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Faking 19
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Faking 19

3.54 of 5 stars 3.54  ·  rating details  ·  2,055 ratings  ·  158 reviews
On the surface, 17-year-old Alex has it made; she is beautiful and smart. Plus, she's best friends with M., the absolute most popular girl in school. Feeling bored with their fancy Orange County suburban town, Alex and M. decide to check out L.A.'s glitzy nightlife scene.
Pretending to be 19, Alex and M. meet Trevor and Connor, two rich older guys. At first, Alex can't bel...more
Hardcover, 210 pages
Published March 1st 2005 by Turtleback Books
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Before Reading: Oh, look! Alyson Noel's very first book!
I can't wait to read it! The Immortals was so goddamn awful that it made me so ANGRY!! I hope her first book is so much better than her immortal fantasy crap!

After Reading:

What the damning fuck did I just read!!!??

WARNING: This review has A LOT of spoilers. But, then again, SINCE WHEN DO I GIVE A FUCK?!

Almost, but not quite.

This is the stupidest girly book I'd ever read!!
Alex is a fucking idiot, the plot is ridiculous, and the writing was...more
Jennifer Wardrip
Reviewed by Amber Gibson for

Alyson Noël took me for a joyride in FAKING 19 into the oh-so-fabulous, wild party life of two beautiful high school seniors in SoCal. At first glance, Alex may seem like she has it all. She's pretty, smart, and her best friend is the most popular girl at school, M. But the truth is, Alex has some pretty hefty family problems and she's undergoing a major identity crisis. Oh, and on top of all that, she's failing all of her classes and might not gradua...more
I first would like to say that I am very tired at the moment and apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors you might see throughout this review.

We might not even call this a review. More of a rant. If you are a fan of Alyson Noel's book "Faking 19," I think that is grand. We are all entitled to our own opinions and that's what makes literature and life, in general, great.

However, I have a very different view and perspective of this book. The author must have been drunk while writing thi...more
Caroline Saltzman
I liked this book. It kind of gave me a tiny "epiphany". Like, In school lately my grades have been slipping and I've been late. The exact same thing happened to the character in this book, except she's a senior. The things that Alex went through, like losing a scholarship, having everyone think she was a bad kid, and having her teachers hate her, made me realize I need to improve. Also, Alex meets Connor. A business man who's cute, classy, and starting his own company. Alex's best friend M meet...more
Jessica Lawlor
Faking 19 by Alyson Noel tells the story of Alex, a high school senior who has lost sight of everything that used to be important to her. A former popular girl, Alex has let her grades slip and spends all her time traveling to LA with her best friend M.

Alex and M meet two guys at a party in LA and quickly fall for them. Alex lies and tells her new friend Connor that she is 19 years old and a student in college. M is a wild girl and Alex often leaves her out partying because she isn’t ready to go...more
Maddie Mashek
Plot summary:
Faking is about two main characters, Alex and Alex's best friend, who she calls "M," Her full name is never revealed in the book. The story takes place in California, near L.A.
Alex comes from a low income family since her parents got divorced ten years ago. M and Alex are 17, so she still lives with her mother, who got the bad end of the divorce settlements. She is a very good writer and is very intelligent, but after her sophomore year, she hasn't put much effort into her grades...more
Ugh this book, I was going to give it 2 stars but I changed my mind. I didn't like any of the characters in this book at all, have the same feelings for this book as I did for Art Geeks and Prom Queens which another book of Alyson Noel's but I actually started out liking that book, this one I wanted to end from the first chapter.

Alex I wanted to strangle she complains how she can't go to college and get a scholarship when she won't even hand her assignments in or start her homework to begin with...more

Kto by si to bol pomyslel?

1) Bolo to dobré. Keby ma od toho v polovici nevyrušia, prečítam to na jeden záťah. Dá sa to pri nedobrej knihe?

2) Neviem, kto je táto Alyson Noelová ale z celého srdca ju ľutujem, že si potom niekto požičal jej meno a napísal pod ním Nesmrteľných. Ak sa bojíte nejakej meh romance, ufňukanej hrdinky, patetického príbehu alebo vlastne čokoľvek, čo ste zažili v Nesmrteľných, nemusíte sa.

3) Máloktorá súčasná contemporary sa zaoberá viac, ako jednou líniou...more
Faking 19 was a fluffy enjoyable contemporary for the most part. You've got two seventeen year old girls who hit the clubbing scene and pretend they are nineteen. The two girls, who are best friends, are total opposites. We've got the protagonist, Alex. Rewinding a couple of years back, she was the perfect student. Extracurricular activities, an A student, and just responsible. However, now? she's the opposite. She doesn't care about school, attending classes, bothering to submit her assignments...more
Unlike most people, I actually found this book in my library as part of a two-novels-in-one book called 'Keeping Secrets.' The blurb was as follows:

'We usually tell our best friends everything. Our crushes, our embarrassing stories, our secrets-but sometimes there are truths so deep and dark that we can't tell anyone. Not our parents, not our sisters...not even our best friends. Some secrets are so unspeakable that we keep them safely locked away so no one will ever discover them.

But what happen...more
Sarya Mrowa
This is one of my favorite books so far and I enjoyed reading it. I liked this book because I felt i could relate to the characters in it. It is a fun and simple book to read which I think any girl would love. It's about a teenage girl called Alex who is a senior and gets bored of school,fails her classes and ditches school some times and instead goes out to the city and parties with her best friend M.They both meet guys which they find cute and say they're 19 years old.But this lie gets them to...more
Jessica Peters
Alex used to have the highest grades in all her classes, she used to be in all extracurricular activities, winning competitions and contests, everything was going good. But one day she got tired of her seemingly perfect life. She was tired of pretending that her father cared about her. Tired of pretending that her mother wasn't still hung up on the guy who left them both. When Alex gets the chance to get out of town with her best friend M, she quickly accepts, leading them to a whole new world i...more
I grabbed this book because of the author. I've read her Immortal series and thought I'd try something else. Ugh. This book was awful. I wouldn't want my teen girl reading this. Drugs, sex, sneaking out. Plus a lot if the pop references didnt fit a teen in the 2000s. What teen today would know about old t.v shows such as Melrose Place? At the end this book did have a moral. So maybe I should give it 2 stars? Nah.
Jolene Perry
This reminds me of McCafferty with her use of language.
I really like McCafferty - Jessica Darling's books are like Seinfeld, but teenage girl. To me.

When I was about halfway through this, I read the other reviews. Anyone who gave this a bad review, doesn't appreciate voice.

I found it realistic, while still remaining fun. Definitely a worthwhile read.
Stephanie (the nerdy princess)
It was an OK read. Nothing wrong with it, but it didnt wow me or stand out so thats why it gets 3 stars just for being... bluh....

Typical book about a high school girl named Alex who is a senior in high school. She's pretty, smart, and her best friend is the most popular girl at school, M. By the looks of it Alex seems to have it all, but....not really. She is flunking all her classes and really doesnt have a shot at graduating. She lost her scholarship and her dad will not pay for college.... S...more
Stephanie Bare
I liked this book. all this book was mainly about was two teenage girls named Alex and M. these two girls were best friends they became good friends in elementary school and these two girls would do everything together. In this book the two girls were hanging out on the beach and Alex was dreaming about celebrity guys then M jumps in and ruins the story so then the two girls went to a food court and there was a guy that Alex liked but he didn't like her back he liked M and M didn't know about it...more

I was 14 years old reading this, and believe me my mind is one of the none dirties minds in my school. Reading this was by far the worst thing I've read in that sense.

I personally love Alyson Noel. I've read almost all of her books and currently working on finishing the Immortal's Series, but this? Big ole mind fug. I've never read something this bad. Yes I've read the Fated Series, but even those four books were not as bad as this.

I guess I'm stuck on the bad aspect of it, and not foc...more
I was very excited to read Faking 19 because Alyson Noel is probably my favorite author. However, I was slightly disappointed with this book. The message of this book was great, but the whole party aspect of it was very monotonous and it felt like Noel wasn't keep her character's personalities constant. Toward the end, the book started to get much better, and even though the book was slightly monotonous throughout, overall it was a pretty good read. I would definitely recommend this book to midd...more

Ach, priznám sa hneď na začiatku, že som čakala katastrofu. Väčšina ľudí v mojom okolí Alyson Noël práve nemusí. Ja som s ňou veľa skúseností nemala a krátky príbeh o Riley Bloomovej, ktorý bol venovaný skôr 10 ročným slečnám ako niekomu staršiemu, sa veľmi nepočíta. Avšak po rozhovore s ňou, ktorý som mala možnosť si prečítať, som sa rozhodla dať jej šancu a pustila sa do jej úplne prvého románu. A neoľutovala som.

Alex má 17, rozvedených rodičov a hrozí jej, že sa nedostane na vy...more
To read the original review and others, go to:

Alex is a smart, popular, beautiful Orange County girl who is best friends with the most popular girl in school. It may seem like she has it all, but she is having family problems, failing all her classes, and might not even graduate. But she wasn’t always doing so poorly in school. The first two years of high school she was a straight A student and was involved in many honors classes and extra curricular activitie...more
I think that this was a great book. It shows the porblems that M and Alex go through. they both change even though they hardly realize it to the end.

M and Alex start off as best of friends. But then everything changes in Alex life and it makes her open her eyes. She meets a guy who she falls for but the problem is he is 23 and she`s almost 17. But before any of that happeneds alex becomes depressed and starts to fail in school and couldnt get over the fact that her dad had left the family and sh...more
Esperanza Writes Too
This book amazed me, that's all I can say. It's a very different style of what I read of Alyson (Immortals & Riley Bloom series).
The story made me think of how love books influence us, because I bet everybody thought once that finally she was going to stay with Connor, the kind of boy that would have cheated her. But that's we all thought, because Alex fell in love with him and it was the best way to finish it, right?
Fortunately, it wasn't that. It was better, an overcoming story of a girl...more
What is your escape? For high school senior Alex, she chooses the Los Angeles scene to escape her problems. Alex used to be actively involved in school and was known for it. These days she is dealing with divorce in her family, an absent father, failing grades and no way to afford college. Instead of making sure she graduates on time, she finds herself hopping into her best friend M's BMW and heading to Los Angeles with her to party at clubs and house parties.

Soon she meets Conner, an older Eng...more
By Alyson Noel. Grade: A
This seems to be a year for firsts. After reading numerous amazing authors for the first time, the next writer to be added to the list was Ms. Noel. And she turned out to be as amazing as the others.
WARNING: This is the first good book that I am reading after weeks, so I might be just a bit biased.
On the surface, 17-year-old Alex has it made; she is beautiful and smart. Plus, she’s best friends with M., the absolute most popular girl in school. Feeling bored with their fa...more
Annabel ♥
You can find this review and others on my blog: http://inlovewithbookishthings.blogsp...

Chic-lit, for me, is a guilty pleasure. I don't read a whole lot of it, and the only chic-lit author I really like is Sarah Dessen. I was expecting this book to be cheesy, girly, and mindless. And it was, but you could tell that Alyson Noel tried to add a layer of depth to it that just didn't really end up working out that well. Alex, 17, is beautiful, popular, and smart. But she's failing all of her classes,...more
Savannah (Books With Bite)
I really wanted to like this book. I love Alyson Noel books. They have always seem to capture me with a great adventure and lead me on and on. But this book I can't help but dislike. I was really put off by the characters and their actions.

I am all for a character rebelling. I know that a characters needs to fall in order to grow. But this character Alex was just too much. She did nothing but think of herself, sex, and drinking. I understood that her back round was a troubled one. She didn't hav...more
Alex and M are best friends. M is the most popular girl in the school, so Alex gets a pretty high ranking too. They decided that L.A. is the place to be, since there are nightclubs and older boys. Even though Alex should be studying to improve her grades, she follows M into the city. There they meet so guys and pretend to be nineteen, legal. Alex is struggling with a lot of things though, and faking nineteen just adds to the complications. She gets a much older boyfriend and spends almost all of...more
Lisa (Badass Bookie)
The Short Story? - I'm going to have to eat my own words again. You know how I don't like coming-to-age novels OR dark contemporaries? Well, Faking 19 was a little of both and I loved it. Absolutely loved it, I was expecting something along the lines of Gossip Girl and I get something better! Beautifully written, fantastic characters and a great message behind it all, Faking 19 a novel every teen should read!

The Long Story? - I really don't know where to start with this novel. I have to say it w...more
Yes, so, I finally finished the book. I haven't been reading physical books lately, and only today, starting in English Class, did I start reading full on again.

Now the beginning of the book kinda bored me. Maybe that's why I didn't exactly read it continuously, like other books. Once I started nearing the middle section though, it started to get interesting.

Noel can add in funny things in the strangest of times. It's not really a direct joke, but more like an indirect one. The character ju...more
Yoselin Aguirre
I finished Faking 19 less than a minute ago. Maybe it's more by now but I'll say it's not because then I would be wrong. But that's not what matters so we'll put an end to that here.

I bought Faking 19 without knowing what I was going to read. The summary on the back consisted of questions and lines which, honestly, confused me more than it should have. So with two blind eyes I began the journey of reading a new book.

There wasn't anything "wow" worthy. The plot was smooth but not interesting. I s...more
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Alyson Noël is the #1 New York Times best selling, award-winning, author of 21 novels, including: FAKING 19, ART GEEKS AND PROM QUEENS, LAGUNA COVE, FLY ME TO THE MOON, KISS & BLOG, SAVI...more
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