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A Woman Worth Ten Coppers
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A Woman Worth Ten Coppers (Shadowed Path #1)

3.62 of 5 stars 3.62  ·  rating details  ·  589 ratings  ·  52 reviews
Seer, healer, goddess, slave–she is all these things and more.

Yim is a young woman suddenly cast into slavery, a gifted seer with a shocking secret–and a great destiny. Honus is a Sarf, a warrior dedicated to the service of the compassionate goddess Karm. A Sarf’s sole purpose is to serve a holy person called a Bearer. But Honus’ s Bearer has been killed by the minions of
ebook, 337 pages
Published October 28th 2008 by Del Rey (first published January 1st 2008)
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Ohhhh boy. Where to start? Ok, I loved this book in many ways. I love a book that is so engrossing that I don't want to put it down and this is one of those. I tore through it and read in every spare moment I had over the last few days. Its a pretty quick and easy read, i think I would have read it in a day if I had the spare time. The story line is very intriguing (though very cliche and "typical" of fantasy novels). The reason why I'm only giving it three stars is because the writing is a bit ...more
Allison (The Allure of Books)
A Woman Worth Ten Coppers by Morgan Howell is the first book of the Shadowed Path trilogy. I’ve owned this book for quite a while, and finally picked it up. I’m glad I did; it definitely helped fill the fantasy craving I don’t indulge often enough lately!

Yim is a really special young seer – she has been told now for many years that she is ‘Chosen’ (with a Capital C) and will fulfill a vital destiny to help save the world. Man, no pressure though, right? She doesn’t know a lot of details, but she
Carolyn F.
I loved the Queen of the Orcs series so thought I'd try his next series. This one is good, not as good as the Queen books, but almost. Yim is sent on a quest, and then is kidnapped and sold into slavery. One of Karm's warriors, Honus, buys her to carry his pack. She's one smart-mouthed slave and I'm surprised she gets away with most of what she says. Honus doesn't know what to do with her and doesn't know whether to like her or not. She's hiding her purpose from Honus and he's trying to make it ...more
I was pleasantly surprised that a book that hands over its premise that women can be bought and sold it its title was pretty even handed when it came to gender equality even if its characters aren't. Honus is the emotionally mercurial one (at least for most of the book), prone to reacting first and then questioning the results later. The other main character, Yim, though she pouts a lot, is the even tempered one with even her poor decisions telegraphed by her mood from a long way off. I hadn't n ...more
I had read Morgan Howell's Orc series and liked it so I picked up this book. It seemed very similar to the Orc series, a young woman is in a difficult situation and (realistically, often painfully) struggles to overcome her problems- in this case a real horde: slavery, attacks from robbers and others, loss of friends, war, hunger..... She is a noble and brave character, in a brutal time. The ending closes a few threads, but leaves her facing another long journey with a new mission.
Blodeuedd Finland
My thoughts:
The book had a strange feeling to it, it was not epic fantasy, it felt like fantasy romance, without the romance. Just these hints of romance and feelings.

Yim is chosen by the Goddess and she does her best to follow her path. Though she does have these TSTL moments. They travel to a dark and desolate landscape and even though she already was in a jam earlier she still gets in trouble and needs to be rescued. I still like her because she is not truly TSTL, she just seem way too innoce
Its been a while since I read a book that I adored. A Woman Worth Ten Coppers has broken my streak. I adored this book. I loved the characters. From the smart-mouthed Yim, to the I'm-holy-but-not Honus, and even the ultimate evil bad guys. All the characters were extremely interesting and made me care about what happened to them.

The world was interesting. Its not very new in terms of what it contains, but it is interesting how Morgan Howell makes typical fantasy elements her own.

Don't let the so
Terri (Reading By Starlight)
The plot was interesting, but not revolutionary for high fantasy. There’s an evil entity spurring on war and discord, and Honus and Yim are the only ones who are able to stop him. They travel and camp a lot, taking refuge with families devoted to the goddess Karm.

Yim is a good character, but not a great one. She was named “The Chosen One” as a child and raised by a wise woman to fulfill a great purpose as instructed by the goddess Karm. So what, you ask, was she chosen to do? Have a baby. That’s
Another book I had to force myself to finish.
Passable writing, been-done-before plot, shallow & stereotypical characters.

My biggest problems with this book were twofold.

1) That by the middle of the book, I just really truly didn't care one whit for any of the characters. Not the stilted 'hero/warrior' figure and definitely not the 'abandoned/confused/young-girl-with-a-world-changing-destiny' figure. The bad guys are suitably (and predictably) the 'ultimate' evil, and the gods in conflict are
I could not put this book down. From the first chapter, I was hooked. So many secrets surround Honus and Yim, and, as the reader, I wanted so much to figure out each and every one right along with the protagonists. However, I felt like nothing ever happened.

First off, the world seemed like such a cold, dark place. Everywhere Honus and Yim traveled, there was nothing but suffering and strife. I felt as if the entire world was just this bleak place with no hope of any kind. Even when the two prota
Verodarling Melani
I could not put this book down, I just had to see what will happen with Yim and Honus. But at the end I felt depressed.
I get it, it's dark fantasy, but so was "Daughter of the Blood" (Anne Bishop), and it didn't make me cringe at the thought of finishing the series. The problem is I couldn't see the hope in the story. It's clear to me that Yim is going to have to sacrifice herself (and probably Honus' heart) to defeat the evil Devourer. So, what's the moral? Noble sacrifice to save the world, b
I was surprised that I enjoyed this book. The nemesis of Yim and Honus-and everyone else, really-is dark and does take a lot of the hope for success from the story, but in a good way. You need to have a good challenge for the protagonist(s) and that is certainly the case for the pair. I liked the idea of two gods fighting for the people.

What I really enjoyed about Yim is that she’s neither too kick-ass nor too soft. She has flaws and is not prepared for what is to come but is working her way to
I've read this trilogy through at least twice so far. I find it endearing and powerful. A great beginning to an amazing series. It takes off very well for me, slowly bringing in the reader to a rip-roaring adventure. The religion of the goddess Karm is one of beauty, life, love, and peace. Personally I like it very much. The following of the Devourer is it's inimical opposite: violent, blood-thirsty, filled with hatred and death. Yim is The Chosen of Karm. What the true meaning of this is unknow ...more
Deviant Divas
The title was the reason I picked up this book. I wasnt sure what to expect after reading the first couple of chapters. Yim is a woman stuck with being the Chosen and Honus is a warrior in the service of a Compassion Goddess.

Fate brings these two odd people together and threw out the story Yim shows some feeling towards Honus who does have feeling for her.

My problem is that this book was a good read but I had a hard finding it believable in some parts like Yim cold and sometime conflicting emot
Enjoyed this, with one reservation. It is completely obvious this book was the first of a series, and that there would be no resolution or answers to any of the big questions. Sometimes I wish people didn't write series, just huge tomes where everything was wrapped up by the end.
Morgan Howell has a knack for creating characters and worlds to which you can relate. The first in "The Shadowed Path" triology is a perfect example. Yim is The Chosen One and is being sent south from the Wise Woman to the temple of Karm at Bermven. Her escrot is a Seer who is disguised as a peddler. When they are set upon by thieves, the Seer is killed and Yim is sold into slavery. Honus is a Sarf, charged with the holy duty of protecting his Bearer. Unfortunately, his bearer has been killed du ...more
Jean Tatro
Frankly it was disappointing. The thing that had drawn me to the first three books in the series, the strong heroine, is missing. Yim is, at best, a clichéd Princess Peach type character - constantly needing to be rescued before she'll lift a finger to help herself. Our hero also doesn't do much to endear himself, though at least he has some intelligence and sense. I still love the world, and I enjoy Howell's writing style. I also loved the various secondary characters that showed up, almost all ...more
Demelza Watt
Jun 28, 2010 Demelza Watt rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
After having read and thoroughly enjoyed Morgan Howell's Queen of the Orcs trilogy I was quite eager to get into this book and see what he had in store. His gift of prose makes this book, and his others, an easy read. The darkness and violence in it unsettled my stomach some, but by and large the rest of the book was a wonderful read and more than made up for that.

You really grow to love Yim and the Sarf who bought her, Honus. They were delightfully mismatched, and to see them grow and settle in
Coucher de soleil
I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I can't wait for the sequel! It was a fine tale of two individuals who, unbeknownst to them, are fated to meet and whose meeting and existence is probably the last hope for a world that is facing probable destruction through the malign influence of a god or 'essence' known only as the Devourer.

In general, I was thoroughly entertained and engaged by what, for me, was an original and engaging story.

What I will say is that if you don't like to be frightened, you m
David Wessel
Don't waste your time. The only good thing about this book is the title. It is childish.
I got this one by recommendation on Amazon for my Kindle at a reasonable price, but didn't know a lot a bout the book or the author. It turned out to be an entertaining read about a girl raised with a sense of destiny who winds up being bought as a slave and traveling through a countryside blighted by the invasion of a dark army. She goes through some horrific near escapes while hiding special powers learned in her youth with a wise woman. She ends up with a turn-around in her fortunes as she co ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This a very odd book. The cover looks like it's just going to be bodice-ripper, but all bodices made it out of the book intact. In some ways nothing really happens in this book. The whole thing just takes place when they're on the road. I don't know if this is remedied later books in the series, but it didn't grip me enough to get me through two more books.

The majority of the book is simply the two characters talking along the road, but it somehow works. The more exciting moments are when the tw
Rachel Thompson
Yim is a young seer cast into slavery and bought by Honus, a Sarf--a warrior dedicated to serving the goddess Karm. A Sarf's only purpose in life is to serve a Bearer, but Honus's was killed. Needing someone to bear his back, Honus pays ten coppers for Yim, entwining their fates forever.

With likable characters, I was disappointed to reach the end and realize that the story wasn't really over. I wanted to like this book more, but overall it's an average telling that ended in a different result th
Entertaining fluff. Ultra-cartoonish villains make this book so much less that its potential, but the author can write and the prose flows smoothly with the interaction between the two main characters very well done.

Seer girl and warrior not-so-ascetic monk, dark path, prophecies, some romance and hair raising escapes. For a reality escaping two hour entertainment this book beats any Hollywood movie for me so you could do worse.

Looking forward to the next installment.
Delicious Strawberry
This superb book has earned 4.5/5 stars. I heard of this book from a friend and decided to check it out, and wow, I was not disappointed. I just bought the first book of this author's Orc trilogy, as this one has roused my interest in the earlier series. This hook had its ups and downs, but the descriptions were realistic. It was definitely an engaging read, I finished it in two days! I am definitely more than eager to read the next installment of this series.
Angela Delgado
I don't know what it is about Howell that compels him to write like this.... :-( Two series now centering on a strong female personality, with mystic powers/connections to a goddess, who exist in slavery and form an unreasonable attachment to the slaveholder.

Although I thought this book was better than King's Property, it still wasn't enough for me to get past that comparison. A new theme would have served so much better.
This is more like a 3 star than 2, I loved the idea of the book so much. But the writing style was so grating and the characters were prickly throughout. I was dissatisfied with them since it was not passionate. It didn't have to be all gooey love, but just more feeling in the book would have been better. The author's other series with the Orcs was better, they went more leader-kick ass-girl in that one. It worked.
This book prompted me to try to elaborate a theory on those books which I find myself reading only so long as they stick with one story-line or POV. Tentatively, I think it is generally the case that I do this when the writing is not good enough to make the book interesting, but one of the characters or story-lines appeals to me.

Not enough for me to skip to the end and find out what happens, though.
This book is a promising start to Howell's latest series. We are introduced to the world that our two main characters, Yim and Honus, our from. While it mostly comprises of laying down the backstory to the overall plot, the author wastes no time in slowly introducing the growing evil that Yim will be forced to meet head on. But she is not alone, for she has Honus at her side.
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Morgan Howell is the pseudonym of author Will Hubbell. Hubbell uses his own name when writing childrens' picture books and for his science fiction novels published by Ace. He uses the name Morgan Howell for his recent fantasy writing, citing the darkness of the writing.

A graduate of Oberlin College and the Rochester Institute of Technology, MORGAN HOWELL is a full-time writer who lives in upstate
More about Morgan Howell...

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