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The Pirate of Kindergarten
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The Pirate of Kindergarten

3.96  ·  Rating Details  ·  683 Ratings  ·  264 Reviews
Doubles are good for lots of things—double scoops of ice cream, double features at the movies. But double vision is NOT a good kind of double. In fact, it can make kindergarten kind of hard. Ginny sees double chairs at reading circle and double words in her books. She knows that only half of what she sees is real, but which half? The solution to her problem is wondrously s ...more
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published June 22nd 2010 by Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books (first published 2010)
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Apr 01, 2011 Jacob rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 2010-2011
Then came Vision Screening Day...Ginny said all she could say. She said what she saw: "T...t...O...o...Z...z."
The nurse's voice was gentle. "Do you see two?"
Ginny nodded.
"Do you see two of me?" he asked.
She nodded again.
"Do you know," the nurse asked, "that most people see only one?"
Ginny started to cry.

[Photo of the reviewer with a patch over his left eye]

Trust me, kid, I know what it's like.

One of my mom's friends gave this to me a few months ago, as a "Hooray you can see again!" present. Beca
Apr 29, 2011 Kathryn rated it liked it
Here is the story of a Kindergartener who loves to read, to draw and cut-out shapes... only, she always sees TWO of them! Thing is, she doesn't realize that most people only see one until a nerve-wracking day when the class gets their vision test. When she realizes she has vision troubles, the little girl can get the help she needs to cure her double-vision--right down to wearing an eye-patch for a week! The illustrations do a good job of helping us "see" as the girl does.

I have to admit that I
This Schneider Family Book Award winner is the story of Ginny, a red-haired kindergardener who loves to read, but who sees everything in duplicate. Her poor vision affects her ability to walk around and read in class, which earns her laughs from her classmates and reprimands from her teacher. When Ginny finally has her vision screened, they dsicover her double vision problem and the optometrist reassures her that it can be fixed with glasses and an eye patch. From that moment on, Ginny the Kinde ...more
Ginny loves reading, but has a hard time not sticking her nose in books or squinting because, unbeknownst to her or her family, she sees double. However, she thinks that everyone sees like this and works hard to tighten “her mind the way you tie a knot in a rope” in order to make it through the everyday kindergarten tasks of reading, cutting, and walking to Reading Circle without knocking chairs over. On Vision Screening Day, the nurse working with her class discovers that she sees double. On a ...more
Elizabeth Westlund
Mar 01, 2015 Elizabeth Westlund rated it it was amazing
The author and illustrator did a wonderful job collaborating on how to tell this story both visually and with words. Ginny is in kindergarten and goes about her many daily activities, but with one difference. She sees two of everything due to an issue with her vision. This causes her to have trouble with tasks, but she does not realize that this is not how most people view the world. Eventually, Ginny's troubles are recognized and she wears a patch to help correct her vision. She sees herself as ...more
Oct 29, 2010 Tasha rated it really liked it
Shelves: picture-books
Ginny could see two of everything. She loved Reading Circle at school, but it was hard to get there because she saw double the number of chairs, so she always ran into some of them. To read her own book, Ginny had to put her nose down close to the pages and even then she saw two of each of the words. She could tighten her brain to remember to read each word only once, but even then she quietly said them a second time to herself. Squinting at the pages helped, but her teacher asked her not to. Sh ...more
Feb 26, 2011 Leane rated it really liked it
A very cute story about a kindergartener named Ginny who has double vision. The illustrations in this story are great because they show what Ginny is really seeing, which is everything another student would see except doubled. Ginny knows that something is different and finds things in the classroom setting to be hard, especially finding her way to the reading circle and reading books. Luckily, the vision screening test at school brings to light Ginny's problem and she is able to go to the docto ...more
April Helms
Was a bit mixed with this book, although I think it's mostly positive. In this story, Ginny loves her class and loves story hour, but has trouble with several things, such as reading, cut and paste projects and even sitting in her chair. During a routine school eye exam, she is diagnosed with double vision (diplopia). She is taken to an ophthalmologist, who gives her glasses and an eye patch. She finds herself now able to read, play and work with ease alongside her classmates. The illustrations ...more
May 22, 2012 A_Leticia rated it it was amazing
This picture book is a great read for Kindergarten students. In this book, Ginny does not understand why she cannot see like the other students in her class. The pictures that have been illustrated by Lynne Avril will allow readers and students to get a sense of what its like to not see well. Ginny sees double of everything and it is difficult for her to do many things in class. One day this all changes--the Vision Screening Day at school. When she receives an eye patch from the doctor to help h ...more
Jan 17, 2011 Whitney rated it liked it
Shelves: picture-books
Winner of the 2011 Schneider Family Book Award (books that embody an artistic expression of the disability experience) for ages 0-10.

This book does a good job of pointing out to children that some things aren't normal; not everyone sees two of everything. It also does a good job of letting children know that having a disability is not necessarily the end of the world and some problems can be easily fixed. On the other hand, it felt very bland to me. It doesn't say anything about what other chil
Sep 10, 2015 Lauren rated it really liked it
I have given this book 4 stars based on a multitude of reasons. The first and foremost being the illustrations. The pictures themselves were colorful, vibrant, and i thoroughly enjoyed that the pictures took up the entire page and were the main focus. To me that is an important aspect when trying to engage children to read. The illustrations and the set up of the words on the pages alone were what made me give the rating i did along with the moral of the story. I enjoyed that immediately even th ...more
Sep 10, 2015 Annie rated it it was amazing
Shelves: kentucky-author
This Kentucky-author children's picture book tells a great story of a kindergarten girl who has double vision. Not knowing any differently, Ginny thought it was a little strange that she saw and read everything in two's, but figured every one saw that way. It wasn't until her school had "Vision Screening Day" and the nurse told her that most people see just one of everything, and that she could too with a few changes. With the help of an eye patch her doctor gave her, she was able to read, do ar ...more
The Pirate of Kindergarten
by George Ella Lyon
Illustrated by Lynne Avril

This book reminds me first and foremost of my complete, unfettered adoration for Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp)…aahhhhhh. That aside, this book takes me back to the days when kids would make fun of me (and regretfully vice versa) for the most insignificant reasons. It is a complete shame that we grow up carefully analyzing every detail about ourselves; I would venture to say this upbringing is the origin
Camila Padilla
The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon, illustrated by Lynne Avril

The Pirate of Kindergarten is a colorful picture book that tells the story of Ginny, a little red-haired kindergartener, who loves to read, but she always sees TWO of everything! Her poor vision affects her ability to walk around the class, which earns her laughs from classmates and reprimands from her teacher. Ginny feels ashamed. One day Ginny finally has her vision screened, the doctor discover her double vision problem
Renee Clark
Jan 29, 2015 Renee Clark rated it really liked it
This book, "The Pirate of Kindergarten" by George Ella Lyon was really good, especially to read to Kindergarteners. This is about a girl named Ginny who loves to read. She especially loved her reading circle at school. The problem was, she saw two of everything. This made it hard on her when getting to the reading circle (the chairs), cutting things with scissors, and coloring. Finally, Ginny get's her vision screened and they discover her vision problem. Ginny ends up getting glasses and an eye ...more
Chelsea Sweet
Jan 29, 2015 Chelsea Sweet rated it really liked it
Shelves: ky-author
I thought that this book was very interesting. The book was about a little girl who loves to read but she has a vision disability. At first the teacher thinks that the girl has a reading disability and tries to get her to read the book without saying each word twice. The girl gets very frustrated because she doesn't understand why she is wrong. When Ginny finally gets her eyes checked and finds out it is a vision problem she gets to wear an eye patch. Now she can enjoy reading and acting like a ...more
Haley Dowty
Sep 11, 2014 Haley Dowty rated it really liked it
Shelves: ky-authors
The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon is a light hearted children's book about the process of needing glasses. The lovable kindergartner Ginny sees in double. To her, seeing double means cutting out too many ears on a bunny and bumping into chairs. It does not however hinder her love of reading. Ginny only realizes that not everyone sees double on the nerve wrecking trip to the school nurse. She then goes to the eye doctor, gets an eye patch, and becomes the pirate of kindergarten.
I tho
Sep 11, 2014 Kasey rated it it was amazing
Shelves: kentucky-authors
I absolutely adored this book. I thought it was very clever and that George Ella Lyon did a wonderful job of addressing the subject of this book. When hearing the title of the book, or even looking at the cover, a kindergarten child who has vision problems is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. However, the way in which Lyon developed the story and the way the illustrations were done throughout the book make it a great read aloud for the classroom. I think one of my most favorite ...more
Kayla H. Hoard
Sep 10, 2014 Kayla H. Hoard rated it really liked it
Ginny loved to read, except for the fact that the words, letters, and numbers would always jump all over the page, making it difficult for her to read. She thought that all kids saw things like this. Even Ginny's teacher didn't know what was wrong with her. She just thought that Ginny was reading things twice just because she wanted to or that she was squinting just to be funny. Until vision check day at school. Ginny could read the eye chart just fine with one eye closed but when it came time f ...more
Oct 24, 2014 Nicole rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 520realisticfic
This story is about a girl named Ginny who was a kindergartner that loved to read. She saw two of everything which made reading, cutting and even getting around the classroom more difficult. She was often teased by her peers and talked to by her teacher for some of her "behaviors" such as reading with her noise in the book. One day they had a vision hearing at school and it was discovered that Ginny had double vision. She was given an eye patch by the doctor and she was able to use scissors and ...more
Haley Caudell
Feb 03, 2014 Haley Caudell rated it liked it
Shelves: kentucky-authors
The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon is a story about a girl named Ginny. Ginny has a case of undiagnosed double vision causing her to see two of everything. Although she loves reading and other activities in the classroom, her double vision causes her to fall over chairs and have a hard time reading. To make reading easier for herself, Ginny would close one eye or squint to see only one word. But, her teacher would discourage this because it was bad reading behavior. On the day of th ...more
Morgan Carter
Feb 06, 2014 Morgan Carter rated it liked it
The Pirate of Kindergarten, by George Ella was an interesting book to read. This book was about a young girl, Ginny, who sees double. She has seen double her entire life and doesn't understand why she cant see clearly. Personally, I did not find this book very effective to use in a classroom setting. The illustrations were very elementary, which is good, but I also believe that they could have been more creative. If I was to read this book to my classroom, I would try and relate the lesson to de ...more
Anne-thomas Donnelly
Jan 30, 2014 Anne-thomas Donnelly rated it it was ok
Shelves: kentucky-authors
The Pirate of Kindergarten was an ok book. It was a picture book that told the story of a young girl, Ginny, who has trouble seeing. Ginny sees double of everything. I thought the book had great illustrations. She drew everything as Ginny would see it, double. It really helps the readers get since of how hard it is on Ginny everyday. I thought she used great colors and put personality onto the paged with her drawings. I liked how she would use the whole page for her drawings. I think that it cou ...more
May 05, 2016 Stanislav242 rated it really liked it
I like this book…because I can somewhat relate to Ginny..I also have a disorder but it’s a speech disorder; I stutter, I am afraid of people because I got bullied when I was young. So with that in mind, on to the book. The book is an easy read, with the text spanning to few sentences per page. Ginny is a girl who has a vision problem. She has double vision; she has trouble with her art projects, bumps into chairs and in general cant really read letters, which bogs her down in class. Her double v ...more
Jan 30, 2014 Jenny rated it liked it
Shelves: kentucky-author
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Brittani Troutman
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kaitlin Burke
Feb 05, 2015 Kaitlin Burke rated it it was amazing
Shelves: group-1
The Pirate of Kindergarten by George Ella Lyon was an adorable story of a little girl named Ginny. Ginny is a red-haired kindergartner, who has double vision, but we aren't told that in the beginning. It starts out as a girl that loved to read, to cut out shapes and to draw. The only problem was that she saw two of everything, which made it difficult to do things, like even walk without running into chairs. Her school was having routine vision screenings, which brought light to her problem and s ...more
Feb 10, 2015 JUNE BENGOETXEA rated it it was amazing
The Pirate of Kindergarten is a picture book written by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by Lynne Avril. It is a story of a girl that has a problem in her eyes, he see double. But she thought that this was normal. And during the book explains how she lives his experiences in the kindergarten. At the final the doctor said that she need patches to fix her problem and again she is happy because she is the pirate of her kindergarten.

In my opinion the story is very nice because Ginny is happy most o
Aaron Milnes
Genre: Realistic Fiction- this is a make believe character but all the aspects of the book can happen in real life
Audience: Primary- easy words lots of pictures fits younger readers

Text to Text: How I became a Pirate by Melinda Long. Both share the audience as well as talking about Pirates. The Kindergarten book is more about a little girl but she gains self esteem imagining she is a pirate when she gets her eye patch.

Text to Self: In third grade I had to get glasses so I related to the characte
Jul 23, 2014 Shersta rated it really liked it
The Pirate of Kindergarten is the insightful story of a young girl who sees the world a little differently than most. For Ginny, the world comes in pairs: a real chair and its double; two of every word or picture on a page. But most of the time, Ginny didn't worry too much about it. She thought everyone saw this way. Until Vision Screening day, when she learned that her double vision was making her see things no one else could see. To correct her vision, the eye doctor gave her some glasses and ...more
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