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Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville, #2)
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Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville #2)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  12,947 ratings  ·  505 reviews
Celebrity werewolf and late-night radio host Kitty Norville prefers to be heard and not seen. So when she's invited to testify at a Senate hearing on behalf of supernaturals, and her face gets plastered on national TV, she inherits a new set of friends, and enemies, including the vampire mistress of the city; an über-hot Brazilian were-jaguar; and a Bible-thumping senator...more
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Published July 31st 2007 by Grand Central Publishing (first published July 1st 2006)
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Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
While the first Kitty Norville book had many gripes about Kitty being submissive and weak, it seems she's shaken off her pack mentality and is now standing firmly on her own two feet in the 2nd Kitty Norville book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Kitty Goes to Washington, it had a much tighter plot and was much stronger than the last one. Kitty's just a likeable character, she's charismatic and her strength is in building a rapport through her listeners and with people she's met.

Kitty Goes to Washington is...more
I ♥ Bookie Nookie (
This series--although I am only on book 2 is really missing something IMO. I am trying hard to like the series, but I am just finding the books a little boring. I think the idea behind the series is good. I like the humor that occasionally pops up. A werewolf named Kitty--excellent irony. The stories are a little lack luster.

Also, I have a great picture in my mind of what sexy monster hunter, Cormac must look like based on the author's description...then she has to throw in a mustache. Whamp, wh...more
Kitty Goes to Washington is an entertaining read. Carrie Vaughn tells a great story full of politics and adds a twist of paranormal lore. Kitty Norville is subpoenaed to testify at a Senate Subcommittee about paranatural biology. Sounds boring, right? While the politicking goes on in the human world, we are treated to all sorts of politics and posturing in the paranormal world. The latter is much more interesting.

Upon her arrival in Washington, D.C., Kitty is taken under the protection of Washin...more
Tamora Pierce
This book is more serious than the first book. Kitty's off to Washington to testify before a Senate committee chaired by a Christianist demagogue about the newly emergent vampire and were communities. She is welcomed by Washington's primary vampire, centuries old Alette, who tells her the city's packs are anarchic and dangerous, and houses Kitty herself. When Kitty meets the city's pack leaders at their restaurant headquarters, she discovers rather that they are un-Pack, that they feel the Pack...more
The story really shapes up as it goes along and took some very entertaining turns. It isn’t nearly as dark and unhappy as the first installment, and there was practically no gore (yay!). (I'm a wimp.) Kitty is getting over her abusive pack and starting to assemble a new, supportive team. I ended up liking Alette the vampire; lawyer Ben and mercenary Cormac are starting to develop more as characters (and have a couple of fun entrances); and I wouldn't mind seeing psychic Jeffrey in a future book,...more
I almost gave this 4 stars because the book takes an interesting look at what our government would do if confronted by vampires & werewolves. It wasn't very in depth, of course. This is a candy book - fun, enjoyable & a quick read. Still, she tackled a bit more than I would have expected. Good series so far. On to the next, "Kitty takes a Holiday". Since Kitty is a werewolf, it's bound to be fun.
Carolyn F.
I'm sitting here wondering what I'm going to put. Some of the storyline is truly unbelievable. Kitty is way too forgiving and accepting of things. She's called to Washington to speak before some committee. She's practically shanghaied to stay with a female vampire "for her own good" and warned to stay away from the alpha-less shifters. She's a little put out but not anything like I would think. They freak out when she wants to go sightseeing and then team her up with a smarmy vampire to escort h...more
Carolyn (Book Chick City)
I gave this 7/10 on my blog

"Kitty Goes to Washington" is the second instalment in the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn. It pretty much beings where 'Kitty and the Midnight Hour' finished.

Kitty is on the run after leaving her pack and abusive alphas. She's moving from city to city, doing her radio show, The Midnight Hour as she travels. This time she ends up staying in Washington after agreeing to an interview with a senator. She's also asked by the Vampire Mistress of the City to stay with...more
I did like it better than the first book, and I actually want to read the next in the series. Not that I really enjoy them all that much or think they are that god, but I do wanna see what all the consequences of this book are.

The characters this time around were so much more mature and interesting (although Cormac still have the mustache! Bleh!) and you got to know so much more about and interact so much with Ben the lawyer which I loved. He's probably my favorite characters in the series.

This is an excellent followup to Carrie's first Kitty book. It is certainly not simply more of the same, but a story all on its own. You could even read this without having read the first one and get the full effect, though I'd still recommend reading the first book to get the full background on Kitty herself.

While book 1 is full of action, this read more like a mystery wrapped up in government conspiracy and McCarthyist type witch hunting. It was almost like a light paced Tom Clancy with a dab...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I like a little romance and sizzle to go along with my Urban Fantasies. This series has very little, closer to none. Yet, it's still able to keep my interest. Without repeating anything I said about Kitty and the Midnight Hour, I'm going to write about what this book brought to the series.


* The new characters were a treat to meet. Luis, Kitty's semi-love interest, is a Brazilian Jaguar that did not get enough screen time. I'm hoping we get to see more of him. Ahmed, the semi-Alpha of a gr...more
While I love the Kitty Norville series, I have to say that this volume brought up two big issues I didn't realize I had with the series. I'll warn any potential readers, this review will be semi-spoilerish. Nothing major, but some spoilers. Overall this is a good read and one that I greatly enjoyed, so if you're wondering if you should pick up the series or if you should continue, I highly recommend it. It's pulp urban fantasy, but it's good pulp.

That said, one of my first issues with the book...more
Kathy Davie
Second in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series about a werewolf radio show host.

My Take
I enjoyed this! And I sometimes hate that I won't allow myself to read the next installment in a series until I've done the just-finished story's review first!

The series, Kitty Norville, is total fluff and lots of fun while Kitty herself has a nice sense of honor even as she's trying to find herself in the new role life has thrust upon her. Vaughn presents a nice balance of Kitty becoming stronger in hersel...more
Jun 11, 2008 Megan rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Megan by: Shinynickel
Shelves: werewolves, vampires
For a sequel, this wasn't bad. There were parts that felt a little forced - a few short paragraphs here and there of comic relief that seemed like the literary equivalent of a cheesy reaction shot from film, and a major plot element from the last book sort of went *POOF* quite literally and without much explanation halfway through. Though the 'development' of Cormac as a character is that annoying kind of "Let me have other characters tell you all about who he is and why he's so cool while he do...more
This tome was a real nail-biter. I think the thing that makes Kitty an interesting character amongst all the other stories out there about weres is her lack of dominance. While so many other authors writing in this genre focus on making strong characters out to dominate their peers or avoid domination, Vaughn's Kitty Norville is quite aware that she's submissive and doesn't spend the entire book trying to fight it.

While I love a good story with a strong woman, it's nice to see a story with a wo...more
If you haven’t yet read Vaughn’s work, and you like the pop-horror genre (vampires, werewolves, and demons—oh my!), definitely pick up Kitty and the Midnight Hour. I’m a sucker for reading books in order, and think everyone else should be too, but also: characters in or referenced in the first book make appearances in the second, and in terms of character, it’s important to know how Kitty has evolved and what her origins are. Don’t pick this book up cold and expect to get the details of how she...more
Lynsey   • The Demon Librarian
Another fun romp in the woods with Kitty. These books are so easy to read; like little delicious snack-sized morsels. I am totally lapping them up.

In this one there was a lot less of the squicky submissive nature of Kitty's wolf in evidence, thank Heavens. Don't get me wrong, it's not gone completely; four years of molding and shaping yourself one way can't be eradicated overnight, but we at least see her making a conscious effort not to back down at every threat. Even if she has to manually ove...more
Janice (Janicu)
It's been a little while since the events in book one, and Kitty has been touring the United States, driving from one radio station to the next to host her radio talk show about the supernatural, The Midnight Hour. On the way to California, Kitty receives a call from her lawyer, Ben O'Farrell, who gives her the news that she's been subpoenaed by the Senate on a hearing about paranormal affairs. Kitty is apprehensive, but she wants to avoid a witch hunt against shape shifters and vampires, so she...more
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Werewolf radio named Kitty (ha) radio host goes to Washington, meets the reigning vampire queen of DC, battles baddies and self righteous jerks, loves a were-jaguar and still manages to get her radio show on the air. Loved the idea of congress having hearings on paranormal, as I am of the opinion many of them are some version of shapeshifters, themselves. Surely Strom Thurmond (my own state senator for a gazillion years before he departed to another world) has some supernatural help in keeping a...more
Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
I love Kitty Norville. This book had so many stories happening, it was great! It kept me interested the whole time because it wasn't all about figuring out one thing.

So Kitty is called in to testify in front of Senate, she is no longer part of her pack and cannot go back to her hometown, which means she's taken her show on the road. When she gets to Washington, the local Vampire takes her in offering a place to stay and protection.

We meet Luis, hot jaguar shifter living in Washington. Kitty debu...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Ashleigh Cartmill
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Lolly's Library
Much better than the first book. I know first books can often suffer, trying to set up not only the recurring characters but the tone and flavor of whatever world an author is trying to create. Sometimes an author can fit all that in and a spectacular storyline; sometimes, not, as was the case with Kitty and the Midnight Hour. However, now that we know about Kitty and her world, the author was finally able to concentrate on giving us more well-rounded characters and a more captivating and intere...more
After the runaway success of her weekly radio program, Kitty is in high demand as an expert on the supernatural. She is subpoenaed by Duke, a bible thumping senator, to appear at a hearing on funding for supernatural research. While there she stays with Alette, the Vampire Master of the City who is determined to control her very movement, and she meets a seductive Werejaguar from Brazil.

As the hearings begin she discovers the senator has his own agenda to expose supernatural creatures and impri...more
Kitty Goes To Washington is a good read. Kitty the D.J./werewolf gets called to Washington as an "expert" on supernaturals. Trying to stay low key, Kitty does not like public attention, but finds her face on all news networks. New friendships are made, while old friendships strengthen, she finds herself in a situation where she does not know who to trust. Her life is in danger and once again she finds herself up against pure evil.

A fantastic follow up from Carrie Vaughn's previous novel Kitty a...more
Same format for this book as the first - narration wise. Pacing is decent. Many more characters thrown in the mix and it makes me even more curious about our bad-boy assasin. And Ben. Yeah, really curious about himmmm. Anyhow, this book raises a lot of good questions, if the supernatural populations were real. Lots of morally ambiguous characters that get frustrating because they're realistic in their beliefs and selfishness.

Something big happens in this book so definitely interested in seeing w...more
Blodeuedd Finland
I find myself not having a lot to say. It was good, book 1 was also good, and sure I could read more. But there are 12 more or something and that is a lot for good.

Kitty was cool. A bit too cool at times, I'd be angry, she was just cool.

She met a sexy jaguar shifter. New friends. She understood that all packs are not bad. She met a politician screamed about God and she had to testify about her being a were. So now the world knows that there are Others.

It was good. I said it before, not much to...more
Emmy Campbell
This book is a solid 3.5 star. I feel torn about the Kitty Norville series because there are things I don't like about them, but there are some parts of the books that are so solid and I do enjoy. Over all I just love Kitty as a character. Look, if you are looking for a badass kung fu fighting name taking ass beating girl, Kitty isn't your lead. But Kitty is such an interesting lead character. I just, love her. She is dynamic and interesting!

I think Kitty is the reason why I will come back to t...more
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Vaughn was born into a military family and has lived all over the U.S. She received a BA from Occidental College, after which she went on to work too many jobs to count until she went back to school to receive her MA from University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently lives in Boulder, CO.
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Her voice held a smile. "So am I”
“Um, yeah. I mean, I think… wow." It made sense, really. All part of that vampire seduction gambit: lure
the prey to you, give it a reason to open its veins. Sure cut down on that messy struggling. "Just so you
know, I'm straight. Totally straight. As an arrow."

Her voice held a smile. "So am I.”
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