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3.9 of 5 stars 3.90  ·  rating details  ·  7,641 ratings  ·  226 reviews
'Endgame is a one-act play with four characters. It was originally written in French as Fin de partie. As was his custom, Beckett translated it into English. Published in '57, it's one of his most important works. Its protagonists are Hamm, an aged blind master who cannot stand, & his servant Clov, who cannot sit. They exist in a tiny house by the sea, tho dialog sugge ...more
Paperback, 112 pages
Published October 1st 2009 by Faber & Faber (first published January 1st 1957)
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K.D. Absolutely
The title is taken from that stage in chess wherein there are only few pieces so you cannot mate your opponent. This is the second play written by Samuel Beckett that I've read. It still felt very much like Waiting for Godot (3 stars) with it absurdity, strangeness and at some point senselessness. I have been reading the works of Samuel Beckett so I am used to his style and because of it, I still liked this play of his.

Unlike Godot however, I had to read the existing reviews of my friends here o
Mar 30, 2012 Trevor rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Trevor by: Madalyn
Shelves: literature
My youngest daughter took me to see this during the week. We had our first beer together prior to the performance in a pub – a highly significant moment for a father, obviously, especially here in the land of Oz, the land of the amber fluid.

Then a minute ago I read the Wiki article on this play. I wanted to be sure it was written post-WW2. You see, it is so obviously a post-nuclear war play that I would have been very disappointed if it had been written in 1922 or something. You know, the way TS
Greg Talbot
Unless it's Shakespeare, never read a play without some type of textual notes. Having read “Waiting for Godot” and now “Endgame”, I'm familiar with Samuel Beckett's minimalist approach. He emphasizes silences, physical positions and stage props. All of this is to say, Beckett is probably best translated to the plays (as intended), but trekking through textual notes gave me a deep appreciation for this play. The first time I read the play it took me under an hour, but I really didn't get it. The ...more
I read this in English, for my British Lit class this semester. I thought I should actually start reading the assignments, and I read this after reading The Power and the Glory and Regeneration.

My professor said this piece would be slow moving, and he said something about it not really have a plot, but I could see one if I squinted. I actually really enjoyed this piece. And because I took notes on it for my class, I have a lot to say.

One of the biggest things, is obviously that it represents a
Yasiru (reviews will soon be removed and linked to blog)
I read this in English at, glad that Beckett provided the translation himself (of passing curiosity is that Wilde's Salome, another play translated by the author from the original French, lately impressed me also). Spoilers of a sort may follow, but this is not the kind of work where these might be summarily unwelcome.

This is a claustrophobic play, stark for all the clutter of its setting (being in one act), and very effectively conveys a slow spiral toward
Hamid Hasanzadeh
"هام : توی خونه ی من . یه روز کور میشی مثل من . اون جا می شینی ، عین نقطه ای تو خلا ، تو تاریکی ، برای همیشه ، مثل من . یه روزی به خودت میگی خسته ام . می خوام بشینم ، بعد میری و می شینی . بعد میگی ، گرسنه ام ، بلند می شم و یه چیزی برای خوردن بر می دارم . اما بلند نمی شی و هیچ چیزی برای خوردن بر نمی داری . کمی به دیوار نگاه می کنی ، بعد می گی ، نباید می نشستم ، کمی بیشتر می شینم ، بعد بلند می شم و یه چیزی برای خوردن برمی دارم . اما بلند نمی شی و هیچی برای خوردن برنمی داری . کمی به دیوار نگاه می ک ...more
یه نمایش آخرالزمانی تاثیرگذار. یه ارباب و نوکر که آخرین بازمانده‌های نسل بشری هستن. دو نفری که روزهای آخرشون رو محکوم هستند به هم. دو نفری که با این‌که سال‌ها پیش هم بودن توانایی برقراری کوچک‌ترین ارتباط انسانی رو هم ندارند. آشنا نیست؟ یه جورهایی قصه‌ی همین روزهای ماست
کلا نمایش‌نامه‌خون خوبی نیستم. چون تا میام توضیحات نمایش‌نامه‌نویس رو در مورد واکنش بازیگرا و طراحی صحنه بخونم رشته‌ی کلام دیالوگ‌ها از دستم میاد بیرون و هی باید برگردم و اون‌جا رو از اول بخونم، مخصوصا توی دیالوگای پینگ‌پونگی. اما
John Molina
This is my second time reading Samuel Beckett's play "Endgame" and I must say that I am a lot more impressed with it this second go around. I read it for a British Literature class last year and didn't get the point of it. The play seemed to center on nothingness and the play had no discernible plot or development of characters. After reading it again, I've come to the conclusion that that is the point of the entire work. Beckett has his characters argue endlessly and change their minds about w ...more
دست آخر را كه همان اول باخته اي بازي كن و باختني را بباز
اگر مي توانستم بخوابم، شايد مي توانستم ... شايد مي توانستم برم توي جنگل، آن وقت شايد مي توانستم زمين و آسمان را ... ببينم، شايد مي توانستم بدوم ... بدوم و كسي نتواند مرا بگيرد
آره بدبختي مضحك ترين چيز دنياست، ما هم هي مي خنديم، ... هي مي خنديم، اولش مي دونيم به چي مي خنديم ... اما هميشه همون يك چيزه

آثار بکت تصاویری از ازفرسایش ارائه می دهند که درآن جهان و افرادی که درآن زندگی می کنند به آرامی،اما به ناگزیر روبه افول می روند.در این سقوط م
Léonard Gaya
Écrite peu après la deuxième Guerre Mondiale (à peu près à la même époque ou un peu plus tard que "Godot"), "Fin de partie" se déroule dans une sorte de bunker, entouré d'un paysage dévasté de science-fiction. Les quatre personnages qui restent sont des survivants moribonds ou mal en point : Hamm est dans une chaise roulante, Clov est à peine plus vaillant, Nagg et Nell vivent dans une poubelle-cercueil (préfigurant l'ensablement de "Oh les beaux jours"). Leur histoire et les raisons de leur pré ...more
Emilian Kasemi
HAMM : Nella mia casa. (Pausa. Profetico e con voluttà) Un giorno sarai cieco. Come me. Sarai seduto in qualche luogo, un piccolo pieno perduto nel vuoto. per sempre, nel buio. Come me. (Pausa). Un giorno dirai a te stesso, Sono stanco, vado a sedermi, e andrai a sederti.
Poi dirai a te stesso, Ho fame, ora mi alzo e mi preparo da mangiare. Ma non ti alzerai. Dirai a te stesso, Ho fatto male a sedermi, ma visto che mi sono seduto resterò seduto ancora un poco, poi mi alzerò e mi preparerò da mang
أحمد شاكر
نهاية اللعبة، شكل آخر، أو تنويعة أخري، علي مسرحية بيكيت الأولي: في انتظار جودو. يمكننا أن نلخصهما معا، في كلمة بيكيت: لا شيء يحدث في الانتظار..

when I see the Goodreads rating for Endgame is 3.9 I lose my faith in the internet democracy of letters. I mean, how can anyone not read this brilliant piece on the end of the world and not be entranced.

But then I just looked up Waiting For Godot and it's rating 3.8, so any faith I have in the judgement of the masses is completely shattered.

Beckett is memorable and funny. He holds in his hands the bleed black heart of lives. The characters of Endgame muse on the end of their existence (or on the
Chiara Pagliochini
"They said to me, That's love, yes, yes, not a doubt, now you see how- [..] How easy it is. They said to me, That's friendship, yes, yes, no question, you've found it. They said to me, Here's the place, stop, raise your head and look at all that beauty. That order! They said to me, Corne now, you're not a brute beast, think upon these things and you'll see how all becomes clear. And simple! They said to me, What skilled attention they get, all these dying of their wounds. I say to myself - somet
Reza speed
هام : طبیعت ما رو فراموش کرده
کلاو : دیگه طبیعتی نیست .
هام : دیگه طبیعتی نمونده ؟! غلو می کنی .
کلاو : این طرفا
هام : اما ما که نفس می کشیم و تغییر می کنیم ! موها و دندونامونو از دست می دیم ! تازگی مونو ! آرزوهامونو !
کلاو : پس ما رو فراموش نکرده
هام : اما تو گفتی چیزی نمونده .
کلاو : { با اندوه } هیچ کسی نبوده که زندگی کرده باشه . فکرم کرده باشه و مثل ما راه رو عوضی بره .
هام : ما هر کاری از دستمون بر می یاد می کنیم .
کلاو : نباید بکنیم .

این نمایش نامه شاهکاریه خوندنی

Read this in college, years ago. It was on a friend's recommendation- just a passing comment which made me decide to check it out. Sometimes it's fun to read something which someone you know well liked, so to do a sort of sleuthing around their possible impressions of the text. While reading you sort of try to get a sense of what their experience was like, how they might have reacted.

Am I weird, or does anybody else do that?
Erik Graff
May 09, 2011 Erik Graff rated it 1 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Beckett fans
Recommended to Erik by: College Theatre professor
Shelves: drama
Grinnell College had a creative arts requirement which I fulfilled by taking Theatre during the freshman year. Our instructor, a late middle-aged alcoholic, ranged from apathy to enthusiasm. The former aspect was doubtless expressed in his assignment of Beckett's Endgame while the latter was evinced by his production of the entirety of Goethe's Faust.
Reading this play felt like every chess game I've ever played. Mainly because I've only ever played against people better than myself and, by the time I've lost my queen, both knights and a bishop, I'm basically just killing time, waiting for the inevitable checkmate. No strategy, that's my problem. In chess, as in life.

One act, four characters - two very white, two very red. One who cannot stand, one who cannot sit, two who have no legs and live in dustbins. Every stage movement is meaningless
چی می شه گفت؟ بکت فوق العاده ست. طنزش منو یاد سزیف می ندازه. ولی بر خلاف کامو زبان بکت چند پهلو هست. اون چیزی رو به طور قطع بیان نمی کنه. اون غروب رو بهت نشون می ده، اما نمی گه این منظره غمگینه یا شاد.
Arash Pandi
Jul 09, 2010 Arash Pandi rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone that is confused basically!
توضیحات مقدمه ی کتاب بسیار مفیده ولی چیزی که منو خیلی جذب کرد شک و عدم قطعییتی بود که در کل نمایشنامه موج می زد. مرزی بین شوخی و سخن جد وجود نداره . به طرز زیبایی شرح حال جوان امروز رو نشون میده
Aug 04, 2007 Jessica rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those seeking an impossible departure.
"how does one advance a pawn?"

a must-read. i love the use of spacious pauses and silence that must be even more compelling on the stage.

Jessica Day
I found myself seriously at odds the other day, distraught after watching the film Endgame. This film, directed by Conor McPherson, really touched me in a way I have never been touched before. While I enjoyed the play, it was not nearly as effective as the film.
Samuel Beckett wrote Endgame in 1956, originally in French. However he later translated it, along with his other plays, into English. The play opens with Hamm and Clov, two men living in a bomb shelter. Hamm is blind and cannot stand, thu
Lachlan Smith
"Endgame", by Samuel Beckett, is a very witty, absurd and ambiguous play written in the style of The Theatre of the Absurd. It is very interesting, as it cannot easily be explained and is very much open to interpretation.
It focuses on only four characters - Clov, Hamm, Nagg and Nell. Each of them has some kind of disability that they rely on the other to compensate for - Hamm cannot walk nor see, so Clov acts as a servant. Clov cannot sit, so in a way Hamm compensates for that. Nagg and Nell, h
En lugar de terminar de una vez por todas 'Malone muere', decidí empezar otro libro de Beckett, 'Fin de partida'. Me costó sólo una mañana terminarlo, pero esto tampoco tiene mérito porque es una otra de teatro que no llega a las 100 páginas. Después, he intentado otra vez terminar 'Malone muere', pero la cosa se ha hecho imposible. Creo que ya lo dejo definitivamente por imposible.

'Fin de partida' no es tan brillante ni perfecto como 'Esperando a Godot', pero es que para mí pocos libros pueden
أسماء القناص
توي أنهيت "نهاية اللعبة" لبيكيت
المسرحية عظيمة و رائعة جداً
العبث اللاشيء العدم
كمية العمق فيها ملفتة، الحوارات كانت جداً ممتازة و عدمية بالدرجة الأولى
أنهيتها و أنا لسى أشعر بدوخة والله

بيكيت من العظماء الي مفروض تقرأ ليه مرة و اثنين و ثلاثة.. مرحلته و فكره واحد هو هو
يتكرر بمسرحياته لكنه يزداد عمقاً يزداد توغلاً.

Une partie d'échec, un dominant des dominés, la violence des relations humaines, la routine, les humains ne sont que pantins de la destinée. Beckett. Des conditions dénoncées par Samuel Beckett dans un contexte d'après-guerre qui restent toujours d'actualité. Par l'absurde, Beckett rend compte de situations bien réelles.
Juan Pablo
"¡Ah, las preguntas de siempre, las respuestas de siempre, son las mejores!" (Hamm, p.43)

"Es raro que no se haya sido hermoso... en otro tiempo." (Clov, p.47)

"La infinitud del vacío te rodeará, los muertos de todos los tiempos, resucitados, no lo llenarán y serán como una piedrecita en medio de la estepa." (Hamm, p.41)

El libro es sumamente deprimente. Los personajes viven en un ambiente absolutamente desolado. No hay ninguna esperanza, simplemente porque nunca hay cambio: cada día está condenado
Una obra muy fascinante, que muchos críticos han catalogado como una metáfora ajedrecística. Hamm y Clove son amo y sirviente, es el que se niega a morir y el que quiere irse de su vida actual. Son piezas de ajedrez en un mundo vacio, de ahí el nombre de la obra referente al juego con pocas piezas. Es una obra con un estilo que creo que ha influenciado a muchos dramaturgos contemporáneos, en el estilo de actuación muy diferente al teatro clásico, incluso, podría decirse que ortodoxo, en su época ...more
Hamm is an angry guy in a wheelchair, Clove is able-bodied but unhappily in Hamm's unpaid service and has been for nearly his whole life. When Hamm bellows for a description of the sea, food, a dog or his painkillers, Clove is there to fetch or deny and to threaten throughout with abandoning the helpless but cruel Hamm.

This play didn't draw me in the way his Waiting For Godot did, the characters aren't as whole in my view, yet it is more for the absurdity that I'd see it. Why are Hamm's parents
Salma Hasan
"أخذل نفسي أحياناً، عليك يا كلوف آن تتعلم كيف تتعذب أفضل من ذلك إذا كنت تريدهم أن يتعبوا من تعذيبك ذات يوم. لكنني أشعر بأنني جد عجوز، وجد بعيد كي أستطيع أن أكوّن عاداتٍ جديدة. حسناً، لن ينتهي ذلك أبداً، ولن أرحل أبداً... ثم فجأة وذات يوم، ينتهي الأمر، يتغير... ولا أفهم، أتموت الأشياء أم أموت أنا؟ هذا ما لا أفهمه.."

أحياناً أتساءل إن كنت لاأزال أتمتع بكامل قواي العقلية، ثم أتجاوز ذلك، ويعود لي ذكائي"

"الطبيعة، قطرة ماء في رأسي".

"يوماً ما ستقول، تعبت، أريد أن أجلس، وستجلس. ثم تقول لنفسك، أنا جائع
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Samuel Barclay Beckett was an Irish avant-garde novelist, playwright, theatre director, and poet, who lived in France for most of his adult life. He wrote in both English and French. His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.

Beckett is widely regarded as among the most influential writers of the 20th century. Strongly influenced
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