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The Gathering Storm (Wheel of Time, #12)
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The Gathering Storm (The Wheel of Time #12)

4.31 of 5 stars 4.31  ·  rating details  ·  72,660 ratings  ·  2,057 reviews

Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle, looms. And mankind is not ready.

The final volume of the Wheel of Time, A Memory of Light, was partially written by Robert Jordan before his untimely passing in 2007. Brandon Sanderson, New York Times bestselling author of the Mistborn books, was chosen by Jordan's editor--his wife, Harriet McDougal--to complete the final book. The scope an

Paperback, 1098 pages
Published October 2010 by Tom Doherty Associates TOR Fantasy (first published 2009)
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I first picked up the Wheel of Time series fifteen years ago while a freshman in college. I remember being totally caught up in the series, consumed by the characters and taken in by the world. I looked forward to every page, couldn't decide on my favorite character and couldn't wait for the next book. That changed as the series went on. Wandering plotlines, characters that became so unlikeable that I loathed when they appeared for more than a chapter at a time, and so much of the plot taken up ...more

This twelfth volume of The Wheel of Time is one of the most famous of recent times. Simply because it was, at the time it was promised, expected to be the final volume of the (then) ongoing series. It was also the first volume written by Brandon Sanderson (then known simply for Mistborn: The Final Empire) with the aid of many, many notes left by Robert Jordan. When I picked up The Eye of the World three or so years ago I knew that this twelfth volume of The Wheel of Time (due at the end of that
Final rating: 3.5 stars.

After an early and unexpected death of Robert Jordan somebody had to finish his magnum opus. A relatively new and unknown at the time author was chosen: Brandon Sanderson. Fortunately for the series' fans Jordan left enough notes regarding further plot developments and it is said the final chapters of the last book were entirely written by him. So did Sanderson succeed in continuing the biggest epic series in fantasy? It really depends on what you expect from Wheel of Tim
Lori (Hellian)

I said I wasn't interested. I said I wouldn't bother reading this until the whole series was done. But with all the great reviews, and also having really liked Sanderson's other work, I went back on my word as soon as I saw this at Costco! On top of that, I'm even ignoring some books I've been dying to read that I have on hand, notably Kingsolver's new one. I'm such a liar!

Well, I've finished. I busted my
Superior to the last half-dozen Jordan books, Sanderson does The Wheel of Time better than its original author.

Sanderson puts in so many things that Jordan alluded to for effect but never satisfactorily depicted: Aes Sedai politics, characters' scheming and ploys, Rand recalling all the women he killed.

Characters reminisce about their past and other characters Jordan neglected, and refer to how they have changed; their emotions are more real and tangible, and demonstrated through actions. Egwene
Mike (the Paladin)
Okay, I've got to put everything else aside till I read's nearly 800 pages and other people at the library are waiting for me to finish it.

Well at least they finally killed *** ******. Yeah, I won't put in a spoiler, not that it would matter that much, but then Sanderson has continued Jordan's established pattern of actually tying up few plot points per volume. That is I suppose why it will (he says) take 2 more of these gargantuan tomes to complete this story.

Okay (I seem to say that
The Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills.

After Robert Jordan’s untimely demise in 2007, his wife [and editor] asked Brandon Sanderson to write the final book in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light. Brandon must have been a big fan; he’s almost perfectly captured everything that made Robert Jordan’s stories so breathtaking in this first book of the resulting A Memory of Light trilogy, The Gathering Storm. It combines the world of Robert Jordan with an intense story as only Sanderson can write.
Jul 04, 2009 Foomy marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
To be real honest, I actually think this is the best book of the series so far. Brandon Sanderson is a much better writer than Robert Jordan, and mind you I read all 11 books by Jordan so he's not THAT shabby! Harriet (Robert jordan's widow) picked the PERFECT writer to finish the series from Jordan's notes. He grew up with those books and is a huge fan boy of the series so he is ever so mindful to stay within the parameters of the world and the previous books in the series. He's paid a great de ...more
Aaron Burke
The Wheel of Time "trilogy" is now on book 12, with two more scheduled. Maybe the series should have been named "The Eternal Derivative." It is the most derivative work in fantasy literature! 40% Dune, 40% Lord of the Rings (LOTR), and 20% Star Wars. The Aes Sedai are clones of Dune's Bene Gesserit. The Aiel are replicas of Dune's Fremen. "Channeling" is simply tapping into the Force. Could the Black Ajah be any more like the Sith? Or the trollocs the orcs? The main characters are so similar to ...more
The Crimson Fucker
Ok…. Here goes nothing:

Let’s see this series been out for what? More than fucking 20 years now?? IDK I started to read it back in 2003... And this is fucking book #12!!!! That fat bearded bastard promised to finish the series in only one more book… but the leaches that are the publishers or IDK how the fucking book publishing industry works or nothing… but GOD DAMN! A retard like me can see that they water this shit down! Is book fucking 12! I know how the Seanchan helmets look like, I know what
Dear Brandon Sanderson:

I started reading this series around the time the 3rd book came out and I loved them to death. My copies of the first few books in the series have been read and read so many times that they fell apart years ago.

As the series continued on, adding more and more characters, and becoming more and more cumbersome, I got more and more disillusioned with it and the overall grand vision. My complaints about the series seemed to increase with each passing book, ultimately hoping th
Carrie (Care)
Wow, I loved this book! This book had a faster pace compared to the previous few books. There was a good amount of loose ends we've been waiting to get wrapped up come to a conclusion. Brandon did an amazing job with this book, and I am even more excited to read the final two volumes. I have to say there were a few times I'd think to myself 'so and so wouldn't say that' or I thought a character was acting out of place (mostly one character, but I bet all of us fans will have this feeling with di ...more
Eric Allen
The Gathering Storm
Book 12 of the Wheel of time
By Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

A Wheel of Time Retrospective by Eric Allen

In 1990 Robert Jordan published The Eye of the World and changed my life forever. At that time the series was to be a trilogy. Ten books, a prequel of significant size, and a companion guide later he died with the story unfinished and three volumes of the series left to be written by another writer from extensive notes, partially written scenes and extensive dictations
Wow. Was this ever a pleasant surprise.

I got into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series about eight years ago. Despite protestations from friends that I should steer clear of it because it went completely off the rails after about five books and probably wouldn't ever be finished, I gave it a shot, and like so many other readers I got hooked. This was unfortunate, because as I discovered halfway through the series, my friends were right. The Wheel of Time did go off the rails, and badly, with Rob
Wow. I'm still kind of stunned, trying to resurface back to reality right now. This is what I remember feeling the first time I read the beginning of the series. I'm glad I re-read all the previous books so all the details would be fresh, but I forgot what it was like to read one of these books with all the suspense, hope, fear, anticipation - and compulsion - of not having read it before. I suppose that's enough raving, but I haven't been so submerged in a book for a long, long time.

A lot happ
Ova knjiga je odlična, pre svega zato što u njoj nema Elejne, a i zato što su Perin i Faila svedeni na najmanju moguću meru! :D Šalu na stranu, ne znam da li je Sanderson zaslužan za to, ili je na njemu bilo samo da prati Džordanova uputstva, tek žene u ovoj knjizi kao da imaju malo više... individualnosti. Ne liče sve jedna na drugu, nisu sve poluhisterične i ne frkću k'o mokre mačke. Ne mnogo.

Jedino Faila ništa nije naučila. Knjiga zapravo započinje njenim glupostima. Naravno da je ona najpame
Totally love this book. Brandon Sanderson really has what it takes to pick up where Robert Jordan left off.

Oh wait, I haven't read this book yet. Well I'll just leave this review until I feel the need to change it.

Now I have read it and it was better than I had hoped.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
So here we are. Finally, after my long drawn-out re-read of the Wheel of Time series, I was able to read the new book. I have to admit, I was more than a little apprehensive going into the read. I mean, I know Brandon, and I trust his writing and skill, but no one's perfect. Everyone has a dud now and then--even when they're writing their own material. Finishing someone else's material? I could see many ways where that would go wrong. What if I didn't like it? Should I still review it and be bru ...more

I waited a couple of years after The Gathering Storm came out to read it. I still felt some affection for Egwene and her plight, and I was very slightly curious what would happen to Elayne. The rest of the characters in this series, and there are many of them, I long since wanted to set on fire. Jordan's tortured, irrelevant writing had made getting through these books into the worst kind of chore. I had high hopes that Brandon Sanderson would rescue a plot with potential and get i
Okay, this book was AWESOME! If you've been a Jordan fan for years, and have been tired of waiting for the next book to come out, or if you've gotten a little bogged down with the immense details and the politics of the story, never fear! This book makes it all worth it. My husband and I both absolutely loved it. We feel like we've been on an amazing adventure together as we've worked our way through all twelve of the Wheel of Time books. This book ties up so many loose ends of the story. It doe ...more
Really deserves only one star but I'm giving Brandon Sanderson a bit of slack for taking up an already doomed series.

There are some wonderful moments in the Wheel of Time series. Unfortunately, they're buried under some really dull and often ridiculous moments. This was brought home to me when reading the final few chapters of the Gathering Storm. I have no idea which parts are Jordan and which parts are Sanderson, but it seems to me if you are going to have a major character go through somethin
I was very leery about reading this volume. Another author finishing a master storyteller's work? It truly boggles the mind. I can honestly say that Brandon did a very good job despite the circumstances. I could hardly tell the sections of where Brandon wrote in pieces to make the whole story work. He did an excellent job and I found myself swept straight into the thick of the story. Even with frantic reading it took me six days to finish. I absolutely loved it. Even Brandon's crafting helped gi ...more
Nov 20, 2009 Chris rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Wheel of Time fans
This book is simply awesome. Brandon Sanderson gets a big A+ on his effort to finish Robert Jordan's epic, as of the first volume at least.

Some story threads are brought to a close, and some are definitely being steered to an ending. There are some that were just touched on, and we are left with lots of questions that will need to be answered in the final two volumes. But that being said, I can definitely see that everything is heading in the right direction. The end is near. The Last Battle is
Robert Jordan reminds me of my parents. My parents love to start projects (note to my parents: Don't be offended by this. I say it with lots of love, and you know it's true). They'll look around them at the living room and say, "This room would look so much better without that wall there." Then out come the sledgehammers, and out goes the wall. Then a few weeks later, with jagged, unfinished sheet-rock holes all around them, they'll look at the hallway carpet and say, "That carpet looks terribl ...more
R.D. Villam
Blood and bloody ashes! Sukses, buku ini berhasil mengacak-acak emosi saya. Banyak hal terjadi, dan semuanya—konfliknya, twistnya, perkembangan karakternya—disajikan dengan nyaris sempurna. Jika ini film, Jordan dan Sanderson (dua-duanya, karena udah gak bisa lagi dibedakan mana yang masih buatan Jordan dan mana yang dikerjakan Sanderson) layak mendapat Oscar, dan Egwene serta Rand pantas memenangkannya sebagai pemeran utama wanita dan pria terbaik. Hahah.

Egwene, yup, she’s awhsome here. Perjua
I am seriously impressed with Brandon Sanderson. I didn't think anyone would be able to stay true to the characters or continue this story without making it completely different. I mean how do you take over a series that was the major work of someone's life? How do you get into the characters head's as well as the one who created them? How do you continue writing about this world someone else made up and still do a credible job? I was expecting to be somewhat disappointed. I was wrong. Sanderson ...more
Pedro António
After not enjoying Knife of Dreams too much due to how little happened and knowing The Gathering Storm wasn't written by Robert Jordan I had my doubts.

Thankfully, any and all doubts I might've had are completely gone. In my opinion this was by far the best book in the series yet.

The pacing is absolutely spot on. There wasn't a single dull moment in the whole book and even the chapters with little to no plot development were a pleasure to read through thanks to Brandon Sanderson's captivating wr
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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr., under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time fantasy series. He also wrote under the names Reagan O'Neal and Jackson O'Reilly.

Jordan was born in Charleston, South Carolina. He served two tours in Vietnam (from 1968 to
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