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Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps, Vol. 1
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Blackest Night: Black Lantern Corps, Vol. 1 (Blackest Night #5)

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  1,151 ratings  ·  45 reviews
Writers James Robinson, Peter J. Tomasi and JT Krul are joined by artists Eddy Barrows, Ardian Syaff and Ed Benes for this essential BLACKEST NIGHT storyline tie-in title that features Batman, Superman and the Titans dealing with their greatest villains and loved ones returning from the dead as evil Black Lanterns. The hardcover edition includes Blackest Night: Batman #'s ...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published July 20th 2010 by DC Comics
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I've been enjoying the Blackest Night event. It's been very creepy, and more than a little disturbing, and this is collection is no exception. This trade has three storylines (Batman, Superman, and Teen Titans), all of which tie into the greater Blackest Night story by featuring the Black Lanterns. (I would suggest reading at least some of Blackest Night first, so you understand what they are.) There's some serious writing going on here. The weakest storyline, for me, was Superman. Naturally, si ...more
Over the past several years, I have read a lot of comic collections. I have tried to get caught up on the various DC crossover events.

Blackest Night is the event that made all that reading worth it. It is possibly the best crossover event in comics (at the very least it is the best I have read so far).

This volume focuses on the Earth heroes Batman (with Robin, Red Robin, Deadman, and Etrigan), Superman (with Superboy and Krypto), and the Titans. So, this book does not capture the amazing space
The most uninteresting stories in the crossover in one neat volume.
I guess you either love the Blackest Night story arc, or you hate it. I'm in the 'love it' camp, and I thought this volume was an awesome addition to the story line! Loved seeing the 'new' Batman and Robin together with Deadman. Also enjoyed Superman and Superboy's story in Smallville. It was fun to see Martha Kent kick some ass in that one! The third story was about the Titans. I'll admit that I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to those guys. Still, even knowing next to nothing about them ...more
Volume One of Black Lantern Corps contains three stories, each told over three issues. First, we see Batman (with Dick Grayson under the cowl) and Robin (Damian Wayne) take on resurrected past Batman villains. Deadman pops up again to help them as Barbra and Jim Gordon deal with other Black Lanterns at Gotham PD. The whole thing was okay, but most of the characters fell flat. I did like seeing old villains like The Ventriloquist, but no one got too much time to shine. Dick sees him parents' gra ...more
Justyn Rampa
So this volume collects the three issues of Batman, Superman, and Titans. The whole concept is ridiculous, or at least it can be. I think each story handles it in its own way. I found the Batman issues compelling and well done, but I'm also a huge Batman fan. The Superman comics were somewhat absurd as they featured Superman, Superboy, Ma Kent, Supergirl, and Krypto the dog. Now, I didn't say I didn't enjoy it because even though it was absurd, it was also enjoyable. The Titans comic was a littl ...more
Victor Orozco
Excellent. I have to admit these Blackest Night stories are a magnificent tie-in to the events of the main story. Though its a bit confusing. I imagine all these stories together would be the size of a textbook. But its still good to read them nevertheless.

This collection of the Black Lantern Corps takes its involvement with the Black Lanterns striking in three major places. The first being Gotham where Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne protect their city against the Black Lanterns as Bat
Brad McKenna
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Arturo Norico
I first heard about this comic line by reading about the different lantern corps. With one look at the cover, it was obvious that the comic was going to be interesting, however I was unsure about how exciting I would find it. I am happy to say that I was extremely drawn in when I started reading it. Though this is not a traditional book, the use of the different characters to create a setting in which all of the heroes of the universe are struggling to come to terms with what is happening, and a ...more
There's nothing terribly wrong with this collection of Blackest Night crossover miniseries, but there's also not much particularly right with it either. Here we get three stories by three different writers about how some prominent DC superteams deal with the rise of the Black Lanterns, and it's kind of surprising how all three of them go after the exact same trope: wouldn't it be terrible to have to fight a reanimated version of your loved ones. Yes, I imagine this would be horrible, only that's ...more
This book collects 3 Blackest Night tie in series.

Batman Blackest Night involves Batman, Red Robin, and Robin facing the reanimated corpses of Dick's parents, Drake's parents, Tony Zucco, and Captain Boomerang. I like how most of it went down, though the surprise guest at the end was a bit random. This was okay with a weak ending. 2.5/5

Superman Blackest Night is a dual tale of Superman, Superboy, Krypto, and Martha Kent versus Earth 2 Lois, Earth 2 Kal-L, and the Psycho Pirate, it also contains
This was the first 'Blackest Night' Book I was able to get my hands on through the library, and it didn't really grab my attention all that much. I'll be honest, I read it for the Batman part, which was fairly decent, and did a good job with Dick/Tim/Damian, and I liked Deadman's involvement as well as the arrival of a rather mythical figure to help the battle...
The Superman story just reinforces how ridiculous it is with all these Supermen from other worlds running around, Superman, Kal-L (not
These parts of the Blackest Night event aren't completely necessary to the story, but they do add a lot to it and I would definitely recommend reading them anyway. There are, however, certain things that the casual fan might not get, like Psycho Pirate, Kal-L, New Krypton, Terra, Hawk, and Dove. I would be lying if I said that I didn't think your experience would differ from mine if you're not a hardcore comic fan.

That said, I really liked this. Reading this along with all the other Blackest Nig
Cooper Mccay
Blackest Night, Black Lantern Corpse volume one, is a novel that focuses on the DC Superheroes and their struggle against an oncoming apocalypse. The story starts with Batman and Robin who are Richard Greyson and Damion (they don't his last name) I was shocked to read that Bruce Wayne is dead in this novel. The plot goes like this: there are a ton of black lantern rings that are floating around searching out the corpses of dead superheroes and supervillans. Once these evil rings are on,the corps ...more
I just found this quite a cobbled together collection - full of titles that just seemed to be put together because they were fighting the Black Lanterns. Did it help expand on the original premise? No. I wasn't blown away or captivated, but found them solid, but not as earth shattering as the first collection I read.

Solid, dark and miserable.
Batman trio: 4 stars. I am really enjoying Dick Grayson and Tim Drake, plus any Jim and Barbara Gordon I can get.

Superman: 3 stars

Titans: 3.5 stars, maybe. I just had trouble getting past the women with their impractical costumes and their arched backs. The artwork was really cool, but these are superheroes, not Playmates, right?
I wasn't really interested in any of these stories or characters except for the Teen Titans story at the end.

If you've read any of the Blackest Night stories, basically the same sort of thing is happening to ALL the DC heroes... that's all you really need to know.
Probably a little generous here with this rating, but the Titans tale worked for me. This volume collects the Batman, Superman and Titans mini-series done during Blackest Night. So why does Titans worK? I got a little of the Hawk & Dove team that I would have liked to seen more of (the two sisters), but really it is because somehow J.T. Krul (I've read nothing of his prior to this) made Donna and Gar not be complete wastes for once. Gar is finally over Tara (about time that angst stopped) an ...more
TJ Shelby
This is a collection of three separate Blackest Night tie-in story arcs from Batman, Superman and Titans.

The Batman story line was decent but nothing special. Deadman, while I see the relevance, isn't a great character. I've never really enjoyed him.

The Superman arc was just lame (and probably incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't followed the DC summer cross-overs, particularly Johns' Infinite Crisis...luckily for me, I have). I know a few who really liked the "Martha Kent incident" but I fou
Shannon Appelcline
Tomasi's Batman is mainly a long-drawn out zombie fight. It gains some depth when it plays the dead parents card in issue #3, but then anti-climaxes with an unclever deus ex machina [4/10]. Robinson's Superman was a big fight too, but it showed how to do it right by embedding lots of human emotions and personal moments [6/10]. Krul's Titans gets some traction because of the team's long role call of the dead and because it has some actual repercussions [6/10]. Still, the volume ends up being fair ...more
Galion Public Library Teens
Review by C.M.: "Good book with superheroes in their blackest moments."
Lindsey Stock
Some of the stories were interesting, others less interesting. The art, like the rest of the Blackest Night comics, is stellar. I wasn't too interested in most of the character except Batman, so unless you're familiar with all of the comic series involved in the Blackest Night event or are a completionist, I wouldn't recommend spending money on this one, at least not the hardcover edition. Maybe the paperback volume. Volume 2 of the Black Lantern Corps is better.
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
I really like the Blackest Night arc. I'm finding the whole Black Lantern thing really cool, and kind of creepy I suppose. This was a pretty cool addition but I can't say I enjoyed the Superman section at all. Batman was pretty good and so was the Teen Titan part but I found the Superman one somewhat confusing and at times kind of lame. I've never been a Superman fan though it's not terribly surprising that I dislike him and Connor.
I think I would have enjoyed this volume if I knew more of the character getting risen. The batman storyline was interesting with everybody facing their parents, and how Deadman copes with the crisis.

The Superman one was strange but I did like Martha and Krypto in it.

The titans story was more disturbing with the baby and the 2 hawks. I just wish I knew the characters. I expect that if I had have done this would be a 4 star.
Collecting the Blackest Night tie-ins from Batman, Superman, and the Teen Titans, this volume provides a few insights into stemming the tide of the zombified Black Lanterns. Batman and co. apply a cold shoulder solution, Superman works on separating the ring from the body, and the Titans find an unexpected ray of hope in Dove. Fair stories, but only the return of Donna Troy's family provides any emotional tie to this volume.
Feb 25, 2013 Sean rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone!
Here is a collection of three Blackest Night related limited series that I really liked. First off, the art in all three was beautiful. Syaf, Barrows, & Benes drew the hell out of these books and every page was dynamic. The stories were also drenched with drama but that was expected given the subject matter. The only problem here is that all three ended in an eerily similar fashion. Overall, a great read!
Sara Stacey
I love all things Green Lantern. Seriously, just have the ring there and I'll be happy. SO WHAT HAPPENED HERE? Maybe I'm the problem. I loved the other Blackest Night. It's just this story seemed so scattered and .. I don't know. But I didn't love it, this hurts me a little. It gets 3 courtesy stars for having Green Lantern in it, but that's it.
Tom LaRosa
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
For nonstop suspense, action, death, love, and blood, read this book! This book is jam packed with action to make it one of violent DC comics I have ever read. But be warned, this book has some profanity in it so it won't be sutable for people under the age of ten. Overall, you will hopefully love this book as much as I did
This collection was ok, but the stories were pretty average. Batman was ok, Superman was ok, and the Titans story a little better. Art was good on all 3 storylines.
As tie-ins go, these aren't bad, but on their own merits, strictly for he Blackest Night completist, or for the big Superman and Batman fans out there.
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