The Tale Of The Vampire Bride (Vampire Bride, #1)
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The Tale Of The Vampire Bride (The Vampire Bride Dark Rebirth Trilogy #1)

4.15 of 5 stars 4.15  ·  rating details  ·  495 ratings  ·  109 reviews
Set in the 1820s, The Tale of the Vampire Bride is sure to thrill fans of vampires of literary past with its lush, gothic atmosphere and terrifying spectacle.

All Lady Glynis Wright ever wanted was the freedom to live life as she pleased, despite her aristocratic parents' wishes for her to marry into wealth. But her fate is far more terrible than an arranged marriage when...more
ebook, 328 pages
Published December 7th 2009 by Rhiannon Frater
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I don't give 5-stars often, in fact, half of the ones I gave this year are all for Rhiannon's As the World Dies series, so I was a bit afraid to give this a 5 and have you think it's only because I heart Rhiannon, thus I'm biased, but no, she deserves every single one of these stars. I guess in a way I am biased, she's just one of those authors who could make restaurant menus the best thing you've read all year. She takes a story and gives it heart, filling it with characters who bring it to lif...more
Rhiannon Frater
Sep 02, 2010 Rhiannon Frater rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  (Review from the author)
I wrote this novel, so of course I love it.

But fair warning to the paranormal romance fans...this book is gothic horror.
Felicia A
Having had the absolute honor and pleasure to be the editor for this outstanding book, I may be a little bit biased. That said, though I am not a vampire buff, I found this to be a wholly terrific story.

It will be tough to review this with no spoilers, but I am going to give it the old college try!

It is a period piece, set in the 1800s, and the main character, Lady Glynis, spoiled, outspoken and headstrong, is one hell of a character. She is beautiful and intelligent, and wants what she wants....more
Jan 13, 2011 Stefanie rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Horror, Paranormal Romance, Suspence and Goth
I admit it. I have a vampire thing... along with half a million other people... However, I am starting to notice that most of the leading male vamps are well kinda... soft... Like seriously, what's the point of dating a Vampire who'd rather not drink blood and glitters in the sun? I like my Vamps with a heavy dose of bad assness.

Enter Vlad The Impaler.


It was on reputation alone that I kindled this book. I've really been getting burnt with the Vampire Romance thing and didn't really know if...more
What I liked:
*Good, descriptive writing that really sets the mood of the book. The story is loosely based on Bram Stoker's take on Dracula and the writing is similar in style.
*Dracula is portrayed as a complex character and you can't help but be both horrified and intrigued by him.
* There were moments when I wondered where the plot was going but just as my mind was about to wander off, a new twist is added to the storyline that gets my full attention and made me turn the pages quicker.
*The story...more
The first 1/2 of this book was a bit slow and I was nervous that it was going to just be a 'meh' book for me. But with everything that happened at the end, explains why the author took her time to tell this story of Lady Glynis who was changed into one of Dracula's brides against her will. I could rate this anywhere between 3-5 stars. 3 for the slowness of the beginning and 5 for the last 1/3 of the book which was great! It was full of action, love and resolution. I will be picking up the next b...more
I had the pleasure of reading this book a few weeks ago. It is truly one of the best vampire novels I have read in a very long time. This book allows us to see another dimension of the legendary vampire and slip into their skin. Reading "The Tale of the Vampire Bride", will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and it's no kiddy ride.

Thoroughly enjoyable and in the ilk of Bram Stoker's original "Dracula", I highly recommend this read for any fan of the vampire genre.
Simply put, this is another one of those novels that you will either love or hate. As for me, my goodness I loved it!

Lady Glynis Wright is Dracula’s love interest of choice in Rhiannon Frater’s dark and gothic novel. She aspires for a carefree life where she can seek out her own opportunities, however her aristocratic parents have other plans in mind. They want their daughter married to a man of high status and means. Unfortunately, their ambition leads to nothing but trouble as they wind up in...more
Lisa {Silverlight} {Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Reviews}
Gothic Horror at it's best, Amazing!

Miss Frater works magic with her writing, and storytelling ability.
Seriously, she can make you hate the worse character with bile rising within' your mouth, wanting to tear into the book and strangle the monster within the pages, to actually feeling a tender spot for this unmerciful character.

Lady Glynis Wright a young lady who has reached the age of marriage is a strong, outspoken, feisty, character.
It's the 1800's, and her parents decide it is time for her...more
Kody Boye
I’ve been taking some time after reading this novel in order to culminate my thoughts on it. It’s not because I’m lazy in writing reviews (because trust me, I try to write a review for each and every small press/independent book I read if only because I want to support them,) but it’s because I wanted some time to think about the story in whole. There’s a lot to think about, considering its first print run was somewhere near the five-hundred page mark, so without further ado, here’s my review.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship}
This was a toughie. The Tale of the Vampire Bride puts a different spin on Dracula from a view of a new "bride", Glynis, and is made up of mostly her journal entries and letters.

I wanted to seriously give up about 10% in and briefly hated the author for subjecting my mind to such cruelty. Yes, I know this is horror but I figured it would be just blood-and-guts, not the personal kind of horrors happening one after another in such a short space of time that would be everyone's worst nightmare.

Don't let the pretty lady on the cover fool you. This is NOT a heart-wrenching cheesy romance! If you are looking for light 'sparkly vampire' fluffy romance type of reading, look elsewhere.

This is a REAL HORROR in every sense of the word! Its full of dark deeds that will make your blood freeze.
It made my cry, terrified me, enraged me, horrified me, outraged me and god knows what else.... But not for one moment was i bored or indifferent about it!
I recommend it for real horror lovers.

This was the Dracula I remember reading about in my teens. The story was dark and brutal, with a leading lady who was strong and defiant. Just couldn't put the book down. I would have liked more info at the end but maybe there will be book 2?
Nicole Hadaway
I had the pleasure of featuring the first chapter of Rhiannon's new novel, The Tale of the Vampire Bride, back in November. When I read said chapter myself, I have to say that I was very, very hesitant to read the remainder of the novel. Why?

Because I was afraid I'd be very jealous that I didn't write the darn thing myself.

Not one to shy away from my fears (except spiders, but that's a different story ;-), I ordered Rhiannon's novel when it came out last December. I read it, all 484 pages -- it...more
Amanda Croley
I almost gave up on this book several times, now I am glad I finished. Once you are a little over half way through it gets really good. Gladyis is a young England aristocrat whose family is trying to find a husband for her and her sister. In those days it was the families desire to find their daughters wealthy husbands so their daughters could be taken care of. Because of Gladys' flippant attitude to the men as well as the idea of marriage she has few offers. When they receive word that a Count...more
5 stars...try like...One Million Stars. This book has everything I want and more in vampire books. I don't mind new age vampire novels with their lovey feely vampires that sparkle and have sweet dogs. I don't absolutely love them either. I may like the romance of the the story but for the most part I find vampires like that kinda meh. I have never had a problem finding anything Rhiannon does as meh. Ever. If I am going to lose myself in a vampire book I WANT my vampires to be horrifying. I want...more
5 stars...try like...One Million Stars. This book has everything I want and more in vampire books. I don't mind new age vampire novels with their lovey feely vampires that sparkle and have sweet dogs. I don't absolutely love them either. I may like the romance of the the story but for the most part I find vampires like that kinda meh. I have never had a problem finding anything Rhiannon does as meh. Ever. If I am going to lose myself in a vampire book I WANT my vampires to be horrifying. I want...more
Diana (Offbeat Vagabond)
Original post here:

This is a story about a young woman named Lady Glynis Wright. Her and her family are off to meet the husband that her family has chosen for her, Prince Vlad Dracula. He comes off as a gracious host who would want nothing more than to have Glynis for his wife. He is so taken by her beauty. But she refuses him because she knows there is something wrong about him. She doesn't know just how de...more

Four stars: A terrifying tale that takes us back to the most famous vampire of all time!

Glynis resents the fact that she is being carted all over Europe to prospective male suitors. Why does she have to marry? Why can't she be free to choose her own mate and live a life free of societal constraints? As the coach lumbers up the treacherous mountain road, she feels an overwhelming sense of foreboding. When their journey is suddenly halted by boulders in the road, her anxiety grows. The giant rocks...more
If you like your vampires classically wicked, nasty and powerful, you'll love this nightmare of a tale from Rhiannon Frater!

Frater has become known as of late for her zombie trilogy, As The World Dies, and the hugely popular The Last Bastion of the Living: A Futuristic Zombie Novel. But before zombies, I think she loved her vampires a bit more. Case in point, the classic and sophisticated nightmare-ish tale of The Vampire Bride.

Told in the first person through diary entries, Lady Glynis Wright...more
Future Slayer Girl (aka: kitten)
You know when you get a present from someone that you really don’t know all that well. You haven’t told them what you wanted, yet you take it with some trepidation, but at the same time you have this internal excitement that you just might get something super good?

That is what reading The Tale of the Vampire Bride was about. I have to admit that about a quarter way through the book I hated it. I wanted to stop and tell everyone about the bitter taste it left in my mouth. However, I am a sucker...more
This book was pretty awesome. It was very old school vampire... It sort of had this feel to it.

Except the vampire looked more like this

Except he had a mustache...

Crap. I can't get this right :/

You get the point though. He was hot and he had a mustache. I used to think those two were mutually exclusive, but Rhiannon Frater has some serious powers of persuasion because I was sensing some serious hotness from the main vampire/bad guy. (I looooove it when you can't figure out if you're supposed to l...more
A Beautiful dark Vampire story!

I have read a lot of books in the Vampire genre, but this story is by far the return of B.Stroker Vampire with all its classic lore.
The story is amazing, it transports you into a time of the 1800s.Where the dark and sinister Count Dracula rules... Its such a lively written story that you start caring so deeply for the well as for the villains....And talk about how imaginable the geographies were of the Carpathian mountains and its surrounding area, "...more
I enjoyed this gothic horror. It was bloody, sad, funny, heartbreaking, sexy, and suspenseful.

It's another tale of Dracula. He's living in a castle with his 3 vamp brides. Poor heroine Glynis and her family are traveling to his domain. Her father has agreed to consider a marriage contract between Dracul and Glynis. Welp, as soon as they get there, they sense evil and darkness and shadows. Uh OH!

No way she's going to marry this dude, right Glynis? No matter how devastatingly delicious he looks! T...more
N.L. Riviezzo
I typically do not books that - in some fashion - retell the story of Dracula. However, I really liked this take on that story. The characters were interesting, well developed and believable. My only complaint is that a lot of questions were left unanswered in the end and I'd really like more to the story because of these questions. I hope that Ms. Frater will pick up the main characters again and continue their stories.
I would put this book as surpassing Bram Stroker's Dracula by a long shot. Any Anne Rice fan's will love this series. A true future "classic" of Dracula by the bloody brilliant novelist Rhiannon Frater. She is now in my top 5 Arthur's. She left me speechless in a good way.

This book left me heart broken!!!! I mean wow really wow!!!! The first chapters of the book were kind of boring but the more I read the more I got interested!! The end shocked me and broke my heart and I just can't wait for the next book!!!
Scary and romantic retake of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Can't wait till her zombie series comes out!
Julie S.
A delicious and eerie horror novel :)
**Audio book**

This was my first real experience with audio books. I've listened to kids books before, while on a road trip, but this was something else entirely. I learned one thing: I have no time for audio books. I don't have a long commute to work, and there's far too much screaming when kids are around for me to even attempt listening to it while they're home. If I wait until they're in bed, then listening to someone's soothing voice just puts me to sleep. It didn't help that every time I pa...more
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Rhiannon Frater was born and raised a Texan. Though she has lived in various towns all over the state, she finally settled in Austin, Texas where she met her husband and worked as a governmental consultant.
During her travels for her job, she was inspired to write the story of two women fleeing into the Texas Hill Country in an attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse. Originally published as a se...more
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“I felt the presence of the night all about me: a living, breathing entity, whispering soft words against my flesh.  I had never before felt the silken touch of the night caress me as I did now.  It was a frightening, yet exhilarating experience.  It was as if the night itself were attempting to seduce me.” 7 likes
“I could feel the urgency in the driver’s voice as he prodded the horses to greater momentum. The rumble of thunder could be heard rolling through the mountains as foreboding dark clouds rolled overhead obscuring the starry sky.  The sun vanished with one last glimmer through the pine trees, then night took possession of the earth. ” 5 likes
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