Kisser (Stone Barrington, #17)
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Kisser (Stone Barrington #17)

3.55 of 5 stars 3.55  ·  rating details  ·  2,458 ratings  ·  259 reviews
The "New York Times" bestseller
A fetching Broadway actress has a pout to die for, a past to hide from- and Stone Barrington on her case...
ebook, 304 pages
Published January 19th 2010 by Signet Book (first published January 19th 2009)
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Lydia Presley
Oh, Stuart.. what are you doing?!

I've been a Stone Barrington fan for years now. I've followed his escapades, his women and his light nights at Elaine's faithfully and .. there's no doubt about it, Stuart Woods knows how to write a fast-paced, action filled novel.

But..this novel had less of the mystery and more of Stone Barrington's exploits (reaching a new level of lewdness even). I don't read your books, Mr. Woods, to get my romance novel kick. I was able to put up with it when it appeared onl...more
T. Edmund
In this unashamed ham-job Stone Barrington (or was that Bond) attorney/ex-cop/porn star attempts to bust a try-hard drug dealer to save the dealer’s girlfriend, all while falling into bed with every woman he meets (sometimes simultaneously)

The story line is ridiculously badly crafted, the relationships seemed to have found their inspiration from FHM or Ralph magazines and the prose... think lines like “grabbed with by the cock and led him upstairs”

Yet despite all this, Kisser is a self-aware n...more
This is the first book I've read digitally and it was a good choice since Stuart Woods is inconsequential reading anyway. And that's not a bad thing. His books, more than 30 of which I've read, are like palate cleansers. Easy and undemanding. This one ranks consistently with all the other Stone Barrington books. The writing is the real pleasure as the plot and stakes are humdrum. If you liked any of the others, there's absolutely no reason to think you won't like this. Two things on the debit si...more
Okay, with this book Stuart Woods slid into the comedy genre. Excellent. He USED to a pretty decent thriller writer. I'm still not sure why his protagonist, an attorney, ends up tracking down missing persons or being hired to keep people safe from their Highly Dangerous and Obsessive Exes, but that's what he does. And for someone who has two houses, a secretary, a cook, a housekeeper, and an airplane, I'm not sure why his secretary is constantly harping on him that they don't have enough money t...more
Vannessagrace Vannessagrace
Kisser was a fun read!

While helping to keep one client’s husband from killing her, he helps another client with getting the client’ daughter away from her lover who’s involved with a ponzi scheme.

Fans will be pleased to learn, or not, that Dolce, Barrington’s ex-wife, is back and is stalking him. Dolce’s father, who’s had her under lock and key, believes she has her sanity back and allows her to go on short jaunts but instead of shopping, she stalks Barrington. We’ll have to wait for the next...more
I don't expect much from Woods anymore but I think this was even a new low for him. It's just full of sex, sex, sex. It seems the older the author gets the more he thinks about it. Maybe he's too old to perform so instead he makes up for it in his books.
I just hate giving up on his books because the earlier books he wrote were great and I know he has [had:] talent. It's almost like he woke up one day and realized he had loyal fans so he started mass producing them with less and less substance....more
I've read lamost all of Woods books and this one tilted the scale. It's very disappointing. Stone Barrington is at Elains Restaurant, sees a woman at the bar and goes up and righ away she is sitting at his table and next thing they are in bed together. The sex goes on with the employee of an art dealer and a female detective. I could count more than 15 times that he is drinking knob creek which I dont know if Woods is being paid to advertise the drink.

Not recomended to entertain your time on it.
I've only read one other Stuart Woods book and thought it was a fairly simplistic read so I wasn't expecting a lot out of this one. It proved to be another effortless plot with an overly zealous sex theme. Come on... If a retired cop where women are falling all over him, is going to be the main character, at least give us an interesting and challenging story line.
It seems that the OLDER Stuart Woods gets the more sexually active his protagonist Stone Barrington becomes. It appears that Mr. Woods is compensating for a flagging libido by vicariously fulfilling his fantasies of sexual gymnastics through his character.

In KISSER, Barrington needs nothing short of a big stick (excuse the pun) to keep the women at bay. Everyone is bent on hopping into bed with “Studly Stone”, and not necessarily one at a time. Most of Woods better novels were done earlier in hi...more
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Feb 01, 2010 Lee rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: nobody I know
This is the first Stone Barrington book I've read. Maybe I would feel different if I knew the character better but . . . no woman can stand to be in the same room as this guy without ripping off her clothes and throwing herself at him . . . really? I guess his magical sex appeal was described in a previous book because 'retired cop' wasn't doing it for me. And Stone must live a charmed life because everything happens at his direction, right on cue. This book read like what I would imagine to be...more
Melissa Kayden
I think I might be officially done with Stuart Woods after this one. I like some fluff and over the top story as much as the next person, but this one was nuts. Barrington has 2 girls over for la "business lunch" and they all fell into bed??? I liked Woods' books when they were a little over the top, but this book had one unbelievable thing after another. If Woods would stick to trying to write a good "mystery" instead of trying to top his other books with Barringtons's feats, I may still read h...more
Barbara Mitchell
This book is a disappointing one, definitely not a page-turning thriller as described by the publisher. It has little to offer, and reads as if Stuart Woods just sort of mailed it in. It is about NYC rich people who have absolutely no depth, and their sex lives which are adolescent at best. It's as though Woods has been replaced by a pubescent boy. Do not read if you want characters you can care about or if you like an intriguing plot. Not really a mystery at all.
Feb 27, 2010 Brians added it  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: no one
I've been a Stone Barrington fan for years, but Stuart ruined years of work. This is the worst release by Woods ever to the point I had to put it down; I fell asleep. Not only is it boring, Woods destroyed the character. On a personal note, I met Stuart Woods in Sarasota Florida a few years ago at a book signing and he was just a boring and rude a Barrington is in this book. Bad read.
Stone is assigned to get a young woman away from an con man/artist before her twenty-fifth birthday and her trust becomes hers. At the same time, he's dealing with a young actress and her ex-husband, who's out to kill her.

Woods is not the writer he used to be, but he's still one of my guilty pleasures.
I am so ashamed! Why do I keep reading these Stone Barrington novels? To see what new levels of depravity Stone stoops to apparently! I kid you not, as I thought, "Well, at least he hasn't ventured into a threesome..." he DOES! And it was an audiobook, so you can't accuse me of reading ahead! Stone has serious issues below the belt. I'm amazed the man can walk and form a complete sentence. Really! In this rich fantasy (eye roll please), Stone meets up with a budding actress who is looking for a...more
good story and thriller, but is it just me or is Stone Barrington getting more and more promiscuous--3 different and new women in this one, including a threesome, and the return of his dangerously crazy ex Dolce!
This was a fast reading book..I can best describe it as a male fantasy,with all the jumping in and out of bed by Stone.
Great book! With the usual cast of Stone Barrington characters - -
Dino Bachetti, Stones best friend.
Eduardo Bianci, Dino's ex father in law.
Bob Cantor: wires, bugs, protection, etc...
Elaine, owner of Elaine's restaurant.
And lots of drinking of Knob Creek at Elaine's restaurant and elsewhere.
And a surprise return of the beautiful and insanely murderous Dolci Bianci, Eduardo Bianci's daughter, and Stone's one-time wife. Did Dolci Bianci have a child by Stone that's been kept a secret from us a...more
Matt Schiariti
This series has been going down hill for several novels now, but Kisser is definitely the worst. There's really not much of a mystery in this one. Hopefully actress from the south is being stalked by her ex husband, Rich man's daughter is messing around with a self proclaimed artist / drug dealer. Stone gets involved in helping the actress deal with her ex as well as getting involved in finding the rich man's daughter. Hijinks ensue.

That's pretty much the plot of Kisser (named so because the afo...more
Stone and Dino are back in New York City and Stone does not have a shortage of women. Stone is asked by Eggers to get one of his rich clients away from a man that is shady. Stone goes undercover with a woman detective and under cover means both figuratively and for real. He becomes involved with the detective and her girl friend. This one has a couple of scenes with a threesome in it. Stone is also protecting a woman that has arrived from Atlanta to become a Broadway star. Her ex-husband is tryi...more
Stuart Woods is one of my "I need a breather" authors. He always writes stories with familiar characters and the plots are not so convoluted that you have to pay too much attention to the subtleties and/or twists and turns.

However, I must tell you that "Kisser" was a delightful story that held my interest throughout and kept me guessing a bit more that usual. I typically will rate most of Woods books with 3-stars, but this one definitely deserves four.

Of course the old familiar characters are fr...more
Bill S.
Once again I'm left to wonder why I bother wasting my time on any of Stuart Woods recent books. It is almost unfathomable to think that the man who wrote "Chiefs" and "Run Before the Wind" years ago can write such drivel as "Santa Fe Edge" and "Kisser".

Many of Woods' earlier books introduced characters that the reader came to know and appreciate. Seems to me that Stone Barrington has become such a completely one dimensional figure that he's become a caricature of himself. Even Dino Baccheti seem...more
Jan 10, 2012 Sheri rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Stuart Woods fans
I really like Stuart Woods books. This one about a Georgia woman who is to
star in a Broadway show and protecting her from her ex-husband. It was
a bit racy for recommending to my friends but was a good read. The art world
was involved and Alex's job to charm a young girl away from a ruthless artist/con-man.
The other characters made it fun and to see what the kisser referred to. I liked
the interaction between the m.c. and his old NY cop buddy Dino. And I enjoyed
reading about Elaine's and the restau...more
Georgiann Hennelly
A fun read. While Stone is trying to protect one client from her ex husband who is trying to murder her, he helps another client whose daughter is involved with an artist who is running a ponzi scheme and selling drugs. The daughter is soon to come into a huge inhertance and her father wants her away from the lover/artist. Dolce Sone,s ex - wife is back and is stalking him. Her father who has had her under lock and key believes she now has her sanity back and is no threat to Stone or anyone else...more
Beth NC
Let me start by saying Stuart Woods is one of my favorite authors. There were a lot of great plots and twists in this book, especially the fact that his ex-wife is back and stalking his. should have a warning on it that it contains lots of SEX. I think this was a little overdone. Don't get me wrong I am nowhere near a prude, quite the opposite in fact and I don't mind and actually enjoy the occasional well written sexual encounters in a book. And to be fair there have been several of...more
Jun 09, 2013 Will rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: Cure for the folorn
Recommended to Will by: He who likes sex in novels
Shelves: romance, thriller
Stone's greatest; three-wayed to death. Stone is hired to protect aspiring actress Carrie Cox from her ex and is simultaneously retained to recover a rich girl Hildy Parsons from her drug trade boyfriend. Stone finds himself in a delirious sexual tag team race and ultimately gets Carrie safe and Hildy returned.

While the storyline on this book may not be compelling, the sexual hijinks is, with Stone getting laid so often he's a spent shell casing. This is the kind of book that makes Stuart Woods...more
third read 6-1-2011.
i gotta get a life!

second read: 2-27-2011
I've been running out of series books and this was in the "new Book" section under mystery. I liked it much more the second time.
in july i gave it 3 starts, i've now goosed it up to 4 stars.
happy reading.!!!!!

first read: 7-1-2010
even the book review is bland. i liked the plot but thought woods incluced way more sex than he usually does. also a menage'e tres, for good luck. even the lady undercover was too far fetched... a gazillionaire...more
Adding a third Stuart Woods book to my belt, Kisser is my favorite thus far, lots and lots of twists and turns in this one. Kept me guessing and reading long after I should have went to bed. Stone Barrington finds himself some "work" in the form of two separate women - who need protecting from their current/past relationships with men. Protecting these two women get's Stone involved with even more women- (two to be exact) - in and out of the sheets. Yeah this one has some steamy - sex scene's in...more

Into Stone's path walks a gorgeous actress, who has come to NYC to try and make it big. Stone is invaluable in helping her get noticed and in setting up some security since someone seems to be after her. At the same time a wealthy art dealer hires Stone to see if he can get his daughter away from her current boyfriend. Dad has strong feelings that her boyfriend knows that she is about to come into her trust fund and is getting ready to fleece her.

The previous Stone Barrington novels that I have...more
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Stuart Woods is the author the New York Times-bestselling Stone Barrington series and Holly Barker series. He is an avid private pilot, flying his own jet on book tours. You may see his tour schedule and learn more about the author on his website.

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