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Dream Girl
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Dream Girl (Claire Voyante #1)

3.49 of 5 stars 3.49  ·  rating details  ·  426 ratings  ·  87 reviews
CLAIRE VOYANTE HAS been having strange visions ever since she can remember. But the similarity between her name and her talents is purely coincidental. The name is French, and unlike the psychics on TV, she can’t solve crimes or talk to the dead. Whenever Claire follows her hunches, she comes up empty—or ends up in pretty awkward situations.
But that all changes on Claire’s
ebook, 216 pages
Published July 22nd 2008 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2008)
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Steph Su
DREAM GIRL is an utterly delightful, entertaining, and real book, featuring sharp writing and amazing characters. I couldn’t put it down, and, considering how this is not my usual genre fare for reading, that’s saying something.

Lauren Mechling’s writing is pitch-perfect for the likable Claire. Claire has a tongue-in-cheek way of approaching and viewing the world, going along with all the eccentricities around her while simultaneously making her genuine mark on others. She sounds like a real 15-
Shera (Book Whispers)

From the gorgeous cover to the enticing words, “Dreaming just got Dangerous.” How could I not be crazy about it. Plus there were some pretty positive reviews floating around on some blogs.

My excitement-bubble popped after about page 30. That's about the point when I realized this book didn't have anything else to offer me. It was slow going, and the main character, Claire, felt like just another character. She didn't stand out, in fact she felt like she should being fading into the bac
Unfortunately, dream girl is a far cry from Agatha Christie's mysteries. The story is somewhat predictable, but you have to love the best friend's attractively adorable older brother! However, I really wanted to kick him for being an idiot and hopelessly stringing Claire along while he is already hopelessly tied around another girl's finger! Ack! What is wrong with these boys?

I enjoyed dream girl, but it did not make me hold my breath like WAKE. I think the story and characters could have been d
I really wanted to like this book. Loved the cover, love the premise, but I thought the execution was just not there. When I read the summary I thought that Claire would actually have visions, and that her dreams would be a bit more decipherable (is that a word?!?). The dreams just did not have enough punch for me. It took me over 2 weeks to get through it. I never had the urge to pick it up, and it wasn't until after the 100th page that I actually started becoming interested in the plot line. I ...more
claire voyante (gag, NO ONE would name their kid this) starts having crazy black & white dreams when her grandmother gives her a cameo necklace for her birthday. turns out the dreams are trying to tell her something, but claire's imagination has always been overactive and it's hard for her to trust her instincts.

i read some really good reviews of this title, and i thought the cover was really fun, but i didn't enjoy the read. it took way too long for the action to start happening, and the ch
Two Sentence Summary: Since she was a little girl, Claire Voyante has had dreams that have connections to her real life. Will Claire learn to use these dreams in time to help protect a new friend while trying to find her place in a totally new school?

One Sentence Review: Claire is a sweet narrator you can’t help but root for and want to know more about, even though the plot occasionally feels confused and the minor characters sometimes slip into the background.

Read the rest of my review at my bl
Abby Johnson
Claire uses her dream visions to help solve a mystery involving her new friend Becca, heiress to a fortune from her family's ketchup business.

Although I enjoyed the characters and Claire's voice in the story, a rambling beginning really detracted from my enjoyment. The mystery story picks up about 100 pages in and that kept me reading. Mechling's working on a sequel, so let's hope for a tighter story so we can enjoy more of these characters!
Dream Girl mixes the eerie dream-filled suspense of Wake with the clue cracking mystery of Nancy Drew, and in result, brings you a totally new adventure that will have you flipping page after page.

I’ve heard a lot of so-so things about this one, but I’m one of the people who actually really enjoyed it. Claire, the main character and narrator, is probably one of the most amusing and likeable characters I’ve ever read about. She’s quirky, snarky, and sarcastic but Mechling writes her so incredibly
Lenore Appelhans
Claire falls into her first “case” which involves her new best friend Becca, heiress to a ketchup empire, and Becca’s family’s sworn enemies.

First off, let me just say that I adore Claire. Her wry narration had me in stitches throughout. One of my favorite instances being when she’s trying to figure out how to tell Becca that she can’t ski while headed out to the slopes in Aspen: “If I didn’t speak up fast, I’d end up communicating it via my full body cast.” (p 175)

Both Claire and her friend Be
Claire Voyante is kind of psychic. She has some odd hunches, but they never turn into anything. Then, on her fifteenth birthday, her grandmother gives her a cameo and everything changes for the weirder. Her dreams are intensified, but Claire still doesn't know what to make of them. Will she be able to figure out what they mean before her or one of her new friends gets hurt?

Dream Girl was one of those odd novels that doesn't try to be anything other than what it is. It doesn't attempt to appeal t
Claire Voyante is clairvoyant, although her visions have never shown her anything useful. For her fifteenth birthday, her grandmother Kiki Merriman gives her a gorgeous cameo that should direct her powers and allow her to find adventures. Claire doesn’t seem to be finding any adventures – she’s stuck at her new school. She becomes friends with Becca, another new girl who is less than thrilled to be a student at Henry Hudson. As they get to know the other’s family, Claire discovers the first of h ...more
Sarah BT
About the Book: Claire Voyante (it's French) has always been having strange visions that lead her nowhere. But when her grandmother gives her a cameo necklace, Claire starts to have dreams she can't explain. When the dreams start to lead her to a mystery involving her new best friend, Claire becomes a detective, piecing the clues together in order to save her friend's life.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I love Claire!! This book was so much fun. Claire was a blast to read about.

Dream Girl has some m
Dream Life is a charming read that combines the best of both worlds: Nancy Drew and Gossip Girls. Okay so I ran out of analogies. At any rate Dream Life is a mesh of high socialite without all the snarky backstabbing and a mystery that has the decency to don on a gorgeous yet sensible pair of boots before running around New York.

One of the best things I found refreshing from Dream Life was the family relationship. I was pleasantly surprised how much effect Mechling put in to the mother, the fath
Dream Life is a charming read that combines the best of both worlds: Nancy Drew and Gossip Girls. Okay so I ran out of analogies. At any rate Dream Life is a mesh of high socialite without all the snarky backstabbing and a mystery that has the decency to don on a gorgeous yet sensible pair of boots before running around New York.

One of the best things I found refreshing from Dream Life was the family relationship. I was pleasantly surprised how much effect Mechling put in to the mother, the fath
Claire Voyante has always had strange dreams and visions for as long as she can remember. Although, her parents bestowing her the name "Claire Voyante" is definitely coincidental - they know nothing of her visions. She's in the middle of switching schools, and her lack of friends is obvious. She's on the outside of the popular girl group (which contains her best friend from childhood), and her new school is overwhelmingly dull. Up until her 15th birthday Claire thought the dreams and visions wer ...more
Dream Girl was a witty, original, and well developed read. Claire, the main character, was awesome. She was smart, interesting, and kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Mechling also has a great writing style, it's expressive and funny. The twists in the plot kept me wondering how things would end up, and the variety of interesting characters added a lot to the story.

Claire was a main character that just shone off the pages. At fifteen, she'd been through a lot and was a lot mo
Dream Girl is about a girl named Claire Voyante (BEST NAME EVER, huh?) who's been having dreams. Sounds pretty ordinary enough, but in her dreams, she'll see symbols that eventually pop up in the near future. When her grandmother Kiki gives Claire a mysterious cameo necklace, these dreams begin to have even more importance, to the point where her "talent" can save her new friend's life.

I had this book on my want list for quite a while, and I got it for Christmas along with The Rise and Fall of a

In the book "Dream Girl" by Lauren Mechling. Claire is moving to Hudson High school and she met Sheila a long time ago but they're not friends anymore so they don't talk to each other anymore. She regretted going to go that school. She got in by mistake.


In the book "Dream Girl" by Lauren Mechling.This girl named Clarie. She realized that she has alot of dreams some of her dreams could be dangerous some could be as simple as seeing the same lock. She recently got transfered to He
Eliana Lechuga
Claire Voyante is trying to figure out what her dreams mean, after finding dead ends and a move to another school, she meets her best friend, Becca and her ex-best friend Sheila (who's bent on embarrassing her). Then Claire meets Andy, Becca's older brother, she instantly gets a crush on him but he has a girl friend. Becca is being stocked and Claire tries to find out who it is, Kiki, her grandmother, helps Claire along the way. The theme of the book is following your gut even if it leads you to ...more
Dream Girl is about a young woman having this sort of eerie dreams that intends her to do unexplainable things because the messages of her dream were kind of indistinct. Claire Voyante is putting herself to awkward situations because of her nonsense dreams and is making her life miserable since she can’t seem to point out the real message of her bizarre dreams. Not until her sophisticated and alluring grandmother Kiki, gave her a cameo as a present which finally leads her to a clearer type of dr ...more
Claire has dreams, not like everyone else does though. The things she sees in her dreams she witnesses again in real life. She's not sure why she sees them though and after her grandmother, Kiki, gives her a cameo necklace she begins to dream more often, and in black and white. On top of all this Claire is starting at a new school, and doesn't really have any friends going into it. One day she sees an airplane ring and decides she wants to know the girl who's hand it's on. The girl's name is Bec ...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Breanna F. for

Claire Voyante (yes, that is her real name) has had strange visions ever since she was little. She's never been able to do anything with them, but that all changes on her fifteenth birthday when her grandmother, Kiki, gives her a beautiful cameo made out of onyx and ivory on a gold chain. Pretty soon she starts having these strange black and white dreams.

While these dreams start occurring, Claire is in a new school and has made a fabulous new friend, B
The novel Dream Girl definitely relies on it's original, likeable characters to keep the story afloat. It's narrated by Claire Voyante, aptly named due to her psychic visions. Unfortunately all of those visions have never helped her in life and usually end up making her feel awkward. Claire is starting a new school, full of overly studious, unfriendly classmates and strict teachers. It's a far cry from her previous haven at her alternative private school. Then Claire's grandmother- Kiki, an etti ...more
Claire Voyante has been unfortunately named. Sure, she’s been having strange dreams and visions since she can remember, but they’ve never led her anywhere. Besides, the name is French. But on Claire’s fifteenth birthday, her fashionable grandmother Kiki gives her a strange cameo made of onyx and ivory and tells Claire to wear it at all times. Suddenly, Claire’s visions become clearer, although black-and-white. And though she’s become very sleep-deprived due to these dreams, she starts to follow ...more
Nov 12, 2008 Lucy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: fans of Veronica Mars, Maureen Johnson
Shelves: fantasy, teen
Claire Voyant has always had visions. Pointless, annoying visions--and when she follows up on them, she usually ends up trying awkwardly to explain herself. But when her fabulous grandmother Kiki gives her a cameo broach on a chain for her birthday, suddenly the visions get a lot clearer, a lot sharper, and a lot more black and white. Oh, and more accurate, too. Suddenly, Claire is having visions that may actually be useful--and as she starts following up on her hunches, she realizes that her vi ...more
Bri  Ahearn
With a name like Claire Voyante, it’s no surprise she has prophetic dreams. Such is the plot of Lauren Mechling’s novel Dream Girl. The dreams, while yielding helpful clues to real-life circumstances, are assembled bits and pieces, and Claire is left to sort through them for what’s meaningful. The hodgepodge nature mirrors Lauren Mechling’s novel with its mix of romance, mystery, and high-school story. Unlike the dreams, however, all the elements of Dream Girl are useful and noticable. It’s a de ...more
Having just finished Sight by Vrettos, I’m starting to see the many parallels between stories with a similar plot. It’s hard to be creative when you’re writing a story that’s been told way too many times to count. However, I do give Lauren Mechling props for making catchy phrases. She likes to play with her words, hence Dream Girl (which doesn’t mean Girl of Your Dreams, but literally a girl who has visions at night) and Claire Voyante (clairvoyant: someone who sees the future—get it?). Still, f ...more
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Dream Girl was a really cute book. I loved the story line, the mystery, and the characters. The writing was fantastic. Dream Girl is a light reading with everything going its way.

I loved what Lauren Mechling did with all the characters. Claire was such an enjoyable character. She had such a witty, great voice. There were a few characters had an attitude and were kind of snotty, but Lauren Mechling included these heart-to-heart moments that really made you connect with them, making them seem more
14 year old Claire Voyante has been having strange dreams for most of her life. She can't solve crimes or talk to the dead, and when she follows her hunches from her dreams, she always comes up empty. And stuck in bad situations. On her 15th birthday, everything changes. Her grandmother, Kiki gives her a strange necklace that makes Claire's dreams clearer. With that clarity, her life becomes a bit more dangerous. But at least she'll be able to finally solve a mystery... right?

Dream Girl was a qu
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Lauren Mechling grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from Harvard College.
She writes a weekly column for the New York Sun, where she has also been a crime reporter, and she has written for several other publications including the Wall Street Journal and Seventeen Magazine.
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