Deadly Decisions (Temperance Brennan, #3)
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Deadly Decisions (Temperance Brennan #3)

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Nobody tells a chilling story like international bestselling author Kathy Reichs, whose "most valuable tool is her expertise...she's the real thing" (New York Newsday). Drawing on her years as a top forensic anthropologist, Reichs brings her cutting-edge scientific know-how to this poignant, terrifying new tour de force.
Nine-year-old Emily Anne Toussaint is shot dead on...more
ebook, 336 pages
Published August 8th 2000 by Scribner (first published 2000)
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This book made me wonder why some female mystery authors choose to endow their female protagonists with so much unecessary angst. Reichs is one of several authors that I've read lately who is guilty of this. The protagonist can't just solve crime. She has to juggle relationship issues, neurotic family and friends, pets, concerns about her appearance (hair and weight), money worries, etc and catch a murderer. Yeah, I know that those are all "real" concerns, but if I wanted to read a book about wo...more
I think I liked this one in the series the best so far. Dr. Temperance Brennan keeps her instances of running off by herself and doing something knuckle-headed down to a minimum.
I always like Reichs's books because she goes between North Carolina and Montreal-- two places I know well and can visualize as I read. The characters have become old friends, though I sometimes get squeamish when things get grizzly in the crime department (though the forensics doesn't bother me.)

The whole motorcycle thing is totally unfamiliar to me. I like fiction that teaches me something.

Will release today when I go for my dentist appointment.

From the Publisher

Nine-year-old Emily Anne Toussa...more
For someone so "smart" Tempe Brennan sure does some dumb things. Running into the line of fire, blatantly ignoring directives from seasoned detectives, going to biker bars alone at night, etc. The plotting in these books would be pretty good if the author didn't continually have her heroine behave in such an idiotic way in order to create suspense or reveal important plot threads. I also do not appreciate that some member of Tempe's family or a close friend is always somehow involved with the cr...more
John Carter
Very good, but I have to take a star away for our heroine’s obtuseness. On page 30 a revelation is made about her police boyfriend that’s very distressing. As a reader you say, “No reason for distress. The obvious explanation is X.” On page 78 the boyfriend’s partner shows up just as confused and distressed. And you think, “These people are supposed to be trained investigators. Not even considering something so obvious—how do they keep their jobs?” It’s not ’til 299 that the solution even occurs...more
Shannon Winward
The first book was great, in spite of a few iffy coincidences. The writing is good, the science is fascinating, and the story rolls nicely - though the level of detail tends to slow it down a bit. We don't need to know what Tempe eats at every meal, the exact route that she takes to every new location, and exactly what building/view can be seen in any given direction.

The second book was pretty good, though I thought the author was doing some back-peddling where the romantic interest was concerne...more
Grey Ghost
Done with Kathy Reichs. You know how some thrillers and mysteries are "OK," but a cut below "excellent"? Reichs is on the low end of OK. I can see how her work has popular appeal, but frankly it's trite, repetitive, formulaic, and not really compellingly written. (I can deal with trite and formulaic if something is really well-written.) After three of the Temperance Brennan books (and I might have read the fourth, but they're so uninspiring I neither remember nor care), I don't think Reichs is g...more
Ana T.
I am slowly making my way through Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series and this time I read Deadly Decisions, book nº 3.

The book starts with a young girl being murdered amidst a bike gang war. Brennan finds herself very affected by it and she soon starts investigating, not only this death but others related to the bikers as she becomes a part of the task force involved with biker gang crime. When asked to dig an old crime scene she finds not only the bones of two bikers as expected but also t...more
This is the third Kathy Reichs book I've read and coincidentally it is also the third in this series and I did quite enjoy it. The story was well written and fast paced with plenty of different aspects to keep the reader guessing until the end. The one bit that did quite sit right with me was Kit and how he behaved during the book. He starts of nice enough but somehow rapidly descends into being a stroppy teenager who been grounded and considering what he was getting involved in this seemed a li...more
The death of 9-year old Emily Anne Toussaint during a war between two rival motorcycle gangs angers Temperance Brennan so much she volunteers to work on the gang task force - anything to help find the killer(s). The action moves between Montreal, scene of the current war, to South Carolina, home to vital clues. I was intrigued with the in-depth dicussions of blood spatter patterns, origins & evoluntion of outlaw motorcycle gangs, details of custom Harley Davidsons and more. Tempe again has t...more
KJ Lipkey
This one seemed a better to me than the last two. I can see this is one of those story lines where the author feels it is overly necessary to have a personal tie between the main character and the action (in this case her nephew involved with biker gangs). I know fiction is... well.. fiction and not real life but the completely unrealistic scenarios in which every story has someone she cares about tied in with the bad guys in so schmucky a way gets to be, as my mother would say, "a bit much." I...more
поскольку это уже третий роман после «уже мертва» и «смерти дня» о темперанс бреннан, ожидать разрыва шаблона было бы бессмысленно: заявившая о себе как о весьма успешной, схема, если она продолжает работать и приносит хороший результат, не подлежит изменению. поэтому чтение – увлекательное, разноплановое, не самое «невинное» - превращается в поиск и получение подтверждения, что увиденные в предыдущих романах ходы снова и снова будут появляться, демонстрируя не только изобретательность автора в...more
Kathy Reichs always does great research on the theme of her books and I always learn something I didnt know. She does a good job with sense of place and I enjoy running around with her in Montreal and Charlotte and wherever else the story takes her.
This book was of particular interest to me as my uncle was a member of the Hell's Angels gang decades ago. He and my grandparents are buried in the cemetery where the gunfight took place at the end of the book.

All the 'Bones' books follow a formula....more
Neill Smith
When Temperance Brennan, forensic anthropologist who works as a professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte as well as the FBI and the Surete du Quebec, is called to work for the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Medecine Legale in Montreal to separate the mangled tissue of two bikers the case explodes in the midst of a biker war with bodies spanning a couple of decades including bodies of kids from South Carolina to Montreal, a Harley-obsessed nephew, and a boyfriend who...more
Crime novels are really hit or miss for me, so when I first started reading Kathy Reichs' books I was skeptical that I would enjoy them. I thought I would have to force myself to finish it because a lot of crime novels can be very sluggishly written, focusing on small or large details for pages and pages without trying to give away how the book is going to end. But with Kathy Reichs' it's completely different, I think it's because of her medical background and my interest and knowledge in the me...more
Abbie Davies
Once again I enjoyed this book. I have been reading Katy Reich's books in order and so far I think this is possibly my favourite. I liked that it was based around outlaw biker groups and the feuds between them.
In typical Kathy style, the plot involved a member of Tempe's family getting involved in a dangerous situation and her eventually coming to the rescue. Tempe decides to take the law into her own hands again on a couple of occasions and I find myself shouting "What are you doing?" at the b...more
This book- like all other Kathy Reichs -was very informative.
I now know more than anyone really needs to about biker gangs. That's not a bad thing, but all the motorcycle stuff was a bit like, yeah, okay, I don't know anything about them so yeah... That just made me feel on the same page as Tempe though.
It was cool learning about Kit when he was younger and comparing that to how Tory views him in Virals. Plus everything else about this book was as amazing as expected; the writing, the plot, the...more
Hannah Snell
Incredibly this third book is exactly the same as the first, and the second.

How many times can Temperance Brennan rush headlong into danger?
How many times can someone close to her get into trouble?
And can all her grumpy FBI/police buddies rush in in time to save her?
How many times will the word 'zapped' be used instead of 'microwaved'?
How often can the author get away with mentioning the title of the book?
And how many similes that make the reader squirm with discomfort are used this time?

The ans...more
Jen Lynn
I'm finding a theme with this series. A million different things happen, all seemingly unconnected, yet somehow in the end they are forced together in an unlikely mishmash of coincidences. I'm starting to get used to this though. The last book of hers I didn't enjoy as much because it seemed so far-fetched that everything would be interconnected. This book did a very similar thing, but it didn't bother me as much. I don't think it's written any differently, I'm just growing to accept it with her...more
Well actually I would rate this one more 3.7 stars. I saw a lot of the plot reveals coming but that could just be because I am getting better at spotting these things. That being said there was still enough mystery to keep me entertained. It is still a thoroughly enjoyable read. A little less white knuckle suspense and a little more detective mystery than the last two, which I appreciate, a little more humour too, also appreciated. As usual there are the thoroughly interesting factual bits, desc...more
I do enjoy these books. This is number three. It feels like coming back to an old friend, something I haven't experienced with a series in a long time. To be honest, I probably haven't read anything with more than 3 books in the series since Harry Potter.

Temperance Brennan, anthropologist and bone-consultant to the legal medical profession, comes across yet another life-threatening case, for her and her loved ones. Is there ever a book where she doesn't get herself in trouble? I guess these cas...more
Charlotte (Buried in Books)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Toni Osborne
Book 3 in the Temperance Brennan series

The main premise of this novel surrounds the rivalry between biker gangs in Montreal Canada and the drug trade and the activities linking them to their counterpart from the USA. Using her expertise as an anthropologist Ms Reichs has juggled once again a great amount of forensic details into this mystery.

Dr Temperance Brennan is especially touched when a nine year old girl is gunned down in the streets of Montreal, an innocent victim of the increasing violen...more
This was a pretty crappy mystery novel, set up for big hopes by the fact that it is the books that the TV series Bones is based on.

And by based on, they both have main characters that are named Temperence Brennan who just happen to be forensic anthropologists.

That's about the extent to which Bones is based on these books.

I read number three first, because it was the earliest one that Tracy could find at the library.

It is a very clinical description of a week in the life of this woman who just ha...more
Deadly Decisions — do I read this or Scarpetta?

In this third installment in the Dr. Temperance Brennan series, there are biker gangs in Montreal, and they are killing each other. Most of it happens in Montreal, which is an improvement over the bopping around in previous books.

The story is interesting, and Reichs is still above average.

Some of the characters are fast becoming clichés. And if you don’t figure out a sub-plot (spoil...more
The third installment in Kathy Reichs's Bones-inspiring series featuring Tempe Brennan began as nothing much to write home about. Halfway through, however, Deadly Decisions grabbed my attention and caused me to sit up reading half the night last night.

Think biker gangs gone wild and bones dug up from decade-old graves. That's how the novel begins, and it took a lot for me to keep going. Namely, I really like Tempe and I'm determined to read Reichs's series about her in order. That's about the on...more
I felt a lot of things during the reading of this book. Some of them good, and some of them bad. As always, the crime and the scientific process were very well described and I always wanted to read on to know more about the case and the connections between people and events. That did not disappoint me.

Temperance Brennan was not a disappointment either, once again she proves that she's a strong woman capable of living in the world that she's a part of and willing to fight for the recognition that...more
I just read another reviewer who suggested that if your motivation for reading Reichs' Temperance Brennan books is because you love the TV series "Bones", you shouldn't as the character nor story share many elements in common (location, basic personality of main character, etc. - but most importantly - no Booth). However, if you are reading the books because you are fascinated by stories of anthropology and forensics, then you'll be satisfied. While the novel's version of Brennan often seems to...more
I read the first three Temperance Brennan books in quick succession. The third book, Deadly Decisions, felt like a combination of the first two. The same amateur attempts to explain scientific terms to a layman (really? A forensic anthropologist doesn’t know about a disease that affects skeletal development?). The same coincidental triangle of locations (So all crimes clearly have a connection to Montreal, South Carolina, and Texas?) and the same subplot focused on Brennan’s trying to convince t...more
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Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec. She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. A...more
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