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On holiday leave from the service, Gabriel McQueen is sent into a brewing ice storm to make sure that his father’s distant neighbor, Lolly Helton, who has fallen out of contact, is safe and sound. It’s a trip that Gabriel would rather not make, given the bitter winter weather—and the icy conditions that have always existed between him and Lolly. Arriving at Lolly’s home, G ...more
ebook, 224 pages
Published November 10th 2009 by Ballantine Books (first published November 1st 2009)
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Mar 04, 2011 Auntee rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of romantic suspense quickies
Linda Howard--why so short? This book had some real potential, and utilized one of my favorite themes (trapped in the wilderness/cabin/braving the elements/stalked by crazies). But darn, it was over just as it was getting interesting...

I liked the hero, Army Sergeant home-on-leave, Gabriel McQueen. Gabe's a 33 year-old widower with a little 7 year-old son who is living with his parents in small-town Maine. Gabe has just arrived home for Christmas to visit them, when his Dad, the sheriff, alerts
Lisa Kay
★★★★✩ Narrated by Fred Sanders, who did a fine job on this short novel. His reading was just a tiny bit flat at the beginning; however, I'm glad I gave him a chance as he improved quickly (or, more likely, I got used to his voice!). He did differentiate the voices well and did a nice job on the Maine accents.

Warning: This stops at a HFN (happy for now) ending. Which makes sense, since they really were together for such a short time. However, isn't that what epilogues are for? Yes, an epilogue wo
I must preface this by saying that I love Linda Howard's books. I love them with the type of devotion and affection one normally saves for your favorite band from your youth (Prince!) or your favorite article of clothing (red leather peacoat!) or a new discovery that has transformed your life (Spanx!).

So in that vein, it pains me very much to say how much I didn't love this book. This isn't a huge surprise because I also disliked Up Close and Dangerous which also had the H&H running around i
Torn between a 3 and 4 star rating. It was a decent story and well written but I felt it needed more. More development to explain a few things. The ending was an HFN (Happily For Now) ending, instead of my HEA (Happily Ever After). Very disappointed in that. An added epilogue could have provided my HEA but there wasn't one.
In spite of some poor reviews I read, this wasn't a bad story, but I could understand the aversion people have to paying $22 for what is really the sort of story you'd find as first issued in paperback. Gabriel is just home on leave when his dad, the sheriff, asks him to check on Lorelei to warn her of the impending ice storm. In town to prepare her secluded family home for sale, Lolly is out of cell phone range. The storm hits as Gabriel tries to reach her house and has to abandon his truck and ...more
ஐ Canan ஐ `·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._
Baktım ki bir Linda furyasıdır gidiyor...
edim Canan sende şu yazarla bi tanış...
Fırtına okuduğum ve an itibariyle bitirmiş olduğum ilk Linda kitabıdır..
Öncelikle kitabın kapağını beğendiğimi söylemeliyim..
Konuyla ve mekanla çok uyumlu :)
Kitap kısaydı...2-3 saatte bitti...Çünkü aynı zamanda akıcı ve hızlı ilerledi...

Lolly'nin tatillerini yaptıkları evi satmak için geldiği eski kasabasında,
bir kar fırtınası sonucu evinde mahsur kalması olasılığıyla başlıyor olaylar....
Ve Lolly'nin kurtarıcısı da
Finished "Ice" by Linda Howard. First of all, if you name a character Darwin, I am expecting he will be the first to die. Second, if Darwin is coupled with Nikki, I'm thinking you're a Prince fan (Darling Nikki). There was a lot of repetition of phrases, and a lot of times when the phrasing didn't make sense - enough that it was distracting. There were times when I thought the author didn't do her research. The distance between the climax of the story and the end was much too long for such a sho ...more
Gabriel McQueen is always willing to pitch in where needed, as a military officer no assignment is to tough until his father asks him to check in on Lolly Helton. Gabriel has not seen Lolly in years, but just hearing her name has him on edge in both a good and bad way. When he arrives at her house, he finds that it is going to take all his knowledge to get her out safely with a blistering ice storm on the way and two meth heads creating havoc, it is going to be about survival in order to get thr ...more
Too short to form any kind of connection with the characters. This was more like a novella or short story than a novel. The whole book takes place over a course of 24-48hrs. Not at all what I was expecting after reading Burn, which I loved. Won't take but 1.5hrs top to read. Not what I'm used to from Linda Howard.
Penelope ✘ that awkward girl that doesn't go here ✘
I'll be the first to admit that four stars may be a little generous for this quick and easy read. This book is more of a solid 3.5 rating but gets an extra half star for reasons and mature feels.

Ice is the story of old high school acquaintances Gabriel McQueen and Lorelei "Lolly" Helton who come face to face with danger in the forms of two unstable meth addicts and the looming ice storm that hits their town. Having been sent by the Sheriff, who also happens to be his father, to check on Lolly, G
The fact that it's a short story wasn't my favorite. Gabe was interesting as an Army Sargent home on holiday leave sent to fetch Lolly Helton, Girl He Fought With In High School, from the mountain where cell phone reception is spotty and an ice storm is looming.

Lolly surprised me by getting me to like her. I thought she was either going to be an uppity snot or boring and repressed. And while yes, of course, she was mean in high school because she was socially awkward and shy, which led to lashi
Smokinhotbooks K.C.
So, yeah, I finished this book in two hours, If you look at the exact time stamp of when I hit "currently reading" to read, I might be off a few minutes. Ok, where to start. First of all this, to me, is a novella. This is probably one of the shortest books I've read by Linda Howard, for hardback at least. I really enjoyed the suspense because no one writes suspense like my girl Howard. The romance is a little short, but then that's how Linda rolls these days.

I liked that there was a little back
Book Binge Blog
Linda Howard has steadily been going downhill with her more recent releases. When Ice was first published I chose not to read it because a) I was disappointed in LH as a whole and b) it was really expensive as a hardcover for the size. Recently it became available at my library, however, so I decided to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised.

Although light on romance, it seemed more of an early Howard novel. The same tension, suspense and drama from her earlier works were here, along with witt
ICE by Linda Howard

My Thoughts:
Wow. I couldn't even sleep before finishing this book, and it's 3 hours before my alarm clock is set to go off, haha. Well, I have a new favorite book! :) There is nothing I didn't like about this novel; a wonderful mix of thrilling suspense and survival with a touch of romance, perfect! The characters were amazing (not to mention I'd love to come across Gabriel McQueen in a dark alley, or anywhere for that matter, haha). They were all perfectly written, as was the

Audio update: 3 stars for story, but 4.5 stars for audio narration by Fred Sanders. This is not a long book, and with the ice-cold survival theme, somewhat similar to Up Close and Dangerous and Prey, also by Linda Howard.

PLOT: It's almost Christmas. A deadly ice storm strikes small town Maine. The local sheriff sends his son Gabriel to warn Lollie about the storm, because she's alone at her mountainside home, not responding to phone calls. Gabe goes dutifully but reluctantly, because he was NOT
Mollie *scoutrmom*
Apr 30, 2010 Mollie *scoutrmom* rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: contemporary romance fans
Riveting... I could not put it down. These two characters, beautifully and deeply drawn, have to do battle. They battle armed intruders, mother nature, each other, and their growing feelings for each other. Former schoolyard enemies become lovers ... fifteen years after seeing each other last. It's kind of cute when these two adults fall into the old habit of sniping at each other. This book is more romance and less suspense than I would have guessed. I like that in spite of the plot line, the i ...more
It was okay, nice sweet short little book, ive read worse, ive read better:)most of my problem was that i felt it could have had more, been longer, had some things added to it, maybe instead of a short little book, make it a full fledged type thing. felt like it was missing a lot
Too short, not enough character development, and the entire story takes two days! That's a little too brief for me. I want something that's more lengthy. It sounded great on the inside flap cover but the story was really boring. Gabriel was the standard, typical alpha male and Lolly (Lolly? Really?) is a confident heroine... but put these two together and they're like any other characters in any romance novel. They got over their hostility and antagonism towards each other in just a couple of ho ...more
This is a quick adventure/romance novel taking place in Maine during an ice storm. Gabe, an army Sgt on leave, comes to see his young son who is with his Grandparents. Gabe's Dad is the Sheriff who asks Gave to go to the summer home to warn the owner of the impending storm. When he gets there (she is a high school classmate he couldn't tolerate back then) He finds her imprisoned in her home by a pair of meth addicts out to rob and rape.
The escape, the chase, the disaster of the weather brings ne
Definitely not one of my favorites from Howard. This was a shorter book and therefore there was less time to really build up the suspense. The romance felt rushed as did the drama of what was going on. I liked the premise of being stuck in an ice storm while being chased by hyped up druggies but because of the length of the book it affected the entire story.

However, this won't stop me from reading future books by Howard. Overall, I find her a really great author and most of the time I give her
Howard can actually write suspense, craft plots and flesh out characters--one of the reasons I enjoy her books as snack reading. This one was on the "holiday" shelf at the library--perfect for a few squeezed-in minutes during a busy time.

Except that it was lousy. All I can think is that she got paid big bucks to crank something out in a hurry that could fill a niche. Or--even more likely--this is something she wrote thirty years ago when she was just finding her writing chops in the romance genr
A very quick read and a traumatizing one. Home Invasion in a small town where everyone knows each other is rare but add in the elements of strangers looking for a quick fix of money to feed their drug addiction of Meth and you have a whole lot of trouble. Possible rape situations and just for hell of it.... add an ice storm of the century. I wish the story was a touch longer especially (view spoiler) ...more
What's funny is that I actually read this book years ago but forgot to add it to Goodreads, so when I saw it was available to read at my library, I thought I hadn't read it. About a chapter in, I realized that I had, but couldn't remember much about it, so I decided to re-read it.

The book was just awful. My main problem was the timeline. (view spoiler)
Bagus sih ceritanya. Suspense dapet, thriller dapet, romance juga dapet (walau sedikit). Tapi ya elaah, ceritanya singkat padat, ga bikin puas -__-".
Versi asli ada 208 halaman, dan terjemahan ada 224 halaman. Curiga ini yang terjemahan ada yang diedit - edit.

Mana ada yang salah di sinopsis pula. Nama tokoh utama cowoknya itu Gabriel McQueen bukan McCain -__-"

Sayang juga nama ceweknya aneh, Lolly, singkatan dari Lorelei. Bikin mikir, ini tante Linda Howard pas nulis ini lagi mabuk atau gimana?
3 stars for a quick, enjoyable read, with characters I liked and lots of action.

2 stars because the book is basically a $5 series romance sold for $22 as a hardback. The book wasn't quite 200 pages of large type. Thankfully, I checked the book out from the library. The scant 200 pages did not leave much room for character development or for building tension. As a series romance this book would have worked very well, but it works less well for an expensive hardcover release.

This isn’t my favourite Linda Howard book but it was a quick, fun, fast-paced read. There’s tons of action albeit with a fairly predictable plot, and funny, smart and resilient characters although paired with very little character development. Weighing the good and bad I don’t think this book takes itself overly serious and I don’t think readers should either. Enjoy the survival story and leave it at that. I love Linda Howard and I had a good time with Ice.
Sheriff McQueen enlists his son, Gabriel, to drive up the mountain and check on Lolly Helton. There is an ice storm brewing and Lolly doesn't have a phone or TV and might not be prepared for it. Gabriel would rather not make the trip since Lolly was his high school nemesis and they never got along. But, as soon as he arrives at Lolly's home, he sees strangers with guns in the livingroom and has to get Lolly out of the house as soon as possible. But with the ice freezing everything, including Lol ...more
Was this really written by Linda Howard? This has got to be one of her worst books if not ever than in a long time. It was poorly written, the plot wasn't thought out, and why did there have to be so much profanity. Felt like Gabriel was having a mental swearing contest. And sorry, no relationship would come out of a 12-24 hour ordeal like that. Please...
This one was just ok, I think what made me not like it as much was that the same scene was written twice, once by Gabe's view, then again by Lolly's view, which made it seem very redundant. I did like the opening and Lolly's horror at her house. She seemed to be able to keep her head in a situation where I don't think I would be able to.
Sari Widiarti
Ini bukan pertama kali membaca buku genre Harlequin. Waktu itu suka dengan penulis Lisa kleypas dan Sandra Brown. Dan entah mengapa timbul penasaran dengan penulis Harlequin yang lainnya. Ya, tau lah jika novel Harlequin menjurus ke arah s*ksualitas. Tapi, juga pengin tahu bagaimana penulis lain menciptakan konflik.

Selain itu, ternyata dua penulis Harlequin yang aku baca, dan satu lagi nanti aku resensi. Menggunakan konflik yang hampir sama yaitu masa lalu antara kedua peran utama yang sangat me
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Linda S. Howington was born on August 3, 1950 in Alabama, United States. She began to write at nine years old, and wrote for twenty years for her own enjoyment. She worked at a trucking company where she met her husband, and then decided to try and get her work published in 1980. [1:] Her first work was publishe
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