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The Overton Window (Overton Window, #1)
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The Overton Window (Overton Window #1)

3.49 of 5 stars 3.49  ·  rating details  ·  4,912 ratings  ·  834 reviews
A plan to destroy America, a hundred years in the making, is about to be unleashed…can it be stopped?

There is a powerful technique called the Overton Window that can shape our lives, our laws, and our future. It works by manipulating public perception so that ideas previously thought of as radical begin to seem acceptable over time. Move the Window and you change the debat
Hardcover, 321 pages
Published June 15th 2010 by Threshold Editions (first published June 15th 2009)
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“I think we are seeing where intellectualisam [sic:]has gotten us. Many brains and no commen [sic:] sense is a disater [sic:] as we can see with our current administration. Worldly knowledge is not doing so well for us right now. Intellectual work is killing this country right now. Let us get back on track and do what is right. Palin may not be the right person but anything is better than this group of geniuses we have now.”
~Anonymous Poster on July 14, 2010

A commenter on GR yester
What happens when government and big business conspire to manipulate national and world events... oh, wait, that's already happening. Okay, how about this -- what happens when corrupt politicians and government officials ignore the laws of the land to bring about their own agenda... wait a minute, that's already happening, too! Well then, what happens when a radio talk-show host and TV personality writes a novel based on all the things he's discussing on his program that are happening in today's ...more
Craig Meads
This book is a very fast read and I read it in just a few days. I will admit that although Beck and I are the same religion I despise the man. I think most of the pundits like him are worthless, thankfully though he's a few steps up from the arrogant Rush.

However I saw this book at the library and said what the heck. I picked it up and read through it very quickly. I was surprised that I liked it so much, it's very well written. The story scared the crap out of me as well. I have no doubt there'
Aug 26, 2011 Marvin rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: conspiracy lovers with less than a fifth grade education.
Recommended to Marvin by: Glenn Beck. He looked directly through the TV screen and said "Please buy this".
Shelves: kindle
Yes, I'm actually reading this. Stop laughing, Michelle.


It is well known the Glenn Beck did not write this. Mr. Beck said so himself. Although the idea "was all mine" he attributes the actual writing of the novel to three "contributors"; Kevin Balfe, Emily Bestler, and Jack Henderson. The last writer is already a published author and some critics have noticed that Beck's novel has a not-so-coincidental similarity to Henderson's Circumference of Darkness. Be that as it may, the trick for the
Whether the premise of this book it real or not, the window is REAL and I have watch it work its wonders on this nation's people for the past 69 years. You think $3.21 gas is not bad looking at the rest of so called modern nations, dumb...its the same gas that I used to fill Grandpa's old Packard up for $5.00 a tank, its not the gas has gotten more expensive, it that the USD (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) is WORTH LESS. The plastic numbered society is so easy, just give me my(equal)share and I'll shut u ...more
Wayne Wilson
A very scary book. The writing wasn't great but not bad for Mr. Beck's first foray into the world of fiction. I listened to the book and the narration was great. I really enjoyed hearing from Glen in the beginning and again after the completion of the book. I am a Glen Beck fan, so take my review with that in mind.

Some of my favorite parts were when Beck quotes the founding fathers through his protagonists. It was great for me to hear our founders words in many cases for the first time. I was in
Apparently this book was not actually written by Glenn Beck, but by a collaborative team of three other 'authors'. It has a rather clunky style to it, in places it is good but there are quite a few areas where the writing doesn't seem up to scratch. Overall a disappointment, as the book doesn't do justice to the research which has gone into it. Some areas did make me stop and think, so in that aspect it worked. It does make various political statements, and would probably appeal to those who enj ...more
Really great read. Reason for 4stars is that the book is about 200-300 pages too short.

The premise is based on fact: that America is being run by ad agencies that sell their ability to create false realities in the minds of hundreds of millions of people--even billions--and then twist public thinking into a knot that politicians, huge corporations, government agencies, and the like all use to gain more power.

The idea of moving what the public is willing to believe into areas of complete madnes
The Overton Window by Glenn Beck (pp. 336)

A modern-day conspiracy thriller by one of the more polarizing voices in America. The problem with reviewing a fiction book by Glenn Beck is that his personality is so pervasive in the media that it’s hard to separate the book from the man and his ideology. I have no specific politic and consider myself pretty down the middle, so Glenn Beck neither offends me nor am I sitting front-and-center hanging on his every word like it was my 9 year old in his fir
Another Booksquirm Book Club pick. Thankfully, this book did not make it past month 2! Our 2 month assignment for this book had us suffer through the Prologue through Chapter 4. Here are the thoughts I posted for the book club.

Prologue - Chapter 2 observations:
How exactly did Mr. Beck think that I would take him seriously when he writes on page 8 "Top psychologists tell us in Maxim magazine..." Really??? You expect me to believe that people who are at the top of the psychological field would rea
Looking through the other reviews, it's obvious that many of them never bothered reading the book at all. Rather, they saw the name "Glenn Beck", proceeded to give it 1 star, and typed up a review smearing it as loathsome trash, and Beck the worst human being on the face of this Earth.

In some cases, not having read the book is acknowledged in the write-up. In other cases, they write remotely plausible-sounding things about the work. (Like how supposedly bad the writing is) Those criticisms seem
Doran Barton
If you know me, you know I’m a pretty big fan of Glenn Beck. I’ve been listening to his radio show for about five years now and have followed his forays into television, live stage performances, and books. It may be no surprise, then, that I liked “The Overton Window,” Glenn’s latest book, a fiction thriller.

Now that I’ve said that, let me qualify it.

“The Overton Window” is a simple story, really. It has its plots and twists like a good thriller should, but its overall story arc is pretty straig
I know most of the stuff in this book really has occurred in real life. Even though this is a fictional book I wouldn't be surprised if it ALL was really going on (replacing names with people who currently hold power within the government). This book definitely makes you think about your own personal overton window. I like the notes at the end of the book. Next time I read this I will go through the notes at the end of the book as I'm reading.

[Side note: I don't believe in the 9/11 rumors of ou
Douglas Wilson
I picked this one up in an airport on a whim. I had been hearing people froth about it, and wanted to see if it was as bad as they were saying, which apparently was bad enough to make the back teeth ache. But, as it turns out, it wasn't. Beck wrote a fictional pop-thriller, which means the prose has to be assembled out of two by fours, but as a result it was sturdy. And Beck is clever, and so gets a number of good lines off. But not surprisingly his main problem is theological, which I may write ...more
Not as bad as lefties want it to be, not as good as Beck's fans want it to be. A pretty good first effort on Beck's part, though. It started off great, but was slow to get to any action. What little of it there was was largely unsatisfying. And Beck was more interested in setting up a sequel for an apparent series than he was in crafting a good ending. I'm sure I'll pick up the next book, anyway.
Петър Стойков
Тъй както всеки уважаващ себе си американски либерал и български студент в американски публичен университет, който си мисли че като е отишъл там небесните двери на световната мъдрост и правота са се разкрили пред него, мрази Глен Бек, така аз го любя, тача и милея. Като цяло разсъжденията му са правилни, а книгата му Broke трябва да е на нощното шкафче на всеки политик при гласуването на бюджета.

Слабата му страна винаги е било прекаленото му заиграване с конспиративните теории и тенденцията му
I almost wish Glenn Beck's name was not on the cover of this book because I know that his name will turn people off. This book was much better than I expected it to be, it had an almost Orwellian vibe to it. Beck made it very clear in a note at the beginning of the book that this was a piece of "faction," a fictional book based on facts. Beck not only created a thrilling story around the concept of The Overton Window, but tested the window on the reader. He presented an extreme scenario rooted j ...more
Noah Gardner is a lackluster son of a highly powerful, political puppet master, Arthur Gardner. Noah is lured in by Molly Ross who intrigues him with her disdain as well as her passion for the cause of American freedom. She is part of a group known as the Founder’s Keepers, who seek to peaceably preserve American freedoms as set out in the Constitution.

Noah is embroiled in Molly’s schemes to gain access and information from his father’s computers. They learn that Arthur Gardner is part of a gro
This is the first book I have read by Glenn Beck, and although I do not watch his show either, I am generally familiar with his political views. The characters and scenarios in the book are all fictional, but the plot involves many facts from recent events and headline news. Glenn described the book as being "faction" (fact and fiction) and he does include about 15 pages of sources that you can look up in his afterword following the story. I thought the characters seemed like two-dimensional ste ...more
Jason Mccool
A very good entry into the thriller genre for Glenn. A quick read, but hard to put down, especially with the very short chapters that tease you to read "just one more". The plot is certainly plausible, and the close connection to the current political shenanigans certainly makes it spookily good right now, although that quality might be the same one that keeps it from being a classic after times have changed (unless things take a turn for the worse so that it seems almost prophetic like some oth ...more
This is an entertaining book, but like other books I have read in this genre, I found it simplistic. I generally refer to books like this as “cotton candy.” It is fun to read, but not a lot of substance to it. It delivers what it says; a conspiracy driven fast paced plot, but none of the layers of world building that make other books so good.

Overall the story was enjoyable. It is about a PR firm using the Overton Window technique to shift public attention and acceptance to fit in with a plan fo
John Harder
I am a Glenn Beck fan but I have to say that The Overton Window just barely reaches mediocre. This may be because of my aversion to thrillers. The writing seems flat, but I feel the same way about Dan Brown and Scott Turow, yet everyone else finds these guys riveting – it must be the genre that I do not understand.

The Overton window as a political concept is the theory that at any given time and population will accept a political policy somewhere between a set of extremes. For instance no-one wo
Matthew Herring
Glenn Beck is no Ayn Rand. Well, his ideas are very much in the same vein, but his paid ghost writers are nowhere near the level of a decent thriller writer, say a Patterson, Coben, or Cornwell. The plot is just an excuse to string sermons on the horrors of large government together. And while it tries to weave in enough action to keep it interesting, it mostly stalls out and returns to the preaching before anything of worth can happen. This is what happens when you try to shoehorn a story aroun ...more
Sep 23, 2010 goddess rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: own
Fun and exciting read; perhaps better than I expected. This book kept me interested from cover to cover (definitely a page-turner!), and the writing was 10 times better than some of the other fiction I've read of Beck. Those who watch/listen to his show(s) won't find anything new. I think Beck's goal was to target a wider those who haven't heard his message before.

I only gave it four stars for a few minor, perhaps petty, issues: Molly never explains herself to Noah and he keeps
Ruth Hunter
Feb 02, 2011 Ruth Hunter rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People that don't watch his show.
Recommended to Ruth by: No one
This book was okay, but could have been better.Glenn Beck wrote this with the help of three other authors.It is pretty evident which parts he wrote. They are the long spiels that go on too long about what has happened throughout history and is currently happening in some organizations to overthrow our present government through the manipulation of people's emotions.

Sometimes less is more. They would have been better served to give some facts without information overload. It deterred the story a
I just finished reading The Overton Window by Glenn Beck. I have never read anything written by Beck before nor do I follow his television or radio show(s). Resulting from this, I don’t know what his political views are. I try to keep myself blacked out from the infiltrations of the news media as much as possible while still living in an electronic age. In “A Note from the Author,” near the beginning of the book, Beck writes that he “strived for” categorizing The Overton Window as a work of “fac ...more
Quite a thought-provoking book. Glenn Beck (with the help of three of his friends, I believe)writes a fictional thriller with the intent of causing his readers to 'think' about what they are being taught and manipulated into believing and accepting....based on the theory that the most extreme thoughts we are exposed to cause us to shift just a little bit at a time towards that thought becoming a reality.

His intent was successful...the novel was just a bit lacking in substance.

Favorite Quotes:

I watch Mr. Beck's show occasionally, so I know why he wrote this book, and what he wanted to do with it. He wanted to show in a fictional setting how the concept of an Overton Window works, and perhaps worst case scenario what could happen. I think he also wanted to get some of the writings of the founding fathers out there in the mainstream. Unfortunately, the quotes from founding fathers were too long and the use of the quotes didn't always flow in a natural way. I often felt lectured - and I ...more
The Overton Window was a good book. Although slow to develop, I believe it completely lived up to its rave, which included statements of amazing suspense which it definitely delivered. The relationships of the characters were both quick to make and break which may have been a problem. But that was countered by the depth of the personality and image presented by Glenn of the main character, Noah. Another factor that contributed to my liking of this book was that this could be a real life scenario ...more
A surprisingly solid thriller, though I'm sure that's mostly thanks to the team of ghostwriters at Beck's ready disposal. The Overton Window is very recognizably Beck...whether or not that's a good thing will be entirely up to you. The book is well written enough to be engaging, but nobody should pick this up merely for the poetic stylings of Beck's prose (Duh!). I'm amazed at the number of people who bought this book largely for the chance to complain about Beck's inadequacies as a writer. (Qui ...more
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Glenn Edward Lee Beck is one of America's leading radio and television personalities. His quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality have made The Glenn Beck Program the third highest rated radio program in America and Glenn Beck, one of the most successful new shows on the Fox News Channel. His unique blend of modern-day storytelling and insightful views on current events allowed him to ...more
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