30 Days of Night
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30 Days of Night (30 Days of Night #1)

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The story of an isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month each year when the sun sinks below the horizon. As the last rays of light fade, the town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires bent on an uninterrupted orgy of destruction. Only the small town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team stand between the survivors and certain destruction.

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Hardcover, 104 pages
Published April 15th 2003 by Turtleback Books (first published August 29th 2001)
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Ever since I discovered they were making this novel into a movie I had decided I wanted to read the book. I'm glad I managed to do so before seeing the movie because now I appreciate the changes they made for the big screen.

The story concept is fantastically originally (I'm surprised no-one has thought of it before) but poorly executed. It's starts off well and the ending is interesting, but everything in the middle is so disjointed that you never get a feel for what the characters are going thr...more
Jeremy Stephens
I found this graphic novel to be very overrated. I'd like to start off by saying I love the premise- a group of vampires rampaging in an Alaskan town during its annual thirty days of darkness. The problem I have is that the story seemed so rushed. I saw this story as having so much potential and yet the conflict was quickly resolved in a mere two pages. Further more, I felt that the vampires were defeated way too easily. It was almost as if the writer got bored with the story and decided to jus...more
Vampires go apeshit when they realize (finally) that there are 30 days where the sun never sets in Podunk, AK. Art's kinda fun, story's kinda dumb. No surprises there.
Samantha Ace
Dark, creepy, and all around awesome! Loving graphic novels right now. I really, really loved this one, especially with the different type of artwork going on. Gave it such an eerie vibe.
LOVED the drawings...amazing atmosphere. Steve Niles has single-handedly re-invented the vampire, stealing it back from the trashy, paranormal bodice rippers!
Querus Abuttu
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I saw the film adaptation of this novel a few years ago and was delighted to see a genuinely good movie that was: 1) adapted from a comic book, because--let's face it--not all of them have been worth bragging about; 2) firmly entrenched in the horror genre, because--again, let's face it--Hollywood and horror rarely blend well. So, after enjoying the movie I finally got around to reading its source material, and I think is another example of how a good movie comes from a better book.

It's apparen...more

I always have a little bit of a hard time with books that are peppered with obscenities. It feels not creative. This wasn't the worst culprit, but you need to expect going into it that this is a book for mature audiences, and while the blood and death aren't too graphic as a result of the art, the dialogue is intense and sure to offend some readers.

At times, the art was so impressionistic that it became a little difficult to see exactly what was going on. This said, it added to the story far...more
I'm one of those people who saw 30 Days of Night the movie before picking up a copy of the graphic novel - written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Ben Templesmith. And while the movie is rather vague now - I must've watched it at least two years ago - I have to utter the unholy phrase of "I liked the movie better."

Don't get me wrong, the graphic novel's a must read - dare I say, a part of the ever growing canon of Vampire Literature. But it's lacks something that the movie offers: Build up.

Well. This was a pick from my book club. When I first saw the cover, I was like, "what are they thinking?!?" Then I found out that it was a graphic novel...then I found out that a graphic novel is just a fancy name for comic book. So, I was especially apprehensive about the read. But, I finally sat down with it and a cup of coffee and finished it in about a half and hour. It was pretty interesting. The premise of the book is very clever: Vampires congregate and attack a small town in Alaska wher...more
When I read this book I honestly was scarred I have never read a vampire book quite like this. I even learned something new, and that is that Alaska has 6 mouths of nothing but darkness. But in this book that isn't a good thing actually its a very very bad thing. I thought it was cool how the people that stuck together lived....least some of the people lived. And i thought it was brave when Eben (Josh Hartnett) Turns himself into one of the vampires just to save everyone that he loves. And knowi...more
This graphic novel takes an interesting premise - vampires attacking a small town while it lies sunless through an arctic winter - and completely squanders it through mediocre writing and irritating artwork. The characters are beyond shallow, with a few stock lines parceled out on each page, and virtually no actual dialog. Worse, the artist chose to locate the human characters in the same region of the uncanny valley as the monsters, making it hard not to cheer for them to turn their weapons upo...more
Paul Nelson
Finally got to read the graphic novel that spurned the movie and I have to say it is impressive.
The artwork is something I think you have to get used to, not overly detailed, dark and blurry but it sets the atmosphere to the story perfectly. The darkness brings a world of shadow, hiding places in every corner, creepy and at the same time adrenaline infused.
The story is frantically paced and as a result you never get a connection to the characters, this is one point where the film triumphs over t...more
Matt Mongiello
I found this comic pretty underwhelming. The writing and dialogue is sparse and clumsy. The art is fuzzy, which makes it difficult to tell what's happening in many of the panels (yes it sets a certain mood, but at an unacceptable cost). Overall the story feels juvenile in a way that squanders a very interesting set up and a unique take on vampires.


A couple of big complaints about the narrative

The 30 days pass with so little happening that I thought only about 4 days had passed w...more
Sudah nonton filmnya sebelum baca buku ini.
Tentang Barrow, kota kecil di Alaska yang akan mengalami 30 hari tanpa matahari dan bertahan menghadapi serangan vampire.
Ilustrasinya bagus, sesuai dengan tema cerita. Mood yang gelap dan berkesan dingin. Adegan yang penuh darah digambarkan dengan artistik, tidak terlalu vulgar.
Setuju dengan pendapat Clive Barker : "It's not pretty. But when was a geat horror story ever pretty?"

Versi buku dan film ada perbedaan, seperti berikut :
1) Tokoh Eben dan Stell...more
[Name Redacted By Goodreads Because Irrelevant to Review]
An excellent revival of a more ancient form of the vampire legend. The art is phenomenal, the pacing brisk, and the writing crisp, but I think the best part of this story is the decision to depict vampires as inhuman predators driven by hunger instead of sex. Rather than embodying human sensuality, they are written and drawn as shark-like beasts, whose seeming humanity masks a horde of gluttonous sociopaths.
La historia es simple y directa, escrita con un ritmo contagioso y vertiginoso, una lectura adictiva es lo que ofrece esta novela gráfica. Las ilustraciones de Ben Templesmith reflejan acertadamente la oscuridad y el horror del relato.

Un giro interesante en el agotado mundo de los vampiros, totalmente recomendable, una lectura que no tiene pérdida.
I loved the art in this. It was weird and eerie. I love the idea of the story although i saw the movie first so it didn't have as much impact as it would have done if i had read this first. I already ordered the next two and i can't wait to read them!
This was really the start of my love for horror comics. Bloody and full of REAL VAMPIRES, none of the glittery kind allowed, and the ending is so tragic, enjoyed the big screen version as well.
I was anxious to read the original before the film is released in October. Great art, decent story, very quick read. Can't wait to see the film!
Luis S.
The books about people in a town in Anchorage Alaska being killed by vampires. The story starts off with two people the sheriff and his wife finding a pile of burnt phones. They believe its the phones that went missing from everyone. Then more in the story they arrest someone and it turns out he was a vampire and the vampire tells them about whats gonna happen during the thirty days of night, that everyone will die.
What I like most about the story is the graphic scenes. The book is full of gr...more
Now this is how you do vampires right. Full of gore and head ripping violence, Niles has created such a great tale of vampires who give zero shits about humans. The illustrations were very unique and I think they won't appeal to many people, but I think they fit and are perfect for showing this feeling of being abandoned and being hopeless in a face of blood sucking vampires. I will be reading more volumes of this and probably will read the spinoffs too since I got them.

P.S. The movie adaptatio...more
Vampires are real and they sure don't sparkle. (I couldn't resist.)

Eben & Stella are the husband & wife, Sheriff & Deputy team of Barrow, Alaska. Every year, for 30 days, there is complete darkness in their town. While this gives many of the residents time to visit family elsewhere, for many can't face the penetrating darkness.

This time though, something else has rolled in with the darkness. A band of vampires have stumbled upon their sleepy little town and have decided to have thems...more
Skipper Ritchotte
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Short and quick. 30 Days of Night is a brilliant concept that... well, I'm as surprised as Steve Niles was that it hadn't been used before. In Barrow, Alaska the sun sets in November and doesn't rise again for a full month. Where else would vampires go, but such a place, for a feast? How would the townspeople react?

The story is simple, but the artwork is maddeningly beautiful. Each image is grotesque and stunningly rendered. The pictures are blurred, swirling, and close to having the same sort o...more
Had quite a conflicted view of this book originally. The artistic style is VERY different from anything i was used to (hard to explain, but focus is on the foreground, with the background almost "smeared" out and creating mood). During the first few pages i loved it. But then, the further i got into the book, the more it started to bug me. Basically because although mood was created very well with the art style, context wasn't. Similarly, the drawing of some of the foreground players etc at time...more
Michele Mai
Nov 25, 2011 Michele Mai rated it 2 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: the seriously bored
I have a general rule that I do not watch any movies that have books attached to them. I saw the movie "30 Days of Night" advertised on SyFy in the month of October. When I saw the title, I recalled seeing it as a book. I was correct and I reserved it at my local library. When it became available, I stopped reading Tanya Huff and began reading this.

What a mistake on my part.

This book is actually based on a screenplay which was based on a graphic comic. The hell??

It read like a bad B horror flick...more
Days of Night is an interesting graphic novel. It is about vampires and for me thats something good because I do like my vampires. These vampires are the usual vampires, in other words they don't like humans, to them a human is food and that is all.

As far as the pictures go, I thought they were very different to the usual images you get in graphic novels. They're drawn in a really different way. But they're quite good. Not unlike the cover image. I do have one warning word and that is that seei...more
Kristen Fiore
This graphic novel in particular grossed me out. Between the concept and the imagery that pictures gave away, I’m glad I didn’t see the movie.
The setting for this was in Barrow, Alaska in 2001. It was the night when the sun sets for a month and puts the state of Alaska in darkness. During this time period, long story short, cannibals started to eat people. The cannibals (that I think were supposed to be zombies) had an advantage over the human race because of the darkness. They would eat anyon...more
Okay, so I saw the movie first. It was kind of dopey from a plot perspective, but worth watching over and over and over again to see the troupe of vampires led by Danny Huston - their work is breathtaking in its sheer physicality and movement and not the typical vampire fare.

Did I mention the movie was kind of dopey? Well the story part of the comic, 30 Days of Night is kind of dopey, too, but absolutely worth reading for Ben Templesmith's amazing art. It's dark and atmospheric in lots of blacks...more
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STEVE NILES is one of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence, and was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of it's "13 rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next 25 years."

Niles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers - Marvel, DC, Image and Dark Horse. He got his start in the industry when he formed his own publishing...more
More about Steve Niles...
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