Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story
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Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story

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Few writers have immersed themselves in the world of the Kennedys as completely or successfully as C. David Heymann, whose Jackie Kennedy Onassis biography, A Woman Named Jackie, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, sold more than a million copies in hardcover, and was hailed by People as the Best Book of 1989. Now he draws on his impressive list of sources an...more
ebook, 224 pages
Published August 4th 2009 by Atria Books (first published 2009)
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Doesn't everyone need to read a pure guilty pleasure once in a while? From the resounding silence, I would guess that the answer is no, and it's just me who sees books like this on the library shelf, looks around, plucks it off, hides it under a pile of more "worthy" books and scurries to the check-out desk praying that the librarian doesn't give me a look of "have you lost your mind" while stamping the due date in the back. What can I say? I'm shallow. On the negative side, much of this ground...more
Found this book in the library and decided to borrow it since I have a thing for the Kennedys and most of all RFK. I didn't have high expectations on the book. It looks a bit sordid and it felt a bit sordid to read. Did Jackie and Bobby have an affair? Many people seem to think that they did. It was like a secret everyone knew but no one spoke about in the public. Nowadays it would be impossible to keep an affair like that a secret, but in the 60s it was probably a lot easier.

In a way a feel sor...more
This book was fun to read and I’ll tell you why. I’ll give you two big reasons:

1. It’s one of the few Kennedy bios that isn’t the size of a door stop. It’s a quick read and informative and you don’t often get such a thing with a Kennedy book.

2. It’s dishy.

My God, the dish. Look, there are many of pages where he quotes Truman Capote, okay? This is some juicy gossip here, folks. And? Heymann presents it in such a way that it’s not shameful or trashy. In fact, you’re almost glad that Jackie and Bob...more
F.Scott Fitzgerald, in one of his novels, made the comment "Let me tell you about the rich. They are different from you and me". This quote can be very appropriately applied to C. David Heymann's shocking and mesmerizing account of the relationship(s) of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Bobby Kennedy. Contrary to what the country was led to believe, these larger than life figures led two very different lives-- one that was public, and another that was private. The private lives of these individual...more
2.5 stars. Like most Americans, I am fascinated by the highly dysfunctional Kennedy family, in particular Jackie who basically created the idea of Camelot. She took a mediocre President and a crap husband and turned him into a legend. Talk about a spin job! Anyway, there was some new information in this book. Granted, there are probably thousands of books written about the Kennedys, of which I have read maybe 2 or 3, but I did learn a few new facts. I did not know the older Kennedys were pro-Hit...more
Well, this isn't exactly National Book Award material, but it does make for some interesting afternoon reading for someone who doesn't read romance novels! I have an obsession with the Kennedy Clan (most specifically JFK and Jackie) and I have always been a little fascinated by the rumors of an affair between Jackie and Bobby after JFK was assassinated. I don't think this book necessarily proves it--and he was still a total cad like his brother Jack, but there is part of me that is happy that, i...more
Pete daPixie
I see that my two stars are somewhat below the average rating that GR reviewers have given this book. Well, I thought it was o.k. Having read my fair quota on the Kennedy clan, I found much of this to be going over old ground. C. David Heymann is a long time watcher of this family, having written a few books already on Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, her children, and RFK.
'Bobby and Jackie-A Love Story' was published in 2009. If you like reading the inside gossip of the rich and famous with larg...more
Claudia Mundell
My mother sent this book home with me, and I thought I would read it for her. I pushed it aside for while and finally got to looking at it this week. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down but not because it was a pretty story! I was fascintated with the way the people lived, shocked at the depth of evil behavior. I know the parties were never perfect; I am not into idolatry of the Kennedys. But still the depth of it all, and what was going on in history at that time.

I will think ab...more
Regina Mclaughlin
The author has drawn from a vast archive of material pertaining to Jackie, yet it is the sketchier portrait of Bobby Kennedy that seems the more vibrant. Despite a wealth of documentation and first-person anecdote, a convincing sense of Mrs. Onassis' essence emerges only intermittently from the mists of legend, only to vanish a paragraph or a page later.

Occasional stretching out and redundancy sometimes led me to wonder if perhaps there might be a little less than meets the eye. Still, a fine a...more
This book was very disappointing. Reviewed as the great love story of both of their lives, I expected a romantic tale. Instead, it was a laundry list of who slept with who.
This was like a novel length National Enquirer...interesting.
Erin Christmas
A wonderful guilty pleasure!!!
Wow so much you didn't know. For example, that JFK had paternity tests done on Caroline and John when HE was the one with innumerable affairs. Jackie had her share and evidently put a little bit of uncertainty in Jack. My question is what would he have done had they come back as a different father??
At some point, I said, man I need a score card. Then shortly after said, this is really sad. In some instances quite surprising (Andy Williams & wife). In others quite believable and expected (Ma...more
Pulitzer-nominated biographer Heymann delivers a gawk-worthy beach read with this fascinating look at Jackie and the Kennedy clan in the aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination. Life for JFK and Jackie was less than perfect; one story finds him cheating on Jackie during their 1953 Acapulco honeymoon, leaving the new Mrs. Kennedy "by herself on the verandah." Still, Jackie's devastation was real; afterward, her love for his brother Bobby was equally genuine. Unable to find peace (her Georget...more
Much of what was included within Bobby and Jackie was a rehash of everything we have ever read about the assasinations of JFK and RFK. The news here are the years in between which saw a love relationship blossom between the mourning widow and brother of JFK. And, now I can understand how Jackie was able to stay so thin - according to this book she was keeping Bobby, Aristotle Onasis and at least one other man satisfied at all times. How did she manage not to get pregnant again? As you can tell,...more
I read a review of this book in a major magazine and felt compelled to read it. The writer did a good job gathering reporting, but ultimately I felt the book didn't come together because it wasn't really about the love story. There wasn't a narrative that followed the relationship, from its burgeoning moment until its end. It was basically a biography of Jackie and Bobby, run parallel in one book, with occasional highlights of their love affair. But other than telling us that Jackie adored him,...more
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read it for a couple weeks while commuting to work and it kept my interest. I was not expecting a truly accurate portrayal or a piece of real journalism. I was expecting it to just be entertaining. And that was all I was looking for. I think the main problem with these types of books is that people are expecting a great work of accurate reporting. I just looked at it and thought, "Oohh! Fun!"

I love any good Kennedy sort of scandal or story, so this was right up...more
In less than 200 very readable pages, the author covers the relationship of Bobby Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, and what an eye opener the book is about their “family” images, their predilections, the whole era---obviously widely known only in their own circles and kept out of the press for the most part. This book doesn't duplicate much printed about the Kennedys; however, it certainly sheds new light on Jackie, her marriage, her relationships with other men, and her relationships with Bobby...more
A real 'behind the scenes' biography, I genuinely found this book absolutely fascinating. Now looking back, it seems obvious that Jackie and Bobby would come together in the event of JFK's untimely death, but I'd never have imagined they'd be so romantically close. More than anything, the thing that struck me with this book was the genuine wonder as to how JFK managed to achieve anything as president given that he seemed constantly busy with a whole string of other women! None of the Kennedys' a...more
Nothing really convinced me that there was anything going on between the two beyond a shared grief. A woman walking her poodle down Jackie's street in NY saw RFK leaving her building ... with a SMILE on his face??! Bobby once commented on how pretty Jackie looked in a photo and Ethel TOOK HER TIME to reply!!!! If anyone sees me loitering in the biography section of bayside library, specifically the Kennedy part, please smack me over the head.
I read this book in a day which is unusual for me but I was home sick so that meant I had time on my hands. I found it interesting as I have lived through the time that is covered by this book. It's amazing to me how many affairs these people had and no one knew. By no one I mean me and most of the people in the world. It makes me wonder if these things are still being covered up. I mean how did these people even have time to get anything else done like running for office and running a country....more
Having recently read Killing Kennedy and several other books about the Kennedy family, I have developed an interest in reading more about the Kennedy's. Bobby and Jackie was recommended to me. Although I felt it would mostly be more of "gossip" type of non-fiction book I found out that many things that I had read in the previous Kennedy related books tied into this book. It was interesting to read about the similarities and differences between John and Bobby as brothers and also learn much more...more
I always enjoy reading gossip about the Kennedy family, and this book was quintessential gossip. The author makes a good case for the issue that Jackie Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, her husband's brother, had an affair in the wake of JFK's assassination. However, from my understanding, a lot of the people he quotes in the book have passed away, so there's no way to truly confirm if there's any truth to the Jackie/Bobby love affair.

Still, this book is a very quick, easy, enjoyable read with lots of...more
Nancy Hadley
This book totally changed my opinion of the Kennedy family and not for the better. I was amazed at the life of drugs and sex. JFK, RFK and Jackie make current day Tiger Woods look like a monk. I am amazed that John F. Kennedy had time to run the country in between his daily sexcapades with women. I always thought Jackie was a genuine lady but she was really a manipulative trouble maker. Why any American President would want to be compared to "Camelot" amazes me. These people would have never got...more
This story starts with Bobby & Jackie's friendship and rapport (despite Jackie's clashing with the rest of the Kennedy family) and, after the tragedy of JFK's death, becomes a love affair between two people who are destined to be kept apart (after a few years of off-and-on romantic trysts).

The author quotes a lot of sources in his effort to convince us that Bobby and Jackie were in love. I'm sure tabloids quote a lot of sources too, but at least this story is told with relative respect to th...more
The author seems to have done a tremendous amount of research and compiling of information from various vaults of info. Sometimes as I read this it seemed to jump around because he took interviews from different people from different events and times. It was one of those books you read to discover more about people you have known through history. It has altered my feelings about the Kenedys because they were shown in a different light when I was growing up. Especially the Kennedy men! This book...more
Amy Bradley
I was amazed at the notes and bibliography section of this book and it made me think that it would be full of cold hard facts; however, when reading the book it was full of inuendo about what happened between Bobby and Jackie their many other "lovers". The names of famous people mentioned in the book were amazing. It seemed like the Kennedys spent most of their time partying, having casual sex,and spending money. Their lives and the lives of their loved ones were truly tragic. The vivid account...more
Mickey Reed
This is another one that deserves more than 3 stars, but it's not quite a 4 star book. It was an interesting memoir, that's for sure. I obviously did not experience these events while they were happening, so I really had no idea that this kind of activity was going on. It seems to me that it was a crazy time in which to live. Everyone was so jaded, stuck in their roles due to fame and religion. It shines such a different light on the Kennedy family. Jackie and Bobby really must have had somethin...more
my gosh, but what this book reveals, page after smut soaked page, is disgusting and unbelievable, but i guess it all did happen. did i need to read it? did i need to know it? well truly i knew lots of it already as i have read most of the books about the kennedys, but it was more compact and more smut in less pages than ever before. this book was more on the lines of 85 people magazines condensed into a book. a friend asked if i believed what i read after i described several of the trysts presen...more
This book was really trashy. It was a quick, easy read though. The whole story was fairly interesting to think about. However, I think I would take most things I read here with a grain of salt. The truth is likely in the grey area between what history books say and what's in this book. I always find books written about people who have passed away and which site sources such as a friend of a friend told them, as potentially suspect. It also tend to wonder about the motives of people who would sha...more
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C. David Heymann is the internationally known author of such New York Times bestselling books as The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club; RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy; Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton; and A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. Three of his works have been made into award-winning NBC-TV miniseries....more
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