Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (Jack Blank Adventure, #1)
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Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (Jack Blank Adventure #1)

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Jack Blank is an orphan, abandoned from birth at bleak, dreary swampland St Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. Covertly reading old comic books is Jack’s only solace, until a real Robo-Zombie attacks and emissary Jazen whisks him to a secret island country "the Imagine Nation". But the super-heroes fear him as a threat.
Hardcover, 1st Edtion, 480 pages
Published August 3rd 2010 by Aladdin (first published July 17th 2010)
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Erik This Kid Reviews Books
12-year-old Jack Blank doesn’t know who he is, where he came from or who his parents are. He does know that he’s a VERY bored orphan at St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost (a pretty depressing place). Finally something exciting (but pretty frightening) happens in Jack’s life: He gets attacked by an evil Robo-Zombie and has to find a way to destroy it! Jack is saved from the orphanage by Jazen Knight, an official from the Imagine Nation. Jazen takes Jack to the Ima...more
Michelle Isenhoff
This book was recommended to me by Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks. In fact, he reviewed it in a guest post here on my blog. This summer, when he reviewed the sequel on his blog, I decided book one might be a great read-aloud to start out my son’s homeschool year. Erik assured me he would love it, so I ordered it from the library.

It was a great way to start out the homeschool year. You see, reading is unimaginably difficult for my son. While he’s old enough that he should be reading novels like t...more
Raenice Weakly
Author: Matt Myklusch
Genre: Middle Grade; Fantasy
Release Date: August, 2010
Source: Library
Rating: 5/5

Description: All Jack Blank knows is his bleak, dreary life at St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost, an orphanage that sinks further into the swampland of New Jersey with each passing year. His aptitude tests predict that he will spend a long, unhappy career as a toilet brush cleaner. His only chance at escape comes through the comic books donated years ago to the o...more
Carrie Slager
I had my doubts about this book when my friend lent it to me. The way she described it…well it made me less than enthusiastic, I have to admit. Yet I decided to give The Accidental Hero (first published under the title Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation) a chance. After all, I had been skeptical when the same friend lent me Cinder and it turned out to be amazing.

Matt Myklusch’s novel pokes tongue-in-cheek fun at old superhero tropes while at the same time putting a new spin on them so that young...more
I bought this for my kid while we were on a road trip; we stopped in Oxford, MS and while my husband tromped in the footsteps of Faulkner, my kid and I spent a couple of hours at Square Books. This book was recommended by the staff there as something a kid who loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson would enjoy.

So I bought it and handed it to Cameron; one of the first books I've given him without a pre-read. I guess I was tired.

He read it before we pulled into Nashville that afternoon and pronoun...more
Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation-Book Review

Reviewer- Jacqueline

Sometimes, some books are just so horrible you feel like you just fell down a deep, deep, dark, scary but boring hole. Now ladies and gentlemen, here’s something I’d like to share with you, about a book called Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation by Matt Myklush. Maybe you’ve read this book before, or maybe you haven’t. Whether you’re a Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation fan or not, I thought that book was…HORRIBLE!!!!! I personally l...more
An Odd1
http://www.jackblank.com Jack Blank 12 is a bullied orphan until a comic-book Robo-Zombie, indestructible Rüstov Revile, attacks. Emissary Jazen Knight takes Jack to a secret island "Imagine Nation" of aliens and super-heroes. Only Jack has survived the Rüstov parasite infection longer than an hour.

Best bits are big surprise twists, fights - wham bash bam. Worst bits are long-winded descriptions, when they first land at futuristic Empire City p 83. Mostly Jack acts older, reminders of his age a...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
Jack Blank is such a brilliantly written book, with an amazing setting, wonderful characters and a lot of powerful messages written within it's pages. It's a place where all the super heros & real life heros I grew up with and even never before heard of heros, live. It makes the extraordinary seem ordinary.

Twelve year old Jack Blank has been living in a horrible orphanage, where he's constantly picked up on the bully Rex, and finds excitement in reading his comic books. Jack Blank has no ide...more

For the last eleven years, Jack has been raised at St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost ("Crushing the spirit of childhood since 1898"). He was found on the doorstep with the name "Jack" on the cradle and no last name. So now Jack is Jack Blank, victim of bullies and evil teachers everywhere.
But Jack isn't a wimp and he's not one to let the daily grind of extra chores get him down. On a day when the rest of the orphanage is...more
Joy (Cheery♡Reads)
"...the future is not written. It lies in the choices you make. Our future is ours to decide. Always."

Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation or also known as The Accidental Hero, is a heartwarming and inspiring tale of courage, faith, believing in yourself and many more. This MG book really surprised me.

Wow! I was so inspired by all the encouraging and motivational ideas and messages. It challenges you to stretch your imagination and dream big. You carve out your own future. Who you are now doesn't...more
Jack Blank has been living his past 12 years in an orphanage, but all that changes one day when a figure straight from a comic book attacks him and changing his life forever. He later finds himself in "The Imagine Nation," a place where heroes and figures from comic books live. But Jack discovers that he is unlike anyone there; he is the only person who is immune to the Rüstov parasite (a parasite which turns the host into another Rüstov soldier), causing almost everybody on the island to think...more
For a first novel, this was a well-told story. I've lately been reading more children's books in the hopes to have a treasure trove for my girls when they're big enough. This was engaging and fun and extremely imaginative. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.
Jack Blank is a 12-year-old orphan, he doesn’t know who he is, where he came from or who his parents are. He was abandoned as a baby in a bleak, dreary swampland known as St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. Jack's days were filled with back breaking work, his punishment for the unusual amount of trouble he was able to get himself into.

Jack's only solace was covertly reading comic-books, which were not approved literature at the institution.

Life at St. Barnaby's...more
Imagine Nation is ♥ This book make me look in life differently, like what if there's really Imagine Nation out there waiting to be found and believed? Oh my gosh! Imagination lvl 10000934124983058205. And the twists, I love them! Great story! Great imagination. I just love it when Revile revealed his face, that he and Jack Blank is one and the same. My excitement boiled up because of that. :D And I also love the encouraging words from the Inner Circle OMG! <3 But Jazen died, and that's so sad...more
Sam Whitehouse
The first chapter of this book almost made me put it down. It started out pretty similar to a lot of books I've read before - A series of Unfortunate Events springs to mind - with an orphaned boy living a horrible life in the care of horrible people. The writing didn't hook me either, and i found myself rolling my eyes several times. But then i started the second chapter and things took a turn. The writing was still pretty ordinary and unremarkable, but the setting of the Imagine Nation drew me...more
Diane Ferbrache
Jacob was raised in an oppressive orphanage, abandoned there as an infant. His only source of escape is his hidden stash of comic books. When he turns 12, something fantastic happens -- he's attacked by a robot, is able to cause a power plant to blow it up, and is rescued by an android. Turns out, he's really not a normal human, but has some mysterious powers. The android and a blue man transport him to the Imagine Nation where he will be back where he belongs.

This is part Percy Jackson, part Ha...more
Jun 12, 2010 Claire rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: 4th and up
The book opens with Jack Blank(because no one knows his last name) in a grim orphanage run by people who openly hate the kids and the place. Left behind on a field trip because weird things happen when Jack is around, Jack is attacked by a comix villain come to life. Jack vanquishes the villain and runs back to the orphanage to find that there is a man waiting to claim him and take him home. Jack is shocked and very willing to leave the horrible orphanage.
On the way to his new home Jack finds t...more
From the first pages, I fell in love with Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation. The tale is comprised of young Jack. A child who knows next to nothing about this family or about what the future holds for him. His only joy in life currently lies in the hands of a hidden stash of forbidden comic books. In these books, he is able to imagine that life is not confined to the drab walls of St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. A place that delights in dashing Jack's hopes a...more
For some reason, this book's review is being posted after the review for the second book in the series. Not sure how that happened, but my apologies.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this book. The beginning was very strange and I had a hard time believing what was going on. It felt a little "cheesy" or a little too stereotypical and I wasn't sure if I was even going to finish it. But once we got past the initial weird start of the story and started to see some more action I felt the book pic...more
Jasmine Rose
Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation is basically awesomesauce. I mean, we have killer robots, superheroes, orphans, a secret island, and SO much more.

First, we have Jack. He’s had a pretty miserable life at the orphanage, so when he finds out he has super powers and there’s a place where he belongs, he’s pretty ecstatic. But then he gets there and almost everyone in Imagine Nation hates him. Jack gets a little down at this, understandably, but he doesn’t give up. He pushes onward working to develo...more
ISBN 9781416995623
Will Devaney

This book is about a kid named Jack Blank. Jack has a very dreary life and had spends his life at St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. But one day everything changes when a character from his comic book comes to life and tries to kill him. After this everything about his past and his future starts to unfold as he goes through many trials that will test him to his limits.

This book was a very exiting book. After every page i read i...more
Let's get right into the review. I love the world that Matt Myklusch created. I do wish the mythology was delved into a little more, but then again, it is only the first book in a trilogy. But otherwise, it was a magical and fascinating world. Something I could probably get lost in.

Now the characters. I loved them. Jack was a great main character. He starts out as a scared, quiet boy to a confident, strong character. Jazen, Blue, and the rest were good supporting cast. Smart was a fun mini villa...more

The Accidental Hero written by Matt Myklusch was about a twelve year old kid named Jack Blank (he didn't even know his last name) who lived in St.Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. One day a Robo-Zombie right out of one of his comic book tries to kill him. Then he is brought away to a hidden country called Imagine Nation: a magical place where all fantastic things originate, including Jack. Soon he discovers that he has an amazing ability which could make him the...more
David Rakowicz
This book by "Matt Myklusch" was actually really good because I really liked it how the beginning of the book took me in; and this this book was basically about a boy named Jack, and all he rememebers is only his name and basicaally nothing else at all. THen later on he uncovers a lot of cool things about himself and also how he has this special petentail of like this power.
This is one of the books that I really did love because it was a book of mystery mixed with fantasy and something to uncove...more
Where do I start with this? Seriously, I wish that Jack Blank had been in my life when I was a young reader! The Accidental Hero (originally titled Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation) is such a brilliantly written book. Complete with an fabulous world, amazing characters, and tons of positive messages, this is the type of book that I would put into the hands of reluctant readers. I guarantee that they will fall in love!

I absolutely have to start with the original world that Matt Myklusch builds i...more
Young boy grows up in miserable orphanage, picked on by grown-ups and kids alike. Things mysteriously go wrong when he's around, but he's saved and taken to a wonderful, magical place where everybody knows of him and he's offered a spot in an elite school. Also, things are awesome.

Sound familiar? And please - don't say Harry Potter. Try something novel, like any of the thousands of books with a premise just like this.

Sounds tired and predictable? Well... not so much. Sure, this is the premise th...more

Jack Blank is twelve years old and a resident since infancy of St Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten and Lost (where they have been “crushing the spirit of childhood since 1898″). Jack does not know who his parents were or how he came to live at St. Barnaby’s. He knows that he seems to suffer the most abuse from the staff and other residents. And he knows that things seem to go wrong for him even when he tries to follow the...more
This was a nice traditional science-fantasy middle grade novel - young orphaned boy who can't seem to fit in, discovers he's got superpowers and gets swept away into a fantastical world in which some of his favorite comic characters turn out to be real - with a nice twist in the end that's definitely got me wanting to read its sequel.

Despite the traditional tropes common in most fantasy, coming of age novels, I think this book would make a wonderful read for younger readers not quite as jaded a...more
Ryan Porcu
3 stars

I read Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation, by Matt Myklusch recently, and I have much to criticize, but still just as much to complement. I think the author probably put a lot of time into the book, and I’m guessing that he probably was confident enough in himself to think he didn’t need an editor, plus I can find much creative talent in his plot. That’s just about enough of that, though. The writing wasn’t the most believable, and the characters didn’t have any actual feelings exce...more
Dorine White
Today's book review is The Accidental Hero by Matt Myklusch. It is and upper middle grade novel published by Aladdin and ends at 470 pages. It looks like it was previously published under the name, Jack Blank and The Imagine Nation. But, it has just been re released by Aladdin.

The Story- Young Jack Blank doesn't know who he is. All he knows is that he was abandoned as a baby and now lives at (I love this name) St. Barnaby's Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten and Lost. Jack consols himse...more
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Matt has been drawing ever since he could first hold a pencil, and super heroes have always filled up the majority of the pages in his sketchbooks. That lifelong love of comic books spurred him to write the Jack Blank Adventure trilogy, published by Simon & Schuster's Aladdin imprint. All three books: THE ACCIDENTAL HERO (2010), THE SECRET WAR (2011), and THE END OF INFINITY (2012) are in stor...more
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