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3.21 of 5 stars 3.21  ·  rating details  ·  343 ratings  ·  52 reviews
All she had to do was believe. . .

Tessa St. James thinks that true love is nothing more than a fairy tale, and she is absolutely certain she will never encounter someone worthy of her attention . . . until she meets her knight in shining armor.

His eyes are blue, the set of his chin is defiant, and he carries himself with unquestioned confidence. And when he kisses her, he...more
ebook, 384 pages
Published November 24th 2009 by HarperCollins e-books (first published July 1st 1998)
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I bought this on a whim last week for a "holiday read" - well.... I am having a hard time finishing this one!! It has a hunky knight, wizards, dragons - what more can a girl ask for? For starters - for Tessa to SHUT UP!! She annoyed me so bad - making it hard for me to put myself in her place - or relate to her. For someone supposedly so educated (she is a college professor), Tessa talks like a cab driver from Brooklyn. Obviously, if you travel back in time and spout things like "senior prom" an...more
Angela Moxon
I don't normal write BAD reviews. I will complain about a couple things here and there but very rarely do I find a book I can't even finish. Unfortunately this is one such book.

First of all Tessa, the "Heroine" is such a crass, ditzy thing! I mean I like a girl who is sometimes a space brain cause heck, I AM A SPACE BRAIN! But for Gods sake this woman just would not shut up! And the main male character, talk about a testosterone laden idiot!

Hey look, I'm all for a good cheesy romance at times b...more
Barbara ★
Tessa St. James teaches a class on ancient legends and is stuck teaching the one legend she absolutely hates - King Arthur and the knights of the round table. After getting an ancient book as a gift from her mother, strange things start happening. The pages of the book keep changing and out pops Merlin himself. It's laugh-out-loud funny when Merlin appears and yanks Tessa back in time - right into the legend she despises. Now she's expected to go on a quest with Sir Hunk, er...Sir Galahad. This...more
Jesica Astarina
Like it! Awalnya emang gak terlalu menarik tapi pas pertengahannya ini novel mulai berhasil menarik perhatian aku sampe aku selesai baca! Tessa St. James and Galahad, Merlin, and Arthur X3 Pertama kali pengen banget ini buku karena dibilang ada Merlin dan zaman Arthur! I love Merlin and Arthur! Tapi pas akhir novelnya ini lho yang bikin sedih... Kenapa yang nutup novelnya malah si Merlin dan Viviane? Bkannya tokoh utama itu Tessa? I'm very dissapointed. That's why i gave three stars :"(
Sasha Martinez
A long time ago, I had a bootleg copy of this novel, and I remember being so charmed by the tale, so amazed by the inventiveness—scholar goes back in time and helps Galahad find the Holy Grail. And I was mad with the delight of rediscovering this and then—Oh god, oh god, oh god. How could my expectations then have been so low? No worries, everyone: I am unrelentingly judging the Sasha of A Long Time Ago.
Melody Violine
Ini novel historical romance pertama yang saya terjemahkan. Jadi, saya senang ada unsur fantasinya (lintas waktu, legenda Arthur, dan sihir Merlin).

Saya menyelenggarakan giveaway buku ini di
I just couldn't read anymore. First off, hate Medievals. Second, hate the modern woman gets sent back in time trope. Third, the dialog is unbearable. Glad I only waste half an hour instead of a few hours. Blech.
Reading this for book club. Judge away. This book was so ridiculous I don't even know what to say.
Oky Septya
Honestly, the character was fine, theplot was okay.. but the chemistry was bleh.

Jadi saya tertarik dg unsur time travelnya.. sedikit fantasy karena ada merlin sang penyihir disini yg ikut campur dalam takdir para karakter. Plotnya pun lumayan, petualangannya seru. Bahkan saya suka dengan karakter Tessa yg cerdas, cerewet dan keras kepala. Percakapannya dg Galahad juga lumayan, meski si Galahad ini karakter ksatria tulen yg menjunjung tinggi kehormatan, kejujuran, dan kesetiaan. Well, saya terhib...more
Astri  Nasthasia Videlia
***Spoiler Alert!!!***

Ok! Here we Are...

*tiba-tiba speechless*

Uhm.. sebenernya siih bintangnya 3.5 ... sayang di GR ga ada 'setengah' nya.. jadi.. segitulah bintang yg bersinar....

Pertama baca sinopsis nya... gw pikir.. "menarik.. coba aah.. " DAAAN!! Beli lah gw bukunya di toko buku...
jadi.. ini cerita singkatnya...

Tessa St. James.. Seorang Dosen Universitas masa Abad 21 di Kota New York.. disana.. tessa itu mengajar Sejarah.. salah satunya adalah Sejarah Inggris.. tentang King Arthur dan...more
Probably this sums my reaction...

It was fudging humorous and lovely that I'm very like this when reading..well, probably a little.

It was very unexpected that it would be a time-travel kind of romance but it didn't disappoint me. I knew some of the time-travel books that the guy would end up stuck in his time, the girl leaves then voila!!! I really hate when it's like that. Talk about MERLIN! He appears and makes the whole story so different...very different. It has a plot that kept me to hold on...more
Yovano N. (Opan)
Bisa juga dibaca di sini:

Tessa St. James adalah dosen sejarah yang tak menyukai segala hal yang berhubungan dengan abad pertengahan. Baginya, abad pertengahan adalah masa yang suram dan menyusahkan. Ia bahkan menolak mempercayai kisah tentang Raja Arthur dan hanya menganggapnya dongeng pengantar tidur. Anehnya, ia malah menyukai segala hal yang berhubungan dengan dewa-dewa Yunani dan sangat berharap bertemu bisa dengan mereka. Saat sedang berada di kampus...more
Hesss baru baca beberapa lembar udah skeptis sama heroinya, well terlalu cepat menilai, walau unik sih tapi gini nih menurutku si Heroinya ini apa sih namanya suka semaunya sendiri, gak masuk akal aja aneh, dan oportunis. Dia percaya mitologi Yunani, tapi gak suka sama abad pertenghan hnya karena alasan aneh yang menurutku, gak masuk akal, kalo dia mau pukul rata soal mhyte harusnya semua dong, itu mah pandangan orang gak profesional, dia kan dosen sih dosen, harus logis dan objektif dong, masak...more
Vina Raintree
Buku ini unik.
Jalan ceritanya sih biasa aja, umum, jadi kaya seorang perempuan yang diseret melewati dimensi kembali ke masa lalu dan tentu aja berakhir happy ending.
Dialognya ini yang bikin kaya. Apalagi sifatnya Tessa yang bikin reader jadi geregetan dan tertawa diwaktu bersamaan. Galahad yang keras kepala juga menarik. Paling suka saat Galahad bilang "Ya iya lah" langsung deh Tessa kaget dan melongo. Saya disini ngakak. :D

Tessa itu gag percaya dan sangan membenci cerita kisah abad pertengaha...more
BELIEVE (Romance/TT) - NR
Alexander, Victoria

From Fiction DB: Tessa St. James thought as little of love as she did of the Arthurian legend--it was just a myth. But when an enchanted tome fell into the lovely teacher's hands, Tessa found that she had to rethink her curriculum. Suddenly in Merlin's Camelot, Tessa learned that the legend was nothing like she remembered. Galahad the Chaste was everything but--the powerful knight was an expert lover--and not only wizards could weave powerful spells. S...more
Tessa is a teacher who does not like the Middle Ages. And she don't believe in the magical time of Merlin or teach on that time.

She gets a strange visitor in her class and then a package from her mom arrives with an old book about the life and times of Merlin.

As she reads the book the pictures keep changing. She is intrigued by the picture of a Knight praying before an altar. And suddenly she is there with him, and the stranger from her classroom.

The stranger is Merlin and the Knight is Sir Gala...more
Normally I sort of like Victoria Alexander's historical romance novels...they aren't bad anyway. This one I read the first hundred pages or so in horror of how terrible it was and finally tossed it aside, which is saying something given the amount of terrible and horribly written fiction I read. Really though? Time travel Arthurian romance with Galahad and an Assistant Professor? I like time travel and King Arthur but this was not even silly enough to be fun. Shame on the publisher for letting t...more
This book was first published in 1998 and re-released in 2009. It is a time travel romance based on the legendary tale of King Arthur and his knights of the round table.
Dapat rekomendasi dari salah satu teman tentang buku ini dan tertantang untuk menyelesaikannya. Tapi tertunda dengan beberapa buku, dan akhirnya baru mulai dibaca sejak awal Desember.

Awalnya berpikir buku ini akan menarik, namun setelah dibaca, aku justru kecewa. Bukan karena tokoh-tokohnya atau interaksi antar mereka, tapi karena entah bagaimana, aku tidak merasakan chemistry antar kedua tokohnya dan kisahnya yang berjalan terkesan cepat dan dipaksa. Aku harus memaksa diri menyelesaikan buku i...more
Alexandria Tale
I really like the storytelling. The heroine is witty, sarcastic and has dry humor. The hero was not that stand out, but still yummy. It was a good read.
Mar 01, 2012 Mareena rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who likes paranormal romance
Recommended to Mareena by: Library Book Sale
When Greek Literature professor, Tessa St. James, receives a book of Arthurian legends from her mother, she doesn't know what to do with it at first. An avowed lover of all things Greek, Tessa has no reason to believe in medieval English myths and magic. All that changes when Merlin - 'Wizard Extraordinaire and Counsellor to Kings'- arrives and sets her a quest: help the fabled Sir Galahad to locate the Holy Grail.

In the process, Tessa and Galahad must learn to trust in the Arthurian legend and...more
selesai juga tapi butuh berapa bulan untuk menyelesaikannya dari bulan maret baru sekarang selesainya, sebenarnya apa karna aku sudah bosan dengan histo atau aku emang lagi bosan membaca, atau karena ini buku aja yang membosankan, tapi akhirnya aku suka, emmm perjuangan juga buat baca ini tapi tak apalah, yang penting happy end. ada lagi yang kurang gimana cara galahad beradaptasi dengan dunia modern, dia kan perlu KTP, indentitas dsb... turs dia akan masuk negara mana coba, masak dia tiba-tiba...more
Cute time travel historical set in smelly times!
I really wish that I knew before hand that this was a time travel story. Ugh. I really don't like those. I don't find them to be realistic at all. I know, I know, I read romance novels and those aren't realistic. But for whatever reason, the how time travel stuff just really bothers me.

Other than that the book was decent. I do find that the way Tessa talks is annoying as hell. I'm not sure of anyone who talks the way she does in the present day.
Rhonda Hoornstra
I have never been so bored with a book as this one.
It took me a long time to even get into this book. I kept abandoning it for other books so it took me nearly a month to finally finish it. In the end, it was a cute enough story but way too long. It felt like a short story that had been padded to make it novel length. Also, I've noticed a trend in time travel books... they almost never satisfy me as it's rare it'll have an end I enjoy. This book was another example of that.
Menurutku buku ini terlalu datar... sama sekali ga ada konflik yang greget di dalamnya... sampe" baru nyadar lho kok dah abis lagi, jadi pointnya apa yah... hihihi ;)
Menurutku cuma 1 aja kok persoalan utama di buku ini, rasa ketidakpercayaan Tokoh wanita kepada Arthur dan pelengkapnya, termasuk ke Merlin.....
tapi masa sih masalah segitu cukup layak buat dijadiin persoalan sepanjang buku... hm... ;)
Deborah Sullivan
Technically I didn't read this, because I couldn't get through the first chapter. It's dreadful. The main characters are preposterously poorly drawn and realized and the dialogue is distressingly stilted. It's just awful. I guess Alexander learned a lot over the years, because this early effort doesn't show any promise of good things to come.
Jessica Van Vleet
I am a big fan of Victoria Alexander but this book did not work for me. You had to push through the first 100 or so pages before it got somewhat interesting. I don't think that time travel has any place in historical romance. The writing was good, but the story- not so much.
Ika Utomo
Ceritanya lumayan juga meski nggak bagus banget. Ringan dan menghibur. Bukan tipe cerita yang bakal jadi my favorite of all times, tp asik dibaca sebagai vitamin pas lg jenuh dengan bacaan kelas 'berat'. Heheeeee...
3 bintang dech. I'll rate properly when I see my laptop ;p
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New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander was an award winning television reporter until she discovered fiction was much more fun than real life. She turned to writing full time and is still shocked it worked out.

Since the publication of her first book in 1995,...more
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