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Dämliche Dämonen
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Dämliche Dämonen (Demonkeeper #1)

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  405 ratings  ·  72 reviews
Nathan Grimlock hat von seinem Pflegevater eine undankbare Aufgabe geerbt: Er muss ein Haus voller Dämonen hüten und verhindern, dass seine nervtötenden Schützlinge überall Chaos verbreiten – vor allem das TIER, das tief unten im Keller haust, darf auf gar keinen Fall entkommen! Eines Tages jedoch geschieht die Katastrophe: Das TIER bricht aus. Und es hat großen Hunger auf ...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published October 12th 2009 by Blanvalet (first published 2007)
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Oh, awful. Awful. Poorly written, and with no real understanding of its audience. While the main characters were sixteen years old, and that is the age group to whom this YA book is marketed, it is condescending and shallow. It's one of those rare YA books that is written by an adult who forgets entirely what it is like to be that age. "Young" does not mean "stupid." I'm more than twice the average age of the intended reading audience, and I was insulted at the books tone in regards to teenagers ...more
*Miss Fame*
Actual rating: 3.5

I'm really glad I read this book! I know, silly thing to say, but the truth is I picked up this book when I was literally hording books in the children's section of the library (for the record, I would put this book in the teen section, not the children's section). When I brought my stack of books home, I thought "I probably will put this one on my to-read list and never get around to it" when it came to this book. But for some reason, I decided to read it first. I was not disa
Karen Ball
I hope this one gets made into a decent movie -- it has such potential! Nat lives in a Seattle house that is chock full of demons (most of whom are pretty harmless or just annoying), and his mentor Dahliwahl has left him in charge. Nat knows the basics, but he is still inexperienced, and the funnier demons take advantage of that at every turn. The evil Thin Man appears, and he is after The Beast that escaped from the basement when Nat went on his first date with nerdy library assistant Sandy. Na ...more
This had so much potential but just fell flat. The story is just so thin...
Miss Bookiverse
The ideas for all the demons, their outward appearances and skills very pretty cool and creative. The storyline and human characters seemed only half-hearted compared to them though. The story is very simple and predictable, sometimes the jokes are too and there are too many clichés used. I liked the shortness of the chapters. The way the story is told feels very movie-like which is a cool thing but doesn't always work out.
Boris Aljinovic (did a great job reading the book, especially with imitat
Hannah Givens
Demonkeeper is awesome. Just look at the puppy eyes the blue demon on the cover is giving you. Go ahead, I'll wait while you wibble.

Nathaniel Grimlock is a 15-year-old Demonkeeper, who is left on his own in a house full of demons when the older, fully trained Demonkeeper dies. It's now his job to keep the demons contained and cared for. Luckily the demons are friendly (if a little destructive)... Except for one. Guess which one escapes?

This quick-paced (but fully developed) horror for tweens. Br
Ich muss gestehen, dass ich das Buch eigentlich recht lustig und spannend fand, aber irgendwie hat es der Geschichte ein wenig an Hintergrundinformationen gemangelt. Royce Buckingham hat mich quasi, wie Nate durch Seattle, durch das Buch gejagt. Jeder Moment, jedes Detail klang zeitweise wie eine Auflistung von Dingen, die der Autor unbedingt noch der Geschichte beifügen möchte, weil sie seinem Empfinden nach noch unbedingt dazugehören. Dennoch hat Royce Buckingham es geschafft die Handlung im B ...more
Well, to quote the rating: "It was ok".
I may have enjoyed it more if I were about a decade younger and if there weren't so many logical errors. For example is Sandy in 7th grade (I was 13 then) and in the next moment she "just got her license" and is driving a car. What the hell? Or the evil dude is holding a book but can also grab Nate shoulders with "both hands". What's that about?
This book is about a boy named Nathaniel, also known as Nat, who was trusted with a real life monster house which houses Demons which Nathaniel needs to care for. People that take care of these dangerous Demons are called Demon Keepers who are a selected few chosen by Dhaliwahl who died after Nathaniel was in control of the Demons. The rules of a Demon Keeper is hard to follow because you cannot settle down in one place which means you cannot be married because you are constantly dealing with c ...more
Richie Partington
23 February 2007 DEMONKEEPER by Royce Buckingham, Putnam, May 2007, ISBN: 0-399-24649-4

" 'There's only one copy of this in the nation,' she said. 'I can have it for you in three weeks.'
" 'Great! Thank you...'
" 'I'm Sandy. And there's the one-dollar interlibrary loan fee.'
" 'Right. Of course,' Nat said. He nodded and began dumping dimes, quarters, nickels, lint, and an inspected by tag onto Sandy's pristine desk.
"Sandy couldn't help herself -- she stacked the coins by denomination, then hurried t
Henkienhoitaja (2009) kertoo 15-vuotiaasta orvosta Nathanielista, jonka intialaisvanhus Dhaliwahl otti asumaan luoksensa. Nyt Dhaliwahl on kuollut ja Nathaniel on yksin vastuussa talosta ja sen asuttamista hengistä: myös kellarissa vahvojen lukkojen takana asuvasta Pedosta. Eräänä päivänä Nathaniel menee kirjastoon ja tapaa siellä samanikäisen tytön nimeltä Sandy, jonka kanssa Nathaniel päätyy treffeille. Treffien aikana Nathanielin taloon tunkeudutaan ja Peto pääsee irti kellarista. Alkaa takaa ...more
In this book the saying "battling your own demons" is taken literal. Young Nat is the Demonkeeper, only just out of apprentice ship, after his mentor vanished suddenly. He looks after the demons in a spooky house and has to keep one of the biggest, meanest demons locked up... he meets a girl and while he's out a couple of homeless teenage boys break into the Demonkeeper's house and accidentally let lose the demon... the idea behind all the demons in this book is, that they are creatures of chaos ...more
Danielle Smiley
Genre: Middle Grade Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type: Traditional
My Rating: * * * * *

My Review:
So I had a huge dilemma in rating DemonKeeper. As I read it, I read it as a Middle Grade story and LOVED it!!! It's such a fun and enchanting read! But the main character is 16, putting DemonKeeper in the YA range. As a YA novel, it falls short of the depth of character and story I expect out of YA literature. But as a Middle Grade novel, it's perfect! So I decided to categorize DemonKeeper as Middle Grade
Manchmal verstehe ich nicht, warum man bei deutschen Übersetzungen nicht einfach auch die deutsche Entsprechung des englischen Titels verwenden kann, sondern sich unbedingt etwas Neues und Unpassendes ausdenken auch hier geschehen: Demonkeeper ist gut gewählt, denn genau darum geht es - um einen Jugendlichen (Nathan), der ein Haus voller mal mehr mal weniger witziger Dämonen hüten muss. Und die sind zwar manchmal knuddelig, manchmal niedlich, meistens frech und witzig, aber definitiv n ...more
Sandra Stiles
Nat is a young teen who finds himself in charge of a house full of demons. As a young child he became apprenticed to a Demon Keeper known as Dahliwahl. When Dahliwahl disappears it is up to Nat to keep the demons safe and under control. The demons in his house range from playful to malicious. With no other human in the house Nat decides it is time to find other teens. He meets Sandy, a junior librarian and thus begins their relationship. While out on a date two young homeless boys, Gus and Richi ...more
[☆] мєℓαиιє [★]
Das Buch habe mich mir aufgrund des Titels mitgenommen, der mich schon ein wenig zum Schmunzeln gebracht hat. Und das kleine Dämönchen auf dem Cover selbst auch, auch wenn ich mir nicht unbedingt so einen "Dämlichen Dämonen" vorstelle.

Der Waisenjunge Nate hat schon viel erlebt in seinem jungen Leben. Von einer Familie zur anderen geschoben, wird er schließlich von einem geheimnisvollen Inder adoptiert, welcher in seinem Haus etliche Dämonen beherrbergt... inclusive eines gefährlichen Dämons, dem

Nathan hat es nicht leicht. Als Waisenkind wurde er immer wieder von Pflegeeltern abgewiesen, weil er angeblich Dämonen sehen konnte. Doch dann wird er plötzlich von einem Mann zu sich genommen, der seine Gabe recht schnell erkennt und ihm alles beibringt, was ein sogenannter Dämonenhüter können und wissen muss.
Als dieser später verstirbt, muss sich Nathan alleine mit den Dämonen herum schlagen und sich um diese kümmern. Doch dies ist nicht immer leicht, denn die Dämonen führen
Mandy Sickle

Nat hasn't had the easiest life, his parents died when he was little and he was put into child custody. He ends up not in the system as if he never existed and Dahliwahl takes him home to train him to be a Demon Keeper. When Nat is sixteen Dahliwahl goes missing leaving Nat in charge of the house and the new Demon Keeper. Nat has three demons who are his minions which is rare because most Demon Keepers have one maybe two. Nat lives in the house with Bel a massive English sheepdog, three minions,
Let me preface my review of this book by saying that I do not enjoy reading anything gory. I'm a very visual person and I cannot get the images out of my mind. I was concerned when I saw the author mention Stephen King in his dedications. That being said, this book probably wasn't gory enough for some young readers, it just isn't my cup of tea.

In the first chapter Nat, the keeper of demons, is doing his daily chores which involve feeding the demons bloody fish heads and entrails. This of course
Plot: 3 Stars
This novel was my second middle grade novel (the first being The Lightning Thief). I wanted to love it, but it was a bit lacking in details. We know that Nat's mentor has passed away, but we do not really know what happened. He is now in charge of this house full of demons, but we don't really learn much about the demons, except for Nat's three minions and the Beast. Nat's minions are interesting, but even their powers are barely mentioned. At one point, a comment is made that havi
Nathan, kurz Nate, Grimlock "erbt" von seinem Ziehvater ein Haus voller Dämonen - er ist der Hüter. Klingt auf den ersten Blick nicht besonders spannend, wenn Nate sich das Gejammer von Masken anhören muss oder eine sich von selbst bewegende Veranda befehligt.

Aber "Dämmliche Dämonen" ist eine äußerst rasante, und vor allem witzig geschriebene Geschichte, die zwar etwas kurz ist, jedoch alles aufweist, was ein Fantasyroman haben sollte: Spannung, wahnsinnige Ideen und das liebenswerte Trio besteh
The Beast is held captive in the cellar by the Demonkeeper Dhaliwahl. Unfortunately, the old man died and his apprentice Nat has taken over. He is assisted by Belvedere, an Old English sheepdog, and his three demon minions, Pernicious, Nikolai, and Flappy. When Nat goes to the library, he meets Sandra Nertz, who feels the teenage dating life is passing her by. When she gives Nat her phone number, he decides to take a chance on the real world and goes on a date. Meanwhile, two skater boys, Richie ...more
Die Geschichte ist einfach nur laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangweilig, viel mehr als in der Kurzbeschreibung oben beschrieben passiert wirklich nicht. Keine Spannung, kein Höhepunkt, zweidimensionale, flache Charaktäre mit denen man nicht im mindesten mitfiebert. Auch wawrum das Buch "Dämliche Dämonen" heißt verstehe ich nicht im mindesten, das Titel passt so gar nicht und suggeriert einen Humor, den die Geschichte nicht bieten kann.
Eigentlich ist die Geschichte nur ** wert, aber Boris Aljinovic, den ich
Patricia Kaniasty
I want a minion!!! In this story, Nat, the main character has 3. This is a action packed story full of on the edge of your seat thrill rides. I love the house they live in. I want one. It has a few chuckles in it also. The story that is, not the house. LOL
German edition - German review:

Wirklich überzeugt hat mich Royce Buckingham mit diesem Buch nicht. Es ist kurzweilig, die Handlung ist rasant, aber es fehlt an Tiefe. Man kann, darf und sollte auch von einem Jugendbuch erwarten, dass die Figuren halbwegs glaubwürdig agieren und der unerwartete und grausame Tod eines Jugendlichen an seinem Kameraden nicht völlig ohne Spuren zu hinterlassen vorübergeht, zumal wenn dieser die halbverdauten Überreste seines Kumpels auch noch vor die Füße geklatscht
Oliver Wiatrak
Eine nette und kurzweilige Lektüre für zwischendurch.
I was going to give this book 4 stars but I just spent the last 15 minutes rereading the first few chapters trying to find the age and description of the main character. I never did find it. But maybe I should say 3.5 stars because I got to meet the author this past spring at Rachel's young author conference. He was funny and got all the kids excited to write their own stories.
This is a fast paced story about a boy who keeps monsters. I liked how he ended it and tidied up loose ends. Good book
Neill Smith
Nat is an apprentice demonkeeper. Then one day his mentor disappears and he is left in charge of the demons in his house. He feels unable to cope with this responsibility, particularly when it is combined with his struggling romance with a librarian, and a raid on his house by a couple of young homeless boys. While he is out one night one of the most dangerous demons, The Beast, escapes. Then his predecessor arrives back in town eager to take over his job and his demons.

Le tre stelle sono un po' regalate, ma due mi sembravano poche: se pure lo svolgimento è prevedibile nei suoi snodi principali, la scrittura è spesso scarna, ci sono svariati infodump e il tutto avrebbe potuto essere trattato in modo più profondo, pure non mancano momenti brillanti e sinceramente spassosi, dettagli originali, ironia e verosimiglianza nei personaggi. Scorre bene, pur lasciando la sensazione che avrebbe potuto essere migliore.
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Royce Buckingham lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife and sons.
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