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Never Eat Alone
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Never Eat Alone

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  13,893 ratings  ·  555 reviews
Do you want to get ahead in life?

Climb the ladder to personal success?

The secret, master networker Keith Ferrazzi claims, is in reaching out to other people. As Ferrazzi discovered early in life, what distinguishes highly successful people from everyone else is the way they use the power of relationships—so that everyone wins.

In Never Eat Alone, Ferrazzi lays out the spe...more
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Published February 22nd 2005 by Crown Business (first published January 1st 2005)
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This book is a huge elitist bragging session for Keith Ferrazzi. I picked it up to get some tips on networking for a new business we're starting and it eventually began grating on my nerves. I'm not sure how many times it's necessary to congratulate yourself in your own book about how great you are, but the author went above and beyond that limit. A large network is great but I am not about to start proclaiming that having hundreds of people as contacts is what's going to make me successful. Get...more
original review:

I forget how I first came across this book, but it seemed to be one of those (like Blink, The Tipping Point, The Wisdom of Crowds, etc.) that was getting a lot of press on blogs that I read frequently. Ferrazzi has an interesting blog for Never Eat Alone and Phil Terry of Creative Good suggested I give it a go to help connect with folks at the Gel conference this week.

The book is about how to meet people and develop deeper relationships mor...more
Chad Warner
Sep 23, 2012 Chad Warner rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: entrepreneurs, business owners
Recommended to Chad by: The Simple Dollar (
In my efforts to spread the word about OptimWise, my technology services company, I've been attending more local workshops, lectures, and networking events. After hearing a few people recommend this book for networking advice, I decided it'd be worth my time to check out.

It's too early to tell whether this book will improve my networking skills, but I'm definitely optimistic. Ferrazzi packs the book full of advice, tips, and anecdotes from his personal life. To add credibility, he also reference...more
I read about this book some time back and finally taken the time to read it. My goal in reading this was to improve my own networking and relationship building skills while staying true to my own values and principles. Ferrazzi’s approach is aggressive and there are something’s that simply do not work well for me. I gained additional knowledge and ideas from this book and it also reinforced much of what I know. Not a page turner but overall this was worth the read. I appreciated Ferrazi’s rise f...more
I sat through a brilliant networking lecture a few months ago and I kept thinking about how much more good you can do in the world if you have built relationships with people. The lecture really got me thinking about the value of building relationships with others in order to better serve them. I taught a lesson about it at church...and got such a dead response. After the lesson, a friend suggested this book that he had previously read and brought it by for me to read. I spent the next week devo...more
Bebe Burnside
It started out really good. Mr. Ferrazzi talked about the importance of treating others well and not just networking because of what you can get out of it. If you have read the secret it is the same idea. Then it turned into the story of why Kieth Ferrazzi totally rocks and is so successful. He went from talking about why you should treat people well and not look for the big sale to how to meet people who will land you the big sale. I would say he talks the talk but does not walk the walk. I cou...more
Much of what the book talked about was what I already knew. I didn't like how he talked about mostly cliche advice like "Find your passion and things like money will naturally follow”. Also, it seemed that Ferrazzi was trying to use the book as some kind of a biography to brag about his accomplishments. He seems really proud and full of himself, with a huge ego. He may be qualified to be like that because I do think what he achieved is impressive, and I have nothing against being proud of onesel...more
Очень странная книга...

Начну с того, что пока дошли руки её прочитать - слышал о книге очень противоречивые отзывы. И подметил некую тенденцию в этих самых отзывах :)

Если книгу читал ярко выраженный экстраверт - он отзывался о ней с восхищением, и давал самые высокие оценки: "Очень полезная книга для жизни! С её помощью можно задружиться с кем угодно, стать популярным человеком!" (и т.д. и т.п.)

Если читателем был интраверт, то книжку он критиковал жёстко и бескомпромиссно: "Это всё тупая и пов...more
Ben  Campopiano
Disciplined dreamers all have one thing in common: a mission. The mission is often risky, unconventional, and most likely tough as hell to achieve. But it is possible. The kind of discipline that turns a dream into a mission, and a mission into a reality, really just comes down to a process of setting goals.

Throughout his career, Bill Clinton’s political aspirations and his ability to reach out to others have gone hand in hand. He made it a nightly habit to record, on index cards, the names and...more
This book goes into the Top 10 Must Reads that I recommend to everyone in every profession. The principles of "connecting" strike a nerve of truth that gives power to the actionable steps the author suggests. I love the new vocabulary that this book gives us in reference to networking.

Essentially we learn in this book that relationships are our greatest assets and that our best relationships are those in which we create high value for people we care about. This is the skill that must be honed....more
The author, a marketing and sales CEO, lays out advice for getting ahead in this new, flatter, faster economy: foster and maintain connections with people. A cynic might, of course, take this as telling prospective salesmen or corporate ladder climbers to flatter their superiors and feign interest in activities that will get them closer to their goals, while hoarding the contacts they gather until such time as these might become useful to them personally. However, Ferrazzi, who worked his way up...more
I picked this up because of some of the great reviews I've seen and because it's about networking which is an area I can improve in.

Overall it was really good and I picked up a couple ideas of ways I can improve. The main thing I got out of the book was that relationships are really more important than we realize. In the individualistic, digitally entertained version of America we live in, this is an important point to bring up.

The writing is lacking in a couple of ways. Some of the chapters, es...more
"Never Eat Lunch Alone" – On how to build relationships in all walks of life with depth and meaning.
I heard so much about Never Eat Aloneover the years, but somehow never read it.I finally wanted to see what the book was all about, and was pleasantly surprised withFerrazzi's simple and direct approach to success. Instantly, I respected him as someone who could provide legitimate advice, not only because ofhis own immense success, but because of the tone of the book. Ferrazziwas encouraging and helpful withoutinsulting the reader with overly simplistic wording and suggestions.

The tipsincluded i...more
2.5 stars. What I liked: The book has some helpful pointers for those who are shy or who are not inclined to engage with strangers. I would recommend it for new professionals. I think it is also helpful that the author emphasizes that it isn't easy, or natural, even for extroverts to put themselves out there all the time. I also appreciated that he shared some of his rejections, showing that even the best networkers strike out sometimes.

What I didn't like: Sometimes the author is too braggy , wh...more
I picked this randomly at the library – it is an older book, but I’ve heard a lot of people talk about it. I’m starting the process of changing jobs w/in my company and thought it might be a good book to review the cliché subject of “networking”. The message of the book is good, and I agreed with the authors philosophy, however, the book comes across as the author’s personal gloating session more times than it does a informative lesson. Here’s the lowdown:

Summary/message: In today’s ever-expand...more
This book is truly fascinating. If you have read "How to win friends and influence people" of Dale Carnegie, you will find that this one is even more specific to the modern trend.

Compared with Dale's approach, Keith shares his experience though stories that link back to the past. He told, got into details and explained the lesson. It is not the normal kind of self-help book with number 1, 2, 3 is what you are going to keep in mind. The lessons are there, and you define your own ways of applying...more
Clint Hyden
This was a great book about what networking really is. It's about sharing information with people, not just about managing transactions with people.

Here are some quotes that I liked from the book.

1. …being a connector is not about managing transactions, but about managing relationships. P8

2. I learned that real networking was about finding ways to make other people more successful. It was about working hard to give more than you get. P9

3. Every successful person I’ve met shared, in varying degre...more
Adam Jacobson
Keith Ferrazi is a force of nature. I know a few people like him - really smart, absolutely driven. I've realized over time that I am never going to be that person. I enjoy my work but I also enjoy my quiet time.

So, when I read a book like this, I ask the question - how much of this is Keith and how much can be applied to me? On one level, much of what he says can be said. Networking (and this is really a book about networking) means giving first, focusing on the person in front of you, followin...more
This book provides an overview of how & why to build relationships for the purpose of advancing in your career. The author includes some helpful tips about how to approach conferences, how to host dinner parties, etc. I found it to be generally pretty wise & on point. However, some of it is simply too aggressive - like his tip about traveling in first class in order to meet important people, asking them about who they know in certain industries & then later claiming the people you me...more
Bach Tran Quang
Cuộc sống của chúng ta là tổng hòa của các mối quan hệ, những mạng lưới đầy phức tạp và đan xen.

Đây là cuốn sách cần phải đọc để học được những cách thức tối ưu hóa những mối quan hệ đã, đang và sắp có của bạn. Không chỉ trong công việc mà còn trong cuộc sống. Đời sẽ bớt cô đơn đi một chút, Công việc sẽ dễ thở hơn một chút và tôi tin là cơ hội cũng sẽ đến nhanh hơn nếu chúng ta biết nắm bắt và tận dụng mạng lưới do chính tay ta dệt nên.

Bản dịch này không tốt lắm, một số câu văn được biên tập chư...more
This book is about "networking", if you want. There was a time where I found the idea of professional "networking" a bit suspect, if not sickening. This book changed my opinion radically. It opened my eyes to the fact how little we accomplish alone in life, and how much we owe to other people in one way or the other. So the art of developing relationships is not just something we need to do when we are in need of a job, it needs to be a permanent way of life; an art, a skill, a mastery. The book...more
Andrew K.
It took me a long time to finish Never Eat Alone - the author is wordy and repetitive. Half the book is actual content, and the other half is him clearing his throat and telling you how important his advice is.

Some good nuggets of advice about making the most of one's career networking - I like the parts about how to have a more interesting career than that of an average corporate automaton.

Don't get me wrong - I learned a lot. But it would be better (and more widely-read) as a pamphlet, not a s...more
A clearly written, engaging business book about the importance of goal-setting and networking. To some extent, it rehashes Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People, updated for the modern scene. I read the 2005 version of Never Eat Alone, not the more recently released version.

Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking examined Harvard Business School as an example of a culture of extroversion. Keith Ferrazzi went to Harvard Business School and...more
Jamie McNally
I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway and was definitely looking forward to this read. I firmly believe in the value and importance of relationships and generosity to others; I love meeting new people and widening my circle of friends and acquaintances; I am always eager to read and learn new things. As such, I was sure that this would be a fascinating and enjoyable read for me. Although the book started out great and I did end up enjoying a few bits of advice, overall I could not get pas...more
Artem Zakharov
May 18, 2014 Artem Zakharov rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Artem by: Yuliya Gayvoronskaya
The more people you know, and know well, the more doors are opened for you. Never Eat Alone will remind you, or teach you, the ways of getting in on the action of business and life. It will teach that generosity is the key to ultimate success. Mr. Farrazzi is highly regarded as being one of the most connected people in the world, and his book DEFINITELY gives away the secrets to make every person with a little bit of ambition the tools to do so as well. Ferrazzi is a master at networking and bui...more
Wandoo Ityavyar
Never Eat Alone is your networking hand book. Most of the stories and lessons included in this book are what I imagine are the skills taught in MBA programs. Keith Ferrazzi is a super connector who has put all the social prowess he has accumulated over the years into this succinct book. He gives away the entire premise of the book in the early chapters. Simply put, the secret of success is generosity. My review is in two parts. The first part is a closed ended review of Never Eat Alone. The seco...more
I think both the title and the publisher's description of this book make it out to be way more schmoozy and people-who-use-people gross than it actually is. For one, the idea of eating by yourself or with people is never actually brought up. What you have here is a kind of selective auto-biography of Keith Ferrazzi who tell us about how connecting with people has changed his entire life, starting from childhood. It's clear that he loves doing it and brings a natural enthusiasm for networking to...more
When I first sat down to read "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi, I wasn't 100% sure what to expect. I knew that this book was going to attempt to teach me how to succeed in marketing, business, and other aspects of my life - therefore, it was probably going to come off a bit like an advertisement itself. And the cover backed that up, as the one word that I would use to describe it is "safe." Navy blue words written on a solid sheet of orange? This didn't exactly revolutionize my idea of cover...more
Ryan Dejonghe
This is part business success and part Ferrazzi autobiography: both parts equally impressive. Make no mistake, if you want to succeed, you’ll have to work for it. This book isn’t about setting up lunch dates—it is MUCH more than that.

At the very base of it all, Ferrazzi says that you much have a goal and that it must be in writing. He uses his time at Yale as an example of wanting to achieve a goal and using this goal to guide him. Another big step is following up. Many people never follow up.

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Keith Ferrazzi is one of the rare individuals who discovered the essential formula for making his way to the top -- a powerful and balanced combination of marketing acumen and networking savvy. Both Forbes and Inc. magazines have designated him one of the world's most "connected" individuals.

As Founder and CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he provides market leaders with advanced strategic consulting an...more
More about Keith Ferrazzi...
Who's Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success--And Won't Let You Fail Never Eat Alone, Expanded and Updated: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time So Finden Sie Ihr Dream Teamweg Vom Krampfhaften Networking   Hin Zu Echten Beziehungen! Isshōmono No Jinmyakuryoku Amici di Salvataggio - Costruisci le relazioni giuste per avere successo nella vita

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