A Morte Chama-te (Romantic Suspense #5)
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A Morte Chama-te (Romantic Suspense #5)

4.27 of 5 stars 4.27  ·  rating details  ·  3,129 ratings  ·  157 reviews
Tess é dedicada aos seus pacientes. Os anos de terapia ensinaram-na a ouvir, compreender e a guardar segredo. O que se partilha num consultório de psiquiatria é confidencial. Quando os seus pacientes se começam a suicidar a polícia logo estabelece um elo entre todas essas mortes: todos eram pacientes de Tess. Será ela a assassina? Ou a vítima? Quem quer destruir a sua carr...more
Hardcover, 462 pages
Published May 2009 by Círculo de Leitores (first published May 12th 2002)
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I absolutely love this romantic suspense series by Karen Rose. You Can't Hide was another hit for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It has wonderful characters. The hero is very appealing and protective, and the heroine is intelligent and resilient. Both are carrying some baggage, but it makes them all the more interesting. I can't wait to get started on the next book in the series.

The apparent suicide of one of Dr. Tess Ciccotelli's patients is soon revealed to be very a complicated setup. So...more
4 ½-5 stars – Romantic Suspense

This is another awesome, intense, gripping, and chilling suspense read by Karen Rose. Tess is a strong and compassionate heroine and Aidan is a protective cop hero who's deeply tortured by all the horrors that he's seen on the job, and I really loved them together. It would have been a solid 5 star read, but I was slightly disappointed with the fact that although there is a HEA ending, the H/H never declared/exchanged an official "I love you". Still, it's a great s...more
Weak thriller , too many dead bodies in a very short time makes the story unrealistic.
Tess Ciccotelli is a psychiatrist and someone is systematically destroying her career and her life.
She meets detective Aidan Reagan assigned to the first case when one of her patients commits suicide but Reagan is not buying the suicide story (naturally). He thinks she is cold, she thinks he is arrogant and subsequently there is an instant attraction.And they fall in love.
That Tess does not herself need a psych...more
Oh, there’s definitely a pattern emerging.

This was by far the best book in this quasi-series. Masterfully done suspense, great buildup, and wonderfully twisted villain vied for attention alongside two wonderful lead characters. Neither side of the plot was dominant, they were nicely and masterfully intertwined, complementing each other, pushing the story forward at a nice, steady pace.

I loved both Tess and Aidan, there were so different, yet so similar, both with quite a lot of baggage, both in...more
Jillian (NetGalley Addict)
Tess is a great psychiatrist, she cares about her patients and really wants to help them, when she pronounces a man mentally ill who killed girls the police department turns against her. They don't get to her fast enough when she is brought in to talk to a killer; she almost dies and is left with scars around her throat. Now someone is trying to destroy her, they are driving her patients to commit suicide and framing Tess for it. Aiden is a detective and hates her as much as the rest of the det...more
This is the second Karen Rose I read within a month, and there is a clear formula she uses.

Strong female role who is capable but looking for a man to protect and look after her. Sexy, strong man who is gentle, yet a "real man". It is full of cliches. A mix of mystery and sex.

Its a great formula and again it worked well!

I'm going to give Karen Rose a break from the reading list for a while as the muscles, strong jaw lines, sexual tension and trying to avoid an obvious attraction kinda merges all...more
Konnte mich nicht wirklich überzeugen. Die eigentliche Krimigeschichte war gut und interessant erzählt, aber zum einen störte mich die anscheinend obligatorische Liebesgeschichte zwischen den Protagonisten (die sich natürlich am Anfang haßten) - sie war einfach zu rührselig und teils auch zu explizit. Ich bin nicht prüde, aber für mich sind erotische Geschichten und Krimis nun mal verschiedene Genres. Und auch der Erzählstil insgesamt war mir zu melodramatisch.
Hope Frost
I have come to rely on Karen Rose to deliver nasty villains, and twisted plots and I was not disappointed here. I thought I had the killer figured out a few times and I didn't find out until it was revealed in the book, and I was horrified. There was a wonderful mixture of romance, thriller and terror in You Can't Hide. We meet new characters that I am hoping will be getting their own books down the line, Vito, Tess' brother for one, Murphy, Aidan's partner for another. I had a hard time putting...more
Narrated by Tara Ward

5 stars for the book
2 & 1/2 stars for the narrator

It looks like I accidentally deleted all my reviews for this book but I'm not going to bother rewriting one. I'll just say that this is still, so far, my favorite KR book. I love it because while the plot is simple and easy to follow, it isn't simplistic nor amateurish, not that any KR book is! The newer KR books have so much extraneous details that I tend to get lost. Here, KR isn'...more
Da ich mittlerweile ein paar mehr Bücher von Karen Rose gelesen habe, konnte ich mich an die Vielzahl an Charakteren schon gewöhnen. Allerdings scheinen alle ihre Bücher irgendwie miteinander zusamnen zu hängen - und wenn es nur durch einen oder zwei Charaktere ist - sodass es mir manchmal schwer fällt mich in den Zeitstrang hinein zu versetzen. Mir hätte vorher mal jemand sagen sollen, dass ich ihre Bücher chronologisch lesen sollte. Aber im Buch wurde alles austeichend beschrieben, sodass es d...more

(lost my original review)

I've read this book several times and after several KR books, it remain my favorite because I adore Aidan Reagan and his interaction with Tess. I love the controlled balance KR wielded in this book, where there is romantic tension yet the focus remains squarely on the murder mystery.

I've not found many RS books or authors that have been able to do this consistently. Even Karen Rose herself disappointed me after this because she pushed the romance...more
Saw this book on the "Best Romantic Suspense" List here on GoodReads (#14). I had never read this author so I thought I'd give one of her books a read. The plot was complicated and a little far-fetched for my taste. I liked it enough to sample another book in the future.
Awilk -never sleeps-
I'm new to Karen Rose but if this is how good her books are, and the ones I have read so far have been, I am now a definite convert.
Katheryn Thompson
Disappointing. I am usually enthralled by Rose's romantic suspense novels, and find the pages practically turn themselves. But not this one. I found that the story dragged, and began to get repetitive, and also found it quite cliched. I'm not sure what made this one so different to her other books which I've read and loved, but I persevered up to a point and then just gave up on it. There was obviously something about it that I just couldn't engage with, and I didn't want to be put off more of h...more
Tess Ciccotelli, a psychiatrist, is being set up to look like she’s played a role in the deaths of her patients. Aidan Reagan, a Chicago police detective, was assigned to the case involving her first patient’s death and soon realizes Tess isn’t to blame. However, he’s having a tough time trying to protect her and her patients when Tess insists on protecting their privacy. And, things get complicated when the relationship between the two gets…well, complicated.

This story was riveting and no one w...more
Sharal Hunter
One of the indicators that a series is good is when the author keeps you connected to earlier characters while still moving the series forward and devoting the current book to the current story instead of rehashing the past stories. Some authors do this perfectly while some are unable to do it at all, driving me to give up on the series completely.

YOU CAN’T HIDE is the fifth book in Karen Rose’s romantic suspense series. I am very reluctant to even label it as part of a series because each book...more
You Can't Hide
4.5 Stars

An intense psychological thriller with an engaging romance.

The mystery is fast paced and engrossing albeit quite disturbing in some respects. Rose has a knack for writing diabolical villains and this is no exception. Nevertheless, it is quite easy to figure out the identity of the culprit if you pay attention to the clues and realize that this type of sadistic sociopathy and hatred can only have an emotional and deeply personal source. For me, the fact that (view spoiler)...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Very well-written and unpredictable. The main characters were very likable and easy to relate to. They're both flawed and both have issues, which is refreshing in a genre where the characters sometimes seem too perfect to be real. They had a lot in common, which is also great; their relationship makes sense and they would still have been compatible had they met under normal circumstances.

The romance was believable and realistic, with hints of a few cliches- but hey, cliches became cliches for th...more
Chilling Madness and Sizzling Heat
Psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli isn't well liked by the cops after testimony she once provided sent a child killer to a psych ward instead of under a needle. Maybe that's why Aidan Reagan gives her such a cold shoulder and shows such disdain for her when she shows up at the scene of a suicide of one of her patients. Tess, stricken by the loss of her patient, diligently ignores him, understanding his hostility and having too hard a time coping with the tragedy of he...more
I honestly wouldn't normally be interested in a romantic book of any kind. I started reading this book because I found it on my teachers book shelf and I was quickly sucked in and couldn't stop reading from cover to cover.

"You Can't Hide" is a romantic suspense novel that is incredibly detailed and suspenseful. I found my heart racing a few times while reading the book as detective Aidan Raegan was searching for the criminal mind behind multiple murders that were executed in attempt to ruin a t...more
This one is yet another winner from Ms Rose.... I'll admit to being a little wary about starting this one as I find the plot device of doctor-patient privileges to stall investigations trite, or overused, but Ms rose has the ability to tell her story in unique and well thought out ways so much so that stories you might have heard hundreds of times before, sound new and exciting coming from her! Her writing is both potent as well as addicting, and you'll have a hard time putting this one down des...more
Karen Rose foi amor ao primeiro livro. Simplesmente A-DO-REI.
Em A morte chama-te chega-nos a história de Tess, uma psiquiatra que de um momento para o outro vê a sua vida profissional ser destruída quando os seus pacientes se começas a suicidar.

É um livro de leitura compulsiva e alucinante. É difícil parar! Quando acabamos um capítulo o pensamento é: só mais um.

A sequência criminosa, as pistas, os suspeitos, os cúmplices e os culpados estão organizados de uma forma fantástica.Tal é a mestria da...more
Karen Rose's book You Can't Hide is the fifth in her series and a great addition to the genre of romantic suspense.

The story follows a new character addition, Tess Ciccotelli (Chickoteli), a psychologist who after testifying in a case of child and cop murder Harold Green finds him incompetent to stand trial thus finding herself on the butt end of the Chicago cop's wrath. When a patient of her dies under suspicious circumstances, detective Aidan Reagan is ready to point the finger at her and thro...more
Karen Rose, natural de Baltimore, EUA, é apaixonada pela literatura desde que aprendeu a ler e a escrita rapidamente se tornou igualmente numa paixão. Foi Engenheira Química e Professora de Química e Física do Ensino Secundário, até ao momento em que decidiu dedicar-se exclusivamente à escrita. Praticante de artes marciais, Karen tem mais de dez obras publicadas, tendo inclusive vencido um RITA Award com a obra “I’m Watching You” em 2005.

“A Morte Chama-te”, a sua quinta obra, foi lançada inicia...more
Ana T.
I don't like suspense or terror movies but it seems I can't get enough of reading them. I must thank A . for lending me this book. I had never heard of Karen Rose but she enjoyed it so much I got curious.

Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can't break her oath to protect her patients' privacy at all costs. Even when detective Aidan Reagan demands a l...more
Alvi Harahap
The plot grabs you from the very first page and just doesn't let up. Tess Ciccotelli faces so many dilemmas in this book, she needs to protect her patients but if she hands over any information on them then she is letting them down in the worst possible way.
You Can't Hide has a romantic element too as Tess and Aiden fight each other for so long until they finally have to give in to what they both want. This obviously adds an extra element to Aiden's role as a detective, does it make it harder to...more
Description: YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM. Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can’t break her oath to protect her patients’ privacy at all costs. Even when detective Aidan Reagan demands a list of everyone she’s treating. Even when the mounting danger threatens Tess herself. YOU CAN’T STOP WHAT I’M DOING. Aidan doesn’t like anyone who stalls his cases. S...more
Conta-me Histórias
Mais um policial de Karen Rose, este com bastante romance à mistura, o que não me fez prender tanto como o anterior. A história é interessante e com contornos que me agradaram: a manipulação e o jogo psicológico usado pelo assassino são o ponto forte da história.

O que menos me agradou foi o papel da psiquiatra, tão boazinha e sempre a pensar em proteger os seus doentes mesmo quando a sua vida é posta à prova. A ingenuidade sempre me pareceu falsa. Também a relação entre Tess e Aidan me pareceu u...more
Terror has forever changed the life of psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli. Someone is tormenting her patients, pushing them to commit suicide, and setting her up to take the blame. But Tess can't break her oath to protect her patients' privacy at all costs. Even when detective Aidan Reagan demands a list of everyone she's treating. Even when the mounting danger threatens Tess herself.

Aidan doesn't like anyone who stalls his cases. Still, he can't help but admire Tess's fierce loyalty to her patients,...more
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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Goodreads database with this name.

Karen Rose is the author of numerous romantic suspense books.

Though most of the books can be read as stand-alones, all of her books (except the Hot Pursuit anthology) take place in the same "universe" and have many connected characters. Some of the books are more connected than others.

You can visit the following...more
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