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Mons Kallentoft
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Blut Soll Euer Zeichen Sein Roman (Malin Fors #2)

3.52 of 5 stars 3.52  ·  rating details  ·  929 ratings  ·  94 reviews
Cea mai lăudată voce a noii generaţii scandinave: 500 000 de cititori doar în Suedia.
De autorul bestsellerului «Sacrificiul din miezul iernii»

Focul este doar o faţă a răului

Este cea mai fierbinte vară pe care oamenii din Linköping şi-o amintesc. Pădurea care mărgineşte oraşul mocneşte, norii de fum întunecă cerul şi flăcările uriaşe ameninţă siguranţa locuitorilor. Dar in...more
Published 2009 by Wunderlich
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Cátia Santos
Apenas após 200 páginas o livro começou a ter algum interesse. Até lá, muita introspeção por parte da personagem principal, mas de uma forma não particularmente cativante.

Além disso, algo que já aconteceu no 1º livro desta série e que ficava particularmente agradecida se não acontecesse nos dois que ainda me faltam ler, irritam-me os pensamentos dos mortos. Estão sempre presentes, ao longo de toda a história, o que, na minha opinião, nos faz sentido nenhum.

Um policial que, durante metade do liv...more
Missing the half stars used on other pages: it would be 3.5. Thanks to Ancestral's opinion I changed my view of this book. At the beginning, the switching from Ich- to Er-Erzählung was really bothering me as I didn't grasp who was speaking at certain moments. Once you get used to it, you'll (probably) enjoy the book. The plot is well constructed (although nothing new, but on the other hand, what is new in fiction/this world?). The author's style is quite specific: short elliptical sentences that...more
The second in this series. I do object to publishers trying to claim that a writer is better than another as they all have their strengths. Kallentoft has more in common with Henning Mankell than others cited on the cover.

Again there is a touch of magical realism as the 'voice' of the murdered girl does give her perspective.

The weather is also a character in its own right. 'Midwinter Sacrifice' highlighted the cold, here it is a freak summer heatwave that has the characters' brains melting as th...more
Bonnie Brody
Mons Kallentoft, author of this interesting Swedish police procedural and thriller, has a very existential bent. His characters are self-aware and the protagonist seems to be searching for her center, her true north star.

Malin Fors is a 34 year old police inspector working in Linkoping, Sweden, the city where she grew up. She has a 14 year old daughter named Tove who is her heart's love. She also remains attached to her ex, Janne, though they separated over ten years previously. She wonders oft...more
Às páginas tantas perdi o fio à meada e já não o consegui desenredar…
As frases telegráficas cansaram-me.
Os sonhos, pensamentos e visões de Malin aborreceram-me.
Ainda fui espreitar para o final a ver se me animava, mas nada.
Fiquei pela página cento e cinquenta e fico por aqui com Mons…
Summer Death is the second book in the Scandinavian crime series written by Mons Kallentoft. I had not read the first book and didn't have any trouble following the story. I would have liked to have read the first to understand the main characters relationship with her ex-husband, Janne.
Other than that one aspect, the story is good enough to stand on it's own.
It takes place in the small town of Linkoping. It is a very hot summer and there are large forest fires raging making everything hotter. M...more

As much as I enjoy Nordic Noir/Scandinavian crime fiction, I am not enjoying Mons Kallentoft's take on it. I did not find anything really "thrilling" about this thriller.

His main character, Malin Fors, seems to always have her head screwed on a little sideways, and half the time she can't seem to keep herself together much less have the brains to solve a crime. This can work if the author can make you care about the protagonist and understand why s/he crawls into a bottle, has demons, etc. But,...more

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again - Mons Kallentoft is a true artist with words and he really makes an impact on you.

That being said, I was kind of disappointed with this one.

First of all, Malin Fors totally steals the show.

Her inner struggle with herself, her thoughts, feelings, hopes and fears hook you in such a way that there is no space for anything else.

That can be a good thing, but it also sucks.

This is a thriller/mystery, after all, and you're supposed to be invested in...more
Enredo: ok. Escrita: chata, densa, mal conseguida. Percebo a ideia: que se leia isto como se víssemos um filme. Mas o autor está a anos-luz de uma escrita cinematográfica. Arrastou a história durante 400 páginas e atou as pontas em 22. O resultado é forçado e artificial.

Já tinha lido o primeiro livro desta série (são quatro). Não vou ler os dois que faltam. A vida é demasiado curta para ler maus livros!!
Typical crime fiction and generally no better or worse than the average detective novel, but I found the writing really irritating. Characterisation is flat and makes it difficult to care about anyone involved, including the final victim. Will not be reading any more in this series.
Din tot ce-am ronţăit de cînd cu seria neagră de la Editura Trei, am tras şi o concluzie: e irelevant să vorbeşti despre autori. Romanele astea sînt atît de diferite calitativ de la titlu la titlu, în cazul unuia şi aceluiaşi autor, încît dacă te interesează genul, accepţi convenţia ruletei şi rişti.

Mi s-a întîmplat cu un roman de Mons Kallentoft, Vară fatală (trad. Doru Mareş). Citisem Sacrificiul din miezul iernii (cine se ia după un titlu, acum!) şi reuşise să mă intereseze de la prima pagină...more
felt this one was slower to start off with the previous malin fors book but once the story got going was a page turner and using the same dead person dialect in the look, looking forward to number 3 in english now
Totalmente rendida a Mons, agora é só esperar pelo 3º livro e tentar n ler já o 4º... Quem está na dúvida, por favor pegue nele e tente parar no final do 1º capítulo, desafio-vos!!!!
Gostei deste livro, mas não tanto como do primeiro. No entanto, lê-se muito bem, embora siga exactamente na mesma linha que o anterior, sem grandes novidades.
Nancy H
In this thriller set in a small town in Sweden, young girls are being killed in a bizarre manner and then their bodies are bleached. One girl manages to escape but cannot remember anything about her abduction or the attempted killing. Detective Malin Fors and her partner Zeke are on the case, but are hindered by many things, including a raging forest fire that threatens the outskirts of the town. In addition, Malin feels intense pressure to solve the case before her daughter, who is on vacation...more
Yeah, ok. Very dark, great oppressive atmosphere... Seems to drag on a bit.
Paul Pessolano
“Summer Death” by Mons Kallentoft, published by Emily Bestler Books.

Category – Mystery/Thriller Publication Date – June 4, 2013

This is another Scandinavian mystery. It is a series that started with his first novel, “Midwinter Blood”. In an unusual twist this novel does not take place in the bleak and cold of Sweden, rather it takes place in the worst heat wave ever recorded. Those in the city that can afford to leave have gone to the mountains or the beaches. The police department is working wit...more
Ancestral Gael
Why did I read it? I had listened to Midvinterblod by Mons Kallentoft, and enjoyed it, despite the poor narration, so upon noticing a new narrator for the audio edition of Sommardöden , I chose to download and listen.

What's it about? It is the hottest summer anyone can recall in Linköping, in addition to which forest fires are raging. Having sent her daughter away with her ex to Bali, Malin Fors finds herself investigating the abduction of one girl and the murder of another, both of a similar a...more
Read full review:

My opinion: LOVED IT!! Summertime Death is a prime example of why I LOVE Nordic Noir. This book was so incredibly twisted and unique in the author's style of writing that once I was able to adjust to the author's writing style, I couldn't put it down. The author wrapped this book up with such a rockin' twist that my head exploded! OK...not literally, but I was like "DAMN!" I immediately ordered the first in series from my library and threw the upcoming rele...more
Summer Death
Mons Kallentoft

My " in a nutshell" summary...

A long hot summer...young girls are disappearing and turning up mostly very dead.

My thoughts after reading this book... is so hot during this Swedish summer...the police are exhausted and crimes are being committed...young girls are disappearing and either turning up dead or stunned or both. One is found naked in a park...bleached clean...another is found buried, dead, wrapped in clear plastic...violated yet not actually raped. Ma...more
Mons Kallentoft is not making any bones about using the weather conditions as a feature in his books - MIDWINTER SACRIFICE, and now SUMMERTIME DEATH. Given that temperatures of 45º+ aren't exactly record breaking in these parts, it's a real testament to the way that this book is written that makes the reader almost physically experience the effects of that heat in such an overwhelming manner. But there's also an ongoing device which is fascinating - the lead detective, Malin Fors, was told many...more
Gloria Feit
The author has conceived four novels based on the seasons of the year. The first took place during the cold months, “Midwinter Blood,” and this second during the hot months, with temperatures in Linkoping, Sweden reaching into the 90’s, 100 and even 100-plus F., made hotter by raging forest fires surrounding the town. The weather makes everyone sluggish, slow-thinking. But that doesn’t stop a series of brutal assaults and even murders of young, teenage girls.

Again featuring police superintendent...more
Patrice Hoffman
Summer Death is the second in the Malin Fors series by Mons Kallentoft. Sadly, I haven't read the first in this series and I hope to change to that some day because I really enjoyed this book. Malin Fors is called in to investigate a crime scene once a young, teenage girl is found naked in Horticultural Society Park after being attacked. The biggest problem is that she doesn't remember anything about the attack and there is a complete lack of evidence. Not long after, another young teenage girl...more
Neide Parafitas
É o Verão mais quente de que há memória na província de Ostergotland!

Num parque municipal é descoberta uma jovem nua e ensanguentada que não se lembra do que aconteceu. Quando a polícia a encontra, a jovem apenas refere o seu nome: Josefin Davidsson!

Ao mesmo tempo, outra rapariga, de nome Theresa Eckeved, desaparece e mais tarde se descobre que esta foi morta! Poderão estar estes casos interligados??

Nesta história passamos a conhecer os medos da inspectora Malin Fors, que é mãe solteira e tem um...more
This is the second book in a new Scandinavian crime series and I was a bit hesitant reading it without having read the first one. But there was no need to worry; it reads well and gives you an opportunity to get to know the characters for the first time.

I like Kallentoft’s wonderful writing style. It reads easily but does offer some surprising poetic elements. There were a few passages I read twice because I just wanted to savour the beauty of the language.

What makes this book special for me are...more
David V.
Received as an ARC from the publisher. I almost gave up on this book. It's so slow. It's about a series of gruesome murders and sexual assaults of teenage girls in Sweden. A female police inspector is the lead detective on the case. Parts of the book read like poetry:"Muscles protesting, sweat dripping, thoughts muddied,people searching for shade, coolness, the city drowsy, in sympathy with its inhabitants. A dusty, smoky smell in the air, not from the forest fires but from grass that's slowly b...more
The second book of the series of Malin Fors is less interesting in terms of scenario compared to the first one... I was disappointed by the end. I'm not convinced about the involvement of some key characters into the investigation...(I don't want to reveal any elements of the story here but I thought it was a bit of "deja vu" feeling... But anyway I will continue to see if the spring and autumn will be better than this Swedish summer... !

Un petit peu de déjà vu dans ce scénario qui a tendance a...more
This book attracted me because the author, Mons Kallentoft, is a young Swedish writer in the crime/thriller genre, and one reviewer compared him to Stieg Larsson. The action takes place in a small town in Sweden during an unusual heat wave. In a short span of days, a young girl turns up nearly dead, then two more girls are found dead, and the evidence points to a potential serial killer. The main detective, Malin Fors, gets the case. For one thing, I did not know that it could get that hot in Sw...more
Of course I didn't read this in Swedish--I read a review copy on my iPad that expired last night. Set in Linkoeping, Sweden, Summer Death features intrepid police heroine Malin Fors, who is hunting for a killer. Malin is suffering because it is hot, hot, hot and getting hotter in Sweden. Malin is also hitting the Tequila pretty hard and missing her daughter, Tove, who is vacationing in Bali (where it is cooler than Sweden). The heat seems to be affecting Malin and her colleagues' collective brai...more
I don't think the device of having sections written in the victims' voices and the killer's voice works well at all in this book. And I got tired of Malin Fors' Sadness over her 10 year old divorce and her obsessive Concern over her 14 year old daughter after about 30 pages - even though these turn out to be Significant at the end. The ultimate revelation of the killer was WAAAAY too long and telegraphed a mile and a half off. And the sex bits with her journalist f*ck buddy were kind of boring.

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After being awarded the Swedish equivalent to the Whitbread Award for his debut novel Pesetas, Mons Kallentoft chose to give his own unique take on the classic Scandinavian crime novel. His success was immediate. The first book in the series about superintendent Malin Fors received unanimous praise from the national critics; it also conquered the bestseller charts and has today sold more than 300,...more
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Midvinterblod Autumn Killing: A Thriller Vårlik Den femte årstiden Vattenänglar

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“Falar. Já há demasiadas palavras neste mundo. Pouco ou nenhum silêncio.” 3 likes
“Primeiro, não acontece nada, pensa Malin. Depois,nada acontece. Por fim, acontece tudo ao mesmo tempo.” 2 likes
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