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In Shade and Shadow (Noble Dead, Series 2, #1)
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In Shade and Shadow (Noble Dead Saga: Series 2 #1)

3.88 of 5 stars 3.88  ·  rating details  ·  1,287 ratings  ·  78 reviews
View our feature on Barb and J.C. Hendee’s In Shade and Shadow. The national bestselling Noble Dead saga is "one of those [series] for which the term dark fantasy was definitely intended" (Chronicle)

Wynn Hygeorht arrives at the Guild of Sagecraft, bearing texts supposedly penned by vampires. Seized by the Guild's scholars without Wynn's consent, several pages disappear-
Paperback, 415 pages
Published January 5th 2010 by Roc (first published January 6th 2009)
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I should probably start by saying that I really enjoy the noble dead saga. So, I really enjoyed this chapter in it because at this point the world is familiar and fun to escape to.
However, I will say that it is probably the weakest of them yet, with maybe the exception of the very first noble dead novel. I always found the main character of this series (Wynn)to be one of the most annoying characters of the previous novels. So I was kind of concerned when I realized this was the character they w

The second Noble Dead series begins with a whimper. The books in the first series were enjoyable, if uneven in their pacing. The characters' interplay and unfolding personal histories kept my interest piqued and helped to support a gradually unfolding journey through the overall arc of the series.

In Shade and Shadow leaves most of the characters from the first series behind -- at least for now. The story focuses on Wynn, who was an integral part of the first series, but not a main character. I l

In Shade and Shadow by Barb & J.C. Hendee is the first book in the second arc of their Noble Dead series. This time the focus is on Wynn, the sage. She's brought some of the ancient texts she found in Child of a Dead God to the home city of the Guild of Sagecraft but never expected the sage authorities to call her delusional about the undead she's seen and confiscate the texts and even her journals. They're translating them but Wynn isn't allowed to participate or witness. Publicly denigrate ...more
Wynn has left Magiere and Leesil to their adventures and has returned to the Guild of Sagecraft in Calm Seatt with the manuscripts she rescued. The guild has sealed the manuscripts and only a few senior masters are allowed to read them. Wynn, being a journeyor is denied access. When the messengers carrying folios of pages from the manuscript are killed while returning to the guild, the guild has to compromise. They allow Wynn access. The killer is now trying to kill her as well. Wynn is convince ...more
Very good! I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about Wynn and look forward to reading more of her adventures. I'm glad she and Chane have been reunited and can't wait to see what develops there. It will be interesting to see how this series and the other are tied together later.
Richard Hernandez
Another great tale set in the rich world of the Noble Dead begins here.

I miss the wonderful characters from the first series, Magiere (a dhampir: a vampire/human hybrid), Leesil (a half-elf, an elf/human hybrid, with a dark past), and Chap (an elemental Fay born into the body of a majay-hì, elven hounds of a wolf lineage), but so does Wynn Hygeorht, their friend and the sage protagonist in this story.

SPOILER START: We are introduced to Chap's majay-hì daughter, and reintroduced to another old
I really enjoyed the 1st Noble Dead series so I was very excited for the 2nd series to come out and watch the story unfold. However, I had a hard time getting into this book. It was slow moving and nothing much seemed to happen until the end. The ending left me excited for the rest of the books & I have high hopes there will be more action.

Part of my dislike could be that I missed Margierie and Lessil. Wynn, the sage that travelled with Margierie & Lessil, returns as the main character.
Sedmá kniha série Vznešení mrtví. Nevěděla jsem, co mě čeká, předešlých šest knih bylo o Magieře a Leesilovi (které opravdu miluji. :)), proto jsem byla opatrná, když jsem se dozvěděla, že teď bude příběh probíhat z pohledu Wynn. Té Wynn, která mi tak neuvěřitelně lezla na nervy a kterou jsem měla stokrát chuť vyškrtat z děje.
Věřte nebo ne, já jsem si Wynn konečně oblíbila. :)

Dostáváme se do úplně jiného světa než je ten Magieřin, plný násilí a bojů. Wynnin svět učenců je... no svět plný učenc
This first installment of Wynn's series was a bit of a disappointment

Wynn returns to her Sage home base with the books and documents Wynn Magiere and Leesil took from the Castle in the Pock Peaks. She is treated like a pariah and a slow witted simpleton. Chane has followed Wynn to the city. Meanwhile the sages have undertaken a massive decoding of the Wynn's documents. Someone is hunting the decoded pages and the Sages who are carrying them, Wynn is the only one who realizes what is happening an
Linda Fast
I chose to purchase this book based on the cover alone. The picture was very interesting, it consists of a girl holding a glowing orb with a large wolf/dog beside her and a menacing cloaked figure standing aways back of her in an alley between old buildings that reminded me of old England.
Wynn Hygeorth has just returned to reside in the Guild of Sagecraft which is in the first castle of Calm Seatt, Malourne. She has brought ancient scripts from a vampire castle which are seized by her superior
As a person who simply loves Wynn's character...I am super excited about this second series in the Noble Dead Saga that will focus on her as the protagonist.

What I love about Wynn is that she is not the super strong heroin..her strength is in her mind. In this book she has yet to realize this strength as she does spend a frustrating amount of time wishing for her friends Magiere, Leesil, and Chap...but all things in due time I think.

My suggestion when approaching this book...look at it as a br
Kristina Jo
I was really excited about the next series of the Noble Dead saga following Wynn because I started to feel that a new adventure with Magiere, Leesil, and Chap would have been an old adventure in a new city. Further, I found myself identifying with Wynn more than any other character by the end of the first series. (This is what happens when I don't go out and make friends.) I was a little surprised that Wynn never crawled into her bed and stared at the wall, especially since I kept hoping an acti ...more
Book 1 of the 2nd series of the Noble Dead Saga, this volume centers on the journeyor Sage, Wynn Hygeorht, and the events that transpire when she returns to her Guild with the hardwon texts from her adventures with the dhampir Magiere, elf Leesil and majay-hi' Chap. Suddenly, Wynn is an outcast from her peers and superiors and her journals and the mysterious texts have been sequestered away from her. The texts are being laboriously and secretively translated but suddenly murders are occurring se ...more
Favourite Character: Ghassan il'Sanke

Wynn is back from her journey with Magiere, Leesil and Chap, she is now at her homeland guild in Calm Seatt. However, she is unhappy, the texts she brought back were taken from her and she cannot have access to them or the translations. Everyone thinks she's crazy, when she tries to explain what happened to her on her journey. They won't believe she saw vampires, that Chap is a majay-hi or that Magiere is a dhampir. Not only that but someone or something is k
Lisa King
Wynn has come back to her own country bearing the texts she and Chap hand-picked from the ice-encased castle in the previous series. The thing is, her guild is treating her like she is witless and have barred her from helping with the translation of the mystery texts. Wynn is joined by two companions, one old, one new. Before long a black cloaked figure is murdering sages and Wynn is compelled to find the texts, her journals and stop the murderer.

I never really liked Wynn and it's hard to really
A nice start to the second part of the Noble Dead series. I definitely missed the presence of Magiere, Leesil and Chap, and the fact that Wynn wasn’t really one of my favorite characters in the first part of the series didn’t help my initial hesitation at beginning this second part. However, the reader is introduced to a few new characters, whether or not they appear later on in the series will remain to be seen, and Wynn is reunited with Chane.

Forewarning, the first 2/3 of the book is kind of s
Lauren Bradshaw
I followed Barb and J.C Hendee for many years - living vicariously through the Noble Dead Series. However, In shade and shadow completely lost my interest. I was never a big fan of Wynn the main character and after the first several chapters was unable to even force myself to keep reading. Its very slow to start.
A solid new entry in the Hendees' series. The focus has shifted from the Magiere and Leesil duo to their annoying tagalong Wynn, who's spent the last year or so between books maturing and getting less annoying. There was a lot of recap, which actually proved helpful rather than redundant for me, but might irritate anyone who's read the previous volumes more recently. One of the things I've always liked about these books is the sympathetic viewpoint on the villains; while the big bad of the book ...more
At first I was not too excited about this book when I found out that while it was a continuation of the series I was reading, it didn't have the main characters from the previous six books. I was hesitant if it would even be any good but I was surprised! It was probably my favorite so far out of all of them! I had started it just as a book to read when I went to bed but all homework was pushed aside for two days while I read the entire thing. It left me craving more and I can't wait for the next ...more
nash thomas
This book was amazing. It has amazing detail and it had senses (smell, taste, feel, see and hearing) i couldn't of read a better book. This book takes place in ancient sorcerer's time
Wendy Holcombe
When I first started this book I thought I wouldn't like it nearly as much as the original Noble Dead Series. Wynn on her own, I just couldn't believe she could carry a whole book. Then there are some other interesting characters that do show up, and some reminders from the past.
I probably would give this book more of a 3 1/2, but the writing is very good, and it kept me intrigued enough that I didn't realize how long I'd been reading a few times so that ups it a notch for me. The ending of the
Hardest book to finished lived them all but this book wasn't interesting until last 40 pages. Set up great story for next books though.
This Is Not The Michael You're Looking For
The beginning of the second series of the Noble Dead, this book picks up about six months or so after the last book of the first series. Unlike the previous series, which primarily focused on Mageire and Leesil, this focuses on the sage Wynn; off the top of my head, I believe only two characters from the first series appear in this volume (although I suspect a few more others will eventually pop up before the series is over).

Without giving anything away, the story picks up some loose threads del
Sort of like The Outlaw Demon Wails, I get the feeling that this story, while bland, is necessary for the series to continue. What I've come to call a "transition story." It's a slow start to a new series, but I hope it will get better, unlike the previous series. The first Noble Dead series started off so well, but didn't hold up over time. I loved the first two or three books, but started losing interest as the story unfolded and The Big Evil was revealed. I especially didn't care for the auth ...more
This was a really neat book. I read it really quickly and I am glad I purchased the second book. There is a series connected to this one that comes before but they supply you with enough information to connect to this book and understand what is going on and who is who. I felt sorry for Wynn who was misunderstood throughout the book but I am glad that her friends showed up to help her out. This is a new Fantasy series that I discovered at Books A Million after scanning the shelves repeatedly. Ve ...more
It took me awhile to pick up the first book in the next Noble Dead series. I really enjoyed the first series and was afraid I would be disappointed with this series. As I felt it chose the weakest character to build a new series on. I was kind of right, I struggled with this book it took me almost 4 weeks to read. In comparison I've been known to blow through a comparable sized book, I really like, in a weekend. Only towards the end when the reintroduction of an old character and a new one, thro ...more
Craig 'KODIAKC' Black
no where near as good as the first series. made me lose interest
I love the Noble Dead Sagas. All the characters have such depth and dimension and you really feel yourself connect with them, good guys and bad alike. In every story there's the good guys and the bad guys. We already know that a vampires who feed on the living are bad guys, but the authors description of the characters, their internal conflicts, and what makes them tick adds a whole new perspective.

I love the setting and I feel myself totally immersed in the Hendee's mythical world every time I
There's no Magiere, Lesil, or Chap in this book and it doesn't suffer for them not being there. Wynn as the main protagonist is much less of a Mary Sue/Super Woman and the story is better for it.

I'm still not in love with how dumb the characters can be sometimes, but it's still a fun read and things are a lot more interesting from a backstory and potential multiple book plot perspective than they were in the previous Noble Dead Series.

A good, fun read, and one that doesn't seem to require too mu
Tanya Eby
I love Wynn so much, and so I'm happy that she gets her own book. So fun to narrate this series.
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Like most writers, I've worked at many jobs in my life, including teaching pre-school until I completed my master's degree in Composition Theory. Between 1993 and 2006, I taught college English while writing fiction on the side, some independently and some with my husband and life-long partner J.C.

Over the years, we've lived in Washington State, Idaho, Colorado, and now moved ju
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