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All That Lives Must Die (Mortal Coils, #2)
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All That Lives Must Die (Mortal Coils #2)

4.33  ·  Rating Details ·  928 Ratings  ·  59 Reviews
Eliot and Fiona Post are twins whose parental clans are foes. Mom is Immortal goddess Atropos, eldest Fate. Dad is Infernal Lucifer, Satan. High School is Paxington, where gods and goddesses, warriors and sorcerers, learn to harness their powers. Classmates are allies in battle or threats to your life. To flunk is to die. Only the toughest graduate.
Paperback, 704 pages
Published July 20th 2010 by Tor Tom Doherty (first published 2010)
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Paul Weimer
Dec 24, 2010 Paul Weimer rated it really liked it
In Mortal Coils, the first book in sequence, we are introduced to the teenaged twins Eliot and Fiona Post. Children of scions of opposing factions, the Immortal Audrey Post(aka Atropos) and the Infernal Louis Piper (aka Lucifer), they have an uneventful, if odd, homeschooled and shut in life, until both factions notice their existence and try to lure the twins to one side or the other. The first novel ended with an Infernal attempt to suborn the children defeated on the one hand, and the twins p ...more
Lord Nouda
May 14, 2011 Lord Nouda rated it really liked it
This is simply amazing. In the first book it took forever to build up the plot and background for the entire story, but once it got going it got me hooked because it was so "deep" so to speak . This book continues where it left off, Eliot and Fiona have discovered that they're Infernal/Immortal hybrids courtesy of their father Lucifer and mother Atropos. They get shipped off to a school for powerful mortals, Immortals and Infernals. It's there that they get taught the basic skills of surviving t ...more
This is the book (well, series) that taught me that not only is life not fair, books are not fair. I learned that even beautiful, precious books could betray me. In a meta sense, that is. Please, I knew even then that bad books existed; I just had yet to understand that a good series could be discontinued. Probably I would have grasped this earlier had I seen Firefly at that point.

Anyway, the point is that my (*squints into the distance* tween?) heart was crushed when no book following this app
Kelly Flanagan
Sep 13, 2010 Kelly Flanagan rated it really liked it
Yet again Eric Nylund surprises me. Thank God for that. I hate books that follow a plot in which you can see the last page from the hills of the first page. No, a good book has just enough twists,turns and switchbacks, along with detours, 'dead end look-alike' corners etc. So that even though you are standing on a tall hill at the beginning of the book, and you can make out, barely, a few of the switchbacks, and lower bits of plot, at no time is the map obvious.
But I digress. Read this series.
Jul 22, 2015 Liz rated it it was amazing
4.5 stars

I'm sobbing inside that there is no third book to this series. I knew it there wasn't going in, but I couldn't help myself *sigh*

I didn't quite like this book as much as I liked Mortal Coils, mostly because of some character choices and the lack of team Eliot/Fiona. They each went on very distinct paths. It feels necessary to their character arcs' so hopefully they'll reunite stronger together in future books (maybe???).

My main problems with this book are in the spoiler tag and it is
Sep 20, 2010 Cera rated it liked it
Another Eric Nylund book which is almost very good but in the end just okay! So frustrating!

Like the first book in the series, this was a page-turner; I had a hard time putting it down when I needed to sleep. And unlike the first book, it had a lot more emotional payoff -- honestly, it felt like this & the first one were really one novel that had been arbitrarily chopped in half, since all of the emotional consequences of the first novel were explored in this one.

However, Nylund's writing is
Dec 07, 2011 Sean rated it it was amazing
Maybe my taste in books is just too good. I end up writing great things about all of them and not much negative. This one included. Which in retrospect may lead some to believe that i'm not a very hard critic.

Anywhoozle, I recommend y'all should read it sometime.
Starting with book one, "Mortal Coils".

It's vaguely similar to "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" in that the main characters are children of gods and that there are mythological figures that crop up like commonplace weeds.

But it's actu
Feb 08, 2012 Tia rated it it was amazing
This book is the second in the series and I quite adored it. It was better flowing than the first one and more lighthearted. In the first one I found it mostly unexcited and it dragged along. In this one, we jump right into Fiona and Eliot going to school for Gods/Goddesses/Immortals/Infernals/Heroes etc.

It leads us on an exciting tale, then takes us straight into battle. A war going on in hell where Louis, Fiona, Eliot and a few classmates are being led to fight as pawns. I was horribly sad ab
Jun 10, 2012 Theresa rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: Any one in any universe anywhere (though teens-young adult)
This book was really, really good! My first impression was that the name was GENIUS!! I have never read a book that has used a Hamlet quote as a title before, and I thought it was quite clever how Mr. Nylund mentioned it only once more in the book. I greatly admire his work and writing style and found I was not getting lost in the details or constantly thinking," WHY ISN'T THIS PART OVER ALREADY!!". I found it was just the right pace for my reading style.

I read this book on a road trip through M
All I can say is W.O.W.! I cannot believe how good this series is. Mr. Nylund challenges my imagination and my vocabulary while weaving a fabulous world that is the right mix of reality, mythology and his own whatever it is.
Here it comes--my one critisism--I found myself wishing that the two main characters, Fiona and Eliot were closer. They are twins that grew up with only themselves to talk to and lean on, but since I'm not a twin and don't know the complexities of that type of relationship,
I really enjoyed Mortal Coils, the first book in this series, but this second book just blew me away. It was wonderful! So much happened! It's a massive book. It could have actually been divided into 2 or even 3 books, but I'm glad it wasn't because this way I got to read it all at once. Creative and interesting with some real surprises that I didn't see coming. That is hard to do these days when there is so much YA fantasy being written. I am really looking forward to the next book in the serie ...more
Jun 15, 2010 A rated it liked it
I didnt read the first book in the series. Still I was pretty much able to follow along. Some of the characters here are absolutely FANTASTIC! You feel for them even if they're immortals/infernals- some with character traits even their own mother couldnt love, and yet they're written perfectly. The story was good, although I thought towards the end it dragged just a bit.

My only real problem was the 2 main characters. They just werent that likable, which is odd considering what I said above rega
Adam Duclos
Feb 10, 2016 Adam Duclos rated it it was amazing
This book was great, and was a wonderful sequel to 'Mortal Coil". I really liked how the author shows us a world with so many great players all moving around at once, while never letting it get stale.

Still, I have one pet peeve that this book triggers: lack of proofreading. Little stuff, maybe once every few pages, like a plural 's' put on the word in front of the correct word, reversed word order, or missing quotation marks. Dude, get an editor, have him actually read it, and maybe after he's
Steve Bouchard
Jan 25, 2014 Steve Bouchard rated it it was amazing
Once again, I have nothing bad to say about this series. The second book continues with the children learning more about their abilities and origins. Just as satisfying as the first book, this one continues to deliver. The lines of "good" and "bad" become muddy, and it's more top-notch YA fiction, with not only the great story, but the learning points for the younger audience.

Ok, so there is one major problem with this book: there is no third book. Let's hope that Nylund will remedy this. There
Timothy Nickerson
Jun 15, 2010 Timothy Nickerson rated it it was amazing
At first I wasn' too sure if I was going to like the book but after the first few pages I was hooked. I couldn't put the book down and finished the book in about 3 days. The coming of age story is told in a very inventive way that I think would be interesting to readers of all ages. I highly recommend the book and can't wait for the next book in the series. I didn't realize it was a series until I got to the end and it mentioned Book III coming out in the future. While I will probably go out and ...more
Jason Aguilar
May 29, 2012 Jason Aguilar rated it it was amazing
This book is more clever and harder to put down than the first one. I wont give any spoilers but i will say Eric Nylund hit a better stride here. Were introduced to new more devious characters and the plot here is thick, interesting, surprising, sad, happy, and all the other emotions great stories and books invoke. This book made my g-f tear up though i was elated with the ending. That's a testament of how great stories will pull at your heart strings (not to sound poetic). I look forward impati ...more
Jun 02, 2011 Amiel rated it really liked it
Continuing from the freshness of the first book ... additional twists and turns keep the story fresh. Even though in some sense I was expecting distinct story turns, it was like knowing you are going to take a turn on a windy mountain road and still being surprised by the whiplash effects. Expecting it did not really reduce its impact. And truthfully by the end of the book I knew I enjoyed it because I wanted to know what happens next ... as well as reread different parts of the story I just fin ...more
Sep 14, 2011 Zabet rated it really liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Richard Tokebroker
Oct 29, 2012 Richard Tokebroker rated it really liked it
All That Lives Must Die improved vastly on some of the key elements I felt were missing from Mortal Coils. It's awesome to see a fun, original idea coming into fruition. I'm also exceedingly happy that Nylund is getting farther and farther from the Halo series, he is a fantastic author. I'd recommend this if you are looking for a more grown up version of the Percy Jackson series, or if you are simply looking for a good series with mythical origins.
Feb 13, 2011 Mitchell rated it really liked it
Book 2 in an ongoing series. I read this book as an Endeavour book and wouldn't have picked it up otherwise and it would have been my own loss. Sure it's yet another Gods (and kids of Gods) in modern day. And a magical kids go to school. But it was surprisingly enjoyable - and that was without reading book 1. Though not so enjoyable that I must immediately pick up book 1 - but it'll be on my list to read eventually. 4 of 5.
Delta Tish
Apr 18, 2011 Delta Tish rated it really liked it
This is book 2 of The Mortal Coil series. I really liked both books. The main characters, Eliot and Fiona Post, learn they are part of a bigger family they have never known. They must decide which side of the family they want to be on. They also learn they have powers beyond normal, which runs in the family,how they chose to use them may depend on which side they chose. Can't wait for the 3rd book.
too much YA here, the inventiveness of Mortal Coils is lacking though the book is still a page turner; this one turns into Harry Potter wannabe and there are enough such clones out there to need one more

Very unlikely I will read more in the series, but i may if further books fall into my hands since the book is a page turner; recommended for the YA audience though, i would say 12-16 year olds especially
May 03, 2014 Ellen rated it it was ok
I'm having a hard time grading this book fairly I just had such high hopes for it. I know it's horrible but I really really prefer Eliot over his sister to me he's just more interesting character with a more interesting set of powers. However in this book there is an a single point in which I agree with any of the decisions he makes so was my favorite character making all kinds of horrible horrible mistakes that you can see coming from miles away.
Jul 15, 2012 Clackamas rated it really liked it
Shelves: fantasy, 2012
So I was wrong when I said I wouldn't read the next book in the series. My son read this one and told me it was great and that I HAD to read it. I'm glad I did.

This one was so much better than the first! The characters had better dimension. The settings were interesting. The new people and challenges presented weren't always what they seemed.... and decisions were definitely not black and white.
Eric Ganko
Jan 13, 2011 Eric Ganko rated it really liked it
I'm really enjoying the Mortal Coil series, especially the blend of mythologies woven throughout. Book two definitely kept my attention and once again built tension nicely. One annoyance are the half dozen grammar/spelling errors in the last 200 pages- they tend to momentarily jar my brain out of its reading track. Of course, that is a minor issue, and I am looking forward to the remaining books in the series.
Jul 27, 2010 Nate rated it really liked it
I was very impressed with this book, the follow-up to Mortal Coils. The Post siblings are once again caught in their relatives' games, while are going to high school at the same time. Violent and angsty at points, it never really lets up and demands your attention the whole while. Highly recommended to fans of The Lightning Thief, Hunger Games, etc.
Feb 05, 2013 Sarah rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
I'm really sad that the rest of this series, books 3-5, have been tied up by Tor. Mr. Nyland wants to finish the series. Tor doesn't and won't sell the rights back to the author.

I love the interweaving of myths and legends of the years into this modern day tale. The writing style is excellent, with multiple mini climaxes all contributing of the greater overarching plot of the book.
Jun 10, 2012 Sassy rated it liked it
The twins going to school adds a little bit of a Harry Potter feel to this second book in the series, but not so much that it seems derivative. Like Mortal Coils, there are things about the plot that don't ring true for me as far as characters' actions and motivations, but it's still a fun and worthwhile read.

Does anyone mentally cast Anthony Bourdain as Henry?
Gina Long
Aug 09, 2010 Gina Long rated it really liked it
The Post twins enter the Paxington School, a neutral territory in the eternal struggle between the League of Immortals and the Infernals. The two families maneuver with and against their own members to win control over the twins. A dire prophesy warns of disaster if the twins do not stay together and the book ends with a cliffhanger. A great followup to the book "Mortal Coils."
Jan 30, 2012 Abeille rated it liked it
Didn't enjoy this as much as Mortal Coils, though it's still a fun read. Alas, the fate of the series is in limbo as Tor hasn't bought the third book yet. #10 in the Book a Week in 2012 Challenge at the #WTM boards
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