The Perfect Lover (Cynster, #10)
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The Perfect Lover (Cynster #10)

3.99 of 5 stars 3.99  ·  rating details  ·  3,262 ratings  ·  83 reviews
Never let it be said that a Cynster male can't face up to the one unassailable truth: A successful marriage gives life its fullest meaning. To all of English society, Simon Frederick Cynster has a perfect life--one of enormous wealth and impeccable social status. His lean handsomeness turns the heads of naive debutantes, while his sensual allure ensures he never lacks for...more
ebook, 416 pages
Published March 26th 2003 by HarperCollins Publishers (first published January 1st 2003)
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Susan (susayq ~)
3.5 stars

I never thought I'd say this, but there was just too much sex in this book. If we could have cut out some of the 12 page love scenes, we wouldn't have lost anything in the story and I might have enjoyed it a bit more. At one point, I was hoping the couple would get married soon so they'd quit having sex all the time like most married couples.

I absolutely LOVED that Simon told Portia he loved her without her having to ask or guess or cajole him into saying. He just spit it right out and...more
Really more like a 3.5 Stars, though it was kind of tough to decide. On one hand, the mystery in this one was pretty good, kept me guessing, and while a lot of characters were introduced at the house party, once I got them straightened out in my mind, I liked most of them, and have a feeling we may see them again (I'm thinking maybe James and Charlie). Once Inspector Stokes came on the scene, I really liked him too, and look forward to seeing him some more in the Barnaby books. I mostly liked Si...more
Brenda (b)
I thought this was a lovely historical romance (not counting the murders and overlooking that I skimmed a couple of the longer sex scenes). I liked both Simon and Portia, even though they weren't the same characters as when I saw them last. They were now full-grown adults who had been living independent lives. I liked that they knew each other well but still had the opportunity to learn more about each other.

On a personal note, the ebook I read was one for the Nook that had been part of a specia...more
Kay Bolton
Review taken from my blog in September 2010:

I've just finished this one this morning, in between packing Toodles off to school (not my turn for the school run today) and packing orders......and it might be heading to the top of the list of Stephanie Laurens titles read thus far - an easy read of Simon Cynster and Portia Ashford, friends/adversaries since childhood and their slow discovery of love that develops. More saucy scenes and a murder ~with Simon and Portia trapping the murderer at the en...more
I would have enjoyed this book more had the author not decided to throw in a suspense-y subplot at the last possible moment. The story read almost as if she'd gotten halfway through the book and remembered "oh right, I need a suspense bit." It felt too contrived against the backdrop of what really is a lovely romance with a fiesty heroine who is not too stupid to live and an alpha male hero that doesn't antagonize the reader. Laurens does a great job of character- and conflict- building for the...more
Well the two star up there doesn't mean it was badly written or anything. Its just that, when I read a romance novel, I don't want a subplot taking up so much of the book that I hardly get to see the hero and heroine together. And whenever I did see them together, they were making love! I mean sure that steamy part is all good when I know my characters well. I want to know why the guy falls in love, why the girls accepts the guy. I just don't want to read how they satisfy each other's physical n...more
Lisa Lindsey
This story wasn't the usual "Cynster romance". It has a sweetness to it that made me smile throughout. I've read all the Cynster stories in order and absolutely love them. I've looked forward to reading about Simon and Portia ever since Amelia and Luc's love match. I knew when they fought as kids, I'd see them again and really enjoyed reading their love story. Lady O is by far the best of the Cynster series characters. She really showed up in this story. Ofcourse my favorite Cynster man is Devil...more
Sheila Melo
I would rate this one as a 3

THE PERFECT LOVER is the tenth book in the Cynster series. It is the story of Simon Cynster, the last unmarried male Cynster of his generation. Upon receiving an inheritance, Simon begins thinking if marriage and a family. He arrives at a house party and encounters Portia Ashford. The two have known each other since childhood and have argued constantly. An unexpected kiss changes their relationship.

This book was difficult for me to get into. There is a murder mystery...more
3.5 - better than the last one, but not as good as some of the original stories with the Bar Cynster. This plot at least involved intense adventure. It really did seem like a giant murder mystery party; like a fictional game of Clue with a romance. So, that was good. Definitely one of the better plots in the series.

However, my problem was with the characters. At this point in the series there is absolutely nothing that distinguishes the males from each other. I could tell the difference, genera...more
I dislike these books. The first one was mediocre, and each subsequent book has been nearly identical. Basically, I'm just reading them because of my strange compulsion that leaves me incapable of dropping a series once I start. I am looking forward to being done.
I am a sucker for a mansion murder mystery! My friends would get together and play those 8 player murder-mystery games when we were in intermediate/early high school which was our version of D&D role playing. So this book particularly sucked me into the story.
Historical English romance tenth book in the Cynster series of novels with strong noble men looking for equally strong well-born ladies. Which isn't an easy thing to find when all ladies were raised to be pretty thoughtless ornaments.
This is one of my favorites in the Cynster series. Portia is an unmarried woman who, by the standards of the time, should be considered "on the shelf." Her brother is an earl and their family is closely entwined with the Cynsters, her brother and cousin being married to two of them.
Her life has been plagued by Simon Cynster who seems to always be hovering over her, telling her that he just wants her to be safe, but she's not so sure.
Portia has recently decided that she wants children. In order...more
I didn't expect to like this book because it started out slow, and it was a little difficult to picture Simon all grown-up when I first read about him as a young lad in Devil's Bride. I'm also not that familiar with Portia's character, I only know her as Luc's younger sister (Luc being Amelia's husband in "On A Wicked Dawn"), so that makes them related one way or another.

There's the usual Cynster trait of being the protective and tyrannical male, but given the setting, which was a house party, t...more
Lady Wesley
The last time that I read a Stephanie Laurens' book I swore, "Never again." But, silly me, the lure of a 99¢ Kindle book and fairly good reviews caused me to fall off the wagon.

This is a perfectly ordinary old-friends-fall-in-love tale, told at a large house party (which I usually like), with a murder mystery thrown in for fun. Simon agrees to school Portia in the ways of love -- in the name of protecting her from rogues -- so there's lots of (what Dear Abby used to call) heavy petting, progres...more
The "romance" plot was very typical of Stephanie Laurens : a heroine willing to discover what can be the possible attractions of marriage, the discoveries taking place with someone she's known her whole life, the hero former-rake just decided to create a family realizing she's his perfect bride-to-be.
Honestly this resembled very much the previous books but was nicely and quite convincingly written that I bought it, yet rolled my eyes at one or 2 scenes.
However what was different and what I reall...more
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Romancing the Book
Review by Bri: a book I thoroughly enjoyed. Having read all the previous Cynster novels by Mrs. Laurens, this one didn’t let me down in the least. While the overall formula of rake must fight his own fears of love and convince the girl to marry him was there, the characters made it decisively different.

Portia Ashford and Simon Cynster, the last available Cynster, have been friends since birth. Both intelligent, prideful and stubborn they have played the games of dueling tongues for a decade. Wh...more
There is some minor timeline confusion in this book - it starts in 1835 and Aunt Clara has just died and left Simon (Amanda's and Amelia's younger brother) her estate. This led me to look at the dates in Heather, Eliza, and Angelica's books because Aunt Clara has a good portion of a scene in The Capture of the Earl of's set in 1825 or some such. So this is a huge leap forward and later explains why no other Cynster characters appear in this book beyond Lady Osbaldestone (who is get...more
Helene Harrison
ISBN? - 9780749937256

Genre? - Historical / Romance / Erotica

Characters? - Simon Cynster / Portia Ashford / Penelope Ashford / Lady Osbaldstone / Amanda Cynster / Amelia Cynster

Setting? - England

Series? - Cynster #10

Title? - It comes from the female idea of what a perfect man is, in this case it focuses more on love.

Character Analysis? - To begin with the crime / mystery in it was why Kitty acted the way she did, then it was a murder, and this allowed the Cynster protectiveness to come into play....more
Ashley S.
This was one book I couldn't put down. Although I found myself at some points mad at the characters, I still loved it. As I started off, I wondered where it was heading and then it was sort of an obivious answer. I found the heroine very independent and strong willed, with a sharp and quick mind...I like when the author gives the woman that kind of personality, espeacially in a historical romance book. In those time's women were thought to be soft and I was happy this heroine was...more
With a history of antagonizing each other over the years, old friends Simon Cynster and Portia Ashford find themselves at the same house party deep in the English country. Unbeknown to the other, they each have a plan to find a suitable spouse. As Simon and Portia's relationship develops into something they never thought possible, the house party is rocked by a gruesome murder. Simon and Portia try to solve the murder while exploring the feelings being awakened.

Like all the Cynster book, this w...more
It's hard to go wrong with Stephanie Laurens on the historical romance front. This is another of the (many, many!) Cynster series. I confess that I'm going to start needing a family tree to keep up with some, though she does us all a kindness by re-establishing our hero's connection to the main clan in the first few pages. What I like about Laurens, consistently, is that it's not just about the (sigh) romance, there's a mystery that underlies, which gives you more to do, mentally, than count pag...more
Portia Ashford has never been interested in marrying before, but on her way to a house party she begins to think it might be time to see who's out there. Simon Cynster, en route to the same party, has finally decided he wants a family. The two childhood friends start to realize that what each wants might be right in front of their eyes.

Another great story, this time with the last Cynster male, Simon, who is the twins' brother. Portia, Luc's younger sister, also gets her chance to shine. They are...more
Lil' Grogan
Better than I expected for the first half anyway. Liked the set up of Portia as an observer of the social interactions, which I thought was great for a mystery. Kitty was interesting. As it went along, got bored of the constant sex and the eye-rolling overwrought writing therein, the mystery (there really was only one answer), every blessed thought of Portia's laid out on paper. Skimmed quite a bit of it. Did like the large cast, mainly because it gave relief from the boring ass romance between...more
This one was also like a game of Cluedo! And it almost contained too much sex, in the end it gets kind of boring, but still it was a great read!

Love the Cynsters <3

Though it really made me want to read about Henry, James and Charlie!
I listened to the audiobook version, and it was a huge disappointment. In fairness to the author, I gave the book 3 stars, but this was probably the worst narration of any audiobook I’ve listened to. In my experience, most narrators add to the experience, particularly when evoking the emotions involved in a romance. This narrator, however, seemed like she would be more at home with an economics textbook.

The reading was completely devoid of any emotion or inflection, and with a speed that made m...more
Allison Fetch
I really enjoyed both of the main characters in this installment of the Cynster series, and the plot was intriguing, as well. However, the story really dragged for many times can they honestly go walking in the gardens?? And there was so much introspective thought process about the same thing over and over that I found myself skimming, which I NEVER do. I enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of the plot, which was fairly unique, but the the half of the book leading to that point was a very...more
Very willing to DNF due to supreme boredom (and hey we know the formula already, there is a murder somewhere in there... it is coming).. but I don't ever DNF so expect me to reach the end.
Update: can ... not .. finish... soo repetitive that I am not even enjoying the slightly better murder plot that this installment is featuring.
Will finish soon, promises *labours through*.

UPDATE: finished! Was supremely boring throughout the end as well ... it's like they couldn't belabor the different points...more
Wow. I thought I'd give this a try, though I knew I'd be taking a chance. I don't know if there's such a genre as "light" women's erotica, but sheesh. If I'd skipped through the sex parts, I'd've missed about 60% of the book. There was a subplot involving a murder and catching the murderer. I think. It wasn't really all that memorable.

Had I done any research at all I wouldn't have picked up the book. It is so far away from my usual reading fare. Having said that, the book wasn't terrible. I'm su...more
Simon has come to the realization that wealth and looks aren’t enough and he needs a wife to achieve true happiness. Knowing that he will set off a landslide of fluttering debutantes knocking at his door if it’s known that he is wife-hunting, he keeps his plans a secret. Portia has just decided that she wants children and in resignation, she realizes to have them, she needs a husband. Portia and Simon were childhood nemesis, but inevitably, they end up in each other’s arms at a weekend house par...more
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Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon. When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised. After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in Australia, Laurens and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.

Once in London, Laurens and...more
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