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The Land of the Silver Apples
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The Land of the Silver Apples (Sea of Trolls #2)

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Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake. He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard-in-training. But his sister, Lucy, has been stolen by the Lady of the Lake; stolen a second time in her young life, as he learns to his terror. Caught between belief in the old gods and Christianity (79
ebook, 528 pages
Published August 25th 2009 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers (first published January 1st 2007)
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I was very excited when I saw this on the bookstore shelves, because I really enjoyed the first one, and I'm a huge admirer of Nancy Farmer in general.

I enjoyed the adventure, and certainly the kids who liked Sea of Trolls will love this one, too. However, I was disappointed in the mythology and folklore allusions in this one. Perhaps it's just that the world of hobgoblins and elves is more well-trodden than the realms of Nordic mythology that Farmer introduced us to in the first book. The stor
Love how it just threw me into a land where just about anything could happen. Had a lot of suspense, and got me wanting more every time I set down the book! One of my favorite books because of the historical ties.
Ooh, I wanted to *love* this book as much as I loved Sea of Trolls. But as happy as I was to see Jack, Thorgil, and the Bard again, I just wasn't as thrilled with this one as I was with its predecessor. The characters were great, especially the new monks and the hobgoblins, but the story meandered entirely too much and I often got confused as to how things related to each other. But still, a fun read and I liked it. I will definitely read the next one...
Carrie Slager
First off, let me say that the ‘AD 790, Britain’ part of this blurb is complete nonsense. If you’ll recall, the first book apparently takes place in 793 AD. So either the blurb writer is confused about the timeline or does not know that AD goes forward while BC goes backward. If you’re really picky, let’s just say that this book takes place 3 years later, in 796 AD.

I love this book because we finally learn why Lucy is such a brat. That may seem like a lame reason to like a book, but I really, tr
Pamela ☼what?!? you want more gruel☼ Tee
I liked this one quite a bit better than "Sea of Trolls".

Of course you don't know but I thought the first book in this series was one that certainly some people would thoroughly enjoy while others, like myself, would find it 'meh'. The problems had nothing to do with writing so much as the plotting and lack of satisfactory character development in the main character Jack. (The secondary characters were much more interesting.)

In this second volume, we get to see Jack develop a bit, plus there ar
I didn't like this one quite as much as the first one, The Sea of Trolls, because it didn't seem to be as original as that one (I'd never read anything about Norse berserkers before!) but it was still fun. Jack is back home in Saxon England, but his sister is not behaving nicely at all, she's a very spoiled brat, and so their father takes them to the local monastery to have her exorcised, fearing that she's possessed. Well, it turns out she's a changeling--Jack's real sister was kidnapped while ...more
I read the first book in this series way back in about 6th grade. Back then, I thought that it was a great book. Now, all that I remembered about it is that the main character learned some magic. I usually enjoy those kinds of books, so I thought I would read the second book. What a bad decision! It dragged on and on and I just kept hoping something more interesting might happen. At one point, there's an earthquake, and the author somehow managed to make that part boring! There was no climax in ...more
i really enjoy nancy farmer, as she does a fantastic job of weaving tales and making them feel very accessible to all readers (The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm is just brillant). The Land of the Silver Apples is the second book involving the children from The Sea of Trolls, and Jack journeys to the Fairie World to rescue his sister, picking up strange friends and having adventures along the way. Thorgil, the daughter of a berserker, provides great comic relief. Although I was amused, I feel overall ...more
Joanna Brauckmann
A great sequel to the Sea of Trolls! The size might intimidate some kids, but the adventures that Jack has as a bard-in-training makes it hard to put down and of course they'll sympathize with Jack as he struggles with envy, self-control, anger, and disappointment. Tolkien is the only other author I know who took such pains to explain mystical creatures and legends, but at such a level with density of information that children could never follow. Farmer does an excellent job of presenting differ ...more
Becky Keir Grace
Part 2 in this trilogy takes place one year from where The Sea Of Trolls ended. Jack is continuing his training as a bard, and Lucy is still the selfish brat she was in the previous book. An important ceremony is about to take place, and Lucy is given an important role. However, she ignores an important rule and wears a metal necklace which causes complete chaos. Instead of handing the situation, her father continues to indulge her, and a slave girl, Pega has to fill in the ceremony. Lucy demand ...more
Jun 04, 2014 Tirzah rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fantasy/Norse and Celtic Mythology Lovers
Shelves: fantasy
The Land of the Silver Apples gives readers another exciting adventure of Jack and Thorgil. Readers are also introduced to new characters...some likable and not so likable!

I liked this installment as well as the first one. The books are quite different in the sense that Sea of Trolls was like a sea-faring quest full of Norse mythology and action while this one was centered more on the English style of fantasy, such as elves and changelings. We see interesting sides of Jack as his character cont
Henry DeHaan
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Llyr Biehler
When I was ten I finally picked up the domineering book my Aunt had sent me a year ago. I was worried it would be long and boring, but instead I had found a novel that would become my favorite book for years to come. This book was the Sea of Trolls. When I was thirteen, I discovered at my school library that there were two sequels. I checked them out as fast as I could. After finally getting my hands on this book I was... disappointed. There was a much different feel to this book. While the last ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Jack ha cumplido 13 años, sigue entrenando bajo el viejo Bardo, y su padre sigue brindandole todos sus caprichos a su hermanita Lucy. Sin embargo un cambio se acerca a sus vidas en medio de una ceremonia sagrada de encender el fuego en la noche más larga del año, y algunos secretos son revelados.

Jack, el Bardo, y su padre emprenden un viaje buscando hallar una cura para Lucy, y encontrar algo perdido hace muchos años. Le acompaña Pega, una jovencita de su edad, ex-esclava tan poca agraciada fisi
Resistance is Futile
Jack, the Bard’s apprentice, sets off on a rescue quest when his sister Lucy is kidnapped by Elves. His companions are an unreliable slave/rightful-heir-to-the-throne and a recently freed girl-slave who worships the ground Jack walks on. They meet many magical creatures, re-discover some old friends, and have lots of exciting adventures along the way. I thought this was an excellent sequel to Sea of Trolls. It expanded the mythology of the land while developing the characters already introduced ...more
Ok, I wasn't really impressed with this book. The book is rather slow and I understand that as a fairy tale-esque story it might not suppose to be action, action, action, but really everything in this book too far to long to do. The book doesn't even leave for the adventure through nearly the first eighth of the book.
I did find the the blending of the cultures of Druidic, Norse and Christian interesting and the interaction between the characters of these faiths was unique. I didn't understand ex
The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer

Coming of Age/Family/Bravery/Loyalty

The Land of the Silver Apples is a sequel to The Sea of Trolls. I read it without having read the first book and I was very confused for the first 50 pages or so. I started understanding it a little better but I never came to love it and it was difficult for me to get into. Jack and Pega are sent on a dangerous mission by Jack's father to go to the elves and retrieve the water for their wells. These two chara
Very meh fantasy. The human characters were good in theory- shield-maiden turned poet? Sounds great- but underdeveloped, and universally annoyingly petty. Not merely flawed, for all characters must be somehow flawed to be realistic, but simply unlikeable, with hardly a redeeming quality amongst them. The Hobgoblins were much better, in that as a species they are appealing and rather lovable. As individuals, however, they were lacking in personality, and simply quite silly. The setting is irksome ...more
Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake. He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard-in-training. But his sister, Lucy, has been stolen by the Lady of the Lake; stolen a second time in her young life, as he learns to his terror. Caught between belief in the old gods and Christianity (790 AD...more THE CHILDREN FROM THE SEA OF TROLLS BRAVE THEIR WORST NIGHTMARES -- UNDERGROUND.

Jack is amazed to have caused an earthquake. He is thirteen, after all, and only a bard-in-training. But his sister,
Ms. Bees
Land of the Silver Apples, by Nancy Farmer, is the sequel to The Sea of Trolls. The book takes up where the last one left off. Jack and his sister have returned to their village, but not for long. After a religious ceremony goes terribly wrong, Jack suspects his already spoiled sister has been possessed. Jack journeys to a monastery to find a cure. However, all is not what it seems at the monastery. His search for a cure leads them to the land of the Hobgoblins, the elves, and beyond.

The Land of
I didn't really do the end of this book justice. We listened to the first 15/16 of it as we drove around on our vacation and then didn't have the opportunity to find out how it ended. After a few weeks, I read a couple more chapters aloud. Then a few weeks later, we listened to a few more chapters on another car trip... finally I read the last three chapters aloud over this past weekend.

So, despite the fact that I rather massacred the ending of it by chopping it into bits, I really liked this bo
Many people say this book rocks, well no, it does not rock, in fact it is terrible. This book has the same exact storyline as the first! Lucy gets taken jack needs to do something to get her back. Even though there a few differences like its underground or there are more people IT IS STILL THE SAME STORYLINE. If you read my first review you would understand what I'm talking about, but if you don't let me eplain. The girl Lucy has a brother jack. They get taken to a different land, and Lucy is se ...more
Lindsay Sandberg
Nancy Farmer

The Land of Silver Apples was a hard book to read. It struggled to engage me, and never fully did accomplish that.

Jack is the protagonist, and he is a sage in training. When his sister is lost, Jack, his father, his teacher, a monk, and the slave that Jack freed all start off to find her. This leads to the greater conflict with a monastery and the nearby fortress and the lady of the lake that the structures has captured. Jack unintentionally causes an earthquake which unleashes t
Katrina Patton
Let me start by saying that I read the first book in this series 2+ years ago. I still remembered the characters very well and they kept coming back to me, nagging me to read the rest of the series.

I could not find it on any bookshelves. Every time I checked, it did not exist in the physical store, so I caved and ordered them online instead.

one of the things I loved the most about the first one was the Norse mythology. There was less of that in this one, but still enough to make it interesting.
Elizabeth McDonald
Jun 20, 2009 Elizabeth McDonald rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: those who have read The Sea of Trolls, obviously
I was delighted to find that The Sea of Trolls had a sequel, and that it was available at my local library! Though I quickly became engrossed in this book as well, sitting in the driveway with the car stereo still on so I could hear just a little more, I must say it doesn't quite live up to the first book. For one thing, I miss the hoards of Vikings - this installment focuses on different realms. Also - and this is a very mild spoiler - this is quite a "middle book" of what will become a trilogy ...more
Roxanne Hsu Feldman
I really enjoyed Farmer's writing and the character building and the dreamlike faerie lands. Also enjoyed how the Elves and their Glamour are so chillingly non-human. It's interesting how a powerfully beautiful word like "Glamour" could make one so uncomfortable and shiver when put against an eerie setting such as the Land of the Silver Apples. As with many of Farmer's books, the most exciting moments come not at the end of the book but about 7/8 into the story when the really big conflicts are ...more
Aug 15, 2009 Mike rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Mike by: Melissa
The sequel to The Sea of Trolls is neither as well-paced nor as well-structured as the first book, but it has its moments. What is especially fascinating is how Farmer fashions a world in which everyone holds their own mutually exclusive belief system, yet each is able to fashion interpretations of events that conform to their own views. She avoids definite conclusions, showing both an adopted child who belongs to her new family and another adopted child who will never fit in. And she continues ...more
Kathryn McCary
Land of the Silver Apples takes place a year or so after the end of Sea of Trolls. It is a fascinating exploration of the relationship among cultures and religions--Christianity, picts, norsemen, a form of druidism. Lots of wonderful characterizaions (the King of the hobgoblins, the Bugaboo, and his Nemesis--official who keeps reminding him he's not perfect--remind me powerfully of some folks I know. . .) There is a really good evocation of the idea that each culture/religion sees the same thin ...more
This is the sequel to the first in the series Sea of Trolls. Basically this book opens up the world that Farmer built in the first book I suppose since I didn't read the first one. Jack is kicked out of his house and has to rescue his sister from many different dangers that they encounter and that will destroy her. However he doesn't do such a good job at that and instead loses her to the queen of Elfland. Determined to remind Lucy of her parents he searches for her
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Nancy was born in 1941 in Phoenix and grew up in a hotel on the Arizona-Mexico border where she worked the switchboard at the age of nine. She also found time to hang out in the old state prison and the hobo jungle along the banks of the Colorado River. She attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, earning her BA in 1963. Instead of taking a regular job, she joined the Peace Corps and was sent to ...more
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