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Grimpow: The Invisible Road
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Grimpow: The Invisible Road (Grimpow #1)

3.34 of 5 stars 3.34  ·  rating details  ·  1,214 ratings  ·  119 reviews
“A story of pleasing complexity.”—Kirkus Reviews, Starred

Grimpow had no idea who the dead man was, but hidden in his leather bag was a treasure that would change his life forever. Clutched in the man’s firm grip was a stone. A stone that will shape Grimpow’s destiny. For when he holds it in his hand odd things begin to happen. Visions of places he’s never been fill his mi
Paperback, 512 pages
Published August 11th 2009 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2006)
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I visited the library before a long trip and grabbed this book for my eleven year old son. He didn't read it, and it was laying around the house. So when I got sick, I picked it up and read it. The story had a really good premise, but poor execution. Instead of driving us forward into the plot, the story meandered and left us feeling listless. When things finally started happening, there didn't seem to be a meaning for most of it, and when we got clues to solve, they were solved way too quickly, ...more
I didn't really know what to make of this book. It started out pretty well, but lost my interest halfway through. I didn't care WHAT the Secret of the Wise was by the time they finally got close to it. Interesting history about Templars, Paris, and Notre Dame, but the story was lacking something.
I'm a huge fan of historical fiction. I often like the books written for young adults a lot better than the ones written for adults because there usually isn't so much trash. Grimpow is part of the 1001 childrens books list and I was really looking forward to it.
The setting sounded really good: a monastry in the middle ages, a library and lots of riddles. Of course I immediately thought of The Name of the Rose which I adore.
But Grimpow turned out not to be my cup of tea: it turned out to be abo
I was really looking forward to liking this book. It has all the right plot elements and interesting character sketches... but it didn't really do much for me.
Two things that sunk it for me were: First, the conflict between thinly veiled skeptic theory and black magic. One or the other would have been pretty cool - I'm all about smart books for kids that introduce thought-provoking ideas about philosophy and science. I'm also all about books that pull out the stops with magic and spells and dra
Bridget Lane
Grimpow: The Invisible Road, initially written by Rafael Abalos, has a great plot set up. Sadly, I did not finish this book due to a lack of quality writing.

The writing is sub-par and the character development is weak. Sentences that spoke of Grimpow’s thoughts, and then outright described his “feelings” must be connected to the stone, made this book unbearable. The wording is just terrible.

That said, it is important to note that the original author did not translate to the English version. Ther
Nov 27, 2007 Christina rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Da Vinci Code fans, medieval nuts
Very interesting story set in 1313 France, about a teen boy, Grimpow, raised by a thief, who finds a magical stone and sets out on a journey of a lifetime to uncover long hidden secrets of the Knights of the Templars. He meets an Italian knight and becomes his squire, helping him in a tournament, and travels all over France solving puzzles and finding clues to this "secret of the wise." I thought that the clues and puzzles were a little overexplained sometimes, just to make sure you really got i ...more
Grimpow knew his life would change when he found the dead knight, but he had no idea the lucky stone the knight held would alter his destiny. The stone is the legendary Philosopher's Stone, and it holds the secret to the greatest treasure the world has ever known. Naturally people like the King of France are after this treasure and have been waging a war on the Templars to get it. Grimpow is caught in the middle of this as he tries to untangle the mystery of the treasure.

Clearly, this book was m
Emily Stone
I literally am about, oh, 3 chapters from finishing this book. I have been pushing myself through it since the 5th chapter and I have to say, it's been the worst few days of my life. Even though I am SO damn close to finishing, I still don't think I can bear to even read those last 3 chapters - not even for the satisfaction of overcoming this feat of doom. Honestly, I can understand that - yeah - this book was translated from Spanish - but when even Spaniards rate it poorly - doesn't say a whole ...more
Kadie D♥
The book was a kind of book I have never read before.
I have enjoyed reading the book, but I really had to take time reading it.
To me it wasn't a book I could rush through, because not every part was as exciting as the other.
Throuh the pages it really got me very curious to the denouement of the filosopher stone, and that was I think very reasonable. It was not as thrilling as I thought it would have been.
But all together it was a good read.
'Grimpow: The Invisible Road' is a story set in medieval Europe and follows the adventure of a young boy named Grimpow. He finds the Philosopher's Stone and sets out to discover its mysteries.

I'll be honest. The writing style bugged me no end with this story. Sentences were simple and not very descriptive while characters had no depth. It is a children's book, but then I read children's books all the time and have no problems usually. It is translated from Spanish so this could have damaged the
Ysabel Mystic
When I start a book, I feel very very obligated to finish it. However, there's always those few books that I can't stand to sit through. Grimpow was one of those books. I got about 200-230 pages through it and I decided to quit.
From reading a summary in the front of the book, I was thinking that this book was going to be an action-packed, fantastical quest. Instead I felt like I was reading a mythology lecture due to over-explained puzzles with very poor character development and a possible def
Michelle Brandstetter
Running away from his abusive uncle's tavern with a known thief and con artist named Durlib, Grimpow now leads the life of a vagabond. They travel from place to place, but have taken shelter for the winter in a cabin in the mountains of France. The year is 1313. Coming back from gathering firewood he comes across a dead body, frozen in the snow. Frightened, he races to the cabin to get Durlib. Durlib is curious and asks Grimpow to show him. This is no ordinary man, he is dressed in a knight's fi ...more
You expect any successful idea to be borrowed and for a rash of imitations to be produced further down the line, but even I never expected to find some of the ideas behind "The Da Vinci Code" to make it into a book for younger readers. But that is what "Grimpow - The Invisible Road" does, combining the idea of Knights Templar with the fantasy adventure of "Eragon" or "Northern Lights" and producing something that is quite enjoyable.

Grimpow is a young boy living a hand to mouth existence with his
Liam Murray
I tried to read the book, but I couldn't get past a couple chapters. In the portion that I managed to stomach, one moment we were at a house in the middle of the woods, the next a man is being burned at the stake in a town square, and then we're at an abbey; it's like the speaker (or the translator - I forgot momentarily that this book was originally written in Spanish) has ADD and can't focus on one location for more than five pages. Oh, and his writing was incredibly vague; I don't even rememb ...more
Reba Chin
I've left Grimpow and his companion-in-peril, Lianelle, locked inside a legendary secret chamber inside a Templar's fortress. This chamber is functioning as an hour glass, with a small trickle of sand entering in from an adjacent chamber not only marking the time that Grimpow and Lianelle have to solve the next riddle, but also marking the time until they are engulfed in sand and suffocate should they not succeed.

I've torn myself away from such life altering adventure in order to convey a freshn
Karolinde (Kari)
Grimpow has an incredible plot. A young boy stumbles on the body of a dead knight lying in the snow. From the knight's hand, he removes a stone, a stone that opens his mind and expands him knowledge. The stone, the legendary philosopher's stone, is the key to the world's greatest treasure: incredible knowledge. In order to reach this treasue, Grimpow and his companions must outrun the King of France and the Pope's inquisitor. Their quest leads them all over Europe, including and epic last stand ...more
October 9th 2007 by Delacorte Books for Young Readers
binding Hardcover
isbn 0385733747 (isbn13: 9780385733748)
pages 512
description Grimpow had no idea who the dead man was, but hidden in his leather bag was a treasure that would change his life forever. Ruby and emerald encrusted ...more [close] Grimpow had no idea who the dead man was, but hidden in his leather bag was a treasure that would change his life forever. Ruby and emerald encrusted daggers, silver coins, jewels, and a letter with a
Kat  Hooper
ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.

Grimpow: The Invisible Road was written for young adults by Spanish lawyer Rafael Abalos and translated to English after its success in Europe. The story is a medieval mystery/historical fantasy set in early 14th century Europe.

Grimpow is an illiterate orphan who stumbles upon the dead body of one of the last of the Knights Templar who was on a quest to secure the philosopher's stone from the grasp of King Philip IV and Pope Clement V. The king and pope, i
It was a good book, I have to say that, because if i said it was bad i would be lying. There was lots of adventure, lots of mystery, and a tiny bit of romance, but honestly, I was expecting a lot more. The ending left me hanging, and not in a good way. sure, it was an okay way to end the book, but I was expecting so much more, and the author could have given so much more. It was a nice story, and I encourage people to read it, though i warn them to keep their expectations low.

This book is about
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Natalie Tsang for

Rafael Ábalos' GRIMPOW: THE INVISIBLE ROAD starts out with the discovery of a dead body on a cold winter's day. In other words, it's a sure sign of a dangerous and exciting story, and the novel does not disappoint.

The body turns out to be a nobleman with a saddlebag full of coins, jeweled daggers, and a letter with a strange wax seal of a snake swallowing its own tail. Grimpow, a young thief, finds a stone clenched in the man's hand. He soon realize
Oct 21, 2014 Longsharkfellow rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: medieval book readers
Recommended to Longsharkfellow by: my teacher
this book is about a boy who finds a dead man in the snow, this dead man carries an amulet with incredible powers. the man in the snow was finishing a quest. Now grimpow has to finish that quest. He is the most unlikely kid and he finds the most unlikely friends along the way. THIS BOOK IS GREAT IF YOU LIKE MEDIEVAL BOOKS. it takes a while for the book to get a lot of action in so patience is key.
It had an interesting idea, but it was poorly executed. The character and plot developments were substandard. I was so bored with it that I never finished it. I returned it to the library when I was a few chapters away from the end. I found myself not caring how it ended, just that I wanted it to end. Between the choice of checking it in or renewing, checking it in won out.
Jackie Summers
I listened to this book on audio over a period of several months. I think if I read it as a book I would have hated it but spread out while waiting in traffic or to meet friends, it kept me mostly entertained. I say mostly because there were large parts that made me zone out especially towards the end. I did enjoy the characters and the historical aspects.
Nilo Di Stefano
Lento con plagio o quasi
Libro davvero brutto. Sono arrivato a leggere forzatamente più della metà e poi ho lasciato perdere. Lento, con una struttura molto pesante che riprende un po' troppo Il Nome della Rosa con personaggi simili, ambientazioni simili. Un libro ambientato nel medioevo deve essere avvincente da subito altrimenti il rischio è che sia troppo pesante da leggere e poco accattivante per il lettore anche quello più accanito come me.
So che dare un voto e fare una recensione è sgradev
Grimpow is a thief. He and his friend are walking in the forests near the abbey on their way home. Suddenly, there in the snow, Grimpow sees something. It is a body. The dead man is obviosly of royalty, and he is also dead, frozen solid. The man was carrying two jewel encrusted daggers, one mysterious scroll which neither of them can read, and a small sightly glowing stone about the size of a ping-pong ball. Grimpow picks up the stone and a rush washes over him. He can read the sroll! Grimpow t ...more
Wow, the first book I've finished this year. Disappointing that it's taken me this long, but at least I'm back on the reading horse.

I liked this book. The characters were plucky without being annoying, even though most of the side characters were somewhat flat. The story was interesting: the quest of a boy looking for the "secret of the wise." Knights Templar - also interesting. My biggest issue with this book is how the riddles were solved. Especially the (view spoiler)
Hace unos años que me lo he leído y me pareció muy bueno, aunque llegó en una parte que con tantas descripciones me quedé bloqueado, pero seguí porque un final inesperado me iba a llegar y así fue. ¡Me lo pasé pipa en el final! ¡Tan mágico!
This is the first time I have ever read a book where the hero wasn't really the main character. Neither was he strong or brave, he was only smart. Strange to read a book and have the hero more of a side character who speaks every now and then and has an idea only every now and then. It took a long time to actually get to the story and there really was no action. Such a strange way to write a story. I can't say I really liked the way the author wrote. I probably wouldn't read a book by this autho ...more
Jun 29, 2013 Leila rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone
Shelves: teen-reads
Grimpow is just a kid, living in France in the 1300s, being raised by a thief and minding his business well. However, when he stumbles across a mysterious body, the items he discovers will cast him headfirst into an adventure where he will delve into the history of the Knights Templar, cross paths with pure evil embodied by the Inquisitor, and ultimately discover the truth and wisdom of all humanity.
This book was wonderful from beginning to end. Certainly written for a younger audience, but no
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As a teenager, Rafael Ábalos was an avid reader of adventure stories. A lawyer for many years, he discovered by accident that he loved to write these stories as well. His first book for young readers, Grimpow: The Invisible Road, will be published around the world in 27 countries. He lives and writes in southern Spain.
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