Danielito y el Dinosaurio/ Danny and the Dinosaurs (Spanish Edition)
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Danielito y el Dinosaurio/ Danny and the Dinosaurs (Danny and the Dinosaur #1)

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  18,403 ratings  ·  214 reviews
Rediscover Danny's fun-filled day at the museum when an amiable dinosaur joins him for the afternoon. This all-new color edition will continue to delight young readers for decades to come.
Paperback, 64 pages
Published May 1st 2008 by Lectorum Publications (first published January 1st 1958)
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It's easy to see why this book has put smiles on children's faces for over fifty years. I know my six-year-old self would have LOVED it if a dinosaur befriended me at the museum, gave me a ride around town, and played hide-and-seek with me and my friends! I think there are such cute touches in the book with the text and especially the illustrations, like when the dinosaur makes a bridge for the people to cross the street, or when he sees the "giant rocks" (buildings) and thinks of climbing them....more
I imagine this was a charming book when it was released in the late fifties. I suppose I can see the appeal. It's a simple book for kids who are learning to read. It has a goofy looking dinosaur. It has a polite little kid. And they have fun little adventures in some nondescript American city.

But it's not the fifties anymore, and I am a jaded bastard who likes his kids books on the salty (or maybe just interesting) side. So the sweet dino and the sweet boy are like the syrupy skein of goo at the...more
Lisa Vegan
Jul 02, 2010 Lisa Vegan rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: early readers; kids who like dinosaurs and fanciful stories
This book came out when I was 4 or 5 and I’ll bet I read it when I was young, but I don’t remember it. I hope that I read it when I was 5 or 6 or 7; I would have absolutely loved it.

It’s a very cute story, very 1958, but I think today’s young readers will enjoy it too. The text is good for early readers, and younger children will enjoy having this read to them.

Most kids like dinosaurs and the dinosaur here is adorable. He’s endearing, friendly, helpful, and he uses correct grammar too. He’s funn...more
"Danny and the Dinosaur" is a New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year Award by Syd Hoff and it is about how a young boy named Danny starts playing with a friendly dinosaur who has come to life when in a museum that Danny goes to. "Danny and the Dinosaur" is a true masterpiece for many children who love books about dinosaurs!

Syd Hoff has done an outstanding job at both illustrating and writing this book. Syd Hoff's illustrations are both creative and cute at the same time as the dinosaur that...more
Crystal Marcos
My husband brought Danny and the Dinosaur home from the library today. He immediately sat down and my daughter climbed in his lap. I listened as he read and looked at the pictures over his shoulder. I believe I have read this before long ago. My daughter sat for about half the book and stood to look at the pictures for most of the rest. I enjoyed listening in and my husband said “It’s cute.” I liked the bright pictures. I liked the fun that Danny and the children have with the dinosaur. Especial...more
Nicola Mansfield
Danny visits the museum and when he gets to the dinosaur display a real dinosaur pops out and asks Danny to play with him. So off they go through the town having lots of fun ending up playing hide 'n' seek with the neighbourhood children but as sunset comes along everyone must go home including the dinosaur who must get back to the museum. This is one of the original "I Can Read" books that has stood the test of time. What little boy doesn't go through the dinosaur stage? This silly story is a l...more
Childhood favorite. Who doesn't want a dinosaur friend?
Sarah Sammis
My husband had a copy of Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff as a child. His parents still have his old collection of picture books by the bedroom the grandkids use when visiting. On our last night of a recent visit, I read the book to Sean and Harriet. What I didn't realize, was that it's one of my son's favorite "I Can Read Books."

Danny goes to the library and sees a dinosaur on display. It makes him wish that he could have a pet dinosaur. The dinosaur comes alive and offers to spend the day wi...more
Kid has a dinosaur. How friggin' great is that?

I like that when Danny gets the dinosaur, he chooses to ride it around town, much like you might if you'd just acquired, say, a new moped. Sure, you could alert the media and become a overnight sensation and a historical footnote, or somehow contain the dinosaur and make a handsome living charging admission. You could even assume that you've lost all control of your mental faculties, and flee gibbering into the woods, subsisting on checkerberry and...more
Title: Danny the Dinosaur Written and Illustrated by: Syd Hoff
Genre: Fantasy Age Level: P; I Date: 2003.
Danny goes to a museum one day to meet a dinosaur. This dinosaur is really nice and wants to be Danny’s friend. The dinosaur takes Danny for a ride on his back. The dinosaur is so tall, he hits the telephone wires. The dinosaur helps people cross the street. Everyone likes him. When they went to the zoo the dinosaur was asked to leave because he was taking the attention away from the animals....more
Who doesn't like dinosaurs!? I read this to my 8 week old daughter and she loved it... Well, she didn't hate it anyway ;) I vaguely remember reading this in elementary school and I would recommend every child reads it at least once. Any young child can relate to the activities in the story line and the dialogue is quite easy to follow (don't forget to add your own exclamation points!). There really isn't any diversity in the story, which is typical for many stories written in the 1950s. Furtherm...more
Jenilyn Braden
This book was kind of a mix between a picture book and a transitional book. It had a good mix of words and pictures, but probably too long and too many words to just be considered a picture book; at the same time, it was a way easier read than something like Junie B. Jones so it probably wasn't fully transitional either. As far as the plot goes though, I enjoyed it. It's another one of those books that takes your mind away to another place and really gets your imagination going. And when I was a...more
One day Danny goes to the museum. He likes the dinosaurs best and wishes that he could have one of his own. And in all good books, Danny gets his wish and gets to spend a day with a dinosaur. They play games and eat together. But at the end of the day the dinosaur needs to go back where he is needed and Danny is left to go home, but knowing that he doesn't have room for a dinosaur.
Great for early readers who are ready for short sentences and short chapters.
Skylar Burris
Pretty much any book my reluctant reader can read aloud and wants to read aloud gets an automatic four stars from me. It doesn't hold up as well to repeat readings as, say, Frog and Toad, but it's still tolerable. It's a cute story of friendship, and one I recall fondly from my own childhood. Do they any longer make quality children's books that are easy for a first or second grader to read? Every one I've found that fits both criteria was written prior to 1970.
Danny spends the day with a dinosaur, doing all the fun sort of things he'd do with the rest of his friends (i.e. playing hide and seek, etc).

This is a cute, comical, story with a sweet ending, but there really isn't *that* much to the plot. I'd probably give this three stars, except that I remember enjoying it when I was little and for whatever reason (the story, the illustrations, or both) it made an impression on me. So, for that I gave it an extra star.
Danny visits the museum where he discovers his favorite creature of all, dinosaurs. To Danny’s surprise, one of the dinosaurs comes to life. Follow Danny and the dinosaur as they spend the day together exploring the city, eating ice cream and playing hide and seek with Danny’s friends.

I like this simple and charming tale because it really plays towards a child's imagination.
Miloš & Brontë
Papa: So...

Miloš: I really liked that they had fun together, and not did not have fun.

Papa: Okay, what else?

Miloš: Actually, that was it. Okay, Pa.

Papa: Okay. (But I would like to mention that this book is 64 pages long and contains the first page Miloš has ever read without pictures. The boy is a reading fiend).

Cassi Dick
This book shows the friendship of a boy and his dinosaur. It shows all the different things dinosaurs could do with humans if they were around today, that is if they were tamed. This book could also be used in the first grade class, and is easy enough for students who struggle with reading as well as student who don't.
I liked this story that Mike had read as a child. It is a fun adventure for a boy wanting to play with a dinosaur. I told Mike that I know why he likes this book - it has ice cream, rowing and baseball in it! He hadn't read it in several years so had forgotten about those elements of the book.
April Scheivelhud
This is a wonderful story for any child that loves dinosaurs. Danny finds a dinosaur in a museum that comes alive. He goes on all kinds of adventures with his new playmate. In the end then dinosaur has to go home. Danny is okay with that since his new friend is too big to stay in his house.
For pre-k children, this is a good book. Young boys love to dinosaurs and this book is great for young dinosaur lovers. The children will enjoy the Danny’s clowning around on his adventure. I would use this book in my pre-k classroom for dinosaur lovers.

I like that Danny and the dinosaur are so ... nice. They're interested in helping people, and it's fun, even so many years later, to think of what helpful things a dinosaur could do.
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
I seriously wanted a dinosaur after this, even with all the trouble the kid gets into because of it.
"I just loved the museum and the indians."
Jazlyn Caraballo
The book I have chosen for my fantasy picture book is, “Danny and the Dinosaur.” This book deals with the fantasy of a dinosaur coming to life and doing human like things. Danny is visiting the museum and is very interested in the dinosaur section. In the book he wishes that he can play with the dinosaurs and then all of a sudden the dinosaur starts to talk and comes to life. Throughout the story they are going through different adventures and visiting new places. Towards the end of the book Da...more
Anna J.
Danny the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff is the story about a boy named Danny who visits a Museum and meets a dinosaur that can talk. The dinosaur decides to leave the museum with Danny and the two go through the town together. This book is imaginative in that it personifies the dinosaur to show how he would perceive the town such as the dinosaur giving the children rides on his back, playing hide and seek, and eating ice cream with Danny. Though this book is simple and easy to read with lots of colorful...more
what kid wouldn't love a story about a kid who gets to hang with a talking dino? Okay, the Possum didn't care for it, but the PandaBat did. Syd Hoff loved playing baseball, it turns out, which explains why baseball is featured in all his books that I have.

While I may be an adult, this was my first book when I began reading. Thanks to Danny and the Dinosaur, I live to read books and it was all because of a summer day back in Michigan when I stayed in my room to try and sound out the word "eskimo".
This was one of the first books I learned to read. So imagine how I felt decades later when paleontologists announced that they'd had the wrong head on the Brontosaurus. That tiny head on the huge body was one of the most lovable things about this animal. Betrayal!
Matthew Richards
El libro fue ofensivo en partes. El pueblo inuit no son "esquimales" y no deben ser en un museo al lado de osos. Pero el resto del libro fue encantador y ayudóme aprender espanol.
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Whether you’re seven or seventy, the chances are you’ve probably come in contact with one of his many books (150 plus), or cartoons that have appeared in over 200 magazines in the course of his lifetime, including Laugh it Off which was syndicated for 20 years. His comic strip Tuffy, about a little girl who did funny things, was declared essential for national morale during WWII by William Randolp...more
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