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Unexpectedly, Milo
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Unexpectedly, Milo

3.56 of 5 stars 3.56  ·  rating details  ·  535 ratings  ·  116 reviews
Milo Slade, a thirty-three year old home healthcare aide, is witnessing the rapid dissolution of his three-year marriage to a polished, high-powered attorney named Christine. Though Milo doesn't quite know the root of his marital problems, he inevitably blames himself, or more specifically, he faults the demands his obsessive compulsive personality place upon him--the need ...more
Paperback, 344 pages
Published August 3rd 2010 by Broadway Books
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I really enjoy the premise and background of Matthew Dicks' books: that people who are crazy in all kinds of ways are 1) not atypical, 2) endearing and funny, and 3) all around us (or are us).

This book prompted me to consider (over-analyze?) many of my own "interesting" thoughts and behaviors and the coping strategies that I use (successfully and unsuccessfully).

Points to ponder (from this book):
- Relationships - actual vs. perceived
- Honesty - with others and with ourselves
- Rituals - imposed v
I have picked this up and put it down countless times in the years since it was published. I LOVED Something Missing, Dicks' debut novel. So much so that I still recommend it to anyone who's looking for book recommendations. Perhaps because I loved Something Missing so, I had a hard time getting into it. Once I let that go, I really, really liked Milo.

Milo has O.C.D. that manifests itself in ways that were new to me. The things he is driven to do make it both easier on him (he's not driven to c
Oct 24, 2011 Carol rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Those interested in mental illness
Recommended to Carol by: Goodreads review
Wow. This book is captivating if you're interested in mental illness. This is the first time I've found a book about a person who is intelligent and functional despite suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I found it fascinating and original.

Milo hides his disorder from friends, wife, parents, school, job. It's very complicated for him. His innocent behavior in grade school causes him to be viewed as odd, and teachers and parents are mystified and alarmed. He is filled with shame, and
Author Matthew Dicks creates another quirky hero in this, his second book. Milo has some form of OCD, which he has kept secret from others his entire life. Well, at least since he was eight and realized he was different. He gets an idea in his head and then pressure builds until he is able to relieve it by acting on his impulse. It way be to release the seal on a new jar of Smuckers jelly (the 20 oz. size), pop open an ice cube tray, bowl a strike or sing karaoke. Kind of like how people enjoy p ...more
I picked this one up because "Daily Candy" told me it would make me "laugh out loud" and "never put it down." A pretty strong endorsement.

But I don't remember laughing out loud once and it took me more than a week to read which is never a good sign. That said, there were some really good things about this one. There are some interesting characters that do some not-so-ordinary things. One of my favorites is a main character who only appears on videotape as she confesses to all the terrible thing
3.75 Stars.

Unexpectedly Milo was pleasant in an unexpected way. While a reader might peruse the synopsis and decide that Milo, a nice normal guy who randomly must open grape jelly jars and sing "99 Luftballoons" in German to an audience, is the most unusual/interesting character in the book, they would be sorely mistaken. If anything, Milo turns out to be one of the least intriguing characters, though not even he realizes it.

Matthew Dicks has a knack at bringing characters to life; even if the
When I first started this book, I would have given it 2 stars. Half way through, it was nudged towards 3, and by the end it was a solid 4. Here's why...
I adored the author's first book, Something Missing, and had high expectations for his next book. In the beginning however, I found this book confusing and odd. Unrelenting demands, Weebles, jelly jars, U-boat captains and 99 Luftballons? What the hell? I felt that the attempt to unsettle and bewilder the reader in the hopes that they would be ea
Dec 05, 2010 Mallory rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Mallory by: Jocelyn Wood
After enjoying Something Missing, the author's first book, I had high hopes for Matthew Dicks's second foray into the mind of a main character who suffers from obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Unfortunately, however, Unexpectedly Milo did not live up to expectations, lacking the charm of Dicks's debut novel. The premise had potential, but fails in the execution. Like Something Missing disproportionate amounts of the narrative are dedicated to minute details (which is effective in books about OCD ...more
Helen Dunn
I'm really at 3.5 on this one. I enjoyed the plot and I found myself really feeling sympathy for Milo even though he's a pretty strange guy. All of the cultural references in the book seemed to be snatched out of my own childhood memories -- so that helped me to enjoy the book more too.

Still, I'm not sure that this story will work for everyone, hence the hedging between 3 and 4 stars.

This is my second Matthew Dicks book and while I enjoyed the plot of the first one (Something Missing) I never wa
I really really loved Something Missing, and thought perhaps this would be a sequel, but it's not. It's a stand-alone about yet another guy (Milo of the title) with compulsive habits ("demands"). These are distracting to him and to me as a reader, and since his meeting the demand (e.g., opening a jelly jar) results in a physical release that's practically sexual, it's uncomfortable to read. Milo is supposed to be a good guy, and he certainly is kind to people, but he isn't that likable.

I was als
This is the second book I read by this author and it was just as good as the first. I really love books about eccentric people, and he definitely delivers! Milo has a weird disorder where he has a compulsion to do certain things, and remains tense until he can do so..they range from simple like bowling a strike to bizarre (singing 99 Luftbaloons in German" His marriage to Christine, his wife, is falling apart. And he discovers a video confessional left on a park bench by a woman he doesn't know, ...more
Caanan Grall
I love this book mainly because I share a similar world view to the main character (and therefore, possibly the author? Don't know.) I just found myself nodding in recognition to so many 'insights' dropped throughout this book, and we're never happier than when we're hearing how right we are, right? ;) The vide camera confessional is a very interesting premise, and the peek in to the mind of a protagonist with OCD was pretty fascinating. I don't know how clinically correct it is, but I'm choosin ...more
Whle I did not fall in love with Milo as I had hoped I would, other characters did elicit strong emotions. I strongly disliked Milo's wife, Christine and very much liked - well, I won't give it away - but I really liked some of the female characters at the end of the book. I found Milo's quirks to be a little too offbeat for my liking and sometimes found it distracting... but I suppose that OCD is "supposed " to be distracting and poor Milo was distracted all of the time. All in all, it was a go ...more
I found this book by accident in the library. What drew me to it was not the content but the fact the local connections--the writer teaches in West Hartford, CT, a town I know well, and the main character lives in nearby Newington. Unfortunately, the main character irriated me, a lot, as I got into the book. We know that he endearingly quirky (ill?) and is married to a materialistic and bitchy person who can't appreciate him. But, throughout the book I was thinking that since he was hiding his c ...more
I found this slower going at first, than the excellent 'Something Missing', mostly because I actually found it really sad. I found it so sad that Milo was able to hide his OCD behaviours from such a young age, and never receive any help for something that can usually be managed if you get the right mental health practitioner.

I felt sad that his worry that maybe his lifetime friend and certainly his wife, would not be able to handle the truth of his life was pretty much accurate - mental illness
Dmitri Parker
I really loved this book.
Soke reviewssaid it'd be very funny, humorous. I didn't think so, but I did find it very entertaining and exciting.
The perpetual scheming and secrecy Milo had to do and uphold, and all the quirky things he did to avoid blowing his cover where like tiny little Hercule Poirot snippets. Fascinating, sometimes even uncanny.
What I liked most about this book may be, that in Milo, Matthew Dicks has created a character I could identify with.
Characters you get to like, dislike o
I really enjoyed this book. The main character is wonderfully complex.

There is a lot of introspection, so if you are someone who likes action or fast moving plots, this might not fit the bill but for anyone who enjoys getting to know a character, then this book is great. I will admit to skimming over parts where the introspection carried on a tad too long for me but Milo is so quirky, and so honest about how his quirkiness effects his life, that it was fun getting to know him. Plus he is a grea
Deepika Negi
Unexpectedly Milo is a book which makes you take a small break from the life and have a good look at yourself. It works as a mirror when you realize that probably at some level you are no different than Milo.
Because of his medical condition Milo is forced to hide a big part of his personality from the people he loves. He is scared of being judged so he keeps his 'weirdness'only to himself, only to feel alone and burdened with his secrets.
And you realize that you are also leading your life in t
This book about quirky Milo got better and better as I read. I enjoyed the characters, especially Milo's relationship with Emma.
I was kind of meh about this book. I spent a good portion of it annoyed at both the main character and his wife because they were both stupid. The wife because the guy wasn't a freaking mind reader so how was he supposed to know what she meant when she wasn't clear. Most people would've taken what she said to him the way he took it. And then I'd be annoyed with the guy for not being honest with his wife about the crap he was going through. Like she's a freaking mind reader too? Mainly, what save ...more
Wonderful book! So sad to reach the last page....
Unexpectedly Milo
Matthew Dicks

Unexpectedly Milo is a book of which I have mixed emotions. It is longer than it has to be, but a quick read. It is a story I have seen a number of times, but with a very unique variation. Its not a story for everyone, but one in which I relate very much to.

The protagonist, Milo, appears to have OCD that was never diagnosed. His marriage is ruined, and he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time. His wife distances himself from him further and further, an
Upon first finishing this book I was convinced it was more sad than happy. All the other reviews had raved about it's humor and I didn't get it. I think I might now.
Milo is an average guy hiding a not so average secret. He has these demands in his head that tell him to do strange things like pop Weebles in doors and let the air out of all four tires. If he doesn't meet these demands in a reasonable time they become worse, so much so that he can't function. Somehow though Milo has managed to hid
In his first novel, SOMETHING MISSING, Mr. Dicks introduced us to Martin Railsback, a different sort of thief, with OCD. In this book we meet Milo Slade, a health care worker with OCD-ish tendencies, which complicate his everyday life and are, quite possibly, at the root of his current crumbling marital situation. One day Milo finds a video camera complete with a collection of sixteen tapes on a park bench. As he begins to watch the tapes, ostensibly in order to locate the owner of the camera, h ...more
Larry Hoffer
Quirky characters are a staple of fiction; most writers believe it's more rewarding to create dysfunctional characters than seemingly normal ones. Milo Slade, the title character in Matthew Dicks' ultra-quirky novel, Unexpectedly, Milo, has more than his share of issues. Suffering from a super-charged version of obsessive-compulsive disorder (although one that requires creativity and excellent problem-solving skills, as Milo acknowledges), Milo is randomly struck by strange compulsions: the need ...more
Mar 25, 2011 Paul rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Paul by: BOTNS Retreat
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I hate that I have this thing for freckles, which tricked me into buying these books.

I didn't enjoy this at all.
The story concept is promising, but the bland and confusing writing style ruined everything. For example, the scenes were full of flashbacks that destroyed any potential pacing (even more because at some points it was hard to tell if the flashback was over yet) and I didn't get the feeling that there was any structure to the scenes at all. The same with the internal struggles of the pr

This was another "scan the library bookshelves" find, a quirky story about a thirtysomething man (Milo Slade) who has an unususal form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It manifests itself in making strange demands on his brain and taking over his life until he satisfies them. For example, a word will pop into his head and his obsession will not go away until someone spontaneously says this word. Or he will suddenly have the need to pop the seals on grape
This book is griping if you're interested in different types of mental illness. This is the first time I've found a book about a person who is intelligent and functional despite suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. I found it fascinating and original. Another of my group members mentioned Monk. I loved that show and the books tied into him. I got my family involved in it too, so it's something we all enjoy.

Milo hides his disorder from friends, wife, parents, school, job. It's very co
A wonderful book about a man in a nothing marriage simply because the woman didn't question quirks he has. Milo has OCD with some pretty bizarre symptoms as having complex words pop into his head and the need to trick people into saying them so he can feel release. He also needs to make a strike in bowling which causes him to search out bowling alleys at all times of the day and to sing Karaoke to 99 Luftballoons, the German version. The wife knows nothing of this so half his life is hidden from ...more
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Matthew Dicks is the author of the novels Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, Something Missing and Unexpectedly, Milo, and the upcoming The Perfect Comeback of Caroline Jacobs. His novels have been translated into more than 25 languages worldwide, and his most recent is an international bestseller. He is also the author of the rock opera The Clowns and the musical Caught in the Middle. He is a column ...more
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