Taken by Storm (Taken by Storm, #1)
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Taken by Storm (Taken by Storm #1)

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Leesie Hunt has many rules: No kissing. No sex. No dating outside the Mormon faith.

When Michael Walden--a deep-sea diver who lost his parents in a violent hurricane--arrives in town, Leesie sees someone who needs her. They fall for one another, even though his dreams are tied to the depths of the ocean and hers to salvation above.

Will their intense chemistry be too strong...more
Paperback, 291 pages
Published February 4th 2010 by Razorbill (first published March 5th 2009)
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Leesie is a Mormon. She’s never smoked, never tasted alcohol, doesn’t make out, goes to church, and tries to live her life according to her beliefs.

Michael is a surfer dude. He’s been raised on the ocean, in touch with nature, and has learned to express his deep emotions by having sex.

When Michael’s parents are killed in a freak storm, he comes to live with his grandmother in Washington. He is filled with grief over his parents’ death and hates being uprooted from the only life he’s known. When...more

This book is proof that you can write a steamy novel full of romantic tension without having your characters ever actually have sex. In fact, the forbidden love aspect notched the romantic tension way up.

The main premise is this: Michael is a wounded hot guy. He was out with his parents and other members of his diving club when a hurricane hit their boat. He is pretty much the sole survivor. He needs somebody to help him through his nightmares and give him a reason to live again. He needs...more
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Jackie(No Bent Spines)
2.5 stars
This book had me addicted..but i really didn't like it.
The writing style was cool. I liked how in the beginning Michael thoughts all had a lowercase 'i' instead of an uppercase 'I' like was used in the end. To me the lowercase signaled vulnerability and the uppercase gave me a sense of new found strength. I loved how for Leesie's thoughts all of it was in chat or poems.How you were never told what was happening to her outright, how it was always told in poetry really spoke to me.
I get...more
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The Taken by Storm trilogy has the potential to be quite a controversial series. This series approaches the subject of inter-faith dating and the "gray" lines that sometimes arise from dating a person not of your faith. This book is written in a very unique way, alternating chapters between Leesie's poem book and Michael's Dive log. It took me a few chapters to get used to it, but it didn't take away from the story line at all. I thi...more
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Sara Grochowski
I can honestly say that I didn't expect to love Taken by Storm as much as I did, which is why I read it so long after it was released. I had heard mixed reviews and never found time to read it. When I saw that Morrison had a new book, Sing Me to Sleep, scheduled to be released in 2010 that I thought looked interesting, I remembered her 2009 debut. When I was lucky enough to get a chance to read Sing Me to Sleep and ended up really enjoying it, I ran out to get Taken by Storm! It took me forever...more
Princess Bookie
Taken From My Blog: princessbookie.com

My Thoughts: I was hesitate to read this one at first, I am not Mormon and than from the bad reviews I've read, I didn't know if I should. I also had seen it a few times on amazon while browsing and told myself I would eventually read it. A couple of buddies told me not to waste my time. But I'm glad I did. We meet Leesie who is Mormon. She has all these rules she has to follow so when she meets Michael, she wants to start breaking them, even though she know...more
Ashley Nettlebeck
Book is great. Generally inspiring to better you and want to have a strong future. Also through hard times to forgive and move on. That sometimes it's okay to let your guard down and take healthy risks. This book impacted my way of thinking by making me think more about taking healthy risks and opening up to others and not holding my feelings in. I connected with both characters, as for the girl, Lessie we’re both self conscience and have trouble opening up to others. Also we feel very strongly...more
I'd read quite a few negative reviews on Taken By Storm a while back. I don't remember specifics as to why some people didn't enjoy this novel all I know is that I was a little apprehensive to read it at the time. However, with much praise for Angela's novel Sing Me To Sleep, I decided that I wanted to give other work a read as well.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book a lot. It was nice to have a story of loss and grief told through a male perspective. I liked Michael very much. I felt...more
I was SOOOOOOO disappointed by this book. I loved the way it was written, dive logs, poem, and online chatting,....but the story was such a downer! I think it was supposed to be about healing and love, but it was about destruction, darkness, desperation and giving up what you want most- for what you want at the moment. Instead of someone helping someone who is broken, someone else gets broken herself in the process. Left me sad and wondering why the author didn't resolve and fix fixable things....more
Hmmm... this book is very controversial to me. I found it on a LDS youth must read list, and I'm not sure it is a must read, or that I would let my daughter read it. It is kind of steamy and the main female character is not very smart in her decisions, (lets herself get very close to the line too many times).
I did a tour stop for this book sometime last year and received a free copy, I've just got round to it on my pile. It was one that I wasn't sure I wanted to read. I don't tend to do books that focus on religion as I find them too preachy. This book wasn't too preachy, it depicts the Morman faith well, but I felt there was a lot of repetition. One of the main characters Leesie brings up her faith in practically every sentence, 'no my faith doesn't allow it', 'I can't it's not what we believe'......more
Taken By Storm was a book I had heard nothing but good things about. When I finally got my hands on a copy, I figured it wouldn't be able to live up to the hype about it. I was wrong and I wasn't disappointed at all by the book.

Michael and Leesie were two completely different people. At the beginning of the book, Michael has just lost both his parents and he hopes that he can just lose himself as well, with the help of some strong medications. Leesie is the Mormon outcast at her school who gets...more
Michael just moved in with his grandma, after being the sole survivor of a devastating hurricane that killed his mom and dad. While his life once revolved around diving and girls, it now depends on little blue pills. That is, until that first encounter with Leesie. He hopes that Leesie can re-awaken his animal instincts, and make him normal again. Leesie is the daughter of a Mormon family, and a pretty religious Mormon herself, which is what gives her the school nickname of The Ice Queen. She kn...more
Micheeline18 laura
Despues de una larga espera jijiji ya que fue al primer tour que me apunte.. pude leer este libro que me consquisto con su reseña jejeje
Este es un libro que me cuesta un poco poder describir, me gusto mucho y los disfrute, me tome mi tiempo en leerlo y en entender algunas partes.. Tiene una historia bonita y a la vez difícil, la perdida de las personas mas importantes en la vida tus padres y lo difícil que es ser de otra religión y los prejuicios y burlas que pueden hacer respecto a eso.
El libro...more
Amanda-Lee (StoryWings)
This book draws you in and doesn’t let go, even though you really want to get out.

Taken by Storm is good in the same way that it is bad. It depends how you look at it. It features Leesie, whose voice we hear through her poems and Michael whose voice we hear through his diving logs.

Leesie is the Mormon ice queen, no-one touches her and no-one wants to go near her, although it is a game for the guys to see who can pinch her the most.

Michael is the troubled orphan, who recently lost his parents and...more
It's a book about being a Mormon, but it's not a Mormon book (as in, you probably won't find it at Deseret Book). It deals with Leesie, the only Mormon in her school, and her relationship with Michael, a troubled guy who's just moved in. As she learns more about Michael and his tragic recent past, Leesie finds herself in over her head, but wanting to help.

I really liked the structure of this book: it's told both from Michael's point of view, via his dive log, and Leesie's point of view, via her...more
YA Reads Book Reviews
Leesie is a Mormon. She’s wholesome, pure and innocent and devoted to the teachings of her church. Dating boys outside her church is frowned upon and the guidelines about dating in general are very strict in the Mormon world:

- Thou shalt not be alone with a boy who is not your brother or your father.
- No parking
- No necking
- No tongue kissing
- No groping
- And obviously, no sex unless you’re married.

And these are just some of the acts that are off limits. But Leesie doesn’t mind, not really, beca...more
Taken by Storm is told in both Leesie and Michael’s points of views. Through Michael’s dive log, Leesie’s poems, and the online conversations between Leesie and Michael and Leesie and her friend, Kim, on ChatSpot, we are able to gain a full understanding of everything that is happening. Mostly through Michael’s dive log is where we see the story being narrated. With a grieving tone and a typical boyish attitude, the whole thing sounds so real.

It was a different read, however, because we get to s...more
Summary: Michael is devastated after the death of his parents in a hurricane which somehow he survived. He is sent to live with his grandmother in a small town in Washington where he meets Leecie, Mormon Ice Queen. They are drawn to each other but face conflicts due to her religious beliefs and his depression from his parents' death.

Thoughts: The first thing I read in this book was a poem, which terrified me that this book might be in verse. I've read books like that before but it's not my favor...more
Posted at http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/2010/...

I wasn't very sure to read this book, because I'm not a Mormon. But in the end I read it, and really liked it.

Leesie is a Mormon girl. She has lots of rules, and her dream is to go to college. She can't stand being at her school, where people doesn't understand or respect her beliefs. But then she mets Michael, and everything changes.

Michael just lost both of his parents at a hurricane. He's broken, and doesn't feel like living. But the he mets L...more
It's like unwrapping the biggest present when a book surprises you like TAKEN BY STORM did me. I had never read anything by Morrison when I grabbed this one but had heard great things. Even though I became absolutely obsessed by Morrison's writing after the first dive log, honestly, at first I wasn't too sure about reading a book based completely on poems, CHAT conversations, and "observations." In fact, I almost gave the book away because of it. I am so glad I didn't.
It kept me wondering the wh...more
Kym McNabney

As I was looking for my twelve-year-old at the library, I walked by the teen section. There, sitting on top of one of the selves was a book that captured my eye, "Taken By Storm". I admit it, I'm a romance fanatic. Love to read a good romance, and not necessarily the mushy kind. Actually that's not really my preference in reading or writing.

I took the book from the metal cradle holding it and flipped it over. Not much there to give me any real hint of what it was...more
I hesitated to read this book because I don't particularly like to read books that deal with religion. I saw so many people talking about the romance of this story that I finally picked it up.

I sat down and read this book in one afternoon. And that isn't something that I normally do because I am the type of person that likes to get outside and do something when the sun is shinning, but this book had me captivated. And if there was a more descriptive word to use right there, I would use it becaus...more
This novel is unique for a couple of reasons. First, is the format. This book switches POV back and forth from Michael and Leesie. Her POV is either written as her personal poetry or as chat logs or, sometimes, as a combination of the two. Her poetry was pretty good, not awesome, but not bad. I found the chat logs to be a little too kitschy, I would have preferred to read just a first person point of view, but whatever. Michael's story was told through his dive logs, which I guess is fancy talk...more
Reader Rabbit
Leesie has always been the good girl. She's always followed the rules that her parents and her religion have set on her. And her dream is to get into Brigham Young University. Of course, everything's going as planned...for Leesie, that is.

Enter Michael Walden, the sole survivor of a dive team that was killed by a hurricane. An orphan, Michael goes to live with his grieving grandmother. The hurricane has had a dreadful effect on Michael; he is ploughed by nightmares linked to the hurricane.

My first impression about Taken by Storm was the emphasis on religion especially one that I had no real experience at. However, I was glad that Taken by Storm wasn’t so heavy on religion. It had a nice and informative view on Mormonism, a religion that I wasn’t too familiar with.

The writing style was something I had issues with. I didn’t like how it was written in dive logs and IMs. I kind of expected it but despite my expectations, I still didn’t enjoy reading things in those formats. What I d...more
Brandi Kosiner (Brandi Breathes Books)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Elii Vela
Un libro poéticamente impresionante.
Antes, quiero decir que mi formación antireligiosa (desde luego sin autorización de mi familia) me llevó a interesarme por este libro -igual que por Salvaged by Stefne Miller (Reseña) y Losing Faith by Denise Jaden (Pronto la reseña)-, en fin… El punto era, ¿y si Morrison no sabe introducir los temas religiosos en un libro? Me moría de los nervios sólo de pensarlo.
Michael y Leesie son dos chicos completamente diferentes, salvo en la fortaleza que cada uno...more
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