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Lair of the Lion
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Lair of the Lion

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  5,487 ratings  ·  206 reviews
A New York Times BestsellerImpoverished aristocrat Isabella Vernaducci would defy death itself to rescue her imprisoned brother. She'd even brave the haunted, accursed lair of the lion -- legendary, lethal Don Nicolai DeMarco. Rumor said the powerful don could command the heavens and the beasts below . . . and that he was doomed to destroy the woman he took as his wife.
Hardcover, Large Print, 597 pages
Published January 2nd 2003 by Thorndike Press (first published September 2002)
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Self-Proclaimed Book Ninja)
Lair of the Lion is the first historical I've read by Christine Feehan. It's hard to believe I read my first Feehan book last January. Since then, I've glommed her backlist. She's one of my favorite authors now. This isn't one of my favorites, but it was a good, enjoyable book. I think my problem is, I really don't care for gothic romance, in general. I think too much time is built on going into the mystery and the dark forces out to get the heroine. I like my romance to focus on the attraction ...more
Bark's Book Nonsense
I was excited to begin this book for my local romance readers group because I'd heard many positive things about author Christine Feehan and the book appeared to be a new twist on the beauty and the beast theme (one of my personal favorites). Sadly, things didn't work out between me and author Christine Feehan (too much melodrama for me) and now I'm weary of beginning her vampire series (most of which I already own). Somebody please tell me this book was a fluke!

Isabella is a beautiful, headstro
Tilly Slaton
Lair of the Lion is a fascinating paranormal romance rerelease by Christine Feehan.

As with most of Feehan’s books, Lair of the Lion is filled with lust, betrayal, rejection, mystery, enemies and jealousy. Would we have it any other way?

Isabella Vernaducci escaped a hunting party that was searching for her brother, and with only his help did she manage to elude the soldiers. Spending every cent, she desperately sought Nicholai DeMarco, the one man whom all other dons feared.

The curse that plagues
I would have probably skimmed through to the end if it was an e-book, but as it's audio, I just can't take the awkward phrasing and repetition. WE GET IT - he's TAWNY and CATLIKE. Like a LION. (Or pseudo-Italian: leone!) Tawny tawny tawny. I want to claw my OWN eyes out at this point.

And then she gets a whiff of a sickly-evil-malevolent spirit that makes her sick with its evil malevolence. See also: hearing a ring ringing in your ears, seeing with your eyes, etc. So many words wording around wo
Aug 13, 2008 Readersentertainment rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who love Beauty and the Beast
Lair of the Lion is a Beauty and the Beast story and one of my all time favorites! Christine Feehan is well known for her paranormal romance novels, but this book isn't part of any of her series.
This is a Gothic tale of a man cursed and the woman he traps in his castle.
I love this book very much and highly recommend it!
Lover of Romance
Isabella is in desperate need to save her brother who has been captured and tortured, and goes to the only Don she knows that is powerful enough to help her. Full of courage and strength she heads up to his valley, rumored to be ridden with lions, she knows she could very well perish, but desperation and fear for her brother keeps her going forward until she makes it to his home...his lair. After meeting the rumored beast, Don Nicolaie DeMarco, she makes a pact with him, his help in rescuing her ...more
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian
I really enjoyed this retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

I'd previously been a bit of a hit and miss with Feehan's writing. Mostly miss. See, I have this thing about men who are too controlling in books (in my opinion anyway, which sometimes differs greatly from that of others of the female persuasion). I know, for some, it makes their toes curl to be dominated and told what to do yada yada yada. But for me, it just makes me want to hurl something.

But in this book, although the male lead characte
It's a 2.65 stars book I guess? The historical details in the story are quite good (I'm not an expert, though), the main characters are pretty much okay and they behave in a way which suits their positions and their backgrounds, I'm not too fond of the female lead but she's agreeable so I'm okay with her. But I was annoyed by the endless angst by the end of the book, and the tortured male lead "I'm dangerous! Stay away from me! I can't marry you because I am going to hurt you!" routine is not en ...more
This is the story of Isabella, a beauty, who had no home. Her life as she had known was gone. She had traveled to the Alps to see the mysterious and elusive Don Nikolai DeMarco. She intends to ask him to save her brother Lucca. A curse lives on; whereas everyone sees a lion- the Beast- she sees a man. Nikolai agrees to help Isabella if she stays with him and becomes his wife.

From the start, the mixing of two languages is everywhere: palazzo, castillo, padre, fratillo, cara mia, ... while it app
Lynda Tatad
Lair of the Lion is one of Christine Feehan's non-Carpathian supernatural romance stories from 2002. This is her take on the Beauty and the Beast story, and I really enjoyed it overall. I had read it quite awhile ago, and forgotten about it. The library had it listed as a new copy, so I checked it out.

Isabella Vernaducci is an impoverished aristocrat whose brother Lucca is being held prisoner by Don Rivellio, whose had his eye on their lands for years. He is slated for death, and only the power
What a waste!

Lair of the Lion is the story of beautiful aristocrat Isabella, and the tormented cursed Nicolai. It is set in medieval Italy, and comes with scatterings of italicized Italian phrases randomly interspersed in conversations.

The premise is that Nicolai is cursed to be part beast, and Isabella's love is supposed to save him. A lot could have been done with that, but the author really dropped the ball on this one.

This could have very easily been a short story, about halfway through I
I adore this book. Feehan's writing style is perfectly suited for gothic novels. Although I generally hate how domineering her heroes are vs how limp her heroines are, this book is a huge exception. Right from the beginning they start out on even ground. The heroine is the beauty, strong and caring, with a solid streak of honesty that makes her stand out. The hero is the tortured beast who knows he shouldn't keep the heroine for himself but can't seem to walk away from her.

Everything about this
Paranormal Romance
Seeking help for her imprisoned brother the heroine makes the trek up to the forbidden and secluded valley of the hero. She's immediately aware of an evil presence and heavy black cloud that surrounds the house. The hero agrees to free her bother only if she agrees to marry him. He's aware that he's cursed to live as a beast and has shut himself away to avoid frightening his people. When people look at him they see a frightening lion but not the heroine. Immediately, they develop a connection an ...more
Christine Feehan is one of my absolute favorite authors, but I had never gotten into her stand alone books. Thought I would give Lair of the Lion a shot. Not a bad book, quite enjoyable actually. Think Beauty and the Beast, Feehan style.

Isabella makes a perilous journey to reach the holdings of Don Nicolai DeMarco. He is the only one that can help free Isabella's imprisoned brother and save them both from certain death. The powerful DeMarco agrees to help Isabella...for a price. Her.

Nicolai's fa
Book Binge
I adore this book. Feehan's writing style is perfectly suited for gothic novels. Although I generally hate how domineering her heroes are vs how limp her heroines are, this book is a huge exception. Right from the beginning they start out on even ground. The heroine is the beauty, strong and caring, with a solid streak of honesty that makes her stand out. The hero is the tortured beast who knows he shouldn't keep the heroine for himself but can't seem to walk away from her.

Everything about this
Isabella is our headstrong young heroine who sets out to find Don DeMarco to beg his help and help her save her brother from the dungeons of the evil Don Rivellio where he has been sentenced to death. But there is a price Don DeMarco is a cursed man. Yet Isabella can only see the good in him. Then the romance ensues.

This is a romance story and it is all about two people falling in love...or trying to stay in love while they stay with each other. Here is the main issue I had with this story and t
Isabella Vernaducci is a desperate young woman, her brother has been committed of treason and been captured by the evil Don Rivellio the only thing Isabella can do it seek help from Don Nicolai DeMarco. She’ll do anything if he’ll just rescue her from from Don Rivellio hands. Although Isabella's brother used to tell her about the curse of Don Nicolai DeMarco’s family she never really believed the legend of the lions until she saw them and felt the malevolent spirit that stalks The DeMarco’s cast ...more
This is historical PNR by faboulous Chrisitne Feehan. And even though I really liked the story, the H/H and all the juicy gothic elements, I didnt get a historical feeling per se. I understand that it was supposed to be set in Medieval Italy but I didnt get the feeling. To me it felt as a "normal" fantasy book set in an unidentifiable time period.

The story actually had its hooks in me rather from the start. Nicolai DeMarco is a troubled man. He has all the responsibilities of being head of the
Taria Reed
I enjoyed the story, but it really did drag on in some spots. The ending was a bit of a letdown since there really was no explaination of What the big bad really was and how it got there. It was a lot of huff and puff but it didn't blow me down. The heroine was constantly putting herself in dangerous situations even though she knew something was trying to kill her. I got to a point where I kept thinking "geeze would you just kill her and get it over with." I think I wouldn't have gotten frustrat ...more
i loved this book. I have always adored fairytales and Beauty and the Beast has to be one of my favourites. I loved this gothic and darkly sensual twist that Christine Feehan spun. From the very first sentence I was captivated by her amazing style of writing. This is my first, and certainly not my last of her books.


Everything about this book. The writing style. The characters. The history. The love. Everything was just amazing. I haven't read anything this good in a long while. Not only is it a
Ingrid Morris
Beauty and the Beast told bodice ripper style (there really is a bodice rip scene) and with a weak italian accent. Normally I wouldn't admit to reading such a book. And, in fact, I must say that I stopped reading about the time I read "his kiss rocked her world" and then realized I'd read "sensuous" and "erotic" one to many times already. If one has to actually use those words one is not writing well! But really these problems are just steps up to my soap box! I growing more and more frustrated ...more
Renee Rearden
This was a cool new twist on the classic version of beauty and the beast. I got sucked into the sory immediately. Isabella was so determined to save her brother. Making a difficult and frightening journey through dangerous lands prowled by lions was only the beginning of this tale. Isabella Vernaducci finally arrives at Don Nicolai DeMarco's home to ask for help. He agrees, if she'll marry him. She agrees. He puts a plan in motion to free Isabella's brother, and their odd courtship begins. Throu ...more
I am a total sucker for any beauty and the beast tale, it is my favorite kind of romance. This book was Christine Feehan's telling and it had a gothic feel to it that I enjoyed very much. I would have given it 5 stars but it did get a little slow after the middle of the book; with the characters looking for every excuse to fall into bed with eachother it kinda lost it's dark and mysterious edge. However, it did pick back up by the last quarter and I was again unable to put it down.
This book blends a historical romance with fantasy. I'm just not sure it worked. Even when reading a story you know is unreal - in this instance a man who is cursed to change into a lion - there still needs to be a believability factor that I just couldn't get. It is written well, the characters very sympathetic but the plot revolves around that one trick I had the problem with, sorry Ms. Feehan.
This is not only the first Christine Feehan novel I have read but also the first Paranormal Romance novel. Lair of the Lion is a paranormal romance between a very strong selfless woman and a powerful Don who has the ability to change into a Lion.

The premise of Lair of the Lion is a type of Beauty and the Beast story. With an evil curse, a beautiful castle in a secret valley that folklore and haunted stories that are told in the secrets of the night to scare little children to bed. It is rumored
This book is very much a Beauty and the Beast story , with a twist not only is Don Nicolai and his family cursed but there is an evil presence that resides in the DeMarco valley that reaks havoc with people's worst emotions and causes much distress. This malevolent presence is intent on preventing Isabella from breaking the curse and stop will stop at nothing.
I liked the book initially but kept feeling lost because of the author trying to build up suspense over the legend and why people didn't look at Nicolai directly and Isabella would see illusion of a lion...I even thought Francesca was a ghost! As I neared the book's end and how the evil entity was overcome...I only had one thought: ridiculous! And the book has TOO MUCH SEX. Every scene with Isabella and Nicolai they are either kissing or having sex...the insta-love is a bit hard ...more
This standalone novel by Feehan was not as good as Scarletti Curse. THAT book was awesome and a favorite of mine. Lair of the Lion just felt a little choppy and nonsensical at times. It was entertaining enough, but the story needed some tweaking.
Carissa Williams
Lair of the Lion is a standalone book from author Christine Feehan. The story focuses on Isabella Vernaducci and Nicolai DeMarco. It begins with Isabella setting out to find Nicolai. She believes that Nicolai can help her with her brother who has been jailed and sentenced to death. Upon arriving at the residence of Nicolai DeMarco and through all that goes on, she continues to feel as if there is an unseen force that does not want her there and she feels danger. On her first night there she hear ...more
This is stand alone read and NOT part of the Carpathian/Ghostwalker/Leopard or Drake series. FYI

I thought it was very dull and there was a great deal of rambling.
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Christine Feehan is a #1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times over with her portfolio including over 50 published novels, including five series; Dark Series, Ghostwalker Series, Leopard Series, Drake Sisters Series, & the Sisters of the Heart Series. All five series hit the #1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paran ...more
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