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The Winter of Frankie Machine
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The Winter of Frankie Machine

4.03 of 5 stars 4.03  ·  rating details  ·  2,311 ratings  ·  212 reviews
From the bestselling author of Savages (now an Oliver Stone film).

Frankie Machianno, a hard-working entrepreneur, passionate lover, part-time surf bum, and full-time dad, is a widely recognized pillar of his waterfront community. He is also a retired hit man. Once better known as Frankie Machine, he was a brutally efficient killer. Now someone from his past wants him dead...more
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Published September 26th 2006 by Vintage (first published 2006)
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“It’s a lot of work being me,“ Frank Machianno often thinks, and he’s got a point. Despite being in his early sixties, Frank is the slightly fussy owner of several small businesses that keep him hopping. Among them is the bait shop on San Diego’s Ocean Beach Pier where Frank is a local fixture, and he still makes time for the Gentlemen's Hour, when several old timers gather to surf. Since his daughter just got into medical school, it looks like Frank is going to be busy for the foreseeable futur...more
I was concerned about reading a second book by Winslow after Savages was so good, fearful that he just wouldn't live up to that book and the hype surrounding him, but this book confirms that I am a scaredy cat for no good reason. I wish I could've reviewed this when I finished it, my mind was filled with superlatives, interesting comparisons and a strong analysis, however since that plane journey I have read 3 more books and spent my days walking around Sydney so my ideas are not as fresh.

The ti...more
This is the first book I've read by this author. Don Winslow has a truly distinctive voice. His introduction of Frankie "The Machine" Machianno is masterful. We savor his likes and dislikes, look into his life as a fish vendor on the San Diego waterfront. Only at the end to we find out Frankie's previous job: hitman for the mob.

Frankie's heart shows through in his relationship with his ex-wife, his current mistress and above all his daughter. No sense trying to summarize the plot. Someone wants...more
The Winter of Frankie Machine is a mix of The Sopranos and Grumpy Old Men. Perhaps that's even insulting to describe this novel compared to those other shows/movies. The novel flits seamlessly back and forth in time while Frank "The Machine" Machianno tries to find out who put a hit out on him while he is trying to live a legit life. The fun part about this book is that Frankie Machine is a great anti-hero to root for even though he has his share of demons in his closet. Winslow's prose is delig...more
Did my reading taste change or is my available reading material less idealistic?

I remember when, in describing a story, the main character would be called “The Hero”. I notice a shift now to “The Protagonist”. Much of popular fiction is presented from the point of view of a criminal, a sociopath, a generally not nice person; not a Hero.

Frankie Machianno's wife and daughter don't think of him as much of a hero, but his girlfriend, surf buddies, current business associates at least think of him a...more
This was a fun read with everything I was looking for. Mob stuff, a crime mystery, a lone hit man just trying to mind his own business - this book has everything. The back-in-the-day alternating with current events thing doesn't work for everyone, but it seems to work fine here. As much as I wanted to get on with the story, the flashbacks really fleshed out the main character and I started to get just as wrapped up in those stories as I was in the current one. Not sure how I felt about the secon...more
This is my first exposure to Don Winslow's writing, and while I can't say I was bowled over by this book, I've learned that he has a lot of stuff out there, and much of it looks rather interesting and even diverse.

The voice of the American Italian rings very true in this book. There's a subtle undercurrent of absurdity as Frankie recalls his past and tries to figure out who has put a contract out on him, and why. In the early chapters we see Frank as an intensely hard-working middle-aged man who...more
Frank Machine....

El hecho de haber disfrutado tanto de esta obra me hace plantear la posibilidad de crear una nueva Shelf: Bad Boys.

Don Winslow en su entrega "The Winter of Frankie Machine" nos presenta un protagonista como pocos, riquísimo en cuanto a composición psicofísica y de ensamblaje perfecto con el resto del elenco que en este caso era nada más ni nada menos que "La Cosa Nostra" mafia italiana asentada en los EEUU.

Este es un libro que sin lugar a dudas volvería a leer, porque es de ese...more
Don Winslow writes books set in the surfer culture of San Diego. He's had a detective series, and some stand alone work. This book takes a different spin on one of the participants of the Gentleman's Hour, the time later in the morning when the more mature surfers take to the waves.

Frank Macchione is a family man, in many senses of the word. He's worked hard at several businesses, taking care of his ex-wife and daughter, and is involved with a woman friend. Life is good, but as is often the case...more
Carol Storm
A lot of good stuff here, but nothing we haven't seen before.

A surfing hitman? Lots of SOPRANOS violence, SOPRANOS sex, plus tons of Sixties nostalgia and surfing? How can you go wrong?

Well, first of all, there's not nearly enough surfing, and NO Dick Dale music! We hear a lot about surfing, but never get the feel of the good times or the music. The hero fought in Vietnam, but we don't hear much about that either.

Frankie has a whole career as a mob hitman behind him, but we're supposed to beli...more
Four and a half stars. My favorite Winslow book to date. Because his books are sooo hard-boiled, gritty, and at times, downright disturbing, you never know what's going to happen. And that is part of what makes them so compelling.

This is an action-adventure mobster story with a tough-as-nails 60+ year old ex-hit man protagonist. The prose is, overall, tight and the plot is thick and fast. A lot can happen in a paragraph: "He packs the shotgun and some clothes into a gym bag, straps on a shoulder...more
Funny, violent, wildly readable and often very tender, Don Winslow’s story about hit man Frankie Machine being forced out of retirement when his otherwise peaceful existence is threatened is probably his best book yet. Following the excellent, but overlong “Power of the Dog,” Winslow channels early, peak Elmore Leonard here, inhabiting his pages with quick, witty dialogue and the usual collection of Mafia types, strippers, politicians, and druggies.

Some might feel the conflicted “warm” killer, F...more
This novel is a pretty standard "old guy who used to be a badass has to confront some old enemies" story that reminds me of a 1970s action movie starring Charles Bronson. What it lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in quality. Don Winslow really has a knack for telling an extremely detailed plot while keeping it fast-moving and never getting confusing, and perhaps the best omniscient third-person narration I've ever come across.

The most original elements are probably the sense of hum...more
Luís Miguel
Olha que até gostei. Um bom thriller que se lê num ápice e sempre com o coração nas mãos pelo velho Frankie. Nunca tinha lido Don Winslow e, sinceramente, esperava outra coisa. Talvez quisesse algo mais elaborado ou intelectual, todavia, estava a precisar de aliviar o stress com este livro. É diversão garantida, por um prisma noir, reminiscente de Hitchcock e, claro, o Padrinho.

O autor já tinha dado o salto para o cinema com "Selvagens" e aqui percebe-se porquê: o novelo é tão bem enleado, que...more
Un buon thriller, robusto, potente, con dialoghi curati, trama non certo rivoluzionaria, già letta, già vista, ma il segreto è nelle piccole variazioni, in come si usano e amalgamano gli ingredienti, e la pietanza cucinata da Winslow è appetibile, onesta, divertente.

Nelle prime quaranta pagine facciamo la conoscenza col protagonista, un sessantenne che ha ancora parecchio da insegnare ai pischelli, smentendo il luogo comune che quello non sia un paese per vecchi. Fra...more
Wow this is certainly the best I've read this year and I'm now enamoured with the abstract style of Winslow's writing. This is the story of Frank Machianno aka Frankie Machine. The book starts out with Frank, in his early sixties, in very much a domestic mode. The story is of a contented man going about his daily routine of running a few businesses, engaging with his local San Diego beachside community, dealing with his ex-wife and his new lover and hints at a slightly estranged relationship wit...more
Silvia Marcaurelio
A sessantadue anni, Frank Machianno, alias Frankie Machine, è un tranquillo uomo d’affari, proprietario di un negozio che vende esche sul molo di San Diego. E’ agente immobiliare di se stesso, affitta i suoi immobili, acquistati con i risparmi di una vita, ai villeggianti che non sa se si possono permettere di rimanere fino alla fine del contratto. E’ un rifornitore di pesce fresco e di biancheria per ristoranti. Segue dei ritmi prestabiliti, senza mai sgarrare. Si alza alla stessa ora, fa la st...more
Another great book from Don Winslow. I loved the characters, thought the flashback scenes that filled out the past were well integrated, and was on the edge of my seat for the ending. Listened to the audio read by Dennis Boutsikaris who was just as good as the material.
Angelo Haritakis
This is a cracking book, it has brilliant storyline and the characters are well done, specially the main character “a likable hit man”. It starts off on a stroll and then it picks ups & then whoosh! Fast paced with good twists - there is no lull. A fantastic read.
If you like a crime or mafia books then this is one of the best.
Paulo Pires
O autor denota uma certa preferência por crime organizado, a ter em conta a obra "Selvagens" publicada também pela Porto Editora.

As primeiras páginas deliciaram-me com a meticulosa rotina que envolvia a preparação do seu café, as suas obsessões gastronómicas, e as restantes páginas proporcionaram a violência e sagacidade inerente a um bom policial.

«Confesso que gostava que Don Winslow tivesse mantido de alguma forma as questões gastronómicas por mais tempo, eram deliciosas... Aliás, este livro...more
Janet Martin
Not my usual sort of book, this was a choice for shared listening with my husband. He absolutely loved it, and I liked it quite a lot, in part due to a terrific performance by Dennis Boutsikaris. Frank is a retired mob soldier who has been more than just an assassin, but throughout has retained a sort of moral code. When a hit is called on him seemingly out of the blue, he goes into action to both discover who is at the core of this threat and to permanently derail it. His time is also spent rem...more
Another great read from a master storyteller. Esp enjoyed the characters... Don't quite see Bobby DeNiro (just bought the rights) as the surfing ex-hitman however. Hmmmm.
Mars Dorian
A compelling story about a retired ex-mafioso whose past catches up.

Sounds cliche, but it masterfully storytold by the author Winslow. Except for a slow start, the journey into Frankie's past becomes more compelling the more it reaches the finish line. When I arrived at the last 25% of the book, I couldn't contain myself and had to read till the end.

The style is a cool, lyrical prose that flows easily. Dialogue are believable and topnotch, and characters are located anywhere in the grey gamut....more
Leggere A Colori
Potente. Se dovessi scegliere di definire l’opera di Winslow opterei senza dubbio per il termine potente.
Dopo il bellissimo “Il potere del cane“, la conferma dell’intensità di questo scrittore è arrivata con l’altrettanto suggestivo “l’inverno di Frankie Machine“.La storia è quella di Frankie Machianno, un tempo killer al soldo della mafia californiana, così spietato da essere soprannominato Frankie Machine, la macchina. Ormai ha sessantadue anni e da tempo ha cambiato vita.

Continua a leggere su...more
Dana Stabenow
That wonderful Winslow voice sucks me in every time. He will convince you there is such a thing as a decent hitman.
Solitamente i protagonisti in stile super-vecchietto non mi piacciono, in letteratura come al cinema. Ovviamente Winslow può permettersi questo e altro: a parte qualche forzatura, la vendetta del vecchio (ex) mafioso Frankie Macchianno è credibile oltre ad essere divertente da leggere; merito della caratterizzazione dei personaggi e dell'ambientazione inusuale (lontana anni luce da Puzo e dal suo Padrino). Peccato per la trama non proprio innovativa (dopo un flashback a metà libro capirete già t...more
Forse influenzato dal bellissimo Il potere del cane, mi aspettavo troppo da questo libro, che comunque si fa leggere volentieri. Tutto ruota attorno alla figura di Frankie Machine, che seppur nel passato ha ricoperto il ruolo di spietato killer della mafia (Machine era il soprannome di colui che non sbagliava un colpo) ora, nel suo inverno, ossia nella sua vecchiaia, fa tutt'altra vita, forse quella che ha sempre sognato. Questo fino a quando qualcuno non inizia a dargli la caccia e a sconvolger...more
Frank Machianno has settled into a pretty nice routine. He has an ex-wife, an ex-showgirl girlfriend, and a daughter going to med school. He has his bait shop. He supplies fresh fish and fresh linens to many of San Diego's finest restaurants. He's the unofficial sheriff of the Ocean Beach Pier. And he's also a retired mob hitman.

When the son of the mob boss Frank used to work for, a snot-nosed little punk named Mouse Junior, feels his porn business is getting squeezed by the Detroit mafia, Jr as...more
Frankie is retired from the old life but the old life isn't going to let him retire. Frankie was The Mobs hitman and now someones out to hit him. Winslow tells the story using flashbacks as Frankie tries to work back through his infamous career to figure out exactly who is trying to grease him.

Yes this is a well worn plot familliar to all crime readers but Winslow does this plot better than most. Frankie is a fully well-rounded character who generates a lot of sympathy despite the things he's do...more
As i was reading this book, I kept thinking to myself this book is most likely going to end up a 3.5 or a 4 star for me. I felt, in someways, the book was a little longer than it needed to be, but as the book was coming closer to the end I was glad it was "longer" than it needed to be. It all fit well and it all made sense coming together. Don Winslow is a freak of nature(to me, at least) with his novels revolving around mostly south of the border drug-wars, DEA agents, hookers, Government and p...more
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Don Winslow was born in New York City but raised in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. At various times an actor, director, movie theater manager, safari guide and private investigator, Don has done many things on his way to being a novelist.

His first novel, A Cool Breeze On The Underground, was nominated for an Edgar, and a later book, California Fire and Life, received the Shamus Award. The Death An...more
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