny Jones is honest to a fault. Most of us will say little white lies so as not to hurt someone's feelings, or tell half truths as long as no one gets hurt. Jenny Jones doesn't. Her word is all she has. She vi
The Promise of Jenny Jones is definitely one for the keeper shelf. I loved every word of this one and couldn't put it down until the end.

Jenny Jones is not your typical heroine...... rough doesn't even begin to describe her. While on death row in a Mexican prison, a dying woman approaches her and proposes that she take Jenny's place in front of the firing squad if Jenny will agree to transport her 6 year old to her father in California. This begins a journey that will change the course of Jenny
Fun and lighthearted western romance. I loved the main character 6 foot tall Jenny Jones. The hero, Ty, was sweet and did a good job convincing Jenny and me to fall in love with him. Six year old Graciela was a stretch. I felt like she read more as say a 9 year old than a 6 year old. But the whole thing was sort of over the top so I just went with it. There were lots of gun fights where I don't see how everyone wasn't dead but it was sort of like old TV shows where everyone but the good guys wer ...more

The Promise of Jenny Jones is a very original, good old fashion story. Jenny Jones is a unwomanly mule driver getting ready to go in front of a firing squad in Mexico because she killed a man defending herself from his advances. She won't lie to save herself because morally lying is wrong. Her reputation is that she would never break a promise, her word is all she has. She is alone in the world, poor, never been loved by anyone, but she has integrity. She makes a promise to a dying mother to tak

Jane Stewart
Emotionally fulfilling. A fun escape with nice relationship development. Jenny is a strong fun-to-read female character.

Jenny was thrown out of her home by her mother at age ten. She supported herself by driving mules, skinning buffalo, and just about anything other than selling her body. She’s strong, tall, and holds her own in fights with men. She believes she’s on the ugly side. She cusses a lot. Her one source of pride is her honesty and she never breaks a promise. While on a job
I am now 2 for 2 with Maggie Osborne. This book was a surprisingly fun read.

Jenny Jones has been on her own since the age of ten. She is a tall woman who wears pants, smokes cigars, works harder than any man, and cusses. She is blunt and plain spoken and tries to edify her mind by reading a lot.

When we first meet her she is in a Mexican prison, sentenced to die by firing squad. She beat a guy to death because he was attacking her. There were no witnesses but she didn't deny it. You see, Jenny J
An enchanting, heart-warming romance of a tomboy, independent woman trying to get a little girl back to his father, and the charming cowboy that awakens her heart. It had everything, action, laughs, tenderness, sadness, romance, passion, and the relationship that flourished between the heroine and the little girl was just beautifully told.
HERO is a Leader, determined, had a very tense relationship with his strict father and now runs his own ranch inside the largest family property. When he goes
Laura (Kyahgirl)
4.5/5; 5 stars; A

Another winner from Maggie Osborne. Its a real shame that this writer has retired because I love everything I've read by her. Her hard copy books are not easy to find but at Harper Collins there are links to several of her books that have become available as e-books.

Like Low Down in 'Silver Linings', the main female character in this book, Jenny Jones, is cut from a unique mold. Having basically raised herself and learned to make her way in a world that is not friendly to 'uniqu
『Cee Sharpton』
6+++ Stars!

Wow, wow, WOW! Let me just say that I've been pulled out of the book reading slump I've been in. Finally, another book with some depth to it! With amazing writing!

This book had three fabulous characters, and each page got better and better. The writing was witty and addicting.
I love it when an author can make you feel every single emotion that the characters in the book are feeling! When you feel the need to laugh out loud continuously through a book (I couldn't stop laughing at Jen
Meg Mims
I just LOVE Maggie O's historical details. Another great read.
This was awesome ! .The profound love that a mother has for her children to sacrifice every and anything inorder to make their life complete was so touching. I would hope i could has half a mother has the women protrayed in the book . I will be a happy woman . Jenny Jones was so unlikable to me , very rough around the edges and blunt in the initial stages of the novel . I grew t love her has the story progressed. I felt her character was soo harsh in the beginning made me initially dislike her b ...more
Shabby Girl ~ aka Lady Victoria
This was my second book of Maggie Osborne's I've read, and what a book it is! Silver Lining was my first Maggie Osborne, which I thoroughly enjoyed, despite the word "poke" right through it - I was apprehensive it would be in this one because, for some reason that way of describing sex really offends me, but thank goodness not a poke to be seen!

This book made me laugh (a lot) and cry and I enjoyed it from start to finish. If you're used to, say, Regency books, you'll find this one very different
Loved it! Jenny had spunk and attitude, she was put in a unusual situation and she made the best of it. Graciella was a at times difficult to deal with but Jenny made the best of it. Then Ty cam along. Yum! Everything worked out in the end. There were some funny parts, sad parts and moving parts. Over all I liked the book and would love to read more from the author
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Margaret St. George

Maggie Osborne is the author of I Do, I Do, I Do and Silver Lining, as well as more than forty contemporary and historical romance novels written as Maggie Osborne and Margaret St. George. She has won numerous awards from Romantic Times, Affaire de Coeur, BookraK, the Colorado Romance Writers, and Coeur du Bois, among others. Osborne won the RITA for long historical from the
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“Go to sleep now and rest. Our job is done. You kept your promise, and I kept mine...” 13 likes
“Honesty is all I've got," she said finally, speaking in a low voice. "I don't have family. I don't have beauty, or a man. I don't have money, and I sure as hell don't have a future. All I've got to prop up my pride is my word." Her chin rose. "When Jenny Jones says something, you can bet your last peso that it's true.” 12 likes
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