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Elektra: Assassin
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Elektra: Assassin (Elektra)

3.93  ·  Rating Details ·  2,318 Ratings  ·  114 Reviews
When acclaimed writer-artist Frank Miller began his celebrated run on the Marvel title, Daredevil, no one knew what to expect. They certainly didn't realize that a seemingly meek Greek college student by the name of Elektra would become one of the most popular and memorable characters in the post-modern, increasingly adult world of comic books.Telling the story of how the ...more
Paperback, 264 pages
Published October 1st 2000 by Marvel Comics (first published 1986)
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This was a big steaming pile of buttjuice.

I get what Miller was trying to do.
It's a glimpse into the crazy assassin's head...
Enter If You DAAAAARE!

What. Ever.
If your main character isn't going to have even ONE lucid thought, then you need to create some sort of reliable narrator to help the reader wade through her delusional thought process.
Someone who knows fact from fantasy. Instead, we are given a skeevy S.H.I.E.L.D agent whose mind is under Elektra's control.
And I'm still not sure how the f
Oct 18, 2011 Checkman rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Frank Miller fans
I bought my copy as a birthday gift ,to myself, on my twentieth birthday. It was Friday February 3, 1988. It cost me $12.95 which was a real chunk of change for a college sophmore back then. But I had to buy it. I had discovered Frank Miller the year before with his fantastic series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns as well as his 1983 series Ronin and I was in awe of the man. Basically I was a nerd.

It took me two readings to figure out what was going on. It's a surrealistic, action-filled, viole
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
Was thrilled to see this on the shelf at my library, since I've been wanting to read it for a while. Mostly enjoyed it, although there were some unpalatable aspects. A good dose of sex and violence cocktail. I am not a big fan of that combo. You may say a duh to that, since Elektra is a sexy assassin. I think it's all in the execution.

Elektra was depicted as a whole lot of crazy in this book. It occurs after her death and is about her resurrection by the Hand. She becomes a killer designated in
Nov 12, 2011 Chazzbot rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Re-reading this after many years, it's interesting to notice how influential this bizarre story became, with its overlapping narrators, nearly abstract art, and hardcore language. Miller's political assassination plotline has become somewhat dated, but the borderline insanity of nearly every character keeps it an entertaining read. Miller is probably the best writer for Elektra, a character that has been diminished substantially over the years. Here she is an inscrutable force, though not entire ...more
Uh, ovo je bilo naporno!

Cijeli strip je kao jedan, ili čak nekoliko psihodeličnih tripova ispričanih u isto vrijeme, tako da je poprilično težak za čitati. Hrpa toga je tu nabacano, ali i bolje da je tako, jer sama priča da je ispričana na klasičan način ne bi ni bila zanimljiva.

Početak stripa, odnosno prvo poglavlje je i najbolje, odlično uhvaćeno ludilo i poremećenost jednog uma, uz par pamtljivih rečenica ("Pronašla sam što da osjećam. I sjam od toga"). Naracija je isprekidana i preklapa se,
Nov 12, 2012 D.M. rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
When I read these old Frank Miller books, it saddens me to think they were the face of 'modern comics' at the time. They're not bad, certainly, but if Miller's work was as far as comics were to advance in the 80s, there would have never been the creative renaissance there was in the medium.
Like Dark Knight Returns, Year One, and most of Miller's other work of the time, Elektra: Assassin is basically just a more adult (i.e., gorier and nuder) superhero comic. It would never have changed the face
Jan 11, 2009 Jack rated it really liked it
Shelves: graphic-novels
As everyone comments, this is Frank Miller at the top of his game, and working with one of the greatest comic artists of the late 20th century, Bill Seinkewicz. The art is frenetic and fragmented and incorporates just about every medium you can imagine - pen and ink, watercolor, crayon, pencil, collage - whatever Seinkewicz thought would work for a given panel. And it does work, incredibly.

As Miller and his work have literally gone to Hollywood, his obsessions have gotten more pronounced. They'r
Robert Wright
This book is a hot indecipherable mess.

Miller's penchant for bad political satire is given full reign here. Miller's run on Daredevil was and is a classic. Which, along with Dark Knight Return's success, is the only thing that explains the latitude given to him here.

For a great story well told, see those earlier stories.

The thing that elevates this book to likeable and worth a read is the incomparable artistry of Bill Sienkiewicz. This is an artist at the top of his game and in the process of t
Oct 10, 2015 Luca rated it really liked it
Your ability to separate Frank Miller the person from Frank Miller the artist (or, in this case, writer, as Bill Sienkiewicz's lovely watercolors comprise the art) will quite likely affect how much you will agree with my four star rating. The recurring theme of your worth being mainly defined by how much of a badass you are, along with the portrayal of liberals as at best feckless airheads and at worst the actual Antichrist, may not sit well with some.

To me, however, this wasn't really a proble
Sep 13, 2012 Keya rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics, owned
This is the definitive Elektra story folks. I don't think anyone else has done her similar justice. You learn a lot of things about our favorite ninja assassiness that you may have previously not known, at least in terms of the sheer amount of things she can do besides be a good ninja. I think the only thing I would've liked better about this book is that it had less to do with SHIELD and the douche agent Garrett and more to do with Elektra but I suppose the SHIELD/Garrett aspect was necessary j ...more
Richard Guion
Aug 15, 2015 Richard Guion rated it it was amazing
This "graphic novel" was originally an eight issue mini-series published by Epic (Marvel's mature reader imprint) back in 1986. At the time I thought it was merely "good" but on later re-readings I think it is revolutionary in terms of the artwork of Bill Sienkiewicz. Sienkiewicz started his career as one of many artists imitating Neal Adams art style and evolved into a truly unique artist doing comics in an impressionistic style. This series was his breakout for that style.

[image error]Elektra 8 Sienkiewicz">

"It could be my way out of this nightmare of a life. It could pay a fortune. It could get me killed"

No sé exactamente como describir esta novela gráfica. Primero que nada hay que destacar el arte de Sienkiewicz. A lo largo de toda la historia se hacían cada vez mejor sus ilustraciones, había una que otra que me puso la piel de gallina de solo verlas. I m p r e s i o n a n t e.
La historia es bastante rara, abstracta, desconcertante pero sobre todo retorcida.
Me encantó. Nunca ha
Nov 12, 2015 CJ rated it liked it
Shelves: _comics
Told mostly through alternating narration/internal dialogue this book tells the tale of Elektra on a silent mission to save the world.

The story was good and interesting but sadly drawn out in places that it wasn't needed. I suppose they would have worked in the actual issues but not in the TPB. Also the narration/internal dialogue bubbles can be hard to keep track of. Sometimes you just have to read a page worth and then quickly work it out in your head what was actually said.

The art in this boo
I tend to be very careful with experimenting artists - when I bought Metal Gear Solid comic I found it story-wise interesting but art was .... weird is too kind word, totally disorientating.

Here Sienkiewizcs does the same, art is sometimes very interesting but sometimes pretty psychedelic - but nevertheless it follows the story - which is pretty interesting and pretty good. And to be honest this surprised me a lot, I was not expecting this.

So, if you are in for some Ninjas, mysticism, magic, sp
Jan 15, 2015 Kyle rated it it was ok
I'm confused... Still no idea what happened... The art was cool and the pacing was good but again, what happened?
Jun 10, 2016 Reyel2107 rated it it was amazing
perfect art and just a fun story !!!!!
Martin Yankov
Dec 30, 2016 Martin Yankov rated it liked it
I've heard many, many times that this is the best Elektra story ever told. Sadly, I can't agree with that. Yes, it is a good story, a great story, even. But it's not an Elektra story. She is the main character in the first issue and it's beautiful and daunting and wonderful, but after that this stops being her story. It's a story about a man who meets her and interacts with her, but Elektra remains a mystery and we are only seeing bits and pieces of her through that man's eyes. And I don't find ...more
Jan 22, 2017 Devero rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Un'opera decisamente di non facile lettura. Il fatto è che sia Miller che Sienkiewitz volevano sperimentare, e hanno sperimentato, a volte forse troppo.
Certe tavole sono davvero spettacolari, ma la storia è tremendamente complicata a leggersi, anche per via dei frequenti cambiamenti di punti di vista. Nel complesso comunque un fumetto che andava letto.
Jack Gattanella
Mar 12, 2014 Jack Gattanella rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: funny-books
Man, what a weird, wild, f*cked up book this is. I enjoyed it.

One thing that you really should know though is that this to Elektra stories what Mad Max movies are to Fury Road: Elektra is in this, and certainly she's in it in the first issue (which is mostly her sad, horrible, intriguing and eerie childhood and early years as a Ninja) and the last issue (when she is in full-assassination-mission mode). But this is really not quite her story exactly; this is by and large about the Agent Garrett,
Matt Parrilli
Jan 02, 2017 Matt Parrilli rated it it was ok
Shelves: 2016-reads
Hands down one of the strangest graphic novels I have ever read.
Dec 22, 2014 Fizzgig76 rated it really liked it
Reprints Elektra: Assassin #1-8 (August 1986-March 1987). Elektra Natchios has a goal. She intends to assassinate Ken Wind, the candidate for President of the United States of America. Unseen by most, Ken Wind actually is the Beast…and intent on causing nuclear war. With a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Garrett under her control, Elektra must battle through a determined S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Chastity and a sociopath named Perry if she hopes to stop Wind’s plans and save the world.

Written by Frank M
Aug 06, 2008 Jeremy rated it really liked it
Elektra Assassin has the funkiest art of any book I think I’ve read. The famous author Frank Miller (the same guy that wrote Sin City and a couple of the most famous Batman stories) wrote it, But Bill Sienkiewicz really is the stand-out on the book.


At times the book looks like something a ten-year-old drew after a horible nightmare, but then you start to notice the small details that make it really pop. I looked forward to the next page of art as much as I did the continuing sto
Dmitry Yakovenko
Mar 30, 2016 Dmitry Yakovenko rated it liked it
Shelves: 2016
Очень странный комикс, в котором Миллер смешал ниндзей, киборгов, монстров, политику, ужасы и психоделику, после чего получилось нечто крайне необычное. Просто нечто, в котором рассказывается о том, как Электра пыталась убить кандидата в президенты США, управляемого неким жутким существом, чьи мотивы пока не ясны, но определённо ужасны.

Местами всё слишком психоделично и абсурдно, моментами же планку не перегибают и всё выглядит довольно оригинально и атмосферно. Вообще очень атмосферный комикс,
Apr 04, 2016 Zac rated it really liked it
Shelves: 1001-comics
A fairly violent eight-part series featuring a bunch of unlikeable, psychopathic characters pitted against each other in a battle to decide fate of the world. One of Miller’s best. It’s confusing at times, and its internal logic may not even check out by the end (what was the deal with Chuck the dwarf??), but it’s a satisfying kind of chaos: more like ‘Ronin’ than the rambling ‘Give Me Liberty’. But unlike ‘Ronin’, which was made even more confusing by Miller’s frantic linework, this book is gor ...more
Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson
Dec 11, 2014 Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson rated it really liked it
This is one of the weirdest books I've ever read. The artwork and the writing practically define the term 'experimental.' Its surreal artwork both attracts and revolts--half the time you can't quite process what you're seeing at first glance because it's so freaking weird and dream-like. Every panel has the potential to be nightmare fuel, and rightfully so, since we're diving straight into Elektra's head.

We've also got some weird plot going with a demonic presence trying to obliterate all life o
Ondra Král
Dec 17, 2016 Ondra Král rated it liked it
Not my cup of tea
Feb 08, 2015 Rohan rated it it was amazing
The best thing about Elektra Assassin was Bill Seinkewicz' fantastic art. Every frame deserves to be in a museum. Breathtaking.
Frank Miller's story is something outside the time and dimension it was written in but so deeply rooted in the criticism of the American political system. There is blatant lampooning of the political tension of the cold war years and the recurring 80s theme of nuclear war.
The story itself blooms from ninja assassination to global war. The story is set a little separately
Daniel Mendes
Feb 19, 2014 Daniel Mendes rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
This is the first story I read about Elektra, and I confess that I wasn't expecting so much. After all, how awesome can superhero comics be? THIS AWESOME.

Frank Miller simply had me bowing my head this time. This book is a lisergic, psychologically confusing, violent story about a ninja ( needless to say, awesome). But it's not only that. The art is beautiful. The atmosphere is suffocating. All the dialogues are so well written in their confusion and desperation, that I just couldn't write a revi
Dec 02, 2015 Soraia rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: graphic-novel
A primeira impressão é a de encantamento com a arte. Realmente, tudo muito lindo e diferente. Parece uma aquarela.

Já a história é bem confusa. Começa com ela resgatando a própria memória, sendo que muitas dessas memórias foram inseridas ali para confundi-la, o que acaba confundindo o pobre coitado do leitor também. Considerando que é uma HQ da Elektra, ela aparece pouco e não possui voz. Tudo é meio telepático, tipo “vamos entrar na mente da Elektra”, o que não ajuda em nada, porque ela parece
Eric England
Apr 07, 2015 Eric England rated it really liked it
Elektra: Assassin by Frank Miller and Bill Sienkiewicz is one of the greatest fusions of trash and art that I have ever read. The script by Frank Miller is masterful and the art by Bill Sienkiewicz is mind-blowing. Sienkiewicz's art is like a mad blending of Impressionism, Surrealism, Expressionism, and traditional comic book art. It is very impressive. Miller's script does a great job blending with the art and pushing the graphic novel medium to tell a very unique story. Additionally, the story ...more
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Frank Miller is an American writer, artist and film director best known for his film noir-style comic book stories. He is one of the most widely-recognized and popular creators in comics, and is one of the most influential comics creators of his generation. His most notable works include Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One and 300.

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