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Hitman, Volume 1: Rage In Arkham
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Hitman, Volume 1: Rage In Arkham (Hitman #1)

3.76 of 5 stars 3.76  ·  rating details  ·  850 ratings  ·  37 reviews
On the back streets of Gotham City, ex-military operative Tommy Monaghan has set himself up as a hired gun. Surrounded by an odd assortment of friends and allies, the Hitman with a heart must deal with personal conflicts over honor and morals as he makes a living with a gun. But even with the telepathic ability to read his targets' minds, he still finds himself well over h ...more
Paperback, 144 pages
Published July 24th 2009 by Titan Books Ltd (first published July 1996)
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The tale of a hitman who picks up super powers that let him x-ray everything and read the thoughts of others. He starts by dealing with the fallout from the mob but the real focus is when an alien race employs him indirectly to assassinate the Joker in Arkham Asylum but Batman tries to stop him. This is mostly a lighthearted action piece that doesn't take itself too seriously. You should not either.

I had read the first 3 issues of Hitman collected in this volume before but not The Demon Annual special where Tommy made his debut and the Batman Chronicles issue. I'm reading this series now because i have waited 5,6 years for DC to start reprinting volumes of the series.

This volume collect the start of my favorite dark humor series. Its a violent story about Tommy Monaghan a Hitman in Gotham, a different POV on Gotham. Tommy isnt a superhero or supervillain despite he has two superpowers. Nat
The next volume in my 2015 comics reread list.

This one is interesting for me because I read the individual comics and this volume collects Hitman 1-3, a single story from Batman Chronicles #4, and The Demon Annual #2. The latter of which I do not have access to and am not sure that I have actually ever read.

The Batman Chronicles story is a good intro the the character. Hitman 1-3 also include Batman, and are entertaining as Tommy gets hired to kill the Joker. The alien gunslinger is pretty weird
Mark Desrosiers
Hitman (Tommy Monaghan) is really just a Punisher with x-ray vision and mind-reading abilities, plus some normal human drives (thirst and lust). In other words, mildly interesting but also a potential snoozefest. And yeah, this first trade compilation doesn't quite flesh out a personality for Tommy, other than the occasional quip. What really made this click was not writer Garth Ennis -- who seems a bit constrained by Gotham City here -- but some truly garish and hideous adversaries created by a ...more
Brenda Burns
This was a fun and quick 3 issue story. Hitman is contracted to hit the Joker, but it's not him, it is a demon from hell. 2 demons send their multi armed goon after Tommy Monaghan (Hitman) to bring him to hell and join their army, or something like that, it never really gave the super detailed reason why they want him, just that they think he is a true evil person, but Tommy even tells Batman that he could use his x-ray vision to find out who he is, but won't because he is a good guy, a good guy ...more
Sam Quixote
After a freaky encounter with a space alien god thing, Tommy Monaghan aka Hitman, is left with super powers including telepathy and x-ray vision. Rather than help out or become a superhero like everyone else, Tommy decides to keep going as a Hitman choosing superhero targets and putting him in a different class of Hitman.

Sound familiar? This seems like DC’s weak attempt at getting a “Punisher” type character together. Ironically, this 90s effort from Garth Ennis would be a warm up for Ennis’ le
Tanya Renolds
So it's Batman vs Hitman vs Mawzir, when Tommy is paid a million clams to whack the Joker. The 1st issue is just you getting to know Tommy Monaghan and what he's about, a Hitman with a heart. He comes to find out the job was a ploy to get him to Mawzir and he can deliever him to his demon bosses, but Tommy being the hero don't anna kill for the demons and ends up winning the day by the end of the 3rd issue. Quick and on to the next.
Tyson Adams
Sometimes you read something that leaves you scratching your head. I think this is one of those books. Either that or I need to change shampoo.

Garth Ennis' Hitman is an interesting tale, almost something you would expect from a different publishing house to DC Comics. Tommy Monaghan is a freelance hitman working in Gotham city when he is bitten by a demon and picks up the ability to hear people's thoughts, see through walls and wear sunglasses at night without looking like a douchebag. With his
Jimmy Briggs
More madness from Garth, there is a hitman in Gotham and he is paid to kill the Joker. Nobody seems to mind except for Batman and one single detective. All the other cops don't even want to be there. When Hitman Tommy shows up at to do the job, it turns out to be an 8 armed and gun wielding demon there to recruit Tommy. Is it just me or does Garth Ennis just happen to find the perfect artist to draw that slight bit of comedy. I would love to see how Garth's story would come out with a Jim Lee or ...more
Michael Anderson
I read a lot of this series back in the 90s and loved it then. Very funny and well-written superhero fare about an irreverent hit man who kills only the bad guys and has x-ray vision and can read minds at the cost of a migraine. Not that these powers play much part in the storylines. Buddy and love relationships, done up funny, along with tons of violence, take up most of the space. And it's interesting to get Ennis's take on traditional heroes, such as Batman, Green Lantern, and Catwoman. Solid ...more
Great book. I love Ennis though.
This trade contains The Demon Annual #2, material from The Batman Chronicles #4, and Hitman #1-3.

In 1993 DC had an event running through their annuals called Bloodlines, where parasitic aliens attacked Earth, consumed people's spinal fluid, and ended up giving a subset of their victims superpowers. In this way each annual intruded a new superhero or super-villain. Yeah. So moving on...

There's was one success story in the bunch - the Demon Annual introduced Tommy Monaghan, a street level assassi
Ennisovo čedo othranjeno u relativno produktivnom stripovskom razdoblju, nakon Hellblazera i usred Preachera... Ex-marinac Tommy Monaghan uslijed izvazije metamorfnih vampira parazita iz svemira dobije nadnaravne moći (telepatiju i rentgenske moći)koje mu omogućuju da postane ultimativni plaćeni ubojica - The Hitman! Plaćeni ubojica upitnog morala, brz na okidaču i beskompromisnih reakcija, Tommy brzo zadobije listu neprijatelja, kao i superjunaka poput Batmana koji poprijeko gledaju na njegove ...more
Oct 23, 2008 Cyn rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People who reek of awesomeness
Yes, Garth Ennis actually wrote a DC title that was not for mature readers. And half the fun is how he constantly stretched the rules...and how the rules made Ennis come up with new and inventive ways to tell a good story. Don't get me wrong- Hitman runs the gamut of humor, from gallows to dark and twisted to lighthearted and sweet. What people missed out on with it's run is that there is some incredible storytelling (and not just the one where Tommy throws up on Batman's boots, though yes, it h ...more
Written at the same time as his masterwork Preacher, Ennis has said himself that he actually enjoyed working on this less celebrated work more; as Preacher took off and became one of the gold-standard comic book series of the late nineties, Ennis and artist John McCrea used Hitman to tell the sort of filthy, inane, hilarious stories that they couldn't shoehorn into Preacher, as well as develop Tommy Monaghan into a terrific character in his own right. A hitman who takes down superheroes, whose o ...more
The cover of the first TPB is my proxy for the whole 60-issues-in-pamphlet series (plus Annual and throw-away "1,000,000" story), which I recently re-read over a few days sick in bed. HITMAN is perfect sick-day reading: a fast-moving and fundamentally silly serial about an Irish-American hired killer who specializes in super-powered targets. The series rolls out ludicrously over-the-top scenarios and plots, homages to every imaginable pop fiction trope (from time machines and dinosaurs to Hong K ...more
I enjoyed reading this book and a fan of Hitman since his debut a decade ago. I am not a Garth Ennis fan, love this character because he doesn't take himself too seriously and very funny. I miss this series and wouldn't mind reading the collected volumes.
These comics aren't bad, but they don't really speak to me. I don't find the title character particularly interesting, and I intensely dislike this version of Batman.
Of interest only for fans to see Ennis' bridge from 2000AD to The Boys. The story is weak and lacks the wit I expect from Ennis.

The "Hitman" character starts out as a Johnny Alpha knock off (due to demonic / alien attack) in the Batman universe, then morphs into proto Billy Butcher from "The Boys". The Batman interaction is weak and out of character; not many writers do Batman well and Ennis' over the top story telling is not suited for the Dark Knight.

Aliens and demons in Gotham is always goi
Does every hero, quasi-hero, antihero, and villain that resides in Gotham find themselves in Batman’s bad graces at least once in their career? It sure seems like it. Okay, I guess that’s a stupid question. I just find it highly amusing how self-righteous a man who puts people in traction, eagerly so might I add, can be about other people doing something alike (and sometimes worse, but mostly alike) to the same people. That’s just me, though.

This review is full of spoilers from previous arcs fea
Subjektivan sam,ali Hitman je pravo stripovsko osvježenje a to osvježenje se odnosi na akcijski žanr. Batman,Superman,Green Lantern,Catwoman su epizodni likovi i na trenutke prikazani kao obični ljudi. Inače volim antiheroje i Tommy Hitman Monaghan je jedan od njih. Naravno tu je i cijela plejada uvrnutih likova iz kvarta koji još više doprinose ljudskim odnosima za razliku od vječno herojski nabrijanih inačica iz dc/marvel/vertigo multiuniversa. Preporuka za opuštanje na plaži :)Pročitao prva d ...more
Corto Maltese
This is simply one of the funniest Superhero-books I ever read. To throughly enjoy it, it also helps when you think Supes are a teeny weeny bit ridiculous anyway.
Because it's this "quality" of the Spandex-Faction that Ennis explores with mucho gusto.
In this book it's Batman who gets the Hitman - treatment which means he's getting dragged through quite some bit of cocoa.
This series reminds me a lot of "The boys" in which Ennis pursues a similiar theme. Only Hitman is not that gritty and dark and
While the Demon and Batman Chronicles installments are uneven, the book as a whole manages to be fairly good. Once Ennis and McCrea can put aside crossover sagas that are better off not recalled and focus on Tommy Monaghan and his cast, the series quickly finds its footing. Lots of fantasy and some nasty villains - the heart of the series isn't quite formed yet, but the wit and humor are in full force and McCrea is perfectly suited to drawing this seedy world of shoot-'em-ups and supernatural/sc ...more
Sam Poole
Singular in its vision and accessible in spite of itself. Some homophobic bs but largely shockingly free of cheesecake and misogyny. The mission statement and the origin are lucid and, though born out of a goofy XTREME crossover, there are some real excellent moments in here. The panel where tommy wakes up with his eyes totally black is excellent. A good collection that shows a lot of promise for the next few trades. Especially love the seamless melding of crime, superhero, scifi and horror trop ...more
This is, like, my three millionth reread of Hitman, but it's still great. The first volume's a bit rough: McCrea's art is cartoonier than he gets later, Ennis still doesn't have much idea of what's more integral to Tommy's story, his women or his friends, and it leans much more heavily towards the occult angle rather than the "real-except-for-occasional-superpowers-and-mad science" angle that dominates the book later. But! It's still such great stuff. Totally worth reading.
Robert Morganbesser
Tommy Monoghan, aka HITMAN, is the best character to come out of DC's New Blood event, where new heroes and villains were created. Tommy, attacked by an alien that activated his metagene, now possessed of X-Ray vision and telepathy (a fine power for a guy who hunts metahumans), goes up against Batman in the first arc, where he accepts a job to hit... the Joker. Ennis and McCrea obviously had a great time doing this and it shows.
Krystl Louwagie
I'll be Garth Ennis's cheerleader again, here. Imaginative, interesting, interesting mix of religion, magic, demons, mobs, Arkham, Batman and gang! I loved seeing Batman as a side character, and one that wasn't villainous or a hero. I loved the idea of new demons introduced, but I also loved seeing the Batman characters in a new, and more adult, light. Good humor, original art, great stuff! I'd love to read more Hitman by Ennis.
It seems like Tommy Monaghan is a DC version of Frank Castle, but with less back story. That being said, having him start his adventures in Gotham with Jason Blood and Batman, along with Arkham residents is a good place to start and build the interest in the character. I would definitely consider reading the next Volume in the series. Hopefully a little less OTT in the storylines this time.
Khairul H.
A hitman gets x-ray vision and telepathic powers after he was attacked by a demon. God, I love superhero comic books.

But this hitman isn't a goody two shoes. He may not like the heroes but he doesn't mess with them either.

Violent, sexual situations and language. Perfect for the kids and grandma!
Federiken Masters
Creo que leí esta historia en los tomitos mexicanos de Hitman que sacó Vid, y recuerdo que me gustó bastante pero me resultó un poco tibio para lo inmoral y desaforado que se suponía que era el tal Hitman.
Quizás si algún día completo la serie le deba pegar una releída integral.
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Ennis began his comic-writing career in 1989 with the series Troubled Souls. Appearing in the short-lived but critically-acclaimed British anthology Crisis and illustrated by McCrea, it told the story of a young, apolitical Protestant man caught up by fate in the violence of the Irish 'Troubles'. It spawned a sequel, For a Few Troubles More, a broad Belfast-based comedy featuring two supporting ch ...more
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