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Dynasty of Ghosts
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Dynasty of Ghosts

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  860 ratings  ·  95 reviews
Illya has always been different - fey, quiet, and cursed with the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead. A younger son of a younger son from a backwater mountain province, he is a nobody in the king’s army until he comes to the notice of the Prince Knight himself, the spoiled, stubborn heir to the kingdom of Aldania.

Caught up in a war that has raged for generati...more
Published 2008 by Lulu
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this review is bullshit also.

"Irritating lead. Not the alpha—Ashe was fun—Ilya. Too stupid to do anything sensibly, and too uptight to know what's good for him, ever. Cringing, judgmental, dull-witted wallflowers rarely make for good fun in romantic adventure epics, I think."

you're welcome.
Went into this story after reading Bloodraven a little while back kind of half covering my eyes afraid of what kind of tortures our main characters would be put through. There was violence and cruelty but nowhere near as much as in Bloodraven, phew!

Loved this meaty story, soooo long and soooo good. There were times I grew impatient wanting to see how it would all work out and once I got close to finishing I didn't want it to end. The world building is wonderful, I felt like I was there. I came...more
Enthralling. Absolutely enthralling. The world building was very well done, but where this book really shined was its characters. This is a long novel, but Nunn had her characters cemented, never losing them in all the action and story. It's the little things that hold characters together, and Nunn had that down, making Ashe and Illya seem genuine and real. I was immediately ensnared in them, reading this book for weeks, just to find out what would happen to them next.

My only problem with the b...more
Elizabeth H.
An enthusiastic and completely deserved five stars for Dynasty of Ghosts.

To repeat what I said in my update when I'd read about 75% of the book, this is the best novel I've read in a long time. And I've read some really good books lately. I'm very glad I ventured out of my usual preference for Contemporary novels to give this fantasy/adventure a try.

I have a lot to say about Dynasty of Ghosts, and I might be coming back here to edit my review as I continue to get my thoughts in order. But here'...more
Vivian Archer
Changing the voices in your head is not an easy task, to unlearn everything that's been pounded into you, and honestly, there is always tension even when you accept a new ideology. This is what Ilya faces as he struggles with Ashe and his feelings.

For a PL Nunn book, this is a breezy stroll with only one violent scene aside from battles. There is a questionable start to their relationship and Ashe does abuse his power, but otherwise this is quite sweet. That said, Ashe's not the brightest bulb...more
A very good to excellent fantasy M/M romance novel, between Prince Talisar (Ashe) and Illya, a minor backwoods nobleman, who is serving as a ranger in the Prince's Army. Illya also happens to 'see dead people'.

This is a true fantasy story, with the cruelties of war and politics well documented, arrogant royalty, and the common man who merely hopes to survive. Ashe is initially a self-centered man, cruel in his lack of awareness of what others might think or feel. But as he slowly comes to know...more
Prince Ashe is THE definition of an alpha hero. Illya borders the 'CwaD' personality but somehow manages to never go over the edge. He remains the perfect partner for Ashe, start to finish.

As with Bloodraven, this story is brilliantly written, the plot carefully, cleverly and patiently crafted to be evenly paced and believable, without becoming too predictable. A delight to read, in every sense.

Until you get to the end and want to scream in frustration. What happened? Did the author grow tired o...more
I really liked this but it was quite slow moving at times. There were long periods where nothing much happened and my interest waned a little during those times. The end leaves a lot of loose ends flapping about, which is surprising for a novel of this length and I can only suppose there is more to come.

Having said that, I loved the characters and the setting was well drawn. The ghostly subplot was interesting and I liked Illya's development in the way he sees the ghosts. Actually, I loved Illya...more
This is a wonderful, very well written 'once upon a time...' sort of story for grown-up adults. War, imprisonment, treachery, and ghosts form the backdrop to a love story between Illya, a fey young man and Ashe, heir to the throne.
For about three quarters of the book Ashe woos and Illya resists. Finally Illya succumbs to a physical relationship and their love flourishes.
I found this to be a very touching story, as well as exciting and gripping. I cannot recommmend this enough to lovers of love a...more
Jan 31, 2011 Bookwatcher rated it 3 of 5 stars
Recommended to Bookwatcher by: Bubbles, and better it's good, or he will be bitch slaped (again) :-P
Very good, and a true page turner... but also violent and cruel...

The Plot
I can say so little about this book! It's a "long" story (PDF file of 330 pages) but that's not a problem. There is no boring moment, and the twists and suspense made me read without stop. And that's exactly the problem... I can talk about the story because there will be a lot of facts and secondary characters, so if I talk much I can spoil the surprise of the reading.

Talisar Ash-Vri is the heir of a very powerful throne,...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
4.5 doesn't end like a sequel is in the works but some unanswered questions.

She is quite the meticulous and detailed writer and doesn't fail with this story. Succintly, this is a story of the evoloving love bewteen a common soldier (ranger) and the prince heir. They are captured together during a skirmish and help each other to cope and survive. The rest is dealing with how the rest of the kingdom deals with (or not!) their relationship.
I finally managed to finish this.

I think the first thing that impacted my rating was the difference between what I expected and what I got from this book. I had imagined a story similar to Bloodraven and got something much less. I realised only after starting the book, that is was written before Bloodraven. (view spoiler)...more
I adore this book. I absolutely love it. Maybe I shouldn't, maybe I should only give 5 stars to books that are nobel prize worthy but I can't make myself pretend to be that kind of person.

I first read this story a long, long time ago. While laying home sick from school on my mobile phone's tiny screen. It blew me away. Since then I have read it countless times. I'm always a bit apprehensive before re-reading it, thinking; perhaps I only loved it because I was so young, perhaps I remembered it w...more
All I can say is "wow". There aren't many words to describe a novel of this nature; this length and depth and breadth and convoluted plot details so filled with characters both striking and mundane that evolves with such unpredictability and sharpness.

You, P.L. Nunn are a genius.

I loved the first book I read by this author, Bloodraven, which was passionate and had a plot and yet so dark as to be nearly depressing. Somehow this book was both better and worse than that one. There wasn't a clear...more
Derekica Snake
A is for Ashe. A is for asshat. Who does that stand for? Ashe the Prince of self centeredness. Then again is that a noble trait because it seems to happen in the genre and if the truth be known real-life. A Prince went slumming with a plucky yet emotionally squished Ranger and basically claimed first night rites and raped the man on the battlefield. He liked the taste of it so hounded Illya throughout the whole book until the ranger found it easier to give in. Of course this left the poor boy wi...more
Loved this book! When I came to the conclusion, I actually didn't believe at first that it was the end, and had to check online if I had the correct number of pages, and it turns out that I did...I really didn't want this story to end, and wouldn't be all that adverse to it if the author decides to write a sequel or another one in this universe :)

For those who haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it! Happy reading!

PS: read this book about a year ago, and just finished rereading's real...more
Chippy *Moves Like Jagger* Marco
I read this a while ago and wrote a review when I had my old account on here. Since I lost the review, when I re-read it, I'll write another one to do the book justice. I do remembering loving this story and the characters. It was a good 'un like Bloodraven, which I also loved.
3.5 Very good except for the lack of any real conclusion ... I agree with a previous reviewer who said it seemed like the writer just lost interest. If the finish had even come close to being as strong as the first three quarters of the book, it would've come close to a "5" for me. As it is, it was still a good read, but somehow lacking.
Although many parts of this story were built on the over-used tool of misunderstandings, most of them felt realistic here. Firstly, the MCs had such different backgrounds and characters that they might interpret the same actions and words in a very different manner. Secondly, in the medieval-like society, much of the communication was based on reading between the lines, so with Illya not very apt at that and inexperienced in court life, it was only natural that he didn't understand every hint an...more
The book was aggravating. Some brainstorming on the storyline, beta-reading and editing could make it exceptional. As it is, it's deeply flawed, but still captivating read.

I've read it for 5 days, using every free time I had between working, sleeping and eating. I'm a terrible reader with very short attention span and when my fancy changes I can set aside even 5-stars book and return to it in several days or several months. 5 days sticking to one book is my personal record.

One of the secret was...more
Recommended by MsOPP Julie for the QGB3 challenge. 4.5 stars. A fabulous fantasy tale that begins with a young and innocent archer (Illya) experiencing his first taste of war and catching the eye of the Heir to the throne (Prince Ashe). The Prince takes advantage of Illya but before this can be resolved both are taken prisoner during a bloody battle. They are kept prisoner in the castle of their enemy, a mad king and there Illya learns more about his power to commune with ghosts.

The first half o...more
Lilia Ford
A very enjoyable read. The two leads are wonderful and the ghost plot line is original and engrossing; the world is very fully drawn and richly developed. The story was not nearly as violent as Bloodraven, though there is a brutal rape scene. The book is crazily long: my Kindle puts it at over a 1000 pages. To be honest, I thought it far longer than it has to be for the story it tells, though Nunn is such an engaging writer that it doesn’t drag. Surprisingly, given the length, several of the sto...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
So much to say about this book, where do I begin? I think I have to say that I found this book to be one of the most well-written, well-structured, well-built novels I've seen in a while. The world building was fantastic and amazingly strong, and the detail that was behind the characters' interactions and personalities was appropriate for the setting and well-based. I don't usually get too drawn into the emotions of characters, but perhaps because the characters were created so well and the deta...more
Very boring, I found... much too long. As a fantasy story, it wasn't completely intolerable. It had a somewhat developed world with a potentially intriguing magic system... but it didn't go as far in developing either that or the romance as PL Nunn's other works.
4.5 star read. Enjoyable well-written m/m adventure love story between young psychic ranger 'Illya' and handsome reluctant heir to the throne 'Ashe'. Was shouting at my kindle towards the end of this! Seemed like there should be a book two to follow on.

"Make a vow to me, Illya." Ashe caught his hands in a moment of fevered clarity. "Make it and keep it like you'd make and keep a vow before your patron gods. Never leave me and never betray me, because either would rend me heart and soul."
This book is so overstretched. Most of the things that are probably trying to be a plot device are usually postponed for a later time but it just looks like they were forgotten. I mean, it starts with a "war" that doesn't finish before the couple finally reaches Rhu but the conflict is just magically forgotten and of no concern to anybody in the Aldanian kingdom, not even to the king.
Why is Ashe so narrow-minded that he can't see beyond his prince heir status even if Ilya explains it to his face...more
Like Bloodraven, loos-ends were abound in this one, and the way it ended was very very unsatisfying. I just hope that it just means Ms. Nunn plans to give this and Bloodraven a sequel, which is the reason I gave it a 3 instead of a very tempting 2. Cause it will just suck if she doesn't. *sniffs* *sniffs*
Thoroughly enjoyable read even with the non-ending. The characters really came to life. I enjoyed how single minded Ashe was in his pursuit of Illya. Illya was so sweet and so naive for all that he had gone through in his life. I am looking forward to reading more on them:)
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