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Isaac Asimov dedica aquí su pluma y su imaginación sin límites a la fantasía, y nos ofrece dieciocho fascinantes relatos que, sin duda, deleitarán a todos los aficionados al género, así como a los innumerables admiradores de este autor. Azazel es un demonio rojo de dos centímetros, dotado con una impetuosa personalidad y maravillosos poderes mágicos. El único problema es q...more
Paperback, 221 pages
Published 1989 by Plaza & Janés, S.A. (first published 1988)
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In the latter half of the introduction - which, by the way, I consider one of the best parts of the book - Asimov warns readers that the style is more reminiscent of PG Wodehouse than it is vintage Asimov. This assessment is certainly true, and accounts for what I both loved and hated most about Azazel. The humor is undeniably brilliant. The spoken and implied dialogue is charming and witty, especially the insults directed towards Asimov himself. But the collection of short stories is like a bas...more
Do you remember the old saying: be careful of what you wish for? Or some of the tales in the Qu'ran that mentions the Jinn/Genies; or even better, do you remember The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights? If you do, then you grasp the concept of this collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov.

If you've read other works by Asimov, then you'll notice that the style of this short story collection is quite a bit different from what you may remember from, for instance, his "Foundatio...more
Oct 15, 2007 Tim rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Asimov fans, or anybody with a sense of humor and an ability to suspend disbelief... just enough
This book is a departure from Isaac Asimov's normal "hard" science fiction. It's a frolicking romp through a fantastic "what if." What if I had a tiny demon that tried to help make my life better, but only managed to muck things up worse than I do on my own? A must read for any sci fi / fantasy fan.
Alfaniel Aldavan

Isn't it weird, to remember almost nothing, of something you know you knew? I'd like to shake off this feeling, it isn't cool.

I must have read these stories many years ago, and all I remember is Azazel, the two-centimeter red demon. That image is imprinted in my brain, and nothing else.

If I think about the robot stories, I remember many plot pieces, their impact, some of their characters, their imaginative and provoking or their unrealistic "what if". On Azazel stories, however, I remember exact...more
Dan Jones
In the introduction, Mr. Asimov warns the reader that you may find the style "un-Asimovian." This certainly is true, but not for the worse. The stories are humorous satires, and incredibly delightful.
If you pick this up because you're a fan of Asimov, and his prolific science-fiction, don't be surprised that it's nothing like "I, Robot."
But if you pick this up because you want some humorous stories wherein the author even makes fun of himself, you'll be as please as it as I was.
Oscar Torrado
Tuve un gran problema con Azazel y es que en las primeras historias quedé enganchado con cada uno de los relatos y los personajes que la componían, pero luego al pasar las páginas y capítulos las historias iban perdiendo ese toque de originalidad y sorpresa que tenían las primeras, todo esto a que cada una de ellas tenían el mismo desarrollo que las anteriores; Azazel es un demonio que logra ser invocado por George, quien es una persona que busca ayudar por medio de su pequeño amigo a las person...more
Nuno Magalhães
Oct 05, 2011 Nuno Magalhães rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans de Ficção Científica
Um livro de contos humorísticos de Isaac Asimov que se enquadra mais no género da Fantasia do que em Ficção Científica. Trata-se de um conjunto de contos escritos com muito humor e boa disposição. Muito divertido. Gostei.
Il libro è una raccolta di 18 storie, originariamente pubblicate tra il 1980 ed il 1988 a puntate su riviste americane. Sono tutte (dis)avventure umoristiche del demone Azazel, evocato dal protagonista per risolvere delle situazioni problematiche, e che invece finisce, con i suoi poteri demoniaci, a combinare altri guai ancora più grossi.
Le storie sono tutte estremamente godibili; l'ironia che pervade i racconti è ben evidente e, mentre leggerete, un sorriso ebete e divertito si stamparà sulle v...more
Un libro genial, no sigue el estilo normal de Asimov sino que está lleno de una critica ácida hacia casi cualquier cosa que se puede criticar y hacia muchas de las que no se puede:

"- Ataxerxes, muchacho, ¿es verdad que estás estudiando cálculo y economía política?
Asintió con la cabeza.
- Y también antopología...
- ¿Y es verdad que asistes a clases? -pregunté.
- Hijo mío -le dije-, ¿es que no puedes apartarte de esas despreciables prácticas y retornar a una pura e inmaculada vida universitaria?
This book is an entertaining comedy/satire comprised of short morality stories. Interestingly, the stories are told from an elite gentleman who maintains his status by mooching off of other people and justifying himself in all actions. Each story is told to Asimov as a result of a dinner conversation. In the conversations, Asimov is mocked by the storyteller which gives an interesting perspective on how Asimov looked at himself. Azazel is a 2 cm deamon that is involved in each story by using his...more
Paul Brandt
Since all stories are similar in structure, progress and timbre, the book becomes a bit dull. The stories themselves, contradictory, are funny and witty and pleasant reading, iff read with some longer breaks in between. It does bear some resemblance with the style of P.G.Wodehouse (without its critics on society of course).
I have only read one work of Asimov’s previous to these short stories. And “Foundation” is hardly light science fiction. However, this group of shorts shows a side of Asimov I never expected. He’s funny, witty, crass, and overwhelmingly entertaining. The character of George annoyed me incessantly, but this is good because I’m quite sure you’re not supposed to actually like George. Azazel never really struck me as terrifying, but more of a demon version of George, which I’m sure was the point. Th...more
I've only ever read Asimov's speculative fiction, so this book of short stories made a nice change. I knew from the introduction, which was quite friendly and warm, that I was going to enjoy the tone of it. They're quite satirical little stories, and every single one of them has a sting in the tail. The problem is that there's eighteen stories in the book, which is a bit much because it's a very set formula, but it's worth picking it up and reading one or two at a time. I'll probably keep my cop...more
Daniel Gonçalves
Azazel, the little demon that does great things, or does he?

This collection of short stories is a very irreverent one, different from what I have been reading regarding the realms of short fiction.
Asimov presents us this set of stories all narrated by George.

George is an old friend of Asimov who tells him that for the past 30 years he has had 2 centimeter demon inside his pocket. Azazel can conceive pretty much every wish, although it comes with a cost...

Although the structure off the stories...more
collection of enjoyable, fast short stories with a snide, subtle humor. the author pokes fun at himself in a tongue in cheek way, while the stories always end with an unexpected twist. the tone reminded me of 1920s society, although the stories are set in the 1980s.
Ronald Wise
A collection of short stories written for publication in monthly literary journals. The lighthearted fantasy and humorous banter throughout were not characteristics I would have associated with Asimov, and indeed the author apologized in advance to his science fiction admirers if he disappointed them. Each episode presented an interesting lesson, but most of all I enjoyed the narrator's sarcastic humor. I read this while traveling to and staying at my mother's for Christmas, and the content was...more
Michel Clasquin-Johnson
Amusing collection of just-so stories. Don't expect vintage Asimov: this is just the author having fun.
Kathy Chung
Reviewed at : Mama Kucing Meow : Azazel Fantasy Stories By Isaac Asimov

Review on : 26 September 2010

It's about this two inches tall devil who have a great big ego. He have the power to grant wishes but his power is limited.

Each time when he was summon by his friend to help in one thing or another, the result would be disastrous.The Murphy's Law thingy.

There are 18 stories in this book.

You have to read this brilliant work with an open mind.
A nice collection of witty short stories, which is different from the usual Asimov fare. The stories, however all contain the same theme, of fulfilled wishes going awry, and would be much better read a couple at a time, than all in one day or two. Azazel is quite amusingly portrayed, the anecdotes of how the wishes go wrong (and the peculiarity of some of the wishes) are entertaining, and the comments the author makes about himself are interesting. All in all, a fun read, even with the repetitio...more
I got this book from Sacha and have to agree with her assessment that it's rather formulaic. Each story has the author talking to his (rather obnoxious) friend George about something that happened with Azazel, a 2cm high demon he can conjure. Although Azazel tries to help people, things tend to go horribly wrong. The fun comes from trying to figure out how they go wrong.

Despite its repetition, it's a fun book with an interesting flavour to it. Probably not worth reading again though.
Famous for his contributions to science fiction, Isaac Asimov pens a more humorous set of tales with Azazel. Told to the author (Asimov himself) by a barfly named George, the stories center on George's attempts to assist others in his life by calling on favors from a two-inch high demon. As one would expect, these favors usually bring misfortune and irony as opposed to the intended consequences. A different take from Asimov, at times repetitive, but enjoyable.
Famous for his contributions to science fiction, Isaac Asimov pens a more humorous set of tales with Azazel. Told to the author (Asimov himself) by a barfly named George, the stories center on George's attempts to assist others in his life by calling on favors from a two-inch high demon. As one would expect, these favors usually bring misfortune and irony as opposed to the intended consequences. A diffrent take from Asimov, at times repetitive, but enjoyable.
so this is about aazael, a two centimeter demon that has powers to do extraordinary things and george who calls him for fulfilling not his desires( cause azazel won't do it for him) but his friends or relatives. Azazel does exactly what george tells him but the consequence of that...well that is something you will figure out when you read it.
won't rate it among the best of asimov's but definately a good collection of short stories to read !
Dilyana Georgieva
Ъм, от всичко негово това ми се вижда най-неазимовската му книга. Доста по-различна от останалото, което съм чела, може би защото не е чак толкова научна фантастика, това най-малко ме впечатли, дори всъщност хич не ми хареса. Разбирах къде и защо трябва да е смешно и иронично, но просто не беше.
Е, изглежда, не може да напишеш двеста книги и всички да са страхотни.
I like Asimov's style of denigrating himself humorously as he enters his books as a character. However, much of the tales were ... well, a little boring in terms of being the same type. The title character makes only cameo appearances, and the framed narrator is despicable—and, despite Asimov's attempts, isn't likably so.
Enjoyable stories that are definitely not in Asimov's usual style, as he warns in the beginning.
Definitely seemed a bit repetitive towards the end, though, the intro and outro to the stories was always amusing. Read the foreward by Asimov and a few of the stories. No need to read them all.
Amilton Brandao
Jun 13, 2009 Amilton Brandao rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Asimov's Fans
Recommended to Amilton by: No one
Funny book, Asimov is a great writer but some of the histories on it just did not have the ''necessary'' plot twist I was expecting, or that a reader would expect from such book.
To sum things up, I prefer Asimov writing about his robotic laws than some demon from the underworld.
There's not really that much to say about this book. It was entertaining enough, I suppose. In my opinion, sort of a poor man's Tales From The White Hart.
Cel Red
Me hizo reír bastante, sobre todo porque George es un payaso que se cree mucho y te hace reír.

Los relatos son bastante curiosos, porque sabes que van a terminar mal, pero realmente no te imaginas exactamente cómo es que lo harán. Me divirtió bastante.
Sean Martin
Really not Asimov's best work. This idea was good for a couple of stories, but gets repetitive really fast. Much like Jeeves stories, which it kind of resembles, this book probably would have worked better in smaller, more spread out doses.
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Isaac Asimov was a Russian-born, American author, a professor of biochemistry, and a highly successful writer, best known for his works of science fiction and for his popular science books.

Professor Asimov is generally considered the most prolific writer of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books and an estimated 90,000 letters and postcards. He has works published in nine of the te...more
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