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Sturme aus ost und Wes...
Pearl S. Buck
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Sturme aus ost und West: drei romane der versohnung

3.95 of 5 stars 3.95  ·  rating details  ·  2,753 ratings  ·  179 reviews
Set in twentieth century China, this is a moving and evocative story. The older generation of the Wang family is rigidly set in the ways of ancient China: the father has several concubines and demands and receives unquestioned reverence from all of his family. But the family faces many changes that threatens both their traditions and their lives. This is Pearl Buck's first ...more
829 pages
Published November 1976 by Verlag Kurt Desch (first published 1929)
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East Wind, West Wind originally titled Winds of Heaven was Pearl S. Buck's first novel published in the United States in 1930. Though it had gone through many earlier rejections, the acceptance to publish eventually came down to one final vote by Richard Walsh, the president of the publishing company (and who would become Pearl's second husband). He later revealed that he decided to publish it, " not because he liked it, but because he thought her capable of something better."

The story is told f
Sally Safaa
احببت كل تفصيل صغير في هذه الرواية
صورت الكاتبة كيف بدأ اندماج عالمين شرقي وغربي

الفكرة المهمة هي انه (التغيير) موجود في كل زمان ومكان
ولكن ليس كل انسان قادر على تقبل هذا الشي
في هذه الرواية ما يخطر على بال القارئ
هل من المنطق ان تحكمنا العادات والتقاليد لدرجة التقيد في
اختياراتنا وارادتنا للحياة
ان يتم اختيار اثنين لبعضهم حتى قبل ولادتهم ! اي تغطرس هذا
خلق الانسان حر ،لا يوجد من يحتل عالمه
ويبقى المبدأ (اختياري بحت)
اما ان يتقبل التغير الايجابي الذي يدفعه لحياة افضل ويتناسى كل القيم التي اصبحت خزعبلات
الرواية رائعة بحق ،، اسلوب السرد فيها جميل وقريب من النفس ، فشخصية القصة الرئيسية تحادث القارئ وتعلمه بماحدث وكأنها تقص عليها بنفسها اقصوصتها الخاصة وتتفاعل معه بين ثنايا الرواية وتخبره باساريرها وكأنها تقف امام شخصٍ قررت ان تفضي بكل مافي عقلها اليه ..

تحكي الرواية عن الصين والعادات الصينية للزواج، تحكي عن رفضهم لقبول غيرهم ممن كانو يسمونهم همجًا ، تحكي عن اعتزاز الاجناس باعراقهم ورفض الاختلاط بغيرهم بحجة نقاء الدم ، والكثير من عادات تلك البيوت العريقة .. تحدثت الرواية عن الطبقية، السيادة، الجهل
A few years ago my brother and I took a road trip to Hillsboro, West Virginia to see Pearl S. Buck's childhood home. I had read A Good Earth and had loved it, and I thoroughly enjoy going to author's homes. When we got back home there was a message from my boss at the time on my answering machine asking why I wasn't at work that day. Somehow I had read the schedule wrong and my brother and I took our trip on a day I was actually scheduled to work. For the first (and only) time to date I received ...more
Helvry Sinaga
Inilah novel pertama yang dibuat oleh Pearl S. Buck ketika ia berumur duapuluhtahun. Bercerita tentang seorang wanita Cina yang bernama Kwei-Lan. Kweilan menceritakan kisah hidupnya kepada seseorang yang disebut dalam buku ini "saudari." Tidak diketahui siapa nama saudarinya itu sesungguhnya, namun dapat diduga bahwa saudari yang dimaksud adalah seseorang yang juga tinggal di Cina.

Kwei-Lan hidup dalam adat istiadat Cina Kuno. Ibunya mengajarinya bagaimana nantinya harus melayani suami dan mertua
Wow, I really liked this book. It was about a very traditional Chinese family in the forties (I think) who faces for the first time the effects of their sons going off to America to become educated and coming back quite changed. This effects each member of their complicated families differently. I was so moved at times I was reaching for the tissues all night and all this morning. It's a very simple prose that even a Jr High level reader could read, but I suspect different generations would have ...more
Angelic Zaizai
katanya ini novel pertamanya Pearl S.Buck, tipis banget [sebel:], ceritanya tentang Kwei Lan gadis china yang masih memegang teguh tradisi, trus dinikahkan dengan tunangannya sejak kecil, laki-laki lulusan sekolah amerika [dokter:].
jadilah banyak beda pandangan, seperti Kwei Lan nganggap kakinya yang diikat itu bagus, sementara suaminya nganggap kaki seperti itu jelek dan ga bagus buat kesehatan. Shocklah Kwei Lan...
udah mulai bisa menyesuaikan diri dengan suaminya, ada lagi masalah, kakak laki
Zöe Yu
I have the desire to read all Pearl S. Buck's books. All the conflicts between modern world and traditional China must have written by her, or at least, touched by her! Filial duty, superstitious believes, and so on.

This book was written in 1930s in Nanjing, a far away time for us now. Cannot imagine the world then. But what we have now are still more or less the same....

I felt hope for what she proposed in the book, the hope of the great union between two races, with such an difference could
East Wind:West Wind is a charming story of a woman who learns to appreciate the good from each of two very different cultures. Kwei-lan was raised to be a traditional Chinese woman. Feet bound and head bowed, she is prepared to submit to her new husband in all things. Then he tells her that she is his equal, that he wants her to educate herself and to unbind her feet. She begins to incorporate his Western philosophy into her Eastern traditions, and blends for herself a unique way of life. Though ...more
“Viento del este, viento del oeste” es el primer libro que escribió la Premio Nobel de Literatura Pearl S. Buck, en 1929. La escritora a través de una mujer de la China de principios del siglo XX nos invita a reflexionar principalmente sobre el contacto entre culturas y la evolución de unos usos ancestrales hacia otros más modernos y globalizados. Resulta interesante aprender aspectos de la cultura china así como la perspectiva que tenían muchos de sus habitantes de los “occidentales”, blancos, ...more
I read this book when I was in secondary school and love the simple story told first hand through the eyes of the female lead. it is as if I was indeed her little sister as she tells the reader how she copes with her husband's western ways and eventually how it led to a loving marriage. a wonderful book that can be read upteen times. its time to reread again when the holidays come.
Asmaa Ha Gu
قرأت النسخة العربية
تعرف بالعادات الصينية القديمه
ولكن الارض الطيبه أعجبتني اكثر
Beautiful one. Dan setelah ini semoga saya berjodoh dengan buku Pearl S. Buck lainnya.

Yang menarik ketika saya membaca novel ini adalah saya lupa bawah penulisnya adalah bukan orang Cina asli. Cara berceritanya, bagaimana Kwei Lan karakter tokoh utamanya berbicara, sungguh membuat saya larut merasakan bahwa dia adalah perempuan yang dibasarkan dalam adat istiadat kuno. Yah, tidak heran juga sih, mengingat penulisnya memang besar di Cina.

Sungguh menarik sebetulnya tentang bagaimana perempuan-pe
Pearl S. Buck pasó los primeros cuarenta años de su vida en China. Sus profundos conocimientos de la cultura oriental, que plasmó en numerosos escritos, abrieron los ojos a cientos de miles de occidentales que permanecían dormidos a la luz que emite la sabiduría china. En teoría, al menos. En la práctica, yo tengo mis dudas.

Mi dilema no es sobre la experiencia de Pearl S. Buck en el país asiático. No dudo de su veracidad. Su relato es creíble. Lo que me inquieta es que yo no he percibido un únic
A beautiful short little novel by Pearl Buck. This is a great one to start with, and would be a fantastic book for young adults too. The themes of east vs. west are a little overt in this novel, but it is still so compellingly written, so much so that I read it in one sitting. I kept thinking that I would wish it to be longer, but when I got to the end, it felt like the perfect length.

Unlike her other novels, this one deals with just a small part of one family's life, instead of generations and
No sabría decir por qué, pero este libro me ha gustado mucho.
La historia es bonita y tierna, y la perspectiva que da de la cultura china es muy interesante, la verdad. El estilo es un poco cursi, pero teniendo en cuenta que se publicó hace 80 años, está bien, y es bonito.
Ah, y se lee solo. Eso le da puntos.
No sé, es distinto de lo que había leído hasta ahora, y aunque me parece un poquitito cursi, he disfrutado mucho leyéndolo. Ahora quiero leer Cisnes Salvajes, que pinta muy bien.
Eva Lavrikova
Nečakane som si túto knihu náramne užila. Je o tradičnej čínskej rodine spred takmer sto rokov, ktorá zažíva stret so západným, "barbarským" svetom. Fascinujúci vhľad do kultúry, kde sú tradície nadovšetko a všetko to, čo je pre nás normálne, je tu zvláštne a naopak. Útlu knižku som zhltla za dva dni v električke a kaviarni, a určite si prečítam aj ďalšie, obsiahlejšie Buckovej diela.
Zara Chung
Pearl Buck's debut novel follows a young chinese girl, Kwei-Lan, throughout her live. From young, she has been raised to be quiet and submissive to males, to be seen and not heard. She comes from the age of bound-footed women and obnoxious men who marry several wives. However, with the growing influence of the western world in China, Kwei-Lan finds that not everything she was taught growing up is true. We follow an innocent and rather ignorant girl who learns more about the western culture and b ...more
breve romanzo di esordio di pearl s. buck, scrittrice americana per lungo tempo vissuta in cina e premio nobel per la letteratura nel 1938. lo sbigottimento e il percorso mentale di una donna cinese che, per amore del marito- moderno ed educato all'occidentale, si vede costretta ad abbandonare le tradizioni a cui è abituata e a sovvertire la rigida educazione che le è stata impartita dalla sua famiglia (anche aiutando il fratello che ha osato sposare una donna americana). al breve romanzo sono a ...more
Beautiful book that portrays the fast and overwhelming changes that happened during the XX century in China. I value the fact that the story is very simple; it is just about a young woman who starts to see her country and her culture from a new perspective. There aren't many characters or scenarios, because the story basically occurs within the walls of a couple of houses. But still, Pearl S. Buck is able to clearly and yet misteriously show the challenges that an entire society must have faced ...more
Motaz Soliman
رواية رائعه , أسلوب رشق , مضمون متفوق في كل شئ
الرواية تتناول حياة الراوية التي من أسفل وديان الحضارة الصينية البكر التي لم تمسسها يد التقدم و الحضارة البشرية , و توضح معاناة المرآة التي لا تشعر بنفسها , لا تشعر بحريتها المنهدرة على أرض الرجعية و العادات و التقاليد ,
الرواية جميلة للغاية و حميمية جداً و هي مفتاح لدراسة الشخصية الصينية القديمة بكا ما فيها من سحر و غموض حتى أنني أكاد اسمع الموسيقىَ الوترية المميزة للصين و انا أقرأ
تحفة أدبية
Pearl Buck's first book, written when she was in her 20s, shows amazing empathy for her own and the Chinese culture as they clash in an early modern biracial marriage of the young wealthy Chinese woman narrator's brother to a young white California woman. Remarkable and a good story too. Pearl Buck was the first American woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature.
Maegan Davis
It was a great book. I loved the mix of old traditions and new and the struggle to bring the two together. It was interesting to watch the main character as her view of tradition shifted and changed with the events that occurred around her. I was encouraged by her devotion to her husband and her respect for her elders. I would encourage all to read it.
Прекрасна книжка! Главната героиня ме спечели още в самото начало на романа и я обикнах. Очарователна е в своята доверчивост и наивност, с нейните страхове и страдания! Винаги съм обичала да чета за сблъсъка на култури и как се преодоляват различията. Препоръчвам на всички, които се интересуват от традициите и обичаите на Изтока.
Leslie Nelson
I love this book! I love learning about other cultures and Eastwind: West Wind is a wonderful way to do that. The story is one of two women one from China and one from the United States and their marraiges.

A wonderful introduction to Pearl S. Buck. I had to read more books by her after I finished this one!
Buck will amaze you with her vivid painting of the rural Chinese life of the first half of the 20th century. One of my favourite aspect of her books is how it is possible to understand the relationship between the different characters which is important since it is so different from what we are accustomed to.
Pam Deppe
I really like this book. The way the writer portrays the struggles that the Chinese people living the old way, and the west trying to be integrated into their lives, is truly astonishing. Sometimes, the old ways just cannot be let go of.
This book totally captures the clash of cultures, not only of the eastern world and the western world but also of traditional parents and a modern minded son. Add to this a daughter who tries to find footing in both worlds. Well done.
Wonderfully written book. The emotion with which the narrator tells her story seeps through the pages. I felt her pain, her joys, her fear and her love.
Very thought provoking and evocative. Loved it!
I really, really liked this book. The writing was beautiful, the story interesting, the Chinese history informative and the angst as the characters bridged east and west ideas poignant.
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Pearl Sydenstricker Buck (1892–1973) was a bestselling and Nobel Prize–winning author. Her classic novel The Good Earth (1931) was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and William Dean Howells Medal. Born in Hillsboro, West Virginia, Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her life in China, where many of her books are set. In 1934, civil unrest in China forced Buck back to t ...more
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The Good Earth (House of Earth, #1) Pavilion of Women Imperial Woman Peony Sons (House of Earth, #2)

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