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The Iron Giant
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The Iron Giant

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  4,352 ratings  ·  306 reviews
An iron giant saves the world in this contemporary classic.

A mysterious creature stalks the land, eating barbed wire and devouring tractors and plows. The farmers are mystified—and terrified. And then they glimpse him in the night: the Iron Giant, taller than a house, with glowing headlight eyes and an insatiable taste for metal. The hungry giant must be stopped at any cos
Paperback, 96 pages
Published July 20th 1999 by Yearling (first published 1968)
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When you write a review of a kid's book, there really should be a way to give it two different star ratings. One for you, and one for the kids you've read it to.

For me, this book might be a three star book. Four if I was feeling generous. I find it wordy and ponderous. Overwrought. The plot is pretty clunky and meh. I don't hate the book or anything, it's just doesn't do much for me.

But my boy loves it. He wants me to read it to him over and over again. And again.

I think this might be slightl
(Read for book club - 13/07/2013)
“Haven’t you heard of the music of the spheres?” asked the dragon. “It’s the music that space makes to itself. All the spirits inside all the stars are singing. I’m a star spirit. I sing too. The music of the spheres is what makes space so peaceful.”

I suppose the only way I could start this review would be by saying that approximately thirteen years ago a small, likely annoying girl of four's heart was torn apart by the ending scene of Brad Bird's The Iron Giant
Suad Shamma
I was thrilled when I got this copy of The Iron Man from my husband. I've always loved the movie The Iron Giant, and have it almost memorized in its entirety! I never knew that it was based on a book, nor that it was a book written by Ted Hughes!

I shamefully admit that this was my first Ted Hughes book, and although I enjoyed it, it was close to nothing like the movie. That put me off for many reasons, but the biggest being that I was reading it with the movie playing in my head, which was prob
Catherine McDonald
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes
The Iron Man: A Children’s Story In Five nights by Ted Hughes does indeed consist of five chapters; designed to be read a chapter per day, although some children may find it difficult to wait a whole day to hear more of this exciting story.
Set in a rural town, a town where a small boy called Hogarth goes fishing in the local stream only to come across an Iron Man. He forms a relationship with the Iron Man and he must save him from the adults. The fact that when he does
Miloš & Brontë
Pa: So you finished your first big book. How are you feeling?

Miloš: Proud of myself.

Pa: You should be. I'm proud of you too.

Miloš: Thanks, Pa.

Pa: Sure, so did you ... what did you think of it?

Miloš: There was a great author.

Pa: Who's that?

Miloš: Ted Hughes.

Pa: Why's he so great?

Miloš: Because I liked the space-bat-angel-dragon.

Pa: The what?!

Miloš: The space-bat-angel-dragon is what I said, Monsieur.

Pa: I thought it was the Iron Giant.

Miloš: And the Iron Giant.

Pa: So what did the space-bat-angel-
Rhian Loxley
I am about to start reading the Iron man with my year three class, and I cannot wait.

Having had the pleasure and vivid memories of being read this story by one of my own teachers when I was at school. I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would enjoy reading this book again, now that i am an adult. I need not have worried, Ted Hughes' writing is magical and this story was made to be read aloud. In fact I have enjoyed reading it so much, that over the half term holiday I read the story alo
The Iron Man book is one of the most remembered books from my childhood.

The adventure starts with an immediate introduction of the Iron Man, giving great detail in his appearance. The suspense quickly builds up as the Iron Man falls down the cliff and in to little pieces. The body parts then start to reassemble, one by one until the Iron Man is complete. A little boy named Hogarth appears on the scene, fishing in a stream before he is startled by the Iron Man. Hogarth runs home to raise the alar
Gareth Roberts
The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is a book that I came across due to the year four class I was placed in using the book for the basis of their Autumn terms literacy lessons. The Iron Man is a third person account of a metal eating iron giant who falls from space to impact on Hogarth's and the rest of the village's lives.
The book was used successfully as the basis for a combination of literacy lessons due to the authors use of many literary devices which the class were required to learn that term. It
I bought this book based purely on how much I loved Brad Bird's movie adaptation, The Iron Giant. And I think the excellence of the film completely overshadowed this book in my readings.

Hughes has a simple, lyrical style that works for younger readers. And he divides the chapters into episodes to make it easily digestible. However, the story itself has no real depth of character, and prefers to stay detached in describing the realm of the fantastic. We never really see Hogarth and the Giant beco
Těžko hodnotit dětskou knihu z pohledu dospěláka. Zvláště pak Železného muže, který se pyšní krásným knižním zpracováním a příběhem, jenž bezpochyby dokáže chytit za srdce. Možná jsem na tento typ příběhů už starší, ale na druhou stranu si mne kniha získala - ať už skrze ilustrace, nebo některé hezké momenty.
Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
A 1001 CBYMRBYGU. One day, an Iron Giant arrives on earth. He eats barbed wire and tractors and plows, causing problems for the farmers. Finally, the farmers devise a trap for the Iron Giant and they successfully capture him. Then an even more terrible creature arrives from space and the Iron Giant must come to the rescue.

“The peoples of the world got together. If they fed it, how could they ever satisfy it? It would never be full, and every new day it would be as hungry as ever. How can you fee
Matti Karjalainen
Vuonna 1968 ilmestynyt Ted Hughesin "Rautamies" (Kustannus-Mäkelä, 1993) on klassikon aseman saavuttanut englantilainen lastenkirja, joka on tullut tutuksi myös The Whon Pete Townshendin rock-oopperana ja Brad Birdin animaatioelokuvana. Meillä se ei ole ehkä saavuttanut samanlaista mainetta ja kuuluisuutta, mistä kertonee sekin, että kirjan ensimmäinen ja ainoa painos otettiin vuonna 1993.

Tarina käynnistyy väkevästi. Valtavan kokoinen Rautamies nousee merestä ja ryhtyy syömään metallia. Olennon
Sara Hannon
Contains Spoilers

1. Science Fiction

2. The Iron Giant tells the story of a giant made of iron, who after making peace with local farmers, manages to save the world from a giant space dragon.

3. I actually loved this book up until the end. The beginning is great, where the kid feels guilty about what they do to the Iron Giant, and then when the space dragon arrives, the panic and response of Earth is realistic and interesting. Then it takes a turn that I thought was a cop-out. There is this great
I remember this book as being magic. I know when I was quite young I had both this and The Iron Woman. I didn't like that as much. I'm doing a children's lit module this next semester, so I dug out a lot of "childhood classics" or books I adored as a kid to reread, or at least glance at. It doesn't take long to reread The Iron Man (or The Iron Giant, as my sister's copy insists).

The back calls it a modern fairytale, which is true. It's purely fantastical, with a big iron man and a bit space-drag
Baysal Hassan
‘The Iron Man’: A Children’s Story in Five Nights is made up of five chapters, the story was designed to be read to children over five nights but unfortunately I was unable to follow this routine and as a result the story was read in less than an hour. Each chapter ended with a climax, ‘how far had he walked? Nobody knows. Where had he come from nobody knows?’ and therefore I was drawn into the exciting and engaging story about the Iron Man.

‘The Iron Man’ is a story about a mysterious ‘metal ma
This story appears to be some sort of mythic allegory? Or something else. It may yet come to me. Maybe I should give it another star just for giving me something to puzzle about. The writing got smoother along the way as if the author were learning English, and yet Hughes, well, British poet and all that. It's as if he were a spare and understating poet who discovered prose and children's lit all at the same time. I don't know anything about him, and somehow know even less having read his book. ...more
Na začátku se všechno rozpadne. Kovové součástky rachotí a cinkají o kamení. Pak se železný muž, který přišel bůhvíodkud, dá zase sám dohromady. Ale tím to zdaleka nekončí. Příběh, ve kterém ohlušující plechové řinčení nakonec vystřídá samotná hudba sfér. Především však zvláštně skvělá moderní pohádka.
Fantasy Svet
Ted Hughes a jeho Železný muž

Vedeli ste?
Naša literárna teória začleňuje literatúru pre deti a mládež do oblasti takej literárnej tvorby, ktorá zodpovedá vnímaniu vekovo obmedzeného okruhu čitateľov spravidla do 14 až 15 roku života. Literárna teória pri tom nekladie dôraz na to, či ide o zámernú tvorbu pre deti a mládež, alebo o diela pre dospelých, ktoré sú vhodné i ako čítanie pre deti. Za vznik literatúry pre deti a mládež je zodpovedná ľudová slovesnosť podávajúca prostoduchý (čiže detskému
D.M. Dutcher
A very brief book that is nothing like the wonderful movie made from it. Odd, too.

The Iron Giant is a mysterious creature with an appetite for metal of all kinds. He quickly lays waste to a farming community until a young boy named Hogarth traps him in a huge pit. Soon the giant is tamed, and just in time too. A huge invader from space has come to take over the earth, and he's our only hope.

It's an odd little book. The Giant at first seems to be little more than a walking garbage disposal. There
Andrew Shute
This book has captivated since I was at primary school myself.
A young boy called Hogarth discovers a metallic beast, who we come to know is the Iron Man. This 'monster' eats anything it wants, we are witnesses to him eating tractors in half just so he can satisfy his stomach, this book is fully of imagery that relates to children - "with a head as big as a bedroom". I remember it was descriptions like this that had me sat in silence.
As the story progresses the Iron Man apparently dies when he f
Max Lawson
The Iron Man is a classic childrens novel set over five chapter and designed to be read over five days. The story is about a young boy named Hogarth, who on a fishing trip nearly his town discovers the Iron Man, and the two form a friendship. The local farmers set a trap for the Iron Man as they are sick of the damage this tall-as-a-house giant inflicts on their land, only to find that it fails. Eventually they make peace with the Iron Man, who goes on to save the Earth when a giant bat-creature ...more
Jonathan Fowle
Little is known about The Iron Man when he first appears on a top of a cliff, having seemingly come from nowhere. Falling off the cliff he manages to put himself back together, but he is spotted by a local boy called Hogarth. The local villagers do not know whether or not to believe Hogarth, but soon tractors, cars and barbed wired fences start going the culprit must be The Iron Man. Hogarth comes up with a plan to trap The Iron Man and so the villagers dig a massive hole and The I ...more
Tamara Mckinney
I tried cutting myself off at the end of each chapter to get a feel for what it might be like as a bedtime story over five nights, but I couldn't fight the cliffhangers (pun intended), and read the book in one afternoon. I felt, as no doubt many children over the years have felt,sympathetic toward the giant as he was obviously misunderstood. The flying alien, what drew it to Earth, and the message about peace make the story even more memorable.
Muireann Mc Gowan
This is a modern take on a classic fairytale with the essential fairytale elements; a hero, a villain and of course, a happy ending. This story begins with the arrival of a giant Iron Man, ‘who was as tall as a house’ and had a head ‘shaped like a dustbin’ who decides to satisfy his strange appetite by eating farm machinery and scrap metal. The local people are both angry at the destruction of their property and are scared of what they don't understand and come up with a plan to get rid of the I ...more
Angharad Truelove
I've only read this book as an adult (bought for me as a present as I love the film) and it's a clunky but easy read with the heavy moral messages emphasised throughout. But, all those things make it a brilliant book for the age group it is intended for. I especially love the 'space-bat-angel-dragon' - I mean what else could it possibly have been called?! :-)
Amber M
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Awards: Kurt Maschler Award
Grade Level: 3-5

In the Iron Giant the giant likes to eat metal. I could use this in the classroom by talking about recycling and maybe even starting our own recycling program. The Iron Giant is taller than a house. I could use this as part as a math lesson. We could talk about how tall the giant could be and what units of measurement might be sensible for measuring things taller than a house. There is also an earthquake that takes place in the book
A short 5 chapter book which draws in readers through its connective storyline. Due to its nameless rural town it draws its young readers in through placing them within it through its descriptive narrative such as: the description of the bat angel dragon and the Iron Man itself.

A bit more of a challenging book within the primary school forum but would recommend it to be read to anyone under 7, but easily accessible for the 8 to 11 year old's. Something that every primary school child should read
Dec 27, 2013 Claire rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
We studied the first chapter of this book in year three but I don't think we ever got round to reading the rest of it (we did watch the film version though)... Recently I had a sudden wish to read it again so I asked for it for Christmas and have now finally read the entire book! Probably my favourite children's book, the language is beautiful and it's a lovely quick read which I am certain I will come back to over and over again.
Libby Meyer
The Iron Man is a thought-provoking story about fear and acceptance, told from the perspective of an omniscient narrator. Written by Ted Hughes as a “modern day fairy-tale” following the untimely death of his wife, it follows the story of a metal man of dubious origin, who despite being peaceful, causes much consternation in the town that he visits. After finding solace on a scrapyard- and offering his services munching metal, he is enlisted to save the Earth from a space-bat-angel-dragon.

One of my favorite animated films is The Iron Giant so when I discovered that it was based off of a book by the same name...well I had to read it didn't I? Ted Hughes, late poet laureate, created something truly special with this book. It's incredibly short (79 pages to be exact) but so much is crammed within those pages that it spoke more to me than some books three times that length. It is the tale of an Iron Giant/Man who arrives in a small town and begins wreaking havoc among the farmers by ...more
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Edward James Hughes was an English poet and children's writer, known as Ted Hughes. His most characteristic verse is without sentimentality, emphasizing the cunning and savagery of animal life in harsh, sometimes disjunctive lines.

The dialect of Hughes's native West Riding area of Yorkshire set the tone of his verse. At Pembroke College, Cambridge, he found folklore and anthropology of particular
More about Ted Hughes...
Birthday Letters Crow: From the Life and Songs of the Crow (Faber Library) Collected Poems The Hawk in the Rain Letters of Ted Hughes

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“Haven’t you heard of the music of the spheres?” asked the dragon. “It’s the music that space makes to itself. All the spirits inside all the stars are singing. I’m a star spirit. I sing too. The music of the spheres is what makes space so peaceful.” 11 likes
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