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Zig Zag

3.7 of 5 stars 3.70  ·  rating details  ·  662 ratings  ·  65 reviews
While an advanced physics graduate student at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Elisa Robledo, a young physics professor was invited to join a select research team working on manipulating String Theory, making it possible to witness images of the past as if they were live and actually happening. According to the team's research, breaking down particles of...more
Hardcover, 512 pages
Published April 10th 2007 by Rayo (first published 2006)
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Aug 26, 2007 Amy rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Crichton lovers
Shelves: 2007-books
If you like Michael Crichton, you will like this book. I am learning quite a bit about String Theory so far. I'm having trouble putting it down too. The action moves quickly.

Wow! What an exciting book. The ending surprised me and I love that. I hate it when I figure it out before I get there. The science was fascinating and understandable. I had to stop and think about it at times, but it was not "over-your-head" kind of theoreticl physics.
As others have said, this book's concept of seeing into the past is so interesting that I just long for better treatment of it. For example, from the book:

"Let's suppose we ask the satellites to capture a sequence of the Nile delta. They do it, send it to us, and a computer processes it and obtains a series of maps of the pyramids. After streaming the beam of electrons through our synchrotron, we recover the recently formed particles, and then another computer reconstructs them and captures the...more

Jacket description is accurate: this is a blend of science, sci-fi, horror and mystery.

String theory of time is center stage - a team of physicists is trying to view the past by unraveling time strings. But their safety all unravels when one ambitious team member tries to unravel a RECENT time string, which is a no-no, as recent time is "unstable."

A menace fr. the past starts stalking the team members. Their projec...more
Jeff Hrusko
This is one of the best SciFi books I've read in a very long time. The theory presented in the book is original, and very well thought out(at least to my pseudo-scientific brain). The character are fairly multi-dimensional, and there is actually a sexiness to the book. Which is to say the least rare in SciFi.
Aug 11, 2013 Mike rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Anyone

I picked up this book assuming it was some kind of Science Fiction-cum-mystery novel. It’s not exactly that. It does have a strong SF element, but it has equally strong elements of horror and suspense. Apparently the author does like his death and mayhem. He certainly provides plenty of it here!

Even though Zig Zag was a very different book than I anticipated, I did enjoy reading it. The suspense/mystery kept me guessing right up until the final reveal. The villain wasn’t the person I felt it was...more
As I read Somoza’s Zigzag, I had the feeling that what I’m currently writing right now (and thinking about it) fell in the similar vein though treading a wholly different concept. Soon, the pages raced on, not until I scratched my head at the ending.

Now, don’t get me wrong; it doesn’t mean that when my hands race at the pages in excitement I highly rate the book. Many books had done that to me, either the effect really out of excitement or only out of the sheer desperation to finish it. I had th...more
Ooh this was a thriller. It starts in the middle of a crisis, goes back to tell you how the horrors came to be, then drives straight through to an Inception-y conclusion, unraveling secrets on the way. The whole premise is based on a lot of theoretical physics (which may or may not be accurate), and much of it went over my head. I'm good enough with science and willing to allow some temporary suspension of disbelief (good ol' TSOD, as my 8th grade English teacher used to say), so I was good. How...more
Carlos Bourgeon
Bueno ya lo terminé, la verdad es que me lo lei casi de un tiron y me ha gustado bastante, pero es un libro con trampa, y me explico:

Es obvio que la accion se desarrolla a partir de un evento de la mas pura ciencia ficcion (aunque muy creible y basada en teorias comprobables), pero la trama principal es de las mas puras Novelas de Horror, genero este que me gusta tanto como el CF (o mas quizas).

Puedo decir que quienes no les gusten las novelas de horror quizas no disfruten mucho de este libro,...more
Jelena Zivanovic
Očaravajuće napeto! Misterija/horor.
John Wunder
A super fast-paced book with an interesting premise, but ruined by a lot of fetishism and an incessant focus on keeping the thrill up by holding out on revealing things just a little too long. Not that holding out on the reader is bad for a thriller, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I didn't spend 90% of the book wondering what was happening because the only description was that it was horrifying.
I've always been interested in quantum physics and this was the perfect suggestion for me by one of my patrons, Rod....thanks so much, Rod!
Yeah, there were parts so over my head it made me laugh but parts also cut deep into the heart of my mind. A great read, even if you don't understand the possible concept.
Mike Vaughnwilliams
Overall a very compelling mystery and near-future science fiction turned to horror. The author only gradually reveals the full scope of this experiment that goes horribly wrong as the characters are revealed through flash backs that ultimately brings them to a reckoning. Hard to put down.
Πάνος Τουρλής
Συναρπαστικό. Φυσική, χορδές χρόνου, διαστήματα Πλανκ και δε συμμαζεύεται. Ένα μαγικό ταξίδι στον χρόνο και τις συνέπειες της ανθρώπινης περιέργειας. Κι εκεί που έχεις αγωνία, ενδιαφέρον, σου πετάει και το εξωπραγματικό (θα μου πεις όλο είναι εξωπραγματικό αλλά τι να λέει...). Ένα κακό τερατάκι, ένα σκοτεινό alter ego που κυνηγάει τους επιστημονες που πειραματίζονται, συνέπεια των ερευνών τους. Αληθοφανές, δεν το αφήνεις από τα χέρια σου αλλά θα μπορούσε να έχει άλλη εξέλιξη ή δομή, όχι τέρατα κ...more
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A WASTE OF TIME. I read a 1/3, then zigged and zagged through the rest to the end. Time is too valuable to waste on this. Perhaps that is evident when the author summarizes the pathology of phySICists (pg.112). Think about it --the atom bomb.
I was reminded that authors are inconsistent. This book was in what I think of as the "Catholic horror" genre. The DaVinci Code is another. They keep you truning the pages allright, but....
Lecori Carbajal
Es un libro maravilloso. La forma en que narra los hechos y sus descripciones de los mismos es fantástica.
Es envolvente y claro, te lleva de la mano a cada segundo y no se pierde en ningún momento. Es como el pasea de la montaña rusa, sabes que algo va a pasar y te prepara pero realmente nunca estarás preparado del todo, excelente lectura, tengo escenas bien grabadas en la memoria que probablemente nunca dejaré ir.
Te pone los pelos de punta y te atemorizada de un modo esplendido, una lectura qu...more
Christopher McKitterick
Not a great book, but the central idea is so cool that I'm willing to bump it up to 3 stars.
I'm so glad that I decided to do the A-Z Title Challenge because I never would have read this book otherwise. I never pick up thrillers when I'm browsing through books, but now I see that I should have given them a chance long ago. Of course, I can't deny that one of the things I loved about this book was the science it revolved around, specifically the String Theory, which always interested me but which I never took the time to learn about to any great depth. Zig Zag has given me a nice introdu...more
Aug 10, 2011 Marsten rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Marsten by: www.abretelibro.com
Shelves: terror
En línias generales me ha gustado.

La historia tiene un inicio trepidante y muy original, engancha enseguida. Entre el estilo literario ágil, ameno, claro, sin muchas florituras lingüisticas y con gran habilidad para crear momentos de tensión (es decir el típico estilo de best-seller) y una temática atrayente, original, atrevida por su complejidad intrínseca (la teoría física de la cuerdas) pero a la vez bien expuesta, el libro te atrapa des del principio.

La trama crece y toma unos derroteros qu...more
Bruno Gaspari
Quando vi comentários (depois de começar a ler o livro) que havia elementos semelhantes em Zig Zag com as obras do Dan Brown (alguém que eu tenho arrepios só de ler o nome numa capa), dei risada da pessoa e ignorei a comparação. Mas depois de ler o livro todo e pensar no enredo, sim, realmente parece Dan Brown. Temos um profissional da ciência como personagem principal, envolvido em um experimento no passado e que corre perigo no presente por causa desse passado. No entanto, não existem os costu...more
Много слабо.

Централна фигура в произведението е Елиса Робледо - млада, но гениална физичка, с апетитно тяло. Всъщност този тийнейджърски трепет, с който Сомоса описва интимностите на Елиса, е много дразнещ. А аз си мислех, че красавици-учени има само в по-тъпичките холивудски филми. Да караме по-нататък. Героинята успява да впечатли професор Бланес, чийто теории правят революция във физиката. Този професор успява очарователно да докаже, че времето също е съставено от свръх-струни и е близо да о...more
Justin Lambert
I'm intrigued to crack open this book. The cover snagged me on the library shelf and the jacket copy guaranteed I would bring it home. Now, reading over the polar extremes of the reviews on Goodreads, I'm excited to find out how good (or bad) this book really is!

I have to tell you... this was a good book. A solid read (at 525 pages or so) that kept me interested and wondering throughout and provided a satisfying ending. As an author, I started turning my nose up at the author's repe...more
Много харесвам Сомоса и богатото му въображение. В "Зигзаг" той отново се развихря с интересен и оригинален сюжет, който дръзко атакува границите на читателското възприятие. "Зигзаг" е далече от жестоката изтънченост и перверзност на "Клара и сянката". Писателят се е "поиздънил" с доста плоските герои, особено с главната героиня, която е описана като мокър сън на пъпчив пубертет.:-))Натрупването на кошмари и ужаси кара читателят в един момент да претръпне и да се "пресити" от заиграването със ст...more
Alberto González Ortiz
Relectura de mi novela favorita del autor. Te atrae la trama, los personajes, los idas y venidas que nos suenan a todos un poco de un pasado personal mejor. Eso es lo bueno: que se hace partícipe de ti mismo. Lástima el tramo final: esa sensación decae (El amargo despertar).
Aleix Grau
Apr 04, 2014 Aleix Grau rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Thriller and Horror Fans
Recommended to Aleix by: Found in a Book Store
Shelves: my-favourites
I read this book in Spanish, as it is my second language. And i really liked it.

I found it intriguing and I found myself turning and reading the pages as fast as I could because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I was just so trapped in the plot that hours passed in the night reading and not looking at the clock since late in the night.

I love the time jumps and how all fitted together in the end in the precise moment. I could feel the terror the main characters were experiencing an...more
Simon Vandereecken
Excellent roman d'anticipation (?) sur la théorie des cordes qui personnellement m'intrigue beaucoup. Une longue mise en place qui vaut le coup, et un suspens maîtrisé d'une main de maître, qui vous tient en haleine. Beaucoup de questionnements et un moment passionnant.
Ramon Yáñez lópez
Thriller tecnol��gico? Ciencia ficci��n? No se como calificarla.

Interesante novela sobre que pasar��a si pudi��semos observar el pasado, pero con la complicaci��n (como no) de que al observarlo cambian las cosas y las personas...

Carl Brush
I did not forget to add stars to this review. The book deserves not even one.

"Later she would think that had she even remotely suspected what that trip held for her, she would never have boarded the plane...

If she had any idea, she would have run home and locked herself in her room, sealing he doors and windows forever. But at the time, she didn’t have a clue. Not the slightest idea."

Juan Carlos Somoza’s unthrilling techno-thriller is full of melodramatic garbage like the above. Also full of ch...more
Приятна изненада! Наподобява ми нещо средно между Майкъл Крайтън и Стивън Кинг. Леко дразни използването на един и също похват през няколко страници в опит да се държи напрежението високо. Нямам търпение за още срещи с автора :)
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José Carlos Somoza is a Spanish author born in Havana, Cuba. In 1960 his family moved to Spain after being exiled for political reasons. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychiatry, but he gave up medicine in order to be a full-time writer in 1994.
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