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Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows, #3)
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Every Which Way But Dead (The Hollows #3)

4.29 of 5 stars 4.29  ·  rating details  ·  50,388 ratings  ·  997 reviews
Rachel Morgan's back! Bestselling author Kim Harrison returns with a new supernatural adventure that fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Charlaine Harris won't want to miss.

Some days, you just can't win. Witch and former bounty hunter Rachel Morgan's managed to escape her corrupt company, survive living with a vampire, start her own runner service, and face down a vampire mast
ebook, 512 pages
Published 2005 by HarperCollins Publishers
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Jessica (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

You know how "they" say the things you hate in others are the things you like least about yourself?

When I was 21, after an extreme bout of poor decision-making, I decided to take a sabbatical from dating. In quick succession, I had dated a slightly-younger-than-me guy, a guy who was my age, and a more-than-slightly-older-than-me guy, and they were ALL great, big lamewads. 19 y.o. Mark, the 6'7'' college basketball player and DRAMA QUEEN liked to wake up, drink milk, and t
Robin (Bridge Four)
Welcome to our What Kind of Heroine are you Quiz. Please select the option that best describes what you would do in the following situations:

You have recently started a business with a friend. Should you
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C Hedge your bets and have a few other people
/beings you are workin
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Kat Kennedy
I have to deduct stars from this for several reasons. All three books so far have suffered from a shit-poor editing job and my inner editor constantly screams while reading them.

Then there's the fact that Rachel Morgan is just unbelievably stupid. Painfully stupid. So stupid that she shouldn't be allowed to live. So stupid that I don't understand why she IS alive.

I WILL read the next book because there're a number of things that intrigue me. However, if the next book isn't markedly better then
May 23, 2008 John rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Fans of supernatural adventure, anyone who likes the Rachel Morgan series.
Shelves: horror, fantasy
This, third, book of Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series has the weakest plot so far. On the other hand, the character driven scenes kept me reading, and when the plot finally got rolling in the last 30% of the book, I was frothing.

The book starts out with two problems presented to Rachel: A demon that she owes favors to has come to collect, and a new crime boss in town is making life difficult for everyone. After that, we get a lot of character development and the plot fades away, showing up n
Hmm. I felt this one was a little weaker, overall, than the second book - possibly because there was a little less emphasis on plot and a little more on Rachel finding more or less every single guy hot.

It didn't really bother me - for which I need to give the author some props, because it so easily could have, and should have - but really, it was getting ever so slightly ridiculous how Rachel was basically drooling over every man she met. Kisten's hot. Trent's hot. David's hot. Lee's hot. Nick .
I loved this one!
So much better than the first 2 books. I enjoyed every page of this book, although it took me much more time to read it.

Rachel is becoming stronger, which I love, I really want her to become even more powerful than she already is.
Nick didn't make an appearance after the first half of the book, which IMHO was the reason for why I adored this book much more than the first 2. He is a boring and irrelevant character and (even if I know it is a terrible thing to say) I wish he could
Book Reaction (not a full review)

In the third installment of Rachel Morgan's adventures, she's mostly dealing with the fallout of some of the events of the previous book. Sadly, this means that the book has a heavy focus on vampires and demons, and in Harrison's world, that means that the book is all about seduction, temptation, and weird rapey vibes. An amusing side adventure involves Rachel acting as body guard for Trent because--wait for it--they believe that she can handle vampiric vibes bet
Really, why I haven’t read this series earlier? What an amazing read! Exactly what a good urban fantasy must be! With a very well structured world-building and many great characters that in every book have very interesting development, this book was definitely one of my best reads this year. It seems that this series is getting better with each book, another good reason to read The Hollows series by Kim Harrison.

Rachel has too many things on her plate right now. Her boyfriend can’t get far enoug
This book is the best thus far in the series. You can tell it's starting the hit its stride. The characters are becoming more established and the lines between protagonists and antagonists are thinning a bit.

Rachel strikes a deal with Algaliarept, a demon, to testify against Piscary. To do it she'll have to become his familiar. From there she meets his old familiar, Ceri, who happens to be an elf. She turns out to be a very mysterious, interesting, and powerful character. Does Rachel want to ma
Lori {Romancing the Dark Side}
"Tink's panties" this is the best one so far! Rachel Morgan is back, stirring up some more trouble in the Hollows! I couldn't ask for anything more: non-stop action, danger, more of my favorite characters [Trent, Kisten and Takata], some great new additions [Ceri, David and Erica] and finally some overdue romance!! I had Trent and Kisten listed as potential suitors for Rachel in my head after the second book, but Kisten has definitely won me over! Rachel's character started out a "diamond in the ...more
Deea (Andreea)
[Re-read November 2014]

Memorable moments in this one as well. *happy sigh* I'm pretty sure from the earliest books, this one had some of my most favorite scenes with Trent - and here I started jumping head-first on Team Trent. (Then there's the wedding part mwahaha.:D)

Rachel is already showing signs of her personal growth and self discovery. And everyone is so badass! I'm so in love with Kisten at this point... Debating if I should or should not go through that part of the series again or just s
La La
I'm currently on book three and I really don't know what to say. This series doesn't really do it for me but I feel deeply compelled to continue on hoping that it gets better. So far I find Rachel to be judgemental, a bit of a victim, and too stupid to live, yet she's suppose to be the baddest b^%$!. I don't see it. She's constantly getting her butt kicked and getting lucky in the end with the help of others. She can't stand Trent for his business dealings, drugs and biomedical research, which i ...more
De longe o melhor dos três (até agora) foi prejudicado, mas não o suficiente, pelos constantes erros de edição. Falta de letras, troca de nomes das personagens, etc.
Mas... nada disto prejudica Kim Harrison, porque para mim ela tem um dom. É talvez das histórias mais bem desenvolvidas no campo da ficção e principalmente da temática mágica e vampirica. Ela consegue misturar mil e uma espécies, mil e um problemas, mil e um sentimentos, tudo assim... cheio de "mil e uns".
Rachel Morgan é uma personag
Elphaba J
Não vos vou mentir, este é o meu livro favorito da série até agora e qualquer reticencia que poderia ter foi completamente sublimada, estou absolutamente rendida á minha heroína do momento, Rachel Morgan.

"Antes Bruxa Que Morta" é um título poderosíssimo atendendo ao desenrolar da história e se há alguém que conhece de perto a morte é esta protagonista. Neste terceiro livro o romance ganha corpo, a acção é passada a outro nível e os momentos de tensão são desenrolados em cenas lentas e com um hum
Samantha (Book Lover's Cozy Cafe)
I am so stoked Rachel hooked up with Kistan, I don't know why but I think he's a better match for Rachel than nick is or was, and maybe it's because he's an Inlander jut like her and Nick is just a human (puny humans) lol.
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I was intrigued by the first Hollows book, but the second book took me forever to read. Granted, it was bedtime book fare, only there to ease my body into relaxation in short snippets, but it tended to bore me into sleep rather than me having to tear my tired eyes away.

I gave this 3rd book a try, and I did not find it boring. On the contrary, I found it infuriating. I found it crazy to think that the events of this book occurred in such a short time, Rachel being a witch or not. I think it's al
Book Review: 3 Treasure Box Rating

This book really grabs your interest from the first page. It jumps right in with Rachel summoning the demon Algaliarept to fulfil the deal she made with him in the last book, where she agreed to become his familiar. We are introduced to a new character, Ceri, who was the demon's familiar for 1,000 years, but has been freed by Rachel. We learn that Ceri is also an Elf like Trent. In this book Rachel goes on another run and as usual gets in and out of trouble.

Kathy Davie
First read May 19, 2009.

Third in The Hollows urban fantasy series set in an alternate Cincinnati revolving around Rachel Morgan, a witch in partnership with a living vampire and a pixie all of whom live in a church.

The Story
Desperately seeking a way to strictly enforce the bargain she made with Algaliarept in The Good, the Bad, and the Undead, Rachel frees Ceri and exchanges auras with Big Al only to be at a loss with what to do with Ceri now and deal with her partners' discovery of her bargain.
Robin Wiley
I've read most of the majors in this genre: Stoker, Rice, Harrison, Harris, King, Hamilton, Meyer, Newman, and Kostova. I've seen Blade, Underworld, Buffy, Angel, Van Helsing, 30 Days of Night, Moonlight and Dark Shadows (not saying they are all good, mind you). So, I think I've consumed enough of the vampire genre to have some opinions.

My theory about Twilight. People with little to no experience with the vampire genre LOVE this series. Most readers who have consumed their fair amount of vampir
Hollows não é, certamente, a mais segura das cidades. Bruxas, criaturas feéricas, vampiros e animalomens povoam as suas ruas, fazendo eclipsar o perigo quando menos se espera. Mas nem mesmo estes seres sobrenaturais estão providos de segurança encontrando-se, muitas vezes, no meio de antigas e vingativas rixas, de promessas demoníacas proferidas ou até, quem sabe, bem no caminho de uma sedenta fome de sangue. Não. Não é, de todo, o mais confortável dos locais mas, sem dúvida, que é o mais intere ...more
I like the Hollows series. It's funny, entertaining and exciting. This book has a much faster pace and more action than the two previous installments. The magic in this series is very in-depth, inventive & just fun!

I really like Rachel. True, she is a walking disaster & she likes to make things harder for herself than they need to be but she is such a loveable character that all her flaws quickly become loveable quirks.

I wish Ivy could have gotten more page time. I really like her chara
Better than the first 2 but it still annoys me that she doesnt look into anything in more detail... Like... oh look, I am so good at ley line magic, I wonder why that is because I am an earth witch? & my Dad tried to hide this from me, I wonder why???

I also find it strange that Kisten has turned from a right dick to this really lovely guy who treats her soooo well??? Having said that I like that she is with Kisten... better than Nick I found that relationship really annoying because I just
Another fun read- I'm tearing through this series as fast as I can get the books from the library. I like the character of Rachel Morgan, and that the characters have multiple facets and motivations for what they do. Despite not being "human," Rachel shows her humanity at every turn. I read another review that complained about "losing the plot" in the center of the book and coming back to it later... I truly didn't mind that all that much, and probably wouldn't have noticed so much if I hadn't r ...more
Lasairfiona Smith
I was nervous when I started this book - the front has a recommendation by Diana Gabaldon: "Great sex, and an even better plot!" This is not a good recommendation to me. I like plot before sex, and this series hasn't had a whole lot of sex until this book (yes, the previous one had a bit but it was pretty low key). And yes, there is more sex in this book but it feels a bit shoehorned in. The various plot threads are moving even faster than before which is compelling but for such a short book (no ...more
Rachel Morgan reminds of Anita Blake series without the erotica! I love it! After reading tons of book series (totally loving some, hating several, and being on the fence with a couple), Kim Harrison writes really well! I alternate-read her books with another set of books just to keep it interesting. And it's clear as day/night that this woman has talent. Reading her book is easy and enjoyable! (obviously I'm hating the other book that I've paired up with this series. :(

This book is probably th
Listened for Fun (Audible)
Overall Rating: 4.00
Story Rating: 4.25
Character Rating: 3.75

Audio Rating: 4.50 (Not part of the overall rating)

First Thought when Finished: Every Which Way but Dead by Kim Harrison would have been a 4.50 for me except for the men.

Quick Thoughts:I am loving Rachel, Jenks, and Ivy but the men really need to become a bit more worthy before I will claim total love with this series :) In fact, the romance (for lack of a better word) is the only "soft spot" for me. The actio
Cat Russell  (Addicted2Heroines)
I feel like a traitor for enjoying this book after Jenks left. He is the most entertaining character in the Hollows and I missed him. That being said, I was very surprised at how well this turned out. This has been one of my favorites so far. I was glad to see Nick go.. who needs him anyway? I prefer seeing Rachel with one of the bad boys. With her erratic and dangerous lifestyle, it just seems more fitting. I was relieved to finally see Harrison tone down on the anticipation of Ivy "vamping ou ...more
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Kim Harrison, dark urban fantasy author of the New York Times bestselling Ever After, was born and raised in the upper Midwest. After gaining her bachelors in the sciences, she moved to South Carolina until the lure of snow pulled her back to Michigan When not at her desk, she is most likely to be found landscaping her yard or on the links with her mom.

Kim reaches out to her audience at Facebook h
More about Kim Harrison...

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