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Kevin Henkes
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Chester's Way [With Paperback Book] (Mouse Books)

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Chester and Wilson are two of a kind, and do everything together and in their very own rigid ways. Then wacky Lilly moves into the neighborhood and turns their world upside down.
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Published October 1st 2004 by Live Oak Media (NY) (first published August 15th 1988)
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Lisa Vegan
Sep 04, 2010 Lisa Vegan rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: readers who want a story about embracing change, making new friends & appreciating friendship
Ha ha ha. Three blind mice. (see Halloween costumes inside the book)

I just love this author/illustrator. He’s so vividly remembers childhood.

His illustrations, which wouldn’t appeal to me that much outside of any context, work so well in this book. They’re adorable.

This is a wonderful story, one that children will completely understand, about friendship. It’s about a friendship, and how it evolves. It’s about making room for new friends. It’s about what binds and connects us.

It’s a lovely story...more
Chester is the neighborhood Weird Kid. Clearly. He always does things in his own special and particular way. So does his friend, Wilson. They double knot their shoelaces. They use handsignals on their bikes. They never swing at the first pitch. They always carry extra bandaids.

Then Lilly moves in, with HER special way of doing things. And Chester and Wilson avoid her like the plague. Seriously. But she saves the day with water guns when some bigger boys decide to taunt Chester and Wilson (it's t...more
Geneva Roberts
I liked this book and its message to children. Chester the mouse is very set in his ways. He likes things done his way and has a best friend named Wilson who is just like him in the way he does things. A new mouse named Lilly moves into the neighborhood and is very different than Chester and Wilson. They don't much care for her at first because she is so different compared to them. Chester and Wilson encounter some bullies while in the park and Lilly , who likes to dress up in disguises, is dres...more
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Paul Farbman
Feb 23, 2014 Paul Farbman rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Second to third graders
Recommended to Paul by: Terry Benton
Kevin Henkes created a wonderful story about friendship in Chester's Way. The story begins by describing Chester, a young personified mouse who likes everything a certain way. His best friend Wilson has very similar interests, and they do everything together. When Lilly moves into their neighborhood, Chester and Wilson do not quite know what to make of her strange way of doing things. When she tries to befriend them, they find ways of ignoring her.

One day, some older mice begin to make fun of C...more
Nani Yanagi
This book is about a mouse named Chester. He was very used to his doing his own thing without anyone else until Wilson moved into town. They became the best of friends, doing everything together. Then another strange mouse came into town, her name was Lily. She was an odd mouse, running all over the place with weird costumes. Chester and Wilson did everything they could to stay away from her and avoid talking to her. One day, Chester and Wilson were being picked on by other mice until a cat popp...more
Pat (Get Kids to Read) Tierney
Henkes, Kevin. Chester's Way. New York: Greenwillow, 1988. Print

This review is also posted on Get Kids to Read:
Grades K-2

Chester's Way is a story of friendship between Chester and Wilson. Chester and Wilson both have their own ways of doing things. They have the same breakfast and play the same games. When Lilly moves in she has different ideas and they choose to avoid her. One day a bully was bothering Chester and Wilson and Lilly helps them out and secures her...more
Love the pictures. Story was good, too. A good storytime read or a lap-sit--either would be enjoyable for the adults as well as the children. Some of the humor was subtle but I got a kick out of it. Lessons to be learned, but nothing that shoves it in your face.
Genre: Picture Storybooks
Chester and Wilson, Wilson and Chester. That's the way it was.....until Lilly moved into the neighborhood. This incredible story tells of three loveable mice as they learn about what friendship is all about. Children will relate to the quirkiness of the characters and simply fall in love with them.
Themes: Friendship, acceptance
Ways to use the book: I have used this book as a read-aloud EVERY year to start the school year at EVERY grade I've ever taught. Is is a good remi...more
Haley Dustman
In Chester's Way Kevin Henkes teaches us to introduce yourself to new people. Chester and Wilson are friends and they learn that even though Lilly does dangerous things, they can still be friends with her because you never know what might happen. Chester and Wilson were "practicing hand signals" when some older boys rode by "popping wheelies" and being mean. When Chester and Wilson were sad, a "fierce looking cat" jumped out of the bushes and scared the older boys away and that's how Chester and...more
3.75 Stars

I enjoyed having this read to me by Vannesa Marano and Katie Leclerc.

I like the story about getting along and finding differences. We aren't all a like and that is a good thing. Chester and Wilson are stuck in their own world of diagonally sliced sandwiches until Lilly comes along.

I am hit and miss with Henkes book, either I like them or I hate them. This is a like. I mean, any friends that will dress up as the Three Blind Mice so they all cou...more
Lauren Stoolfire
I've always enjoyed Kevin Henkes, so when I found the video of Vanessa Marano and Katie Leclerc reading/signing this story via Book Riot I had to watch.

Chester and Wilson are inseparable best friends and have their own way of doing everything together. Then, Lilly moved into the neighborhood and she has her own way of doing things. Eventually, they become the best of friends and develop their own way of doing things together.

Both actress did excellent jobs bringing the characters to life. I esp...more
Chester and Wilson are best friends who do absolutely everything together. They like to do things their own way and think Lilly, the new girl in the neighborhood, is very strange. They always tried to avoid playing with her until one day, while Chester and Wilson were being picked on by mean boys, Lilly scared them away with a cat disguise. Chester and Wilson were so thankful that they invited Lilly to play with them. It turned out that they all had a lot in common, taught each other all kinds o...more
Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes is a story of two best friends who love doing the same things their own way. What will happen to their friendship when Lilly, with her own style, moves into the neighborhood?

Chester and Wilson did everything together: cut their sandwiches dialonally, used hand signals when riding their bikes, and carried extra bandaids. Lilly wears flamboyant disguises and carries a squirt gun just in case. The two friends avoid her like the plague, until the day she rescues them. T...more
Eva Leger
Julia and I are slowly but surely going through every Henkes' book we can find. So far there hasn't been one we haven't liked or loved. We both fell in love with Lilly so I was fairly sure we'd do the same with Chester and I was right.
Chester's Way is a great book for any young kid, especially one so set in their own routines that they may not see other ways of doing things. Children dealing with OCD or anything similar may be able to get something out of it as well. That's not to say a child no...more
Chester and his best friend Wilson do everything together, and they have a very particular way of doing things. One day a new girl named Lilly comes to town and asks to play with them. Lilly has her own way of doing things, which is much different from what Chester and Wilson are used to. At first they are wary of Lilly and avoid her at all costs but when trouble arises, Lilly proves that she is a worthy friend.

I love Kevin Henkes for both the stories he writes and the illustrations he creates...more
Mary Ward
Feb 09, 2012 Mary Ward marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: eced221
Chester Speaks, by Kevin Henkes is a story about Chester, a very routine oriented mouse. He had a friend, Wilson, who was exactly the same way. They did everything together, and did everything the same. For Halloween, they were salt and pepper, or ham and eggs, etc. That's the way it was and the way it always had been, until Lilly moved into the neighborhood. Gaining Chester and Wilson approval was a challenge for Lilly. Lilly displayed heroics one day when Chester and Wilson were in trouble, an...more
Chester has his own way of doing things.He always cuts his sandwich diagonally, he always carries a first aid kit (just in case), and he always used hand signals when riding his bike. Yes, Chester was very set in his ways and so was his friend Wilson. Chester and Wilson did EVERYTHING together. If one of them wanted to play outside then they both did. If one of them wanted to ride bikes then they both did. Chester and Wilson were like “two peas in a pod”. One day a new girl moved in next door. L...more
This book is considered to be in the fantasy genre because it has personified animals. Before reading about the genre for class, I would have never put it there. I have been reading stories with personified animals for years and just thought they were fiction, now I know.

This is an interested book. More than the story, I have to say that I like the format of the book and the illustrations. Very great illustrations are placed over or next the text that deals with the illustration. The illustrati...more
Chester and Wilson had their own way of doing things, and they did everything together. When they cut their sandwiches, it was always diagonally. When they rode their bikes, they always used hand signals. If Chester was hungry, Wilson was too. They were two of a kind, and that's the way it was - until indomitable Lilly, who had her own way of doing things, moved into the neighborhood.

What I like about this book is that it shows children that just because everyone has things they like to do, it d...more
The first thing I noticed about the Book Chester's Way was the vertical orientation. The next thing that I noticed was that most of the pictures were framed like you were supposed to be on the outside of the story. I think this is a great children's book because most children have a best friend that they like to do everything with just like Chester and and Wilson. In other words this book is very relatable to children.
Melynda Moore
What: This books is about boy mice named Chester and Wilson. They were exactly the same and did everything together. Then Lilly moves into the neighborhood. The boys did not want to change anything up and thought that the way Lilly did things was a bit odd. The would not play with her until one day she steps in and scares some bullies away in one of her disguises. Chester and Wilson are so thankful that they give her a chance. They realize that she is a great friend and they all teach each other...more
Maris Digiovanni
Chester and Wilson are best friends who do absolutely everything together. They like to do things their own way and think Lilly, the new girl in the neighborhood, is very strange. They always tried to avoid playing with her until one day, while Chester and Wilson were being picked on by mean boys, Lilly scared them away with a cat disguise. Chester and Wilson were so thankful that they invited Lilly to play with them. It turned out that they all had a lot in common, taught each other all kinds o...more
Erika Laudermilt
This book is a great way to show children that things do not always have to be the same. When kids are young they still have the mind set that everything has to be there way all of the time. This book is a good way to show that change is not always a bad thing, a lot of the time it is a good thing to change to help make your life better.
Danielle Harriger
PB 9: I thought that this book presented ideas about friendship in a clever and light-hearted way. The parallel use of sentences and plot line among the characters allowed the story to be read at a fast pace and gave direction to the book. I was most drawn into the story when Chester and Wilson finally realize the power of learning new things when you extend your circle of friends to those you would not normally associate with. I think friendship is an important theme at any age, and I think thi...more
Brogan Todd
Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes showed how it is important not to judge a book by its cover. At first, the boys were hesitant to accept Lilly and after time they grew to realize that they were all the same. I really enjoyed this book and thought that it was silly and would be a great collection to my library.
Nov 02, 2012 Margaret rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Margaret by: Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten
This is a beautiful story about friendship. Friendships of long standing and new ones just beginning. While most of the Henkes mouse characters that we have come to love are little girls this one has two delightful boys in Winston and Chester as well as Lilly. This would be a great early reader for any child.

Recommended by Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten and while this one is a larger picture book size as opposed to the smaller early readers (Penny chapter books) it is a great addition to our...more
April Smith
This is a very well written book. It is a great book to show children how to accept others even if you are content with your current friend(s). This book shows that others can have the same interests and hobbies as you, but you can only find out if you give them a chance.
I enjoyed this book because I liked how Chester and his friend were very particular/ boring and did the same routine everyday and Lilly joined the neighborhood and she showed them new experiences.
"Chester's Way" is the perfect example of animal personification. Chester is a mouse. He is very peculiar and likes to do things his own way. He has a best friend names Wilson. They both get along well because they are alike in many ways. They don't include anyone in their circle, until Lily comes along. They avoid Lily until she helps them ward of bullies one day. Then they find out that Lily is just like them and they all become good friends. If this story has a moral it should be that you sho...more
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Kevin Henkes became an author/illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.
Today he's the author of many award-winning picture books and novels.
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