The Forbidden Rose (Spymasters, #1)
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The Forbidden Rose (Spymasters #3)

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  1,342 ratings  ·  164 reviews
Marguerite de Fleurignac, once privileged aristocrat, is on the run, disguised as penniless British governess Maggie Duncan. William Doyle, England's top spy, has a score to settle with her, recognized when he pulls her from her burned-out chateau. Drawn inexorably into mad revolutionary Paris, they gamble on a inadmissible love destined for betrayal.
Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
Published June 1st 2010 by Berkley Sensation (first published May 26th 2010)
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Sherry Thomas fans will like The Forbidden Rose. Probably. Succinct like Thomas, Joanna Bourne's prose nonetheless sings with flare, marrying original metaphors for timeless ideas (e.g. "she was a battlefield of possibilities") and a quintessentially French understatement perfect for a French setting and a French heroine. +1000 pts. for a unique setting and research.

William Doyle and Marguerite de Fleurignac meet in Revolutionary France. Aptly, principle drives Doyle and Marguerite and, in the s...more
Barks & Bites
I’m not going to write a long-winded review because I read most of this on vacation, didn’t take notes and I’m feeling rather lazy. I believe this is part of a series but it reads well on its own. The hero is a british spy, scarred terribly and not traditionally handsome, and the heroine is a beautiful aristocrat keeping secrets of her own. Both know they can’t have each other for any length of time but they are inexplicably drawn to each other and unable to resist the pull.

This book has an amaz...more
William is a veteran British spy, 12 years in the service & 6 of ‘em as independent agent. His mission is to use Marguerite to flush out her dad, who’s responsible for the “Hit” list, the 1 containing the names of promising Brit officers that are marked for death. When H/H 1st meet, Marguerite is caught hiding in her ruined chateau & introduces herself as Margaret Duncan, a Scot governess living in France. William knows her real identity from the get-go, but Marguerite doesn’t know his....more
For a straight up romance novel, this was a REALLY good book. Spies during the French Revolution, yes please! Of course it's terribly unbelievable, the plot, but the extravagant nature of this authors writing, I mean it's SO OVER THE TOP, but it draws you in, it's like a really deep dark burgundy damask drape, it's old fashioned and stodgy and heavy but damn if it doesn't STAND for something and not apologize for it! I AM OVER THE TOP AND I REFUSE TO APOLOGIZE FOR IT!

Definitely recommend based...more
Dec 05, 2011 willaful rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: fans of the series
4.5 stars. Spies, political intrigue, French heroines -- these generally top my “oh hell no” list when it comes to choosing romance. But Bourne has made the combo work for me before, so I trusted her to make it work for me again. My reward was a totally swoonworthy hero, in a character who had seemed far from typical hero material in the previous books of the series. Is there anything sexier in a dude than competence... large, quiet, total, large competence?

Set some years before the previous bo...more
4.5 stars.
The Forbidden Rose was an excellent read - still not as good as The Spymaster's Lady - but very good (I like the cover and title better, tho). It is set in France again, starts out in countryside and they travel into Paris. Things are super crazy there as they are in the middle of the revolution and Robespierre is having everyone sent to the guillotine and no one is safe. Marguerite de Fleurgnac is part of a secret network that works underground to get people out of Paris who are thoug...more
Sandy Williams

I love Joanna Bourne. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed her first two books – The Spymaster’s Lady and My Lord and Spymaster – I didn’t expect to like this one quite as much. I’m happy to report I loved it just as much. Maybe more?

THE FORBIDDEN ROSE is set during the turmoil of the French Revolution. Marguerite de Fleurignac is a French aristocrat who smuggles people who would otherwise be sent to the guillotine out of the country. When her château is burned to the ground, Maggie flees to her hom...more
Joanna Bourne is one very talented author. Her crisp, unfettered style is brilliantly lacking the over-wrought sentimentality that often prevails in historical romance, and results in moments of breath-taking poignancy. She is a striking talent bringing a fresh and unique voice to the genre. It’s no surprise that she has rocketed up the list of my favourite authors.

The Forbidden Rose is a prequel to the amazing The Spymaster's Lady and My Lord and Spymaster, and doesn’t disappoint on any level....more
Rosina Lippi
I've reviewed Jo Bourne's novels before, and here again I am full of praise. Historical fiction is not easy to write. That is, it's harder to write than contemporary fiction, and she pulls it off beautifully.

We're in France, close to the end of the Reign of Terror. Everybody fears for their lives. Think Stalin, but not quite so grand a scale. We have the young woman, daughter of nobility, who has been busy smuggling aristos (as they are called so charmingly) out of France. We have the English sp...more
The Forbidden Rose is where Joanna Bourne continues to amaze with her thought out, somewhat complex plots and characters who will take a beating and even after all the danger and life threatening action that comes their way, they refuse to be down for the count and live to fight another day. If there is such a thing as swashbuckling spies, I would say Joanna has placed her claim on it.

Marguerite de Fleurignac has been hiding in the French countryside where her family's chateau has burned to the...more
Jane Stewart
I just couldn’t get into the characters, plot, or events, but there was some good information about the French Revolution.

I wanted it to be over. Although I did enjoy the secondary character Hawker. Strangely, the sex scenes were missing passion/emotion. As a positive, I learned some things about the French Revolution, the Jacobins, and Robespierre.

I loved and gave 5 stars to “The Spymaster’s Lady” (TSL) also by this author. The characters, plots, and settings in these two boo...more
Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
Aug 05, 2011 Anna (Bobs Her Hair) rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition Recommends it for: romance fans
Recommended to Anna (Bobs Her Hair) by: new_user
The Forbidden Rose is a delightful spy/suspense/historical romance set during the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror. It’s also prequel to Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster series, which includes The Spymaster’s Lady and My Lord and Spymaster. Bourne provides an involved plot, mature characters, and a descriptive setting. If you are looking for a historical romance that break away from predictable plot devices then I highly recommend this book.

The Plot
In 1794, Marguerite de Fleurignac (“Maggie”), an ar...more
Wicked Incognito Now
When I first read The Spymaster's Lady, I was blown away. The style of Joanna Bourne's writing is lyrical in a way that speaks to me. It has a flow about it that I find entirely compelling.

Also, she tells a great story. I don't like spy novels as a rule, but JB does it well. She doesn't bog the story down with too many characters, or too many details. I actually find myself thoroughly enjoying the intrigue in these novels. Which, let me tell you, is rare for me. I seriously dislike my romances b...more
Completely awesome read! Don't know why it took me so long to read it. I wish I would have read it before I read Hawk and Justin's book as there were tandem events going on. I knew Maggie and Will's book was going to be great. JB has such a lyrical way of writing, that you just can't help be drawn in.
I've always enjoyed a good spy story, but I haven't, until now, read a really GOOD one. Joanna Bourne's The Forbidden Rose was everything I wanted in a spy novel, complete with romance - the kind that (as it does in war) blossoms unexpectedly and with a desperation that, at any moment, either party could be lost.

The Forbidden Rose takes place during the French Revolution, and Bourne does not shirk from showing the ugly side of the revolution - this is no over-romanticized France. It is a land to...more
'The Forbidden Rose' is one of those unforgettable romance stories that linger in your thoughts long after you turn the last page. Brilliant prose, suspenseful historical drama, and deep emotional connections between the brilliant hero and heroine, and the accompanying cast of memorable characters. A keeper!
I really enjoyed this read. The romance is a part of, rather than the central theme of the plot, which is relatively complex without being overwhelming. I absolutely loved how this book was written. The characters, the plot, the setting and the action were all well-described, but not in a distracting way, and the pace was maintained throughout. The tension started from page 1 and the uncertainty and precariousness of the main protagonists' situations did not let up. You feel throughout, as the m...more
Rose Lerner
Joanna Bourne is a BRILLIANT writer, no surprise there. There were some passages in this book that stunned me with their beauty, insight, or just all-around awesomeness. Maggie and Doyle are both brave and resourceful and charming, and the book made me want to go back and read the other spy books for glimpses of them. But my favorite thing was, of course, Hawker. I can't WAIT for his book. Part of me is worried it can't live up to my expectations, but...this is Joanna Bourne. She can do anything...more
Elaine Mcdonald
I love this series of books. I think I would have preferred to read them out of order.The first book in the series takes place after the 2 other books. I wouldn't mind reading them again, and I never reread a book! Yes, they are that good!
Don't let the cover fool you. Joanna Bourne continues to write beyond romance- something more akin to spellbinding historical fiction with a great romance as it's anchor.
For me, the story was not particularly well-written, the characters were not particularly engaging, the plot was not at all solid. I cannot say in all honesty that I particularly enjoyed reading it.

It was one of those romances where the relationship is built on mutual lust rather than a steady growth of feelings towards the other person. Within a couple of chapters she's naked in his arms, has no idea who he is, he knows that he's using her to get to her father, whom he intends to kill, his "des...more
Regan Walker
Wonderful “prequel” to read first in the Amazing Spymaster Series!

For those who haven't yet read THE SPYMASTER'S LADY or MY LORD AND SPYMASTER, you should know this book comes first in time--it is a "prequel." Unfortunately it was written later so for those of us already fans to the series, we knew how it ended before it began as this is Doyle's and Maggie's story (and they are in the other books but later in time).

Set in 1794 in France, it's a great tale of English spies and French undercover w...more
Okay, if you sometimes binge on historical romances, and then read all the ones your friend recommended and then try heading out on your own and suddenly realize, oh wait, the majority of the genre is awful, full of 'his forceful kisses stifled her protests!' type stuff where the protagonists are cardboard cut-outs distinguished only by how annoying they are...

Here is an author to start your next binge with.

I suspect the 'historical' part is not something you should lean on too hard, so if that'...more
I've read the previous Joanne Bourne's books before but I didn't find hem anyhting special. At least I didn't remember the characters at all. This book though...It's really amazing.
What I like:
1. It's set in the French Terror era. Frankly I seldom read books happened at this era. The historical titbits are greatly woven in the story which what makes the story seems believable.
2. Many great characters. This story was told not only from the POV of the main characters (Maggie and William), but also...more
Joanna Bourne seems to be a popular author on the top of may bloggers and reviewers lists...with all the talk I decided to finally giver her a try. I was given the chance to review her newest book THE FORBIDDEN ROSE for NightOwl Reviews. I figured that since she has been given glowing reviews for this book and her past books that this would be a safe choice.

Boy was I wrong, I was burned bad by this one. I found very little in her writing to like. Her prose and her characters' conversations ramb...more
Lynn Calvin
Just excellent. I'm short on time (my mother broke a bone in her foot and she's 86) but this continues Bourne's excellent characters who actually have had real pasts and who feel more like people who are actually involved in spying might be.

Bourne also doesn't fall into the trap of "well the heroine is good but the hero saves the day."

I did have some minor qualms that the main characters end up being a little more reluctant to kill people than they should have been.

Oh, and there are two marvel...more
Once again, Joanna Bourne has written a wholly entertaining romance novel set during the French Revolution. Unlike her previous two books, however, none of this story takes place in London. Instead it focuses on a French aristocrat who has developed a secret organization to smuggle people away from the guillotine and out of France. When her home home is burnt and French revolutionaries begin searching for her, she has no choice but to travel to Paris with a man who claims to be nothing more than...more
Jeannie Lin
As always, Joanna Bourne's prose is fresh and beautiful. At times I felt Maggie was a bit wordy when I would have wanted more urgency, but I did love both Maggie and Doyle's characters. Their love story developed in a surprisingly quiet way amidst all the other drama.

I did sense this was a bit of an ensemble piece with secondary characters taking a significant role and subplots often overshadowing the main characters. This isn't a complaint as I've come to enjoy the cast of spies and operators w...more
Carolyn Crane
Another awesome spy-historical romance, all code names and velvet whispers and ruthless secrets. This book takes place in post-revolutionary France, run by Robspierre, a very bloody time; the hero and heroine are each involved in their own separate dangerous capers. They aren't natural allies, and each pretend to be other than who they are, and are thrown together on a dangerous road trip to Paris.

Wow, I love the sly way it intersects with real history. Robespierre is actually a minor character...more
SO GREAT. also wow these books are always so much longer thanI expect them to be - like I get to a point and I'm all oh this must be nearly over and OH NO, 62% done

Maggie is a shining ray of wonderfulness. AND DOYLE.
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Joanna lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge with her family, a medium-sized mutt and a faux Himalayan cat.

She writes Historical Romances set in England and France during the Napoleonic Wars. She's fascinated by that time and place - such passionate conviction and burning idealism ... and really sexy clothes.
More about Joanna Bourne...
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